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Planet Product Owner

Planet Product Owner

By Scott
Product Owner experiences on a third grade level. Whether you are new to scrum, agile, lean or any rapid development method, I cover insights and thinking patterns that hopefully make sense. Don’t let the audio from the first couple of episodes run you off. It gets better I promise.
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Would QA folks would be a good Product Owner?

Planet Product Owner

Hands off the “hand offs”
How do we apply behaviors that prove we are actually valuing “Individuals and Interactions OVER Processes and Tools”? Today’s episode explores some things that product owners can do to help us demonstrate that value. Take your hands off the hand offs.
August 09, 2022
Back to the Story
As a product owner I want to create stories that paint a picture so that my development team can produce the right thing. Product owners and anyone in the agile space should enjoy this episode as we get back to fundamentals about user stories. Today’s episode will cover some of the good attributes of user stories as well as some traps or anti-patterns to defend yourself against. I’m certainly glad to be back to the fundamentals in this episode. Thanks for listening as always!
June 16, 2022
Burndown or Cliff
Hey agile Product Owner and Scrum Master! Does your burn down chart look like a cliff or a slope? This is episode we put on our explorer and captain hats and try to figure out how to avoid the cliff in our burndown chart by looking at causes, implications and solutions.
May 23, 2022
For the WagileFallen
Are you feeling like you are one of the wagilefallen? This episode is for all…Product owners, scrum masters, traditional project managers and transformationalists (if that’s a thing). This episode has lots of topics for your transformation..
May 04, 2022
The sequel: Product Owner AND leaders in the scaled agile framework
After a wildly successful episode last time, I have put together a few items and topics to follow up on for a product owner and your leadership in a scaled agile framework. But this episode may be a difficult conversation for organizational leaders who are considering moving toward that framework. There’s a lot of defense for the product owner that is often overlooked..which is a totally different episode.
April 19, 2021
Product Owner in a new Scaled Agile World
Are you a product owner who has come from a single development initiative or a single project-based mindset and new to a scaled agile environment? If so this episode may be for you. This comes from a question submitted by a listener! Do you know how I love those LOL. Today we talk about the product owner and how to make some adjustments coming from your microcosm into the new macrocosm of scaled agile! I will explore some risks and some opportunities for you! This is a rather long episode But it has a little bit for everyone. We’ll talk about why we scale agile, what to expect at least a little bit, and what you bring to the table. I hope you find this helpful in navigating your new journey and adding value. Thanks for your emails, thoughts and prayers as we have made it through hurricane Sally on the Gulf Coast! I’m glad to be back and sorry for the delay.
September 23, 2020
Would QA folks would be a good Product Owner?
This episode has a very important announcement in the first segment that I don’t want you to miss! The topic today is one from a listener who asked about moving into a product owner role from a QA role. Well maybe the jump seems impossible, but I’d like to share with you some good traits that will make you a great product owner as well as some bad traits that you just need to leave before making the jump. I discuss good qualities you have, ones to fix then provide a little insight to get yourself moving. This episode is not targeted to a specific audience. I think organizational leaders, product owners, scrum masters and team would benefit from this episode.
July 31, 2020
Do away with the product owner? No mo PO?
As a result of a recent topic posted on social media, I would like to give my thoughts on why we shouldn’t do away with the product owner role. This episode should give you some insight and clarity for not only to the role itself, but how you can maybe address some of those objections if they come to you from this trending topic. Email me at I’m also happy to accept donations if you are enjoying the cast and finding it helpful! Venmo: @J-G-1-222 and Cash app: $jsgscott
June 23, 2020
Your Daily Stand Up is dead. Let’s revive it.
Hey product owner! Do you suffer from routine, boring and check the box daily scrum’s? Hey scrum master have you laid down the law or had it given to you for the daily scrum structure? And hey dev team are you bored with having to go to this “meeting” everyday? Let’s talk a little about the daily scrum, shall we?
June 10, 2020
Visible and socialized roadmap
Hey product owners and scrum masters too! I’m back with another episode to talk about the importance of having a roadmap in your agile delivery world. Let’s dive into some thinking patterns!
