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PlaceTech is the leading proptech news and events platform, delivering essential information on technology for the built environment sector. In this podcast series we do exactly that, by talking to industry leaders in the property market and tech experts about the latest innovations, adoption and research in proptech.
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The future of flex space ft. Justin Harley of Yardi and Rupert Dean of x+why | PlaceTech Podcast

PlaceTech Podcast

Savills’ Jeremy Hinds + applied futurist Tom Cheesewright | PlaceTech Podcast
Paul Unger is joined by Jeremy Hinds, planning director at Savills, and Tom Cheesewright to explore the reasons holding back real estate from taking the radical steps needed to challenge climate change. Takeaways There is a lack of a consensus framework in which to discuss the problems and how to address them Without sufficient policy responses individuals will increasingly put forward radical ideas which prompt counter responses and only delay the forming of a consensus Requirements to do something about climate change are very challenging – this puts people off As timeframes to act become shorter, the responses needed become more radical Short-term outlooks of voter-obsessed politicians obstruct the consensus and avoid difficult solutions Climate policy should be outsourced and made independent and objective in same way as countries’ central banks often are
September 21, 2022
Gecina’s Antoine Geoffroy, head of R&D and innovation | PlaceTech Podcast
Gecina is a French real estate company which owns and operates €20bn of real estate assets, 97% located in the Paris region. Takeaways ‘When we are at the beginning of the journey the most difficult part is spreading the innovation mindset, framework, and skills across the organisation’ ‘The challenge is to deploy innovation at scale through our portfolio in operation where it makes sense’ ‘Data management is the next big revolution for real estate. If you look at other industries and benchmarks you can easily realise that real estate is quite behind on this transformation’ ‘The problem is not about technology, which is already available. The difficulty is the upskilling we have to do to be able to produce value with data’ Subscribe to our FREE newsletter:
September 05, 2022
Nexity's Fabrice Aubert | PlaceTech Podcast
Fabrice Aubert, deputy managing director of French property giant Nexity, talks to Balndine Laffargue about the importance of taking a decentralised approach to innovation. Takeaways Nexity acquired Morning Coworking in 2019 to roll out flexible workspace Nexity uses 3D configurators to allow customers to customise apartments The company’s strategy aims to find new offers for consumers; invest in ventures directly; improve the digital user experience and satisfaction Nexity has invested in a dozen firms directly and three venture funds Maintaining a startup mindset and culture is vital Startups working with Nexity gain access to a market leader; funding, capital and projects; each other as an ecosystem Subscribe to PlaceTech for FREE:
August 30, 2022
Time to lead, not to follow NAR talks proptech investing | PlaceTech Podcast
Get inside the US National Association of Realtors’s property tech ventures with Dan Weisman, director of emerging tech trends; Natasha Terinova, director of accelerator programme Reach UK; and Tyler Thompson, managing partner of its investment fund Second Century Ventures. With 1.3m members, the NAR is the largest trade organisation in the US. On this episode you can hear how a 100-year-old organisation got into digital transformation and its significant progress to date. Takeaways NAR venture fund Second Century Ventures was an early investor in DocuSign SCV and its accelerator arm Reach are fully funded from returns on past investments Cream will rise to top as economic downturn bites over next 18-24 months Priority areas to watch Tyler wants SDCV to help tackles affordability, how can tech solve the global housing crisis and help renters move towards owning property Property companies can take advantage of AI, using data and today’s sizable computer power to produce clear data points that are critical to success Dan says NAR wants to lead and not be reactive when it comes t spottinbg tech efficiencies in real estate Natasha’s companies to watch include Fyma – ‘unlocking data from video feeds’ – and Mökki – ‘logistics hubs for the circular economy’
August 23, 2022
Matt Ellis, Measurabl CEO's reasons to be optimistic about property + climate | PlaceTech Podcast
One of the leading players in ESG data for real estate globally, Matt Ellis was a sustainability adviser at CBRE before he set up Measurabl in 2013. Today Mesaurabl employs 200 staff providing ESG data on more than 13bn sq ft of commercial real estate across 90 countries. He is also a fine writer and his ‘From Green to ESG’ book sets a compelling argument for transparency in markets and casts doubt on the objectivity of green building certificates. He sat down with Paul Unger to look beyond the doom and gloom that often surrounds climate crisis conversations and to focus instead on reasons to be cheerful. Takeaways Corporate real estate is now embracing sustainability and the wider ESG as business priorities Climate legislation is finally arriving to incentivise companies to adopt green energy measures – but does it go far enough on carbon tax Climate tech = jobs, jobs, jobs. The way the industry works is being transformed and buildings will be procured in totally different ways in future, starting now Small and medium property companies face a ‘data competency’ vacuum they need to address, this is a struggle without extra resource to upskill management Large property holders are decarbonizing their estates and looking for solutions that are ready to plug into, this is a rapidly maturing marketplace and established suppliers are preferred, new entrants will be left behind Subscribe to PlaceTech for FREE at
August 17, 2022
Craig O'Donnell, Group Innovation Director at Grosvenor | PlaceTech Podcast
Craig O'Donnell, Group Innovation Director at Grosvenor speaks with Paul Unger of PlaceTech about innovation in proptech. 
