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The Health First Podcast

The Health First Podcast

By Platinum Training Institute
Platinum Training Institute are a Health and Fitness Education Training Provider based in Queen's University Belfast, Northern Ireland. Our goal has always been 'Health First'.Join Us as we discuss all things Health, Fitness and Education.Team PTI
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Performance Nutrition Workshop at PTI - November 19th 2021
On November 19th 2021 we are hosting a Performance Nutrition Workshop LIVE on Zoom with Naomi McArdle (Education and Training Co-Ordinator at Platinum Training Institute and also host of The Health First Podcast). For more information or to book please visit the Booking Page - See you all there.  Health First,  Team PTI.
October 25, 2021
22 | The Causes and the Costs of Constipation and what you can do about it!
In this episode we discuss the causes and the costs of chronic constipation and why it’s important not to ignore a change in bowel symptoms. We also offer advice on what to eat to keep things running smoothly and the link between Chronic Constipation and mental health conditions. Constipation is largely avoidable - don’t suffer in silence! *If you experience a sudden change in bowel movement/routine please consult you GP. Health First Team PTI Website
October 18, 2021
World Mental Health Day Discount - Level 2 Award in Mental Health Awareness
As part of World Mental Health Day on October 10th 2021 we have decided to offer £50 OFF our next Level 2 Award in Mental Health Awareness taking place LIVE Online with our Tutors.This course takes place on November 9th,11th,16th,18thfrom 5.30-9.30pm (UK Time).This course also includes a Mental Health First Aid Unit.As with all our Mental Health Qualifications we will be sending a donation to a Mental Health Charity for every person booked on this course.If you would like to take this offer just click the following link and enter the Coupon Code PTIMH2 at checkout - Level 2 Award in Mental Health Awareness*This offer is valid until Friday 22nd October 2021*Also, here is the Research Project that we were involved in with Queen's University Belfast, Mental Health Foundation, Northern Ireland Chest Heart and Stroke and Praxis in 2019 - Research ProjectHealth FirstTeam PTI
October 9, 2021
21 | First Episode of Season 3
We are so excited to begin our third season of the Health First Podcast, we have some great guests and topics lined up for this season - what else would you like us to cover? In this podcast learn why you need to cut yourself some slack and how to get back on the health and well-being wagon!Health FirstTeam PTIPTI Website
October 3, 2021
20 | Talking Digital De-cluttering and New Opportunities with Lee Havern
Join me in our Season 2 Finale as I chat with Platinum Training Institute founder Lee Havern about how the digital landscape can clutter our mind, steps to take towards your own digital de-clutter and how to control your own digital space. We also chat about an exciting new course on offer at PTI and how you can build a long-lasting career in the health and fitness industry.Links:PTI Diploma in Health and FitnessDigital De-Clutter ArticleHealth FirstNaomiPTI
June 17, 2021
19 | Dr Ed Caddye
If you don’t follow Dr Ed Caddye on Instagram or Facebook - you are missing out! Ed is my favourite kind of health care professional - knowledgeable, well educated, honest and willing to explore ‘health’ outside of the medical model. The medical model is the most prevalent way of addressing ill health in the western world. It is reactive rather than proactive. Dr Ed prefers to take an all round proactive approach - can movement, nutrition, light exposure and sleep affect our health now and for decades beyond. Dr Caddye is evidenced based, research-informed and loaded with great quality information  - it just might not be what you expect!Health FirstNaomiTeam PTIPTI Website
May 16, 2021
18 | Cancer Care and Physical Activity: Where it all began!
Join me as I have a wonderful chat with Professor Anna Campbell MBE about her amazing and inspirational journey, the importance of lifelong learning and being a ‘Pracademic’, and of course we also discuss the importance of physical activity following a cancer diagnosis and how the right instructor can make a big difference in a patient’s life. I am simply in awe of everything that Professor Campbell MBE has achieved and it was a real pleasure to speak with her!Bio:Since the year 2000, Dr Anna Campbell MBE has researched the physical and psychological benefits of staying active after a cancer diagnosis publishing over 30 research papers and three book chapters in the field of exercise and cancer survivorship. She is an Associate Professor at Edinburgh Napier University.Anna is an Associate Professor in the University’s School of Life, Sport and Social Sciences and Director of CanRehab, which provides training and education for fitness and health professionals working with cancer survivors in the community.In addition to publishing her research and establishing best practice, she is also a consultant for Macmillan Cancer Care, assisting in the establishment and evaluation of UK-wide community-based exercise programmes for cancer patients and survivors.Anna is an invited member of the Breast Cancer Campaign Research Gap Advisory Group, National Cancer Research Institute (NCRI) Lifestyle & Behaviour Change group and Macmillan Physical Activity & Cancer Advisory Group.LinksCanRehab Level 4 Cancer Rehab Course Health FirstNaomiTeam PTI
April 14, 2021
17 | Growing Pains aren’t just for the kids - How overcoming stigma, challenges and failures can lead to a GROWTH mindset!
