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The Playhard Podcast

The Playhard Podcast

By Armand Uno
Starting a business is an arduous journey... listen as I interview founders on how they survived the journey and had fun along the way. I'm Armand Uno, and I was raised as an entrepreneur. My dad is a Founder, I majored in Entrepreneurship, and I work at a startup (Intern 1 -> Product Manager). Every week I interview startup Founders about the healthy habits and hobbies that help them manage stress. If you're entrepreneuring, battling burnout, looking for new hobbies, and/or are just plain ol' curious how successful superstars like to play along the way - check out an episode!
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#1. Cybersecurity Pro and Race Car Driver... This Guy is the Real-Life TRON: Derek Pocoroba, Founder and CTO of Triden Group

The Playhard Podcast

#26. Expert Hot Takes On Generational Shifts in the Workforce from a 25-year Recruiting Veteran with Ken Schmitt (Founder of Turning Point Executive Search)
OK, Boomer! Remember when that was a thing? In this episode, we get into the generational gaps in the workplace, smashing corporate traditions, and why people leave companies. Today’s guest is Ken Schmitt, a Practical Optimist, and the Founder of Turning Point Recruiting Company. Ken has 25+ years of experience as a recruiter and 15+ years as a Founder. This episode is great for people looking to hire and retain top-tier talent. Also, for people who like Marvel.  We go innnn on the MCU. ----- Show Notes: (06:00) - The 5 reasons that dictate employee change (23:00) - How to improve the Founder/employee relationship (37:00) - Communicating when you have too much on your plate ----- Links: * * * Small Giants by Bo Burlingham ----- Episode Quotes I Enjoyed “Don’t become a checkmark on somebody else’s to-do list.” ---- If you liked the episode, subscribe for more! Send feedback to
September 23, 2022
#25. The #1 Vintage Photography App Was Inspired by Tame Impala with Darren Asaro (Creator of Daze Cam)
This guest and I have known each other since middle school, so you're either going to love or hate the episode. I'm ok with that. Darren Asaro is an App Developer, Business Builder, and Indie Hacker. Darren talks about creating an app that gets 50k downloads per day, having copycats steal his style, and being unimpressive at music. Maybe you should code something for that…  ;) Enjoy! DISCLAIMER: I used a new recording format. The audio got affected. My b. ----- Show Notes: (09:30) - Finding out his app went viral (12:00) - How Tame Impala’s unique sound inspired Darren’s 90’s vintage photo app (23:10) - How not having a routine helps as a developer ----- Links: * * * ----- Episode Quotes I Enjoyed “I’m so terrified that one day I’m gonna have a wife and kids…” ---- If you liked the episode, subscribe for more! Send any feedback to
September 16, 2022
#24. Gratitude and a Good Attitude is the Secret to Happiness with Steve Walker (Owner and CEO of TB Consulting)
Steve’s coolness can be boiled down to this one quote from the show: “Surfing is so much better than not surfing.” He went to college to be a middle school history teacher but that doesn’t pay. So, he became a CEO instead. Pretty natural transition if you ask me. Business owner, CEO, and “World's Greatest Dad”, Steve Walker talks about life as the youngest of 4 brothers, unleashing the monster within, and how he manages family time through it all. This episode is great for people struggling with self-awareness, doubt, and having no clue wtf you want to do. ----- Show Notes: (11:00) - How did cold calling prepare you for CEO (26:30) - Steve recommends you never get over imposter syndrome (30:00) - Become a monster, temporarily (01:02:00) - Lessons learned from riding waves ----- Links: * ----- Episode Quotes I Enjoyed “Half of my success has been being dumb enough to stick with it and grit, the other half is emotional intelligence and the relationships I’ve forged” “When you have your first child, your selfish self dies” “If you can control you [inner demons] they’re no longer inner demons, they’re assets.” Bradley Cooper as Henry Girard quote mentioned: “I'm not a bad man but in certain situations, I have to ask myself, ‘What would a bad man do?’” ---- If you liked the episode, subscribe for more! Send feedback or requests to