August 09, 2022
‘Fewer but deeper’ – Hazelview’s tech investing playbook | PlaceTech Podcast
In this podcast, Michael Tsourounis, managing director at Hazelview Investments and co-head of real estate, and Roger Poirier, co-founder of Hazelview Ventures, join Paul Unger to get behind the headlines in venture capital and property deals, and discuss the lessons learned within relationships between VC firms and their property investment partners. Discover more on
August 02, 2022
Proptech1 x JLL Spark | PlaceTech Podcast
What makes a property company get into tech investing? In this latest episode, Tanguy Quero, investment principal at JLL, and Kingma Ma, head of UK at venture capital firm Proptech1, join Paul Unger to delve into the relationships between venture capital firms and their property investment partners. Find out more at
July 26, 2022
Covivio’s Philippe Boyer talks to Blandine Laffargue | PlaceTech Podcast
Corporate journalist Blandine Laffargue hosts this episode of the PlaceTech podcast for an in-depth journey into European innovation and proptech alongside Philippe Boyer, head of innovation and corporate affairs at Covivio, the French property development company. Find out more about Covivio:
July 19, 2022
How to create smart buildings the right way, with eco-i | PlaceTech Podcast
David Hodges, director of eco-i, joins Karl Tomusk to share his experience and advice on getting a building ready for smart-status. Also joining the discussion are Phil Marsden, director of project management at Muse and James Thomas, head of smart buildings and technologies at Wates who add their perspectives as a developer and contractor. Find out more about eco-i:
June 29, 2022
Marcus Ginn, founder and CEO of Edozo | PlaceTech Podcast
Marcus Ginn, founder and CEO of Edozo, joins Paul Unger, editor of PlaceTech, to talk about all things Edozo. From the tech solutions they offer, clients they have worked with, the growth of the business over the last year, what lies ahead, and also future market forecasts. Find out more about Edozo: Subscribe to the placetech weekly for FREE:
April 25, 2022
Tom Willcock of Hollis discusses mega-trends in proptech | PlaceTech Podcast
Tom Willcock, director of innovation at Hollis, joins PlaceTech editor Paul Unger for a quick-fire walkthrough of some of the biggest trends in real estate innovation. Willcock discusses potential game-changers and the impact they will have on the industry. Find out more about Hollis here. Subscribe to the PlaceTech newsletter here.
April 12, 2022
How digital twins solve ESG challenges | PlaceTech Podcast
Rohan Bulchandani, founder of global real estate tech provider Retransform, and Daniel Schreiner, head of technical property management and ESG at Heimstaden, discuss digital twin technology and what it can do for real estate's net zero ambitions. Retransform provides business management, technology and analytics solutions to the real estate industry. For over two decades, the company has honed its expertise to offer comprehensive solutions to commercial, residential, retail and corporate occupier clients. Find out more:
March 09, 2022
Discussing the implications of changing weather patterns for planning and property | PlaceTech Podcast
In this episode, Jeremy Hinds, planning director at Savills, joins Paul Unger, editor of PlaceTech, to talk about how predicted weather patterns and changes in climate will shape how we plan and design our future cities. Find out more about Savills: Subscribe to the PlaceTech newsletter:
February 25, 2022
How to eliminate security risks in smart buildings | PlaceTech Podcast
John Archer, solutions director at Backbone Connect, joins Karl Tomusk to talk about solving the problem of cybersecurity in smart buildings. Sustainability and efficiency are two reasons why demand for building sensors and software are on the rise. But the more connected a building is, the more vulnerable it can be to cybersecurity breaches. Questions asked in this episode: What are the biggest risks in operating smart buildings? Does the risk rise as you install more tools and sensors? Who should be responsible for dealing with cybersecurity breaches? What are some easy wins that could make smart buildings less vulnerable to attacks? How will security concerns and threats change in the coming years?
