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"Planet of the Humans" Podcast

"Planet of the Humans" Podcast

By Jeff Gibbs
Featuring Jeff Gibbs, director of "Planet of the Humans," Ozzie Zehner, and Michael Moore, the "Planet of the Humans Podcast" cuts through smokescreens and illusions that have blinded we humans to the full reality of the time we are in and the way forward. Covering breaking news and critical environmental issues from a perspective available nowhere else. We believe the path forward begins with courage, vision, and the willingness to see things in a new light.
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Ep. 2: The Shape of Things to Come
The second "Planet of the Humans" podcast! Jeff discusses what might come next in the world of "Planet of the Humans" and seeks listener input--your input. He explains why the current "environmental" movement has not and will not save us, and how an obsession with a single symptom of humans dominating the entire planet is a fatal mistake, and ends with his message for the New Year. 
January 02, 2021
Ep. 1: "Planet of the Humans?"
"Planet of the Humans" director Jeff Gibbs responds to censorship, and describes what "Planet of the Humans" is really about. Hint: it's not solar panels.
June 05, 2020