September 09, 2022
#23. Stop Specializing And You'll Find Your Passion with Noah Scott (The Big Possible)
Want to hear bad advice? “Spend your whole life getting good at one thing.” If you’re like me, you value variety in skills and experiences. This advice feels you’re doing life wrong. Today’s guest, Noah Scott, is here to show you it can be a beautiful path! Noah started selling soap and went on to create a fashion line, complete with a fashion show. Then he opened the #1 short-film studio in LA. All this led him to starting The Big Possible, a company that empowers entrepreneurs with leadership, teambuilding, and creative exercises. In this episode we talk about habits for Digital Nomads, setting “Life Changing Goals”, and finding your passion. ----- Show Notes: (16:00) - Specializing on one thing VS. Learning many different skills (26:30) - Setting epic life-changing goals (38:40) - Digital Nomad Tip: Set yourself up for success when leaving a location. ----- Links: * * Range by David Epstein * How to Stop Worrying and Start Living by Dale Carnegie — Also, check out How to Win Friend and Influence People by Dale Carnegie ----- Episode Quotes I Enjoyed “Every month is kinda like new years day for me” ---- If you liked the episode, subscribe for more! Send any feedback to
September 02, 2022
#22. Whack Golf Balls Or Go For A Jog, Just Don’t Lose Your Investor’s Money with Charles Brecque (Founder of Legislate)
Breaking the Law: a great ‘80s song but a horrible business practice. Charles Brecque (@charlesbrecque) is the Founder and CEO of Legislate, an end-to-end contract management platform that creates lawyer-approved contracts without the need for a legal team. No more operating without contracts in place because they, “take too long to get done.” We talk about fundraising and hiring, building a safety net, and being a first-time Founder. Enjoy! ----- Show Notes: (12:45) - The life of a Solo-Founder (15:50) - Fundraising tip: Create FOMO (21:45) - One moment of super stress - how to keep going. ----- Links: * *Never Split The Difference by Chris Voss * Twitter: @charlesbrecque @joinlegislate ----- Episode Quotes I Enjoyed “Risk is all about being able to measure what can happen… People shouldn't be afraid of risk they should be afraid of uncertainty.” ---- If you liked the episode, subscribe for more! Send any feedback to
August 26, 2022
#21. How to Build a Media Strategy for Bootstrapping Startups and UFO Groups with Tom Garrity (of The Garrity Group)
This guest wore a suit and bow tie while I wore a hat and t-shirt. Guess who's a professional in public image. Armand Uno (@thenameisuno) sits down with Master of Media and Prince of PR, Tom Garrity (@tom_garrity) to talk about PR strategies, winning an Emmy, and working with UFO encounter groups. ----- Show Notes: (12:25) - The 4 different audiences in a crisis (16:12) - PR tips for bootstrapping entrepreneurs (24:20) - The Headline Game (making a 5-year strategy in a few minutes) (38:00) - Donating race medals to a friend with cancer — turning it into an affinity running program ----- Links: * * * Insta: @tomgarrity * Twitter: @tom_garrity ----- Episode Quotes I Enjoyed “There’s a saying that… reporters create the first draft of history.” “Nobody wants to lay the foundation, everybody wants to build the house.” “When everything hit..… it’s like buttah.” ---- If you liked the episode, subscribe for more! Send any feedback to
August 19, 2022
#20. Lessons Learned from a Lifetime of Entrepreneurship, Investing, and Motorcycle Riding with Carlos Fry (Founder of CODE ÉXITOS)
