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peace • love • abundance podcast - only the best of!

peace • love • abundance podcast - only the best of!

By Renee Stahl
After completing 65 podcast episodes Renee decided to take a break and focus more on her Freelance business helping others with their podcasts, websites, brands, and more - she may return though! In the meantime, this podcast has been condensed to display only the most played episodes.

If you want to hire her to help you build your dream podcast, website or online business contact her -

As a Yoga and Ayurveda Instructor, Master Herbalist and Licensed Holistic Esthetician (skincare)... This podcast takes on a very modern approach to principles of the past and present.
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065: 3 Must Do's For Better Vitality
As I am getting back into a routine after a year of living on Maui, I have learned how important routine is for my over-health and vitality! Listen in as I talk about 'how our yoga practice is a reflection of how we live our lives". And you don't have to do Yoga to get this concept... whether you have hobbies, your an athlete, a cook or other methods of creative outlets... "The way we do anything is how we do EVERYTHING!" And how important it is to have something in your life that helps you stay in a routine, even things are 'out of routine'. 3 Must Do's, we should ALL DO! Plus a special announcement what I have planned for my 2020 podcasts! peace • love • abundance - Renee
December 11, 2019
063: Kindness
Is seasonal depression a thing in your life? In the winter all of us can struggle with it a bit, some more than others. Focus on Kindness this season to help you with finding gratitude, appreciation and of course... peace, love, abundance! Listen in to learn how 'kindness' might be YOUR GREATEST STRENGTH to help you survive! To sign up for the 30 day #plaGratitude challenge visit: It is free for all... because I am exercising my 'KINDNESS' strength! peace • love • abundance - Renee
October 30, 2019
062: Yummy Self Care
Daily self-care should be YUMMY! Life is too short to not enjoy it and a healthy routine will help it be more yummy and even delicious! - good skin care - mastering your mindset - nutrition - physical practice (yoga, walking, running, you choose) - mind-body connection All of these are necessary puzzle pieces to 'Yummy Self Care' and it if it is yummy we will want to do it more... we will keep going back for more! Sign up for my free November GRATITUDE challenge. This will be a great way to master your mindset. It is a 30 challenge, 1 minute recordings to listen to and do at your own time... no excuses to not having time for 1-5 minutes of your time daily to practice more gratitude for 30 days! You need this and you know it! to sign up peace • love • abundance - Renee
October 23, 2019
061: Gumption, Ambition, Tenacity
These 3 words are similar, yet quite different and in this episode we break them down! Also, announcing Nov 1st is the start of the 30 Day Gratitude Challenge! FREE to the first 10 people who sign up! Go to: This #plaGratitude Challenge will be themed on: Peace - for 1 week Love - for 1 week Abundance - for 1 week Gratitude - for 1 week Would love to have you join. peace • love • abundance • gratitude - Renee
October 16, 2019
060: Bhakti for love and devotion
Let's talk about what Yoga is! Why we love it and how learning more about it will benefit you beyond just plain yoga! It is important you find the 'yoga' that works for you, that you resonate with and fits your needs. There are several different styles, types and principles of yoga. It isn't just 'one size fits all'. If you ever tried yoga and didn't like it, chances are you were doing the 'wrong yoga' for you! Not that the class was wrong, but it wan't right for you! Bhakti is a sanskirt term that is about 'love and devotion'. So finding Bhakti - love and devotion - through yoga and having a better understanding of yourself via the practice. To dive deeper and know more visit: Share this podcast and give it a thumbs up! I appreciate it! It is how people find me and find peace, love, abundance through sharing! Because there is truly an abundance for everyone to enjoy. peace • love • abundance - Renee
October 9, 2019
059: Get Your Digestion Figured Out Before Winter Hits!
You will feel better, your skin will thank you too and life is too short to be bloated!!! So let's get your digestion figured out before winter hits! Fall is here and it is a good time of year to listen to your digestion. With one day being hot and the next day cold you can really notice a difference compared to a long hot summer or long cold winter where we tend to get complacent with our bodies. Listen in to learn more... peace • love • abundance - Renee
October 6, 2019
058: What does olive oil & being on vacation have in common?