June 09, 2020
Welcome young, new Product Owner
Part one of a possible series. You know how it feels when you are the new team member and as a youngster and new product owner, you want to learn the ropes as soon as you can so you are gaining respect. Nice user story, huh? Today we talk about some of the intangible stuff you need to know when starting new relationships with the new role. Welcome in!
April 29, 2020
More on frameworks: Keeping it real
This is one that you may want to miss if you are an organizational leader, product owner, scrum master or any agile dev team member. Let’s talk about adopting these frameworks like SAFe or scaled agile and talk about how they may work and more importantly why they may not work. I’m likely stepping on toes but I’m definitely speaking for the teams here. But they are at the center of your adoption and your execution.
April 08, 2020
Features, phases and frameworks
What does it mean when we talk about inception, elaboration, construction and transition? The product owner needs to adopt some ownership in these areas but probably needs to know the basics first. This episode gives an overview of these phases and how they relate to some of your frameworks or even stand alone features. Glad to be back!
April 02, 2020
Do points matter?
I know. Its light hearted and kinda fun but we discuss points and relative estimation. Don’t miss the point about points. I wanted a light topic ahead of next week. It’s the calm before the storm. The episode next week is gonna be one you don’t want to miss but you may not want to hear.
March 25, 2020
The basics: Determining value and priority
Conflicting priorities usually stem from conflicting feelings about the priorities. Everything is a priority. Everyone’s thing is the highest priority. This episode provides some tips and tools on balancing the priorities and gives some examples of how and when to handle potential outliers.
March 24, 2020
Hey Product Owner get your priorities straight
Another non-solicited question from a new listener! How does the Product Owner know they have the priorities right?! It’s a big responsibility for sure. In this episode, I give one example on how to make sure you’re on the right track. Let’s talk roadmap, product backlog, valuable and potentially shippable work, and leverage a little thing called a sprint goal.
March 24, 2020
Tell me about the Product Owner, please..?
I love it when listeners ask for topics! I was asked to backup a little and talk about the Product Owner and the backlog a little more at a high level. This episode gives some insight into not just the role but I also share some basic but effective tips about how I manage a large product backlog and communication strategies that have proven to be helpful in the journey. This episode is a little longer than usual so hang tight!
March 24, 2020
I didn’t say “no”...just “not right now”
I didn’t say “no”. I said “not right now”. You need some rules of engagement to determine the next steps in your roadmap as requirements change or even while planning it. I would love to share some experiences I’ve had with this and three questions I ask before we commit to that path.
March 24, 2020
3 of the 30,000 hats the Product Owner wears
A good Product Owner wears lots of hats. Scott talks about 3 of those hats the product owner wears that are not found in the job description.
March 24, 2020
Tell me like I’m three years old...
Talk to me like I’m three years old. Let’s get some basics cleared up before we get too deep. There are three fundamental outcomes and purposes of scrum. Iterative development • Self organizing teams • The shippable product. Let’s talk about some ways the Product Owner can help promote these.
March 24, 2020
The product owner and the alpha developer
The product owner is a team member. Here are a few ways to capitalize on your role as it relates to the team. Let’s explore some ways to leverage your Alpha Development team member.
March 24, 2020
Three unspoken responsibilities of a product owner
Three (un)spoken responsibilities of the Product Owner that they may not tell you in the books. Three takeaways and each have their own attributes. For new product owners and old dogs too!
March 24, 2020
A rather difficult conversation, Product Owners
I hope I have listeners after this episode...Let’s have some difficult conversations about some difficult things we deal with as product owners. I think we need to have difficult conversations in order to grow. This is an episode you may not want to hear, but it is one you need to hear. Responding to change doesn’t mean reacting to change
March 24, 2020
Product owner in a Kanban world
Worlds collide as we describe the difference between Kanban and scrum for the product owner.
