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By Platicast
Conversations con Soul y Corazón. Platicast is an audio collage that’s as process-y, creative, intuitive, and messy as its creators. As Queer Chicana traviesas we are here to reclaim our voices, our process, and our coyote medicine and we invite you to step out of the realm of the ordinary, and take a deep dive into the mystery of what wants to be. Get your Platica on as we explore decolonization, reclamation, curanderismo, creativity, and other existential realities as women of color living between cultures & identities.
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The Blindfolded Archer Takes a Chance as We Transition to a New Year
S2E7: Sharing news on big changes and exploring the decision making process when you can’t see the vision.  Naming the unknown trust that some call faith. With these changes I talk a bit about what it feels like when your community names you, honoring the pacing of this Winter's Solstice, and sharing my wishes for the New Year. QUOTE: “Pain Pushes Until Vision Pulls.” -Rev. Deborah L. Johnson CONNECT: Instagram: @_platicast_ email: website: MUSIC: “Southside” by Lee Rosevelt "You’re No Good but I Love You" by Soft and Furious at: "Chill Wave" by Kevin MacLeod Link: License: "Music for Manatees" by Kevin MacLeod Link: License: "End of the Street" by kabbalistic village "Courage" A Fresh Start
December 27, 2020
The Fatal Delusion of Independence
S2E6: In this episode we continue the conversation on Uncertainty and take a stand for Interconnectedness. For many BIPOC, living in uncertainty is nothing new, as living in perpetual uncertainty has been a baseline. What has always been true and what we can’t escape (cause and effect), is increasingly evident. In the midst of it all, the Western delusion of Independence is trying to die, and we are witnessing its death throes. QUOTE: “The only thing that ever needs to be healed is the sense of separation.” -Rev. Deborah L. Johnson CONNECT: Instagram: @_platicast_ email: website: MUSIC: “Southside” by Lee Rosevelt "You’re No Good but I Love You" by Soft and Furious at: "No Frills Cumbia" by Kevin MacLeod Link: License:
September 18, 2020
Working with Fear and Uncertainty
S2E5: The Western U.S. has literally been on fire, bringing many of our hopes to a breaking point. In this episode we explore what we can do when Fear shows up, and how we can work with it to allow Hope the space to grow. CONNECT: Instagram: @_platicast_ email: website: MUSIC: “Southside” by Lee Rosevelt “Sincerely” by Kevin MacLeod Link: License: “Small Steps” Lee Rosevere “End of the Street” by kabbalistic village
September 17, 2020
Nervous and Grounded
S2E4 In this episode, we look at the limiting belief of a “right way” of doing things, self trust when we doubt our knowing, and trusting our body's knowing. Connect:  Instagram: @_platicast_ Music: “Southside” by Lee Rosevelt Sincerely by Kevin MacLeod Link: License:
September 2, 2020
There is No "Later"
S2E3 In this episode, we contemplate the concept of time during a pandemic, and waking up to the here and now. Connect:  Instagran: @_platicast_ Quote: “Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?” —Mary Oliver Music: “Southside” by Lee Rosevelt “You’re no good but I love you” “End of the Street” by Kabbalistic Village
August 29, 2020
Activism and Slowing Down When the World is on Fire
S2E2: In this episode, we talk about activism and the benefits of slowing down when the world is on fire, tending your own fire, preventing and caring for burn out, and the guilt and shame that can arise from slowing down. QUOTE: “We need Coatlicue to slow us up so that the psyche can assimilate previous experiences and process the changes. If we don’t take the time, she’ll lay us low with an illness, forcing us to ‘rest.’" Gloria Anzaldua (Borderlands, p. 46) POEM: “Conocimiento and Self-Care in the Time of Covid” - Martha Aguilar RESOURCES: The Adaway Group: Freedom School Kasai Thrive: TRACC4Movements: BRITTANY DIOR WILSON: Corazon Counseling: MUSIC "Southside" by Lee Rosevelt "End of the Street" by Kabbalistic Village "Space is Invisible" by Joseph McDade "Courage" from "You’re No Good but I Love You" by Soft and Furious at
August 12, 2020
Doing Things Our Way
S2, E1: We’re back from a long pause and here with a new format. As we continue to navigate the unknown of these times (thanks, no thanks pandemic), we’re also having more clarity about our needs and what’s possible. Take a listen to get to know how we are embracing the mystery of creative energy and saying “g’bye” to traditional podcast formats. Hosts: Martha Aguilar Melissa Fernandez Connect: @_platicast_ Music: "Southside" by Lee Rosevere "Thinking Music" by Kevin MacLeod Link:  License: "You’re no Good but I Love You" by Soft and Furious "All That" by Ben Sound
August 9, 2020
Emergence + Honoring Where You Are