What does olive oil and being on vacation have in common? Benefits of olive oil for your skin! Yoga + Ayurveda + good skin care = Wholebody Badassery! Subscribe to my channel here: Buy my ebook: Renee is your online source for everything yoga on and off the mat! As well as a self-care advocate, holistic esthetician, master herbalist, yoga and Ayurveda instructor. For her online studio direct link go to: peace • love • abundance - Renee
September 19, 2019
057: Late Summer and Your Health and Wellness
Based on Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) late summer is the time of the year for your Spleen and Stomach and the Earth element. Listen in to learn more and how to listen to your bodies signals it is giving you. Wholebody Badassery! Subscribe, share or listen on many formats: Soundcloud, Spotify, iTunes, FB, YouTube and GooglePlay Renee is your online source for everything yoga on and off the mat! As well as wellness, herbal care and skin care. For her online studio direct link go to: peace • love • abundance - Renee Stahl
September 10, 2019
056: Interview; Kathleen Nelson-Simley on raising kids alcohol and drug free
Kathleen shares her story about growing up on a farm, being authentic, and by doing what she loves has helped her connect the dots to achieve being an influence on todays youth. She promotes how to raise children drug and alcohol free to give them the best chance at their own goals, dreams and ambitions in life through educating them, giving them a choice and showing them there is more to life. Kathleen was raised on a farm in central Nebraska and attended a country school in grades K-8 before going to a small town high school. She could only dream of other places far away and would pray that her life would someday take her there. Today, Kathleen has traveled to all 50 states, Puerto Rico, Canada and Northern Ireland. She is President of her own company, KNS Learning Solutions, and is the licensed trainer of the All Stars program – a series of curriculum to keep 4th-12th grade kids from engaging in risky behaviors. Her life mission and passion in substance abuse prevention over the last 36 years and her desire to give kids around the world the best possible future is influenced by her own personal life story. To contact her or learn more her website is: For more about Renee: Follow and Subscribe to this podcast on: iTunes, Spotify, Soundcloud, YouTube, GooglePlay or find the recordings on FB. peace • love • abundance - Renee and Kathleen
September 5, 2019
055: 5 Reasons To Simplify Your Skin Care Routine
5 reasons to simplify your skin care routine. 1. Whole body care. 2. Control your ingredients and what you put on your body. 3. Save $ 4. The environment, reducing waste. 5. Self-love... and your body will love you back! To learn more or buy my ebook: Subscribe, follow me and share with others... on Soundcloud, iTunes, Spotify, GooglePlay, YouTube and Facebook. peace • love • abundance - Renee
August 29, 2019
054: Ayurveda and Skin Care 101
Ayurveda and Skin Care A big part of Ayurveda is listening... to your body - internally and externally! You skin is the largest organ of your body, learn how to take care of it! For my book, coupon code: badass Join Renee to know more! peace • love • abundance - Renee
August 21, 2019
053: Interview with Kaila June on Movement as Medicine
Kaila June is a Registered Somatic Movement Educator, Certified Corrective Exercise Specialist, and Dance-artist. I am motivated by embodied movement science as a platform for contemporary movement education. With over 20 years as a movement teacher, my approach builds bridges between movement modalities and merges somatic movement and kinesiology into a comprehensive framework. She speaks about growing up as a dancer and how we each have our own 'soma' inside of us and what that means. With this concept she can work 1 on 1 with anyone to be their guide to help someone feel better and customize a plan of movement as medicine for each individuals needs. She also has a vision and an online school for movement professionals or facilitators like yoga, dance, fitness, pilates, massage, body workers and therapists alike to learn more. I love how she spoke about 'peace • love • abundance' in a manner that I want to hire her to be my personal advocate for 'peace • love • abundance' and so will you! Her primary website is Follow her on FB: peace • love • abundance - Renee
August 7, 2019
051: Your Skin is Indicative of What is Going On Inside
More on your skin! Covering how your skin looks on the outside is often based on how we well we are functioning on the inside. Dark circles under your eyes, puffy eyes, dull, grayness in color, water retention and how kidney and adrenal fatigue could be the culperit. Listen in if you want to learn more. Use discount code: badass to purchase my new ebook on 'Super Ingredients for Whole Body, Holistic Skin Care, recipe book' on my website now Follow me: Soundcloud, iTunes, YouTube, Spotify and GooglePlay or my website: to sign up for my newsletter and be up to date on all things self-care! peace • love • abundance -Renee
July 24, 2019
049: Honey For Your Skin, mmm, mm, good!
Why Honey is sooooo amazing for your skin. Different kinds of honey and how I use it! To purchase Manuka Honey online: One that is medium in strength (8 oz) - One that is more medicinal (16 oz) - Use discount code: badass to purchase my new ebook on 'Super Ingredients for Whole Body, Holistic Skin Care, recipe book' on my website now DIY stuff on my website is Follow me or listen to my older podcasts on iTunes, Spotify, GooglePlay, YouTube and Soundcloud. Feedback, suggestions for future podcasts and if you want to do an interview let me know. peace • love • abundance - Renee Renee is your online source for everything yoga on and off the mat! As well as wellness, self care, herbal care and skin care. For her blog and website link go to: As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.