Even the best motorcyclists crash. Same goes for Founders. This next guest explains, beautifully, his crashes and how he bounces back! Armand Uno (@thenameisuno) sits down with Founder and Motocross Menace, Charles (Carlos) Fry to talk about efficiency hacks, the most important metric to track, and some extra-spicy parts of being a Founder. ----- Show Notes: (09:50) - Successful vs Unsuccessful Founders distilled into a few expressions (22:30) - Metrics for gauging success (42:20) - What doesn’t get talked about as a Founder (a painful lesson from failure) (56:40) - One thing you can do to manage stress ----- Links: * * * Build by Tony Fadell ----- Episode Quotes I Enjoyed “Entrepreneurs should go selling a product before they have it.” “Write drunk, edit sober.” - Ernest Hemingway “Most of the news is nothing I can do anything about.” “If I obsess about work 100% of the time, I’m much less effective.” ---- Other Episodes Like This Ep. 1 With Derek Pocoroba, mentioned in the show. Ep. 11 with Wouter Delbaere, a seasoned entrepreneur with awesome advice similar to this episode. ---- If you liked the episode, subscribe for more! Send any feedback to
August 12, 2022
#19. A 7-figure Exit Doesn’t Lead to Happiness (but I’ll tell ya what does…) with Josh Boone
Ah yes, the question we love to ask, “What is happiness?” I’ll tell you what it’s not… getting what you want. Armand Uno (@thenameisuno) sits down with Founder and Adventurer, Josh Boone, to talk about imposter syndrome, the pitfalls of high expectations, and romanticizing degenerate habits. Oh, and the secret to happiness (hint: it's not working your @ss off). ----- Show Notes: (07:10) - Impostor syndrome as a teenage entrepreneur (adult jobs at 12) (23:50) - My rant on why personal development in your 20’s is more important than career development (31:10) - “When you exit, you think everything’s going to be great” — but it’s not (46:30) - Traveling as an escape vs for fun ----- Links: * * * In the Weeds by Tom Vitale ----- Episode Quotes I Enjoyed “It’s easy to scale money. It’s harder to scale contentment and well being.” We hire our jobs as a distraction. (paraphrase) ---- There’s talk of Batman and Imposter Syndrome throughout this episode. The title was gonna be “Gotham City Imposter Syndrome” but that’s a deeeep cut. If you get that joke, HMU and let's be friends. If you liked the episode, subscribe for more!
August 05, 2022
#18. Find Your Purpose, Serve Others, and More with Ibrahim Omar (Founder at LightUpp)
We humans have 3 deep core desires that are always on our minds, whether you think about ‘em or not. Armand Uno (@thenameisuno) sits down with Founder and Psychologist turned Marketer, Ibrahim Omar to talk about finding your purpose, intentional actions, and how those 3 desires impact all of our decisions. Give it a listen! ----- Show Notes: (06:10) - Consistency and why it works (12:30) - Life has no meaning, only purpose (26:00) - My rant on 9-5 vs. entrepreneurs and getting your time back (41:00) - A challenge for YOU to check your actions ----- Links: * * ----- Episode Quotes I Enjoyed “Intentions allow actions to have meaning.” “When you have a skillset you have an obligation to serve.” “We’re not judged on our thoughts, we’re judged on our actions.” ---- Episodes Like This One ---- If you liked the episode, subscribe for more! Send any feedback to
July 29, 2022
#17. Stop Stress Eating by Changing this 1 Relationship with David Hernandez (Founder of Body by Purpose)
Hold on to your popcorn, Listener. In fact... get rid of it. Throw that buttery badness away. Armand Uno (@thenameisuno) sits down with Founder and fitness coach David Hernandez to talk about his quest to end obesity by stopping stress eating. We cover topics ranging from your relationship with food, narrow encounters with death, and the clever (not) nicknames you get growing up as a Hispanic kid. ----- Show Notes: (10:30) - Losing your best friend at 21 and learning the tools to cope with that (17:30) - Flaco: how a nickname can shape your entire life (37:00) - What you eat impacts everything about you (42:10) - Two profound words that serve as David’s compass ----- Links: * * * The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz ----- Quotes I Enjoyed "Our relationship to food is a learned behavior." “Can I learn something from this…Is there something good in this?” “Now that you have a second chance at life, what are you going to do with it?” “We’re only one decision away from being in the best life.” ----- Episode I mentioned in the show: ---- If you enjoyed this podcast, please rate, review, and subscribe for more!