February 21, 2020
Product Owner with a development plan
Listener question here. “I need a plan for my new gig”. This episode gives you some tactical moves that will put you on a nice journey. This one could apply to anyone in an existing or new role on the scrum or agile team. So if you are taking a new product owner, scrum master, dev team or even agile coach role, this is for you!
February 04, 2020
Did you add work to your sprint?
Today we talk about adding work items to the sprint and how that impacts the perception. Product owners, dev team and scrum masters probably will find this one interesting.
January 30, 2020
Planning for Sprint Planning
Today’s episode we have a reading, from the Scrum Guide along with some tips and tricks for a more effective Sprint Planning ceremony. I’m offering a little insight on how to prep for it more than the actual ceremony facilitation in this episode. Enjoy and welcome to season 2!
January 17, 2020
New Year’s resolutions, Yuletide cheer, and Oh holy Scrum Masters
Let’s check out some fundamental guidance for scrum masters and product owners to work together on the team. This is kind of an intro to basic rules, antipatterns and solutions. Season 2. For real y’all.
January 09, 2020
What kind of product owner are you?
I’ve identified three types of Product Owners in this episode and tips on moving up in your journey. We are on a journey...applying some practical thinking patterns to develop the art of becoming a more effective product owner. This could be my last agile or scrum product owner podcast episode of this year. Subscribe, share and scrum. Send feedback to
December 13, 2019
Feature-itis in a scaled organization
Let’s identify who needs to help prevent it. What to do if we have it. And how we can prevent others from getting it. This is not all encompassing. Just a few factors and a few players. But some good tips. Email me at as always with your feedback!
December 07, 2019
The retrospective
Please tell me it’s not a check the box meeting that you are having or not having at all. The retro is a crucial time for the team to work ON the work and not IN the work. This episode outlines some of the good, bad and ugly about retros. Teasing the last segment for organizational leaders to listen in.
November 27, 2019
Am I in an anti pattern?
Many times we are in an anti pattern and we may not realize it. We have to back up and inspect and adapt ourselves sometimes. In this episode I share some of the top anti patterns I’ve seen, done and fought hard against. Hope you aren’t in these, but you may not even know if you are.
November 20, 2019
It’s Demo Day!
Are we inspecting and adapting our ceremonies? If your demos are boring, uninspiring or routine you should spice them up. Id like to share 5 things to incorporate into your demos to help you with a different perspective.
November 12, 2019
Estimating the “unknown”
Today let’s talk about what we know, what we knew and what we don’t know. Estimating the unknown could be tricky but here are some suggestions!
October 30, 2019
Release communications ideas
Today we dive into some ideas to help you with the inherent tasks of release communications and transition. I also offer some encouragement to you today because you guys need some love. Be sure to subscribe and tell a friend who may gain some value from listening!
October 28, 2019
Domain language and large product backlogs
So we are on the journey! This episode I share some feedback and questions from a listener. Let’s see how his user stories are written and how it has helped his team. Next I hope I answer his question about managing different work types in one big backlog. Like bugs, debt, features etc. Remember it’s about real world solutions and thinking patterns for Product Owners on the journey! Scrum masters are obviously welcome!
October 21, 2019
No...really...What are user stories?
Often times we get cornered into following the formats dictated to us when it comes to our organizational processes. Sometimes we get in a rut and don’t progress as we should in writing effective user stories. Some of us even miss the point and don’t even know “why” we even use them. Let’s talk about that, shall we?
October 14, 2019
Part three: the journey map
Ok so we walk out of the big session with the big document and we have a big task. Let’s recap a minute about the risks, value, obstacles and metrics first. Then we need to actually figure out how to make this thing real to solve the need.
October 09, 2019
Traditional language meets Lean Part Dos
Ok so I’m back from an unexpected personal break to recap the last episode and finish up some ideas about bridging the gap between traditional language and lean thinking. I give away a few secrets in this one that I think you will enjoy. I love it when science and art play together!
October 03, 2019
Traditional language meets agile interpretation
This is part one of three parts. We are talking about how to interpret the large document with the right questions. We speak a different language and we just need to acknowledge it, embrace it and build a bridge that works.
September 05, 2019