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Planet Work

Planet Work

By Cat Breet
Yes, you can GET MORE FREEDOM, MONEY & FUN OUT OF WORK! But it won’t just land in your lap. Are you a high achiever who’s tired of hitting roadblocks? Then this is the show for you! Cat Breet welcomes industry leaders from around the world to share their breakthrough moments and secrets to success. Tune in now to get the HOW-TO, TOOLS & INSPIRATION you need to make YOUR dreams your reality … faster and easier. A better life begins with a better career. Are you ready to get yours?
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Career Resolutions: 3 Steps to Get What You Want in 2022
Do you want more freedom, money & fun out of work? Are you tired of living at the mercy of corporate greed, and hidden agendas? Are you done sacrificing precious family time and fun for work that doesn’t love you back? Let 2022 be the year you finally … Say “Yes!” to WORK YOU LOVE (and “No” to work you don’t). Work WHEN you want, HOW you want and WHERE you want. Do WORK THAT MATTERS & makes a real impact in the world. Work with PEOPLE you LIKE (instead of the ones who make you scream). Make enough MONEY to take great vacations (guilt-free) AND sock away plenty of moola for an early, comfy retirement. Have the CONFIDENCE to finally step into your full potential. Stuck at go? This is the show for you! Since 1997, Cat Breet has helped over 200,000 people to find work they love. Let her help you do the same! #success #future #careers #resolutions #motivation #planetwork Planet Work LinkedIn Live show #183 w/ host Cat Breet THURSDAY 12/30  at 9am ET | 8am CT | 6am PT Download -
December 30, 2021
A Strong Personal Brand Will Change Your Life
Being good at what you do is important … but being KNOWN for that is priceless. I’ve been preaching that for years because it was one of the hardest & most important lessons of my life. I was about to get fired from my job as a rookie recruiter (because doing my job like everyone else was NOT working for me!) Then I read Tom Peter’s bold article, “The Brand Called You.” He shattered my beliefs about success, saved my career and changed my life in profound ways. I am not the only one! UK-based Steve Guest has a remarkable personal brand story. A shy introvert, he was chugging along just fine as a successful, quiet, procedure-led recruiter. After years of resistance, he finally screwed up the courage to post a video online. The positive response blew him away! So he did it again. 3 years later, Steve is a 2-time best-selling author in 40 countries, a podcaster and a speaker. His second book “A personal brand story” is fabulous, and I can’t wait to chat with him about it. This is the show for you if you’re a hardworking high achiever who is … - Already successful, but wanting more - Really good at what you do, but not really well-known for that - Struggling to find “that thing” to separate you from your competition - Ready to break through the self-doubt & fears to finally play big in your life JOIN US! Thursday 16 December at 2pm GMT (London) | 9am ET (USA) | 8am CT #personalbrand #sucess #recruiting #linkedinlive #planetwork
December 16, 2021
Stress, anxiety & grief: Hope & healing from the front lines With Dr. Kellie Lease Stecher
All around the world, we're dealing with grief, worry, and fear or varying degrees. Grief comes in many flavors: death of a loved one, for sure … but also loss of a job, income, and a predictable future. Our bodies are built to handle short-term stress (like being attacked by a lion). But long-term, pounding stress like we’ve all been going through for the past year? Toxic. Left unchecked, it will lead to serious medical problems in almost every bodily system (cardiovascular, immune, digestive, and brain).    Dr. Kellie Lease Stecher, MD is seeing the crippling effects first-hand. On this live show, she will share:   - What happens to our bodies - How to recognize your tipping point   - Where to go for help - How to pick the right doctor    Patient Care Heroes - Join the cause!  Dr. Kellie Stecher is an OBGYN, author, educator and consultant and frequent media guest. She is working to change the culture of medicine, and she is a staunch advocate for gender and healthcare equity.    P.S. Want to relax? Ben Moseley + his baby:  #stressrelief #linkedinlive #stressmanagementtips #grief #anxiety #stress #catbreet
January 19, 2021
Increase sales using LinkedIn Video w/ Special Guest Viveka von Rosen
HOW TO SELL WITH VIDEO: You can boost your pipeline 32%, 7x your engagement + lower your cost per lead by 28% using video in your sales efforts (HubSpot, Vengreso, LinkedIn stats). WOW.    Want to know how? Listen to what Viveka von Rosen of Vengreso | Award Winning Virtual Digital Sales Training has to say, and you'll see your sales go through the roof.    Scared? Do it anyway. Using video in sales is no longer a nice-to-have; it's a gotta have. Viveka shares her top tips about:   - Best platforms + tools for creating and tracking video messages - Why prospects, clients and your best referral partners love video - What people want to see + hear (pssst! They don't want perfection! They want real) - Why most sales messages fall flat (or worse ... get you marked as SPAM) - The difference between a sales pitch and a relationship - building video - How to break through your fear + be great on camera   Viveka is Chief Visibility Officer and Co-founder at  Vengreso | The Digital Sales Transformation Company  P.S. Get their incredible new messaging tool for FREE here!  #sales #success #linkedinlive #vengresotips #catbreet
January 14, 2021
Kicka*s Career Confidence: Real science. Superhero impact.