July 22, 2022
#16. Stop Quitting and Develop Grit By Learning to Fail Forward with Jenna Zeng (
Armand Uno (@thenameisuno) sits down with 2x business owner Jenna Zeng to talk about accidentally becoming an entrepreneur (twice), the right way to fail, and her glory days as a gym membership canvasser. Jenna had a newborn RIGHT as she started her second company, StaffNet. She is a “quitter by nature” but taught herself to have a fighter's mindset. In the show, we talk about how you can stop quitting and develop grit.  Listen to find out more! ----- Show Notes: (14:10) - How canvassing builds thick skin (22:10) - “Quitter by nature” (24:00) - Balancing a baby and a company (33:50) - How to take the “L” — learning to lose with grace ----- Links: * * @staffnet_ * * The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg, E-Squared by Pam Grout, and Chasing Excellence by Ben Bergeron ----- Episode Quotes I Enjoyed “If you’re not open about what you’re selling you’re really only holding back on yourself… it only affects you and your paycheck.” “Even though it's a loss, if you learn from something it's a different kind of L.” ----- Subscribe to the podcast if you want to hear more!
July 15, 2022
#15. You Are Either Interesting or Irrelevant with Chris Ritter of C-90 Studios
Armand Uno (@thenameisuno) sits down with Creative Director and Founder Chris Ritter (@c_90studio) to talk about creative philosophy, scaling a design studio, and destressing with sensory deprivation tanks. Did you know visual arts have “rhythm”? I thought it was only a music thing…  Give it a listen! ----- Show Notes: (13:00) - Brave vs. Ambitious clients (21:45) - How constrictions can be a superpower (31:50) - Scaling a creative agency (the “stupid simple” secret to finding the right talent) (53:10) - Collect inspiration all the time ----- Links: * * * Twitter/Insta: @c_90studio * Book Mentioned: Rebel Ideas by Matthew Syed, The War of Art by Steven Pressfield, and The Artist Way by Julia Cameron ----- Episode Quotes I Enjoyed “If you’re not interesting, you’re irrelevant.” “In design, if you don’t have a specific thing to accomplish, you’re chasing your tail all day.” “Talented people work with talented people.” “I only write when inspiration strikes. Fortunately, it strikes at 9 every morning.” - a quote mentioned on the show. The real author is disputed, according to Quote Investigator ( ----- Additional episodes you might enjoy: * Gold, Fearless, and Unapologetic with Kassandra Gordon is another episode about creative and artistic entrepreneurship. ---- Email with any feedback and suggestions to improve the show! Or if you just wanna chat. I’m down for that too.
July 08, 2022
#14. How to Go from $58k in Debt to $2MM in Sales During a Pandemic with Steven Pemberton
Steven Pemberton started his 20’s in a basement, unable to feed his wife and newborn, living with, “spiders the size of head crawlers from Aliens.” Fast forward a few years and he’s making millions in sales through his company Hollow Co. Armand Uno (@thenameisuno) sits down with Steven to talk about stress triggers, “a-ha” moments, and why silver bullet solutions aren’t any good if you don’t have the right gun. Today, we’re playin’ nice. ----- Show Notes: (11:20) - Broke, depressed, and living with spiders (15:50) - Eureka moment that changed everything (and how to have one) (31:20) - How coaching 8-year-olds relates to being a CEO ----- Links: * * * * * ----- Episode Quotes I Enjoyed “Some of these people don’t even know how to work email.” “Overwhelmed just means you don’t see a way out.” “New levels, new devils.” “If you don’t have any skills, the right opportunity could slap you in the face and you’d miss it.” ---- If you liked the episode be sure to subscribe for more! Send any feedback to
July 01, 2022
#1. Cybersecurity Pro and Race Car Driver... This Guy is the Real-Life TRON: Derek Pocoroba, Founder and CTO of Triden Group
Buckle up and start your engines ladies and gents, you’re gonna want to make it to the finish line for this episode. Armand Uno (@thenameisuno) rides shotgun with Founder and CTO Derek Pocoroba (@dpocoroba) to talk about creating a culture that lasts, negotiating with cybergangs, and race car driving. ----- Show Notes: (06:00) - How to embed culture into your DNA as the company grows. (17:00) - Handling stress in the middle of a critical cybersecurity event. (24:00) - Easiest things you can do to be cyber-safe. (31:00) - Handling cyber events publicly and negotiating with cybergangs. (40:00) - A wild accident in the middle of a race. ----- Links: * Triden Group: * Triden Group’s Security Squad Podcast: * LastPass password manager: * Footage of Derek Racing: * Documentary Mentioned: What We Started * Books Mentioned: Atomic Habits by James Clear and Winning by Tim Grover ----- Past guests on The Playhard Podcast include Dan Fry, Founder and CEO of Rocketansky. Dan is a former CISO and is working on a company in the cybersecurity industry. If you liked Derek’s episode, check out Dan’s! ---- Subscribe to The Playhard Podcast for more on managing stress as an entrepreneur.