November 29, 2021
What tech should landlords adopt for hybrid working? | PlaceTech Podcast
Paul Speariett, founder of Forge and now regional director Yardi, joins Karl Tomusk to discuss the latest trends in hybrid working and how tech is meeting changing occupier demands. Forge powered by Yardi works in the commercial, retail and education sectors to provide Forge Bluepoint visitor management which empowers landlords, building management and tenants to manage visitors their way. Flexible technology, along with a team that has vast experience in both the security and software industries, means that Forge powered by Yardi gives people the confidence that their safety and security are at the forefront of the journeys they deliver. Find out more about Forge powered by Yardi at:
November 16, 2021
Why education, collaboration and data is key in tackling climate change | PlaceTech Podcast
The world is on a dangerous trajectory towards climate catastrophe, but there are key lessons to be learned that can steer us all in the right direction. Matt Roche, founder of Rebelleon, joins Paul Unger for a special COP26-centred discussion on how education, partnerships and open access to data can benefit the many. Rebelleon advises businesses on their journey to becoming net-zero carbon, with a focus on collaborating with non-profit organisations and start-ups to reach end goals. To find out more about Rebelleon, visit
November 09, 2021
Dissecting sustainable design and materials | PlaceTech Podcast
Chris Webb, head of sustainability at tp bennett, and Barry Varcoe, global director, real estate & facilities at Open Society Foundations, joined PlaceTech editor Paul Unger to discuss sustainable design practices in this latest PlaceTech podcast episode. tp bennett, headquartered in London with a Manchester office serving the North of England, is a multi-disciplinary design practice of 320 staff focussing on architecture, interiors and planning in the UK and internationally. For more information on tp bennett and the services it provides, visit
November 08, 2021
Inside the mind of an angel investor, with Barrie Heptonstall | PlaceTech Podcast
Have you ever wondered what is in the mind of an angel investor? For this episode, Paul Unger was joined by Barrie Heptonstall, a serial angel investor, to try and find out the answer. Heptonstall has become something of a property tech specialist, with stakes in Aprao, FaultFixers and Your Welcome among many others, and is now working more formally with European real estate innovation VC Pi Labs.
September 15, 2021
Harri Majala, founder & CEO at GBuilder | PlaceTech Podcast
Harri Majala, founder and CEO at GBuilder, joins PlaceTech editor Paul Unger to discuss how GBuilder was founded, the changes within the market, and how the product they offer has evolved over the years, the role of BIM-based tech, its importance within the construction industry, and much more. Visit GBuilder to find out more.
August 25, 2021
Data collection and digital transformation in retail | PlaceTech Podcast
Managing director at Mallcomm, David Fuller-Watts, and retail director at Meadowhall, Mark Bruce, join Paul Unger to explore the subject in the form of a case study, touching on changing attitudes and responses in property towards data collection, how data is presented to the end-user in a digestible manner and much more. Visit Mallcomm to find out more.
August 03, 2021
Tech in residential ft. Get Living + Yardi | PlaceTech Podcast
Christian Armstrong, Director of Brand, Product & Technology at Get Living, and Justin Harley, regional director at Yardi, discuss the effects the past year has had on the market, what customers really want and value in terms of tech in residential, the influence of ESG in regards to tech in buildings, future product launches and much more.
July 28, 2021
tp bennett's net zero road map | PlaceTech Podcast
Vicki Odili of tp bennett, Simon Wilkes of Legal & General, and Mark Terndrup of Waterman join Paul Unger to discuss all things net zero carbon in the office environment. From tp bennett's net zero carbon roadmap and challenges that have arisen from design options, to understanding embodied carbon and operational carbon, and much more.
July 02, 2021
Michelle Buxton, founder and CEO, Toolbox Group | PlaceTech Podcast
Michelle Buxton, founder and CEO of Toolbox Group, joins Paul Unger, editor of PlaceTech, to discuss digital transformation, tenant experience and the future of retail. We also discuss Toolbox Group's product Mallcomm, and how the 360-platform is shaping the way retailers and tenants interact. Episode sponsored by Mallcomm.