2020 kicked the pi*s out of us, but we’re all ready to turn over a fresh leaf. World-renowned TEDTalker Alyssa Dver is just the one to help us to that. She is a Confidence Crusader.  Neuro Nerd. Success Equalizer. Master Coach + CEO, The American Confidence Institute    The More Money, Freedom & Fun show w/ Cat Breet Tuesday 1/12 at 9/8c – LinkedIn Live   Alyssa used to be a globe-trotting marketing executive … mustering her own confidence working with people all over the world. 7 years ago, she started teaching the science and secrets of confidence and founded the American Confidence Institute (ACI). She is the author of 7 best-selling books, and did a highly popular TEDTalk on … you guessed it: confidence.    P.S. Everyone who attends will get a FREE COPY of her latest book!     Let's talk in the comments below! What are your favorite strategies to get your confidence back? It really helps me to look to my past (some of the hardest times in my life), to remember that I am tough, and I've got the skills + courage I need to get the job done.   #linkedinlive #catbreet #confidence #success #brainscience
January 12, 2021
HIGH HEELS NOT REQUIRED for success Pssst! Your limiting beliefs are hurting more than your feet. Deep into my thirties, I really believed that it took a nice dark suit & a pair of heels to be successful. This belief ran deep: if I bumped into a client in my paint clothes at Home Depot on a Saturday, I would panic … because I didn’t feel capable, confident or worthy unless I was “dressed to the nines.” So, I wore heels and a suit … even though it hurt. Then one day my feet fought back: I was forced to go for an entire year without wearing high heels. I was stunned & mortified by how insecure I felt in flats. It was ridiculous! Or, was it? In some cases, there really are policies requiring high heels. That’s what Yumi Ishikawa was battling when she launched the #KuToo movement with just one tweet against the high heel work policy in Japan. But what about the days when there ARE no policies … and we are simply limiting ourselves? Limiting beliefs prevent us from doing things we really want … like asking for a raise, going for that dream job, starting our own business …  or even leaving a bad relationship. What are YOUR limiting beliefs? And how are they holding you back? Let’s talk about it. #linkedinlive #success #limitingbeliefs #mindset #fear
January 07, 2021
Setting SMART goals is a very nice start (which is why we talked about it on my show 1/31 But it’s not enough to get you where you really want to go.    There are 7 hidden brain blocks that will stop you cold from reaching your full potential. On the surface, you’ll be taking the right kind of action (making that scary sales call, taking that daily run). But underneath it all, these 7 silent saboteurs are killing your chances of success.     In his fantastic book Brainblocks, author, neuropsychologist, and brain training expert Theo Tsaousides, Ph.D., ABPP shares the 7 brain blocks that will keep you stuck. I'm loving his book so much, I had to share!     In this show, I share Dr. Tsaousides' lessons on ...   • The 7 Brain blocks that stop us in our tracks   • How to remove them from your life   #linkedinlive #success #science #mindset
January 05, 2021