June 26, 2019
048: Common Skin Issues like deep acne, bumps, dermatitis
We all have something going on with our skin we wish we could resolve. I will cover a few that are common, that people don't realize what could be the problem or don't know that it can be avoided. Use discount code: badass to purchase my new ebook on 'Super Ingredients for Whole Body, Holistic Skin Care, recipe book' on my website now Subscribe to my channel for Live recordings go here: Renee is your online source for everything yoga on and off the mat! Not only is she a yoga instructor but she has been a licensed Esthetician for 15 years and a Master Herbalist. To buy a Clarisonic Brush; For her website go to: peace • love • abundance - Renee As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.
June 19, 2019
047: Nourish Your Skin with Oils.
Skin care can really be more simple then it is made out to be. It has become a billion dollar industry to say the least. And one has to question do I truly need to buy a $140 tub of [insert name brand here] to have beautiful skin? Not likely! Even a $140 night cream has an ingredient list 2 inches long, words that are hard to pronounce and in the end is only 79% organic! I didn’t make that up! You can read the ingredient list of ALMOST any [insert name brand here] skin cream and see numbers similar to this. I will keep the brand name out of this that I specifically googled, but it does rhyme with 'hoop'! Listen in if you want to learn how to keep skin care simple, affordable AND get great results! "Truth is, you can keep things simple and have great skin while eliminating irritants, harsh chemicals, endocrine disruptors, cheap filler ingredients that do nothing for the skin, petroleum based products, and save money!" To Buy: Grapeseed oil - Rosehip seed oil - Coconut oil - Evening primrose oil - Avocado oil - Follow me on my website: or in IG, FB, Soundcloud, iTunes, Spotify and GooglePlay. peace • love • abundance - Renee *As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.
June 10, 2019
046: What Causes Wrinkles in our skin!
Daily we have habits that can contribute to how much our skin wrinkles! I discuss the most common and promote being more mindful. Example, we spend a 1/3 of our life sleeping... or rather we should be... how you sleep, how long you sleep and what time you sleep is very key. I am practical, I am also Taurus, so daily self care tips to help you save money and have beautiful, youthful, glowing skin without having to shell out for expensive creams is my gig! There isn't a magic pill for anti-aging... but don't fret... knowing how to DAILY stop doing bad habits that are harmful to the collagen and elastin in your skin can be as close to slowing down aging as best as one can get. *My favorite Rosehip Oil. *To purchase a Clarisonic Brush for exfoliating you can check out this one, it is the one I use daily with the sensitive brush. *For the skin care line Evan Healy you can look at this link. My website is peace • love • abundance - Renee *As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.
June 6, 2019
045: Exfoliate your skin aka largest organ of your body!
Piggy-backing on episode 044: Your Skins Basic Needs, we dive deeper into how important it is to exfoliate your skin, benefits and methods. Listening to 044 first can be helpful, but not a must! To contact me directly My website is You can find me in Soundcloud, iTunes, YouTube, Spotify, GooglePlay, IG, FB and Pinterest. Please share and rate my podcast... much appreciated. peace • love • abundance - Renee
May 30, 2019
044: Your Skins Basic Needs
A quickie on the basic needs of our skin. The skin is the largest organ of the body... so just covering the basics here and talking about the epidermis! Cleansing/exfoliation, hydration and protection. I do believe the health of your skin is indicative of your inner health, lifestyle and vitality. I've been an Esthetician for almost 15 years now and along with my Master Herbalism and Yoga I am looking forward to diving in deeper with this theory with my future podcasts. So be sure to subscribe so you can soak in all the information I will share about your skin and how to take care of you from the inside out. The podcast I refer to for 'dry brushing' is 042: Spring Cleansing for your Mind-Body-Spirit... be sure to listen to it as well. Follow me in Soundcloud, iTunes, Spotify, YouTube, and my website You can also find me on FB, IG, Twitter and Pinterest. peace • love • abundance -Renee
May 23, 2019
043: 7 Pillars of Self-Care
Another birthday approaches and before starting another year I discuss my 7 pillars for self-care / LIFE so I am clear in my own journey about what matters most. Daily we should remind ourselves, but definitely a birthday is a great time to think about priorities and what matters most. I believe it is better than a new years resolution! 1. Honesty 2. Self - Love 3. Family, Friends, Community 4. Nutrition (food for thought and for your body) 5. Movement 6. Ikigai - purpose 7. Daily affirmations, reminders and being impeccable with your words and thoughts. Listen and find out why and how! Follow me on Soundcloud, iTunes, YouTube, IG, FB, Pinterest and my website is where you can find my online yoga studio. peace • love • abundance -Renee
April 25, 2019
042: Spring Cleansing for your Mind-Body-Spirit... reducing Kapha.