June 24, 2022
#13. Indiana Gregg, Founder of Wedo: Banking and Business Solution for Online Entrepreneurs
Armand Uno (@thenameisuno) sits down with Founder, CEO, and Rockstar Indiana Gregg (@indianagregg) to talk about her life as a singer-songwriter, 5x Founder, and the best meditation technique you’ll ever hear.  ----- Links: * Wedo Link: * Indy’s LinkedIn: * Ted Talk mentioned: * Ship30for30 referral code: ----- Show Notes: (08:40) - One trait that shows a company will be successful. (19:20) - Tech is a tool, not biased. (22:50) - Where does creativity come from? (30:20) - Dealing with anxiety before a performance (a new way to meditate). ----- Episode Quotes I Enjoyed “It wasn’t your typical mother of three move. I had three tiny kids and I go off and be a rockstar.” “Generally, the companies who don’t like the truth are the companies that are going to fail. ” ----- If you like this episode, subscribe and let me know! Email
June 17, 2022
#12. Find Investors By Networking with Pati Recarte, Founder of KADO NETWORKS
Armand Uno sits down with Founder and CEO of KADO NETWORKS, Pati Recarte to talk about networking, fundraising, and why you shouldn’t go to bed staring at the ceiling for hours. ----- Links: * * * ----- Show Notes: (10:00) - Getting in touch with VCs (15:00) - Get out there and build relationships (and a lucky dinner meeting) (21:00) - Happiness as an entrepreneur (26:00) - What happens to the company when the CEO is stressed ----- If you liked this episode, please subscribe and leave a review! Email armand@playhardpodcast with any feedback or suggestions to improve the show. Or, you know, just to say hi.
June 10, 2022
#11. Talent Doesn't Matter When You Put In the Work with Wouter Delbaere, Founder of Mangtas
Armand Uno sits down with Wouter Delbaere to chat about growing a two-sided marketplace, running triathlons, and tools for dealing with stress. Mangtas, his company, has grown to 800+ vendors, performing over 100 successful projects in just a year. Tune in to hear how he does it! ----- Links: * Mangtas site: * Wouter’s LinkedIn: * While we’re at it, my LinkedIn: ----- Show Notes: (10:10) - Monetizing a two-sided marketplace. (22:00) - Tools to deal with stress. (30:24) - Pulling yourself out of a dark moment. (41:00) - Is the internet a luxury or necessity? ----- Episode Quotes I Enjoyed: “Tangible, real-world feedback, every week.” “If you have the right supply, demand is there.” “Once you get your first step out of the door, it’s easy.” “Plans are plans and the moment you start executing they’re already incorrect.” ----- References: * Plush (Acoustic) by Stone Temple Pilots: * Alice in Chains (Unplugged): * The Spatial Web (book recommended by Wouter): ----- Do you have any feedback on how I can improve the show? Want to see someone as a guest? Email me at!
June 03, 2022
#10. Heart of Business with Mark Silver
Armand Uno sits down with Mark Silver of Heart of Business to talk about a different side of doing business. A more peaceful one. ----- Links: * Mark’s website: * Blog: ----- Show Notes: * Sufism is how Mark manages the stress of business. * When people mistake kindness for weakness. * How to have a healthy work environment. * Sincerity vs Authority.