May 10, 2021
The future of flex space ft. Justin Harley of Yardi and Rupert Dean of x+why | PlaceTech Podcast
Justin Harley, regional director for flex space and residential at Yardi, and Rupert Dean, co-founder and CEO of operator x+why, join Paul Unger in this latest episode to discuss the future of flex space, energy usage, how employers engage with their workforce and asking themselves 'what is the point of the office' and more. For more information, visit
April 28, 2021
James Shannon, essensys | PlaceTech Podcast
James Shannon, chief product and technology officer at essensys, one of the world’s leading providers of software-as-a-service and technology to the flexible real estate industry, joins PlaceTech editor, Paul Unger, to discuss tech in flex space, why technology is key in solving challenges, both in the present and future, essensy's new flex-services platform and more.
March 16, 2021
Mike Anderson of Padoq and Andrew Saunderson of Grainger | PlaceTech Podcast
Mike Anderson, CEO of Padoq, and Andrew Saunderson, investment director at Grainger, join PlaceTech editor Paul Unger to discuss all things build to rent. From changes in the sector and the mass introduction of tech in BTR developments, to the importance of a community within build to rent, improving tenant experiences, building long-term relationships and looking ahead to the future.
March 08, 2021
MentorshipHub with Gary Chimwa, James Morris-Manuel and Qadira Harris | PlaceTech Podcast
PlaceTech editor Paul Unger is joined by his old friend Gary Chimwa, founder of MentorshipHub, which aims to help founders across the tech landscape and those in underrepresented groups in society. Also joining Paul and Gary is James Morris-Manuel and Qadira Harris of Matterport. James was one of Gary's first mentors.  The group discuss Gary's new venture, MentorshipHub, how mentoring can help individuals and businesses shine a light on inequality in the workplace and best practises for the industry moving forward.
March 02, 2021
Jim Eaton-Terry, Quintain | PlaceTech Podcast
PlaceTech editor Paul Unger is joined by Quintain's first CTO, Jim Eaton-Terry, to talk about how he landed the role, his background in the proptech industry, such as working at FlyBe, and what new, innovative tech excites him the most.
February 23, 2021
James Segil, president and co-founder, Openpath | PlaceTech Podcast
James Segil joins PlaceTech publisher Paul Unger to discuss Openpath's journey into the market of access control systems, what separates Openpath from the competition, the future of the office market, new product developments and more.
February 03, 2021
Allison English, deputy CEO, Leesman | PlaceTech Podcast
Allison English, deputy CEO at global employee experience expert Leesman, joins PlaceTech publisher Paul Unger to talk about Leesman's involvement in data collection of employees, both in the office and at home, which trends are shaping the current working climate, which employee behaviours will stick for the long-term, the future of office space and design, and more.
January 25, 2021
Stefan Schmidt, symbiosy solutions manager at HB Reavis | PlaceTech Podcast
PlaceTech publisher Paul Unger in joined by Stefan Schmidt of HB Reavis to talk all things symbiosy, the world of workspace right now and the future of real estate.
January 13, 2021
Andrew Cooke of Bruntwood Works and Ed Vickery of studiotech | PlaceTech podcast
PlaceTech editor, Paul Unger, is joined by Andrew Cooke of Bruntwood Works and Ed Vickery of studiotech to talk about Bruntwood's new tech-enabled building in the heart of Manchester city centre, 111 Piccadilly.
November 27, 2020
Tom Wallace, CEO and founder of Re-Leased | PlaceTech Podcast
Tom Wallace, founder and CEO of Re-Leased, the fast-growing cloud-based commercial property management software joins Paul Unger, editor of PlaceTech, to talk about how to utilise data for planning the recovery and the Re-Leased UK growth story. Questions answered in this episode What were Re-Leased’s beginnings and how has its mission evolved? What are the insights gained from commercial lease data during lockdown? How can asset owners and managing agents start the journey to efficient data handling? What is the future for the commercial property sector using data? Has the pandemic been good or bad for the take-up of technology? New product CREDIA Index delivers live data insights on how the wider market is performing. Join Re-Leased on 27 October Webinar: Turning data into your most valuable asset 
October 19, 2020
Discussing the future of building connectivity with James Onions, director at Paragon | PlaceTech Podcast
In this PlaceTech podcast, James Onions, director at Paragon, discusses the company's new strategic partnership with connectivity firm NODE, how Paragon clients will benefit from this new strategic partnership and what the future holds for building connectivity.