Spring has sprung... have you? Or are you feeling stuck, stagnant, sluggish and depressed from a long winter? Learn how to jumpstart your bodies natural ability to cleanse from the long winter. We need to support out body. These ideas/techniques are affordable, realistic, don't require you to starve yourself and anyone can do them no matter what your state of health is. This is the time of year to support and build, not starve or deprive. Celebrate spring by soaking in the sun and implementing other Ayurvedic daily habits that will last a lifetime. Episode on tongue scrapping is "037: If you only do one Ayurvedic thing per day, do this!" Also there are several other episodes on Ayurveda, Doshas and Kapha if you want to learn more... listen to all of them. My website is You can also follow me on YouTube, SoundCloud, IG, FB, Pinterest and my website newsletter (requires sign up). peace • love • abundance -Renee
April 8, 2019
041: Pain is telling you something... inflammation is too!
We all have some pain and inflammation. We are human! But it is what we do with pain, how we handle it or choose to ignore and deny it! Either way, we all have it! On a scale of 0-10 you can feel it. Lower numbers can be a sign of something bigger is on the way, high numbers is a sign you let it go to far! Pain can be anywhere from your finger and toes to your internal organs or the tip top of your head! It can be associated with nerves, hormones and stress. Learn some ideas on how to help find relief from pain, how to listen to your body and that ignoring it will not make it go away! My YouTube channel has yoga classes on it, Yin Yoga is easier and more for things like sciatica, lower back, hamstring and hip issues, look for those if you don't have a lot of movement in your body, but want to start. There are vinyasa (flow) style of yoga classes as well for those who are more active and want get flowing breath to movement. My website for Goal Setting, Ayurveda, Chakras, 8 limbs of yoga and much much more is You can also follow me on FB, IG, YouTube, Soundcloud, Pinterest and sign up for my Newsletter email list at peace • love • abundance -Renee
March 22, 2019
040: Interview with Dulce Mia, her diagnosis with MS, nutrition, allergies and life.
Dulce Mia shares her diagnosis with MS and living with MS. Being proactive about what she eats, proper nutrition and movement keeps her going. Adopting the Wahls diet, by Dr Terry Wahls, has made a huge difference in how she feels daily by keeping inflammation to a minimum and narrowing down what she is allergic to as well. Listen to her story and in the comments share some love and light for Dulce Mia. Also, if you have a story to share, let me know. Follow this podcast and more in Soundcloud, iTunes, YouTube and on my website peace • love • abundance -Renee and Dulce Mia!
March 14, 2019
039: How To Meditate and Meditation Made Easy
If you think meditation is hard... then - step 1 "don't over think it"! I cover a couple of myths or misconceptions about meditation and give some tips on how to simplify meditation. It doesn't have to be hard, or something only certain people can do or accomplish. Everyone can meditate. Meditation helps finding clarity of thought or help you make a big decision in your life. It doesn't mean you have to clear your thoughts completely, it is about processing your biggest priorities in life and finding clarity. It is so helpful, so let it be helpful not something to shy away from. To learn more about me or to follow me you can find me all over! My website is But I am also on YouTube, iTunes, SoundCloud, Google, FB, IG and Pinterest... I think that is all of them?! Ha! peace • love • abundance -Renee
February 27, 2019
036: Yoga and Ayurveda - Whole Body Badassery
Learn why these 2 should be practiced together for perfect harmony. Or maybe learn that you are already doing Ayurveda and how giving it the attention it deserves will help spread the word on how to live a healthier lifestyle on and off the yoga mat. Whole Body Badassery all day, every day, with Yoga and Ayurveda! To learn more... my membership portal is on my website To follow me, find me on iTunes, SoundCloud, Andriod, YouTube, IG, FB and Pinterest. peace • love • abundance -Renee
February 5, 2019
035: Digesting Your 7 Chakras
Taking an Ayurvedic approach to how we digest our 7 Chakras! In Ayurveda it isn't - we are what we eat so much as it is "we are what we digest'. Do how well do you digest your 7 Chakras? Even if you know what the 7 Chakras are, it is always interesting to learn from a different perspective or get a refresher! Plus a reminder, if you haven't been cultivating your 7 chakras lately, this could be the reminder you need to help you find balance. My website for my Virtual Membership Portal and having access to my entire library of online workshops is P•L•A•Y Membership is it's name = peace • love • abundance • yoga... of course! For my YouTube Channel so you can find the 7 Chakras as a physical Yoga practice in a playlist together is ***Remember I recommend the 7th Chakra video for everyone because it is a meditation that you can play seated or laying down. And you can also follow me on IG, FB, Pinterest, SoundCloud, iTunes, Android and my website where you can sign up for my newsletter. peace • love • abundance -Renee
January 31, 2019
034: Self Care