An inspirational chat with Katie Matthews about the stigma associated with mental health conditions, living in Northern Ireland and how a growth mindset is vital for physical, mental and professional success!  Katie Matthews is a 29-year-old, multi-award-winning entrepreneur, growth mindset educator, speaker, founder, mentor, trauma-informed practitioner and mental health and well-being trainer. Katie has 11 years lived experience with mental illness, and is passionate about supporting other’s mental health, entrepreneurship, leadership, community development, growth mindset development and supporting our next generation of children and young people. Katie is the founder of two businesses, The Mind Tribe UK, Excel In Education Tutoring School and the voluntary organisation Young Entrepreneur’s Network Northern Ireland. Part of Katie’s ethos is to give back to the community, making a positive contribution to society and driving progressive change in the world around us. She does this within her roles as an Independent Member of the Armagh, Banbridge, Craigavon Area Policing Community Safety Partnership, on the board of Trustees for the charity Home-Start North Belfast and as the Northern Ireland National Director for the Global Entrepreneurship Network. Katie was honoured to be recognised on the NI 40 Under 40 List in 2019, was awarded Young Entrepreneur of the Year at the 2018 FSB Awards, the Future Star Award at the NI Maternal Mental Health Awards 2019 and was a regional judge and panel chair for The Diana Award 2020. Links:https://www.themindtribeuk.podia.comHealth FirstTeam PTI
March 22, 2021
16 | Overcoming Fears and Negative Self-Talk with Ciaran May
If you need insight and inspiration Ciaran May of CM Sports Therapy is your man! Ciaran has a way with words and we cover so much good stuff from the inception of Ciaran’s wonderful business Natural Resilience to tattoos, from facing stereotypes to the Powerlifting Commonwealth Championships in Canada and everything in between!Links: @CMsportstherapyNIHealth FirstNaomiTeam PTI
March 8, 2021
15 | Lived Experience: Talking Mental Health, being grateful and why gyms aren't for everyone, with Chris White from the Mental Health Foundation
Join me for a serious yet uplifting podcast as I chat to Chris White from the MHF about his lived experience with a mental health condition and how terminology, prejudice and stigma can affect someone’s motivation to begin a physical activity programme. We also talk about finding our purpose, how small goals should be celebrated, enjoying physical activity and how being open, honest and proud can help to break the stigma associated with a mental health condition. Links FirstNaomiPTI
February 22, 2021
14 | On Your HIKE! First Episode of Season 2
Join me as I discuss lessons learned from 2020, our brand new qualification, alcohol awareness and my secret weapon which helped me through 2020!Health First,NaomiPTINaomi email - PTI Website - Walk NI - 
February 8, 2021
13 | Season 1 Finale: Our last Podcast of the Season!
Join me for the last time this year as I reflect on the many great conversations I’ve had with guests over the course of our first season and give you a little homework for over the festive break!Health FirstNaomiPTI
December 19, 2020
12 | Why Challenge Brings Opportunity with Greg Bradley
Join me as I chat with Greg Bradley, owner of BLKBOX Fitness, about the struggles of an entrepreneur, how constraints create creativity and what every budding business owner should know!NaomiPTI
December 14, 2020
11 | Pain, Passion and Purpose: My journey into the Health and Fitness Industry
Join me as I discuss how a back injury at 11 years old ultimately led me into the health and fitness industry and how the 'King' of exercise machines was crucial to my recovery.NaomiTeam PTI
December 7, 2020
10 | Part 2: Sarah Bolitho: Physical Activity for Prevention and Management of Mental Health Conditions
Join me as I continue my chat with Sara Bolitho from Exact Training. In this session we discuss the new diploma format, including the optional module on Menopause. We also discuss experiencing emotions in a 'larger frame', Stephen Fry and why labels are 'sticky'! Exact TrainingNaomiTeam PTI
November 30, 2020
09 | Part 1: Sarah Bolitho: Physical Activity for Prevention and Management of Mental Health Conditions
Join me for the first of a two-part series with Sarah Bolitho from Exact Training  as we discuss working with special populations, why mental health matters for everyone and why social anxiety may be on the rise.We also chat about the new structure for the revamped diploma course!Exact Training
November 23, 2020
08 | Periodising for your period: Train WITH your menstrual cycle, not against it!
