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Plan Barakah

Plan Barakah

By Makeda Knight
Reflections on the Blessings of Presence in Time


We talk about uncovering the blessings of time so we can live a life of presence, praise, and gratitude.

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Human nature ramblings
Sometimes our expectations are out of alignment bc we don’t understand the nature of what we are dealing with. Clarity and trust stems from being real about what the nature of God, ourselves and the world around us is. While we strive to be happy, healthy, and peaceful , the temporary lack of those things won’t shake us if we remember that in this dunya ebbs n flows are par for the course. Have any thoughts. Please share your thoughts here
October 5, 2021
Ramadan & the Reality of Expansive Time
Getting ready for a Ramadan by embracing the time shift and unique blessing Allah has put into this blessed month.
April 10, 2021
Our habits have shaped who we think we are
It’s one thing to talk about cultivating new habits, but what about analyzing the habits that form the bulk of who we think we are. Recognizing our current habits and habituation have ourselves to something new can be one key to living a fuller more expansive life.
January 24, 2021
Available Blessings
As salaam alaikum, Sometimes we look at the grand acts of worship others are able to do and wish we could do the same , but in truth no one is cutoff from getting near to Allah if that’s what we really want. Let’s look at what ways He has made available to us in this season of our lives that can get us the spiritual connection and nearness to God we so desire. I’d love to hear your thoughts, Leave me a Voice Message Subscribe to get notified of new episodes and come visit me at
September 28, 2020
Scared to Grow
Taking a pause to admit the truth about ourselves can be a very uncomfortable process.   However we must take opportunities for self reflection and self growth as beautiful gifts from our creator. The rift between who we say we are and how we show up in the world (ie, who we really are) can only be removed if we take the chance to truly look at ourselves and be willing to admit our shortcomings and grow away from them More on this at
September 13, 2020
The Weight of Motherhood
Motherhood, though a blessing, can sometimes threaten to take over our complete identity and even derail us on our path to God.   What makes the difference between fulfilling, enjoying, and thriving in the blessed role of mother, and becoming consumed with anxiety and pressure to do what seems an impossible task at times? I think the answer is trusting in God to be as He always was, an ever present and merciful Lord who hasn't left us alone and on whom we can always place our trust. We being to explore some of these topics in this weeks episode. Visit to add your voice to the conversation. Peace
September 6, 2020
‘Wants’ vs. Needs
As mothers we are so accustomed to looking after the needs of others that we downgrade our own needs to ‘wants’ and thereby ignore them for far too long. What do you need in your life to thrive ? If a plant was loosing all its leaves we wouldn’t say it ‘wants’ water, we know it needs it ! 💦 there may be areas of our lives where we are losing ourselves bc we don’t recognize what we *need* to be our best selves.
August 22, 2020
Love in the Time or Corona pt. 2 - Self Love
In order to love anyone fully we have to first love ourselves. Worshipping Allah fully also requires self love. We must love ourselves enough to take care of the very faculties we use to approach and know our Lord and give Him our best as well as be in the best position to receive and make use of the best He gives us as well.
April 29, 2020
Love in the time of Corona - Pt 1. Allah
Close quarters gives us time to reflect on how we feel and show love to our Lord, ourselves , and others. In this episode we explore a bit of what it means to show love to God. For more of our content and tools to help you manage your time so the blessings within can reveal themselves please visit: To check out the book club I mentioned please go to
April 11, 2020