Learn about Wholebody Badassery! Put a little more self care into your day and live healthier every day. With the rising cost of health care and going to the DR, then I believe self care is on the rise too... it isn't a replacement... but more a compliment to your taking some control over your own wellbeing daily so you that insurance truly becomes what it is, insurance incase you need it, not in place of taking care of yourself daily! So learn to take responsibility for your own self care. My website: YouTube: Also you can find me on IG, FB, Pinterest, SoundCloud, Android and on the beaches of Maui! peace • love • abundance -Renee
January 23, 2019
033: 3 Ways To Detox Without Making Food Be the Object
My top 3 ways to DETOX without making food be the object. Let's face it, most of society these days have a BAD relationship with food. Whether it is that you don't give a shit and you eat anything and everything! TO the other extreme; the person who obsesses about making sure they eat the RIGHT thing by constantly researching and seeking out the best super foods to eat! Humph... overwhelming right? So taking a break from thinking it is always about what you eat (which is huge, I admit) but knowing there is more then one way to cleanse with out starving yourself or doing a harsh cleanse. Ideally if you follow me... you will learn that I believe in putting ALL the puzzle pieces together and MODERATION is the key. However thinking we can abuse our bodies and then cleanse it all the time is not a good choice... this roller coaster ride can catch up with you someday with some undesirable results. What if I told you your body knows what's best? And all you need to do is let go of material clutter... let go of constantly seeking advice and just relax with a nice foot bath to detox and tune into your own intuition! Well... listen in and find out! My website is And you can follow me on SoundCloud, iTunes, IG, FB, YouTube and Pinterest! Or sign up for my newsletter on my website! peace • love • abundance -Renee
January 12, 2019
032: 3 Simple New Years Tips for a Successful 2019
My 3 simple tips for a successful 2019! Follow me on SoundCloud, iTunes, YouTube, IG, FB, Pinterest or directly at my website: peace • love • abundance -Renee
January 4, 2019
031: Changes And Transitions
Seasons change, we change, change is inevitable and how transformation is somewhat thought of as optional... but should it be? Do we really have a choice when it comes to change? Or do we just fight it? Or sit back thinking it will just happen? Or do we have to work to transform? Talking Dharma... your true path, your true North is your Dharma. Who and what you are meant to be as well as what makes you unique. It is good to practice following your path, even though your Dharma is yours, if we ignore it we fall off our path. For instance, jealousy or trying to keep up with the Jones is living in the shadows of some other path we THINK we need to be on... but it can be lonely, will be full of darkness, heartbreak and emptiness. So it takes work, consciously living, being present, seeking knowledge and change in the form of new, positive, growth to stay on our true path. If you don't accept or invite transition then you are STUCK. Stuck in old ways of thinking, living, eating or in stuck in a whole ERA! Contact me if you want more information, there is a contact form on my website Or to enroll into the popular virtual class "Connecting the Dots; Goals Master Class" you can go to: Follow me on IG, FB, iTunes, SoundCloud, GooglePlay or YouTube. peace • love • abundance -Renee
December 21, 2018
029: I Know, I Know, I Know, But Do You Really?
How many times do you say the words "I know", but yet, you don't do anything about it! "I know" has become a standard response to when people call us out on something and we are in denial!!! It keeps us in denial though. We say "I know" as a method of blowing off the advice we are given about how smoking is bad for us, how eating junk food is not good for us, or even how dating the wrong person is not good for us! We say "I know" yet we don't change a thing. So do you, REALLY KNOW how poorly you treat yourself? How you live in denial and are short changing your life because of it? Listen and find out... how the words we speak create the life we live... be impeccable with your word and watch your life take a turn in the positive direction. For my website and to start TODAY with having guidance and accountability with your new path. You are worth it... and it starts TODAY. peace • love • abundance -Renee
December 4, 2018
028: Your Past Holds You Back
Do you feel like what you are doing now isn’t working? Or taking you where you want to be? Whether it is physically, mentally or financially you just feel you could be doing better for yourself, but not sure what is holding you back? I discuss 6 questions to ask and answer for yourself… be honest… and this will get you thinking. Regardless of your results, you are not alone and it is time to break the cycle. Your past is your past. Our stories of the past are what make us who we are today… but they don’t have to define who you are today. You have the ability to EDIT your story as you move FORWARD. Starting with strong goals, intentions and dreams. For more information or sign up for my goals master class on Connecting the Dots visit my website: You can also follow me on iTunes, GooglePlay, YouTube, FB and Instagram! Thanks for stopping by... stay classy! peace • love • abundance -Renee
November 28, 2018
026: Gratitude