Episode 4 is a special sharing from Martha. During these strange and traumatic times of #covid19life, we are all experiencing so, so much as well as within our communities. In this episode, Martha shares her personal experience with the new "Shelter-In-Place" order, how she is navigating it. She shares helpful resources and encouraging words. She touches on the following topics: Our rapid mood changes and rising emotions. Choosing gentleness and compassion. The dangers of denial and the importance of it's other functions. The rising disparities + grief/loss. Releasing the status quo. The shedding and renewal the Spring Equinox brings. Honoring where you are. (Original air date: 4/7/2020) Connect: @_platicast_ Music: "Southside" by Lee Rosevere
July 26, 2020
Using Our Voices
In this short episode...a long time coming too, we dip into a more soulful and meditative message. Sharing our thoughts, defining the space and the core intentions for Platicast. We open up a conversation about cultural identities and roles, the experiences of generational silence and how silence plays out in our lives. We re-visit this origins of this podcast’s name, working with platica in folk healing, and using our voices to heal silence through Platicast. Some topics discussed: Using our voices Breaking the silence Curanderismo Platicas Community + inclusive & supportive spaces (Original air date: 2/25/2020) Connect: @_platicast_ Music: "Southside" by Lee Rosevere
July 26, 2020
Winter Solstice *Special Message* + Ritual Guide
Bonus episode with a Winter Solstice message and intentional ritual and self-care ideas. (Original air date: 12/14/2019) Connect: @_platicast_ Music: "Southside" by Lee Rosevere
July 26, 2020
Claiming a Feral & Messy AF Process
We're back!  In episode two, we work through some gunk in our own experiences by sharing our ideas around the whole light & love shiz and the ultra-spiritual bypassing that happens in spiritual communities.  We talk about the importance of having supportive people in your life, finding one's pack, reaching for those shifts in yourself and trusting that it will propel you into the realms of possibility, surrounded by "your people" that are there for listen, support and love all the parts of you regardless.  We get to the grit, unpack, and find our way in this episode. In our conversation, we talk about: Wanting to be witnessed when in a vulnerable space and others not listening!  Well intentions? Or tangled in triggers, ego, agenda, assumptions. Lack of capacity to witness and hold space. Not letting us be in or openly process while in that shadowy or angry place. And when that shame sets in. Little trust when sharing ideas/projects, etc. Feeling protective and discouraged when sharing from a vulnerable place. Told it has to be a "certain way."  Always receiving uninvited feedback on ways to change or improve. Coaches.  The marketing behind big money coaches and the damage they can do to make a sale.  The unworthiness factor is their greatest tactic and how done we are with this! Claiming a feral process.  How one can get caught up in the illusion of perfection. The power of showing up to reclaim our voices, truths and birthrights in a society that continually tells us we are wrong, illegal, broken, and unwanted. (Original air date: 7/25/2018) Connect: @_platicast_ Music: "Southside" by Lee Rosevere
July 26, 2020
Tamed Tongues & White Spaces
In this episode, we talk about identity as a growing process, a flowing cyclical movement. We discuss how the world structures identity, and how the right set of identities can constitute our value and worth.  Why we hate writing "about-me" pages, the elevator pitch/speech, finding our niche, branding our work. How we'd like to do away with the classic question of "what do you do?" ICK!  Impostor syndrome and how POC can't just relax and exist. Our lives carved around what we feel WP want when we're in their presence. Our work to keep them comfortable.  We talk chicanismo, our rite to choose the identity most closely related to our indigenous roots. 20-year-old white shaman girls and how white folx created a hierarchical system with certificates that take up the space and resources from POC.  The journey of trying to create community while living in mostly white spaces.  Lastly, a chiquitx segment on the summer solstice, our desires and rekindling our passions. (Original air date: 6/21/2018) Connect: @_platicast_ Music: "Southside" by Lee Rosevere
July 26, 2020
Welcome to Platicast: What's the podcast about?
Hola y welcome to Platicast! Let's have sacred conversation and create espacio for discussing the real, raw, and messy life experiences of living between cultures & identities as displaced POC artists and healers in search of belonging, conexion, and affirmation. (Original air date 6/7/2018). Connect: @_platicast_ Music: "Southside" by Lee Rosevere
July 26, 2020