Join me as I look at the menstrual cycle and how fluctuating hormones can affect our mood, our strength and how to periodise your training to compliment your cycle. Learn to work with your cycle not against it!Naomi Team PTI
November 16, 2020
Happy Birthday to PTI - Happy Discount to YOU
On December 1st Platinum Training Institute will turn 6 years old. We cannot believe where the time has gone and would like to say a huge Thank You to everyone who has been involved with PTI. THANK YOU. We have decided to offer a Discount on a range of our Online Courses / Workshops / Webinars etc.**Discounts will be available until 9pm on December 1st 2020.**The discounts are automatically applied in the Online Institute section of our website. Check them out here - Thank You so much again and if you have any questions please get in touch Health FirstTeam PTI
November 11, 2020
07 | What’s the worst thing we do, on a daily basis, for posture and what can we do about it?
Join me as I talk about how sitting for long periods is bad for our overall health, our second circulatory system, SMR and SMT and why these soft tissue manipulation techniques are important for all - not just athletes and gym-goers! Also my personal recommendations for choosing a great sports massage therapistNaomi Team PTI
November 9, 2020
06 | How to ACE your fitness!
Join me as I talk to Anthony J. Wall from ACE Fitness about his nonlinear journey in the health and fitness industry and how research based qualifications are essential! The American Council on Exercise is a non-profit exercise professional and health coach certification organisation offering a range of qualifications as well as a myriad of online resources for fitness professionals and enthusiasts alike!Don't forget to check out their website - The COVID page - to research I spoke about - Also check out the work they do on behalf of certified health coaches and exercise professionals -!
November 2, 2020
05 | Getting to the heart of the matter: A conversation with Sally Hinton from BACPR
Join me as I chat to Sally Hinton from the British Association for Cardiovascular Prevention and Rehabilitation about the importance of supervised physical activity post cardiac event and why exercise is one of the most important means to prevent or reverse heart disease. At PTI we are passionate about specialist qualifications and the good they create in society so I was absolutely thrilled to discuss this further with Sally!BACPR Website - www.bacpr.comCardiac Rehab Programmes - Naomi Team PTI
October 26, 2020
04 | Running Out of Resilience and Top Tips for Remote Working
Join me as I fly solo on this episode!I discuss my naive expectations for COVID-19 and why being busy and being productive are not the same thing. I also share my experience of working from home, the (MANY) mistakes I’ve made and top tips so you can avoid these pitfalls!Naomi Team PTI
October 18, 2020
03 | Think Fit with Nicola Rea
Join me as I chat with Nicola Rea! Nicola has had a long and successful career in the fitness industry and is the owner of Think Fit in Belfast. Nicola shares her biggest failure, what lessons she learned and how this has helped to shape her current business.We also chat about how to sustain a thriving business for over 8 years and why private PT studios are the future! - Think-Fit Instagram  - PTI Website  If you have any questions or comments please email us at info@platinumtraininginstitute.comHealth First.Naomi, Team PTI.
October 8, 2020
02 | Learning the Skills to Succeed and Breaking World Records with Damien Rooney
Join me as I speak to the inspirational Damien Rooney of RITE Fitness. Damien is a veteran in the industry with a successful career in mixed martial arts.  Since retirement from fighting he has been driven to succeed in other areas of his life.Damien shares his top tips for coaches and personal trainers and also discusses his upcoming chin-up challenge to raise money for the Brain Injury Foundation. In this podcast find out why Damien has chosen to attempt smashing the current world record of 5094 chin-ups! Below are the links to Damien's Fund raising page and business website:RITE Fitness Fund Raising PageCheck out our website: www.platinumtraininginstitute.comIf you have any questions or comments please email us at info@platinumtraininginstitute.comHealth FirstNaomi Team PTI
October 2, 2020
01 | Our First Podcast with PTI Owner Lee Havern
Join me for our FIRST podcast as I chat with the owner of Platinum Training Institute, and my boss, Lee Havern.Lee and I have worked together a long time so it was great to talk about his inspiration for PTI and how we differ from other training providers in the health and fitness industry. Learn why he values a 'Health First' approach and the importance of gaining the correct qualifications in the industry. Lee also shares the single most beneficial thing he has done over the years for his mental health and overall well being - would you be brave enough to try it?Check out our website: www.platinumtraininginstitute.comIf you have any questions or comments please email us at info@platinumtraininginstitute.comHealth FirstNaomi Team PTI
September 30, 2020
Intro to The Health First Podcast by Platinum Training Institute
Hello EveryoneCheck out our Introduction to The Health First Podcast by Platinum Training Institute.We would love to hear from you in regards to all areas of Health and Fitness. What would you like us to talk about? Get in touch by emailing us at info@platinumtraininginstitute.comYou can also check out our website at www.platinumtraininginstitute.comWe look forward to sharing more episodes with you.Health FirstTeam PTI
September 4, 2020