Having gratitude for yourself keeps you on your path. Dharma is your true path, what makes you who you are. Without gratitude or appreciation for yourself you can lose yourself and sink into a hole that is hard to climb out of. Practicing gratitude daily, for yourself is very powerful, much like having self-love. Follow me on FB, Instagram, YouTube, newsletter mailing list and/or my website. All links can be found on peace • love • abundance -Renee
November 16, 2018
024: Fall Is In The Air
It is really starting to feel like fall out. It is time to adjust our habits. Start to eat more cooked foods, drink hot teas and focus on staying active to stay warm too! Taking a lesson from a tree, be prepared to let go of something this fall, to open up to new growth later. To sign up for my "Goals Master Class on Connecting the Dots" to help you with your new growth: Sign up for my newsletter on my website: You can follow me on FB, IG, YouTube, iTunes, GooglePlay, Sound Cloud. peace • love • abundance -Renee
October 16, 2018
023: Be Impeccable With Your Word
Focusing on the positive, life can be hard, but it is how we react to it that matters. Over coming your own self worth, speaking your truth, starting with self love and delivering your words/messages with love and truth. It starts with even our own words to ourselves, resist empty promises and how sometimes actions speak louder than words. For the online workshop to download and balance your Chakras go to: peace • love • abundance -Renee
October 12, 2018
022: Retreats And Surviving A Heart Attack With Carrie Lehtonen
Interview with Carrie Lehtonen and Firefly Community. Carrie shares with us her story of surviving a heart attack at age 31 and becoming an advocate of Heart Health Awareness. Through her journey found yoga, now teaches yoga and shares her love of doing yoga retreats and helping others with organizing their retreats. To learn more about Carrie or to book one of her retreats or to work with her on planning your own retreat visit her website: Renee's podcast can be shared and found on iTunes, GooglePlay, YouTube and Sound Cloud. Also you can follow Renee on IG, FB, YouTube and Sound Cloud. peace • love • abundance -Renee and Carrie
October 2, 2018
021: You may say I am a Dreamer...
...but I am not the only one... John Lennon, Imagine. A dream doesn't become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work. Colin Powell This episode is on finding your Bhakti, Sanskrit for love and devotion to doing something you love and through this accomplishing your dreams. Dreams can come true, but it will take time, patience, setting clear goals and intentions and even living the dream before it happens. Manifestation is huge. To sign up for my Goals Master Class: Connecting the Dots go to my website now for the BONUS material before October 1st (2018). peace • love • abundance -Renee
September 27, 2018
020: Just Breathe
My gift to you, a breathing exercise you can listen to anytime. Save this podcast to your library so you can easily access it at any time. Breathing is the first thing we learned when we came into this world and so essential to finding clarity and calmness. I love to record customized meditations for people. It can be focused on what ever you want it to be... goals, overcoming obstacles or whatever is going on in your life. Contact me for more information peace • love • abundance -Renee
September 21, 2018
019: Connecting The Dots
Do you know your WHY? Why you haven’t accomplished your goals? Why time has flown by and you are farther from your goals? Why you believe your own excuses? This podcast is derived from another recording I did to promote my upcoming Master Class and I wanted my Podcasters to listen in and have the opportunity to sign up. My master class coming up will help you connect the dots of the past, what brings you to today, your goals (dots) for the future. To learn more or sign up, commit, go to: So no better time then the present to DO THIS!!! First Step to stop putting things off… is to DO THIS NOW!!! peace • love • abundance -Renee
September 17, 2018
018: Gluten Intolerance Fad Or Fact
Discussion on whether eating gluten free is a fad or fact for people. Plus the Ayurvedic view on eating Wheat/Gluten. What you learn could be eye-opening as it correlates with eating seasonally too! To learn more about Ayurveda check out my Ayurveda workshop: Follow me on IG, FB, YouTube and my website: peace • love • abundance -Renee
September 13, 2018
015: Gut/Brain Connection
I am super excited about this episode! I find the Gut/Brain connection fascinating and I share this upcoming theory and connection from my own words and understanding. Learn about how bad bacteria is like a pirate that takes over your food craving, thoughts and over-all health. Also, how can you cultivate good bacteria by using prebiotics, whole foods and probiotics to live your days with more vitality and sleep sound at night. My website for exploring more learning with me and my online workshops: To schedule a private online session with me go to my website and find my online booking link or email me directly at peace • love • abundance -Renee
August 30, 2018
013: My Hormone Imbalance Became My Message
