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Planet Patrick with Patrick Hughes

Planet Patrick with Patrick Hughes

By Planet Patrick with Patrick Hughes
Join Patrick Hughes for fresh travel content and interviews. Patrick is the travel presenter behind the Planet Patrick show on YouTube ( and real-time Insta stories @treksolo.

The Where on Earth sub-series features in-depth discussions with people about how they found themselves at this moment in time, at this place.
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Canada Planada
In today's podcast, Patrick reflects on his recent European Roadtrip, plans for Canada later this month, as well as the new Irish Passport Card, Entry Requirements and the topic of Dirty Cash! Podcasts are free to Patreons, PayPal donors and all Planet Patrick listeners!  ***** Find out how to support this Podcast and the Planet Patrick YouTube channel by visiting or for social media links see
September 7, 2021
004 Near & Far: Planning Travel, Warrenpoint & the French Road Trip 2021
So I got to thinking... when does planning choke your travel plans and when does it create the conditions for spontaneity?  Wide awake with my usual hay fever, I find that the NEAR (the gorgeous town of Warrenpoint in the North of Ireland) is as good a place to travel, film and enjoy the sites as the FAR (the French Road Trip 2021), which seems to take a lot more planning!  And yes, there is some technical geekery in this particular podcast, but it's brief, I promise!  You can find the films I mention here on my YouTube Channel.  To follow me on social media, all the links are here: Thanks for listening! 
July 17, 2021
003 Ronda, Spain and the Two Sleeps Theory
Join Patrick as he talks about the Two Sleeps Theory just when he can't sleep in a Catalonia hotel in Ronda, Spain.  This is the idea that humans used to have two separate sleeps every night.  Why did we lose that?  A written version of this podcast is on the Planet Patrick website at:  Remember you can follow Patrick on YouTube, Instagram and TikTok too. Here's a link to all those links: 
July 16, 2021
002 Where on Earth: Reaching Adelaide - Pamela Terry
Pamela Terry is entirely her own person, her story asking us how we (and she) define ourselves in relation to place; time; other people; the identity formed by everyday communities in which we participate.  Her story is everyday but determinedly NOT everyday. I've found her to be an exceptional person to meet. And she still is! 
March 19, 2019
001 Where on Earth: Living through Gastric Sleeve Surgery - Sallyann's Story in Sydney, Australia
In this episode, Patrick joins international business leader Sallyann Thomas at her home in Erina, New South Wales, Australia to discuss how moving to Australia opened up the possibility of major body transformation – a choice she considered carefully and which has changed her life.  Remember you can follow Patrick on YouTube, Instagram and TikTok. All the links are here:
March 18, 2019