September 29, 2020
Mark Furness, CEO of essensys
Joining Paul Unger, editor of PlaceTech, is Mark Furness, founder and CEO of essensys, which supplies mission-critical software to some of the biggest operators and space providers in the flexible office market. essensys has launched a new product called STEP to bridge the gap for traditional landlords to be able to service the growing demand for agile and flexible office space. 
June 30, 2020
Member experience and smartphone engagement in the built environment
James Shannon is the chief product officers at essensys, the leading provider of technology to the flexible workspace industry. Shannon is an entrepreneur and technology leader and has a deep passion for creating innovative and inspiring products. His experience includes the development of large-scale cloud services, award-winning mobile apps, integrated smart devices and cutting-edge consumer hardware for leading global brands. At essensys, Shannon is responsible for the vision and implementation of software features and functionality that empower space providers with greater control and visibility over their operation. Shannon oversees that essensys technology and software ensure the reliability and effective delivery of services as well as exceptional member experiences for flexible workspaces users. Questions asked in this episode: What does enhanced customer experience mean to essensys? Can tenant apps help remove friction in the office? Why hasn’t smartphone access control caught on in commercial real estate? Should users be worried about data privacy in smart access? What makes a building feel smart to the end user? How can landlords prepare for transition to enlarged flexspace market? What’s coming next for tenant experience? Takeaways: Data allows operators to deliver a smarter workspace Smartphone apps will become key to unlock services in physical space Data allows operators to deliver a smarter workspace Smartphone apps will become key to unlock services in physical space B2C tends to be one app per product, this doesn’t translate well to B2B App fatigue is starting to be felt in market There should be no confusion about who owns data Future experience will reflect where you’re working not whether you’re at work After corona, workspace operators will look for data insight to see how activity is returning About essensys Born from unique, first-hand flexible workspace experience, essensys empowers ambitious space providers to grow and thrive. Our secure, all-in-one platform combines enterprise-grade technology that is efficient and simple to manage. At the touch of a button, you have complete control of your workspace operations and infrastructure, allowing you to deliver friction-free member and employee experiences, whilst gaining valuable insights.
April 15, 2020
Richard Croft, M7 Real Estate
PlaceTech editor, Paul Unger, chats with executive chairman of M7 Real Estate, Richard Croft
April 08, 2020
Samy Kamkar on security in real estate
Samy Kamkar, privacy and security researcher and cofounder of Openpath, joined PlaceTech to chat about the security threats in real estate, the time he was arrested by the US secret services and three simple steps companies can take to prevent being hacked. The podcast was hosted by PlaceTech reporter, Nicola Byrne. This PlaceTech Podcast is sponsored by Essensys.
December 19, 2019
In conversation with…Charlie Wade, VTS
Charlie Wade, managing director of VTS, joined PlaceTech to chat about his work at JLL, what it was like in Silicon Valley, his move into the world of tech and more. The podcast was hosted by PlaceTech reporter, Nicola Byrne. PlaceTech Podcast is sponsored by Node, the hassle-free connectivity solution, and leading law firm Mills & Reeve. 
May 15, 2019
In conversation with…Emma Cullen, Palmer Capital
Emma Cullen, chief operating officer of Palmer Capital, joined PlaceTech to chat about her interesting career journey and Palmer Capital's digital transformation. The podcast was hosted by PlaceTech reporter, Nicola Byrne.  PlaceTech Podcast is sponsored by Node, the hassle-free connectivity solution, and leading law firm Mills & Reeve. 
May 07, 2019
In conversation with...Anthony Gahan, founder of IPSX
 Anthony Gahan, founder of IPSX, joined PlaceTech to chat about what it was like getting the real estate stock exchange off the ground, how it’s going to work, what it means for agents, plans for the future and more. The podcast was hosted by PlaceTech reporter, Nicola Byrne. 
April 29, 2019
The Data Debate
A panel of experts join PlaceTech for a data debate. We discuss what the industry should be doing with data, who’s going to be the winners and losers in the race to innovate, what makes data invaluable and more. The podcast is hosted by PlaceTech's reporter, Nicola Byrne. Guests: Charlie Wade, managing director of VTS Melanie Leech, chief executive of British Property Federation Pete Hallett, chief technology officer of District Julian Carey, executive property director of Stenprop  PlaceTech Podcast is sponsored by Node, the hassle-free connectivity solution, and leading law firm Mills & Reeve. 
April 23, 2019