I take you on a journey of MY journey. How my hormone imbalance became my "Dharma", my message, my path and my job. I love to share, teach and guide people through their journey. Finding my path was not always easy, so I want to help others find their way by guiding them through the muck and the mess. With so much advertising, hype and lobbying in the nutrition world it is hard to know what direction to go and who to believe. Together we can find what works for you and your life. May we all live like the lotus flower emerging from the mud we grow and find our true path and message. To schedule a private with me to discuss your bodies needs and imbalances you can schedule here: And as always... if you can leave a review or rating I would very much appreciate it! Take a picture and email me at to get your gift - you have to listen to the podcast to learn what the gift is! Follow ME on IG, FB, iTunes, YouTube, and my website I have pre-recorded programs you can download and upcoming events to sign up for. Sign up for my newsletter and stay up to date. peace • love • abundance - Renee
August 21, 2018
012: Hip Opening And Why We Need A Good Counter Pose
Let's discuss what a hip opener is and what it's counter balance is. As well as range of motion, the benefits to balancing out your hips, moderation is key to avoid over stressing your hip joints, and the emotional attachments we store in our hips. The link to my blog post that has pictures and suggested yoga postures is here: To schedule a private with me to discuss your bodies needs and imbalances you can schedule here: And as always... if you can leave a review or rating I would very much appreciate it! Follow ME on IG, FB, iTunes, YouTube, and her website She has pre-recorded programs you can download and upcoming events to sign up for. Sign up for her newsletter and stay up to date. peace • love • abundance - Renee
August 16, 2018
011: Kapha Dosha, What We Need To Know
The Kapha Dosha is one of the 3 Doshas in Ayurveda. Renee spends a whole episode discussing the Kapha Dosha, how we all have some Kapha in us and it is important to acquaint yourself with the Kapha characteristics to recognize imbalances that can happen in all of us. Feelings of being stuck, heavy and over-weight, this episode is for everyone. It's all about connecting the dots, creating daily habits and using common sense to balance out your body and even lose weight. Download the dosha test at Follow Renee on IG, FB, iTunes, YouTube, and her website She has pre-recorded programs you can download and upcoming events to sign up for. Sign up for her newsletter and stay up to date. peace • love • abundance -Renee
August 14, 2018
010: All About The Pitta Dosha, What We All Need To Know
The Pitta Dosha is one of the 3 Doshas in Ayurveda. Renee spends a whole episode discussing the Pitta Dosha, how we all have some Pitta in us and it is important to acquaint yourself with the Pitta characteristics to recognize imbalances that can happen in all of us. From acid reflux to being lethargic, this episode is for everyone. It's all about connecting the dots, creating daily habits and using common sense to balance out your body and even lose weight. Download the dosha test at Follow Renee on IG, FB, iTunes, YouTube, and her website She has pre-recorded programs you can download and upcoming events to sign up for. Sign up for her newsletter and stay up to date. peace • love • abundance -Renee
August 9, 2018
009: All about the Vata Dosha, we all have it!
The Vata Dosha is one of the 3 Doshas in Ayurveda. Renee spends a whole episode discussing the Vata Dosha, how we all have some Vata in us and it is important to acquaint yourself with the Vata characteristics to recognize imbalances that can happen in all of us. From gas and bloating to having problems staying on task or focusing... this episode is for everyone. It's all about connecting the dots, creating daily habits and using common sense to balance out your body and even lose weight. Follow Renee on IG, FB, iTunes, YouTube, and her website She has pre-recorded programs you can download and upcoming events to sign up for. Sign up for her newsletter and stay up to date. peace • love • abundance -Renee
August 2, 2018
008: The 3 Doshas Of Ayurveda
Learning about the 3 Doshas of Ayurveda so you can understand your body more, your shifts in personalities, digestion and how we change often. We should strive to be a balance of all 3 or recognize how each Dosha can support another. Vata - the air and space elements. Pitta - the fire and water elements. Kapha - the earth and water elements. While in 25 minutes you can't learn everything about the 3 Doshas this podcast will get you thinking and teach you that it starts with listening to your body. Subscribe, as Renee will do her best to keep the learning going. Follow Renee on IG, FB, iTunes, YouTube, and her website She has pre-recorded programs you can download and upcoming events to sign up for. Sign up for her newsletter and stay up to date. peace • love • abundance -Renee
July 30, 2018
007: Limiting Beliefs And My Voice
Limiting beliefs only hold us back. They can develop at childhood and still be very much an obstacle even at middle age! Over coming them, kicking them to the curb can be eye opening and even your calling, your Dharma (as we say in Ayurveda and Yoga), and even a blessing in disguise. Renee puts it out there, what one one of her biggest limiting beliefs she had that when she over came it, became her job, her calling and who she is today. There is a special offer in this podcast... a gift and a celebration of sorts. Listen to know more and to sign up her website is go there today. Follow Renee on IG, FB, YouTube and her Newsletter through her website. peace • love • abundance Namaste' Renee!
July 26, 2018
006: Your Impact, never underestimate your impact!
Phew... this one will make you stop and ponder! Along with the high's we have to get through the muck and lows of self-worth. Renee tells a story about miss-judgment, second guessing her self-worth and the impact she had on an older couple's lives. The message will leave you valuing and understanding that we can all have an impact on someones life. You can follow Renee on iTunes, GooglePlayMusic, YouTube, IG, FB, Soundcloud and on her website Feedback is the best gift you can give, so be a badass and show me the love with your thoughts, ideas and the things that make you go HHHMMMM... peace • love • abundance Namaste' Renee Stahl Yoga, Ayurveda, Master Herbalist and Esthetician
July 23, 2018
005: Edit Your Life, be impeccable with your words and thoughts
Edit Your Life You can accept your story as it is thus far... or you can edit it. When an editor edits a story they are looking for objective errors, such as typos and grammatical errors. Often the intention is not to re-write or change the story but to make it better, stronger and perhaps more enlightening to read. So what if you could do this with your life? It’s not about changing everything about you, but to just tweak it here and there to be a better version of yourself, stronger, healthier and live your life with more enlightenment, rather than dreading each coming day and repeating destructive patterns that are not taking you anywhere but to the shredder! No one wants to get shredded!!! So it is about what you manifest and letting go of limiting beliefs. Treat yourself with kindness, love and compassion. Write down the things you are currently thankful for, your goals and your dream life. You can follow Renee on Instagram, FB and her website which has some amazing online workshops, breathing exercises and pdf guides for purchase and some for free. Yoga + Ayurveda = Wellness
July 18, 2018
004: Ayurveda Is... More Than What You Eat, It Is EVERYTHING
This podcast is about what Ayurveda is, not how to practice it - as that will come with time, but an explanation of what it is and how it is for EVERYONE. It is a practice of how you learn things, how you think, breathe, interact with people and eat, but not just eating as it is thought to be. Ayurveda is huge and bigger than 1 podcast could teach someone, but this will set you up with a foundation to get your creative juices flowing to want to learn more and start practicing it as soon as you can. Yoga and Ayurveda are the sister science of each other and are meant to be practiced together. However you don't have to practice either in a big yoga studio or health club to understand these daily concepts of cultivating vitality and mastering your mindset daily. So Renee speaks to even those who don't practice yoga daily, she put's them at ease with her ability to deliver a message for EVERYONE. You can follow Renee on Instagram, FB, Soundcloud, iTunes and GooglePlay for Android. Also, be sure to visit her website, she has online courses, downloads, workshops and offerings for learning more and more from the comfort of your home, office or on the go. peace • love • abundance and Namaste'
July 13, 2018
003: The 5 Elements of Life
The 5 Elements of Life; Earth Fire, Water, Air and Ether. These 5 elements make up the 3 Dosha's in Ayurveda and when we tune into these basic elements we can balance out our health and life. Renee discusses even how these 5 elements work together to keep us balanced and how to start to learn how they become out of balance physically, emotionally and even around us. This podcast will leave you wanting to learn more and leave you with some deep thoughts to ponder! But don't worry, this is just a sample of subjects and many more podcasts to come in the future. Follow Renee Stahl on Soundcloud, Instagram, FB and her website where she has several online workshop offerings for purchase and for free. Namaste'
July 9, 2018
002: Calories And Chaturangas - What They Have In Common
Life is not measured by how many calories you count or how many chaturangas you do! Do you count calories or if you practice yoga do you do EVERY chaturanga? Even better, do you do extra? Master your mindset, learn moderation is key, how Ayurveda can help and "It's not the years in your life, it is the life in your years." So manifest enjoying each and every day. Be a BADASS and Follow me in iTunes! Feedback and suggestions for topics you would like to hear about are always welcome. Find me on FB and Instagram and my website that has online workshops and recorded meditations for download. peace • love • abundance -Renee
July 8, 2018
001: Intentions
Everything starts with an intention, or rather it should! Even if you didn't validate it or recognize it, we all have intentions for the things we do, learn or begin. We don't have to be perfect or know it all to cultivate peace, love and abundance. Renee shares her intentions for her podcast. She has strong background as a yoga and Ayurveda instructor, Master Herbalist and Esthetician, but wants this podcast to be for anyone who wants to learn about wellness and mastering their mindset to live a better life. So lets be real and lets stop trying to keep up with the Jones' and live our own lives full of peace, love and abundance. Follow me on FB, Instagram and my website
July 6, 2018