May 28, 2022
#9. Gold, Fearless, and Unapologetic with Kassandra Lauren Gordon of KLG Jewellery
Armand Uno sits down with Kassandra Lauren Gordon to talk about goldsmithing and her jewelry business. Kassandra’s jewelry has been featured in Vogue, Vanity Fair, Forbes, and more. They also take a deep DDT dive into the world of professional wrestling. This one is for the creatives. The Artist Entrepreneurs. ----- Links: * Kassandra’s Jewelry: * The Artist Way book link - ----- Show Notes: (03:52) - Jewelry is like getting 10 hugs, it means love and strong relationships. (05:50) - Kassandra’s brand: Bold, Fearless, and Unapologetic. (18:00) - Breaking mental barriers. (22:15) - Dealing with stress. (28:00) - Armand the Artist (34:00) - WWE SMACKDOWN (39:35) - Wrestling is storytelling & art. ----- Episode Quotes I Enjoyed “A lot of brown bodies making people look bling.” “What people tell you and what you believe in yourself can really determine your path.” I want to watch wrestling and just suspend my belief… [to] separate the art from the artist.” ----- If you liked this episode, subscribe for more!
May 20, 2022
#8. Video Games Always Lead to a Great Career, That's a Fact with Dan Frye
Dan has gone from Network Engineer -> CISO -> CEO and Founder with some wild stories to go with it.  In this episode, we go over: Rocketansky’s pre-seed fundraising. Journey from Network Engineer to CISO to Founder. Dan’s hobby of building a Caterham car from scratch! Dan Frye has had his eyes on cyber security since the early 2000s. So, it was no surprise when he started a company based on securing people working outside the office. No, the real surprise came when COVID hit!  When he’s not running a company, he’s running marathons and building cars out of a box… yeah, he really did that. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Link to "How Crash Bandicoot Hacked the Original Play Station" - Song Links Dan shared after the show - Synthwave - Another synth artist, NewRetroWave - Ambient Worlds - Postmodern Jukebox -, Maxence Cyrin's cover of Pixies’ Where is My Mind -
May 07, 2022
#7. Habits for Excellence with Joe Templin
Thinker, teacher, doer. My man Joe does it all. Self-proclaimed "business swiss army knife" Joe Templin has a really remarkable skill set.  He's the founder of Exakty and The Intro Machine, Board Member of The Autism Society, and author of Every Day Excellence. Oh yeah, and he runs ULTRAmarathons.  It was so much fun talking to Joe, I learned a lot about what it takes to be excellent and I hope you do too!
April 29, 2022
#6. Aloha from Florida with Laura DiBenedetto
My good people. Take a look at this bio. Laura DiBenedetto: Started Vision Advertising at 19. Awarded Fortune 40 under 40 at 23. Retired by 37. Then, became a best-selling author and Life Mastery Coach.  2020 TEDx Speaker. Currently has THREE businesses running. Happy as a ray of sunshine. Now, aren't you curious how one person has managed to live so many lifetimes?? I know I was, so I asked Laura to share her secrets! Tune in to find out how she did it, and more. ================= Find Laura's book here:  Link to TEDx Talk:
April 21, 2022
#5. How the Stress Scientist De-Stresses with Chris Wilson
Maaan, Chris Wilson is cool as a cucumber. He's an elite performance coach who's studied stress's effects on the human body. As CEO and Founder of Stress Sciences, he's coached professional athletes, military special forces, and top-level execs on how to manage stress. Basically, you've got to be the best to work with Chris.  There are some incredibly insightful takes on stress management and actionable tips for how you can improve your relationship with stress. Had a great time on this one! Subscribe to The Playhard Podcast for more sweet stories about entrepreneurs.
April 15, 2022
#4. Sensei of Start-up Sales Teams with Kyle Vamvouris
WAIT! Before you listen, grab a pen and paper because Kyle Vamvouris drops some TRUTH behind early-stage company growth. Or, you know... maybe you want to take notes on my Country vs Rap music opinions. I'll allow it. Kyle is CEO and Founder of Vouris - a company that builds high-performing B2B sales teams. Vouris has worked with dozens of startups leading to $70M+ in funding raised.  In this episode, you'll hear: - Kyle's start from college dropout and stand-up comedian to growing early-stage startup sales teams. - Why getting money is easy (and the math behind any results-oriented goal). - Reasons why burnout doesn't concern Kyle (and how you can learn from his mindset). - The Strategy and Luck game Kyle plays alongside 35 million people in the world. - Us fanboy Kanye. Want to hear more?? Oh yeah. We got more. Check out The Playhard Podcast on Apple, Spotify, Google, and (more platforms on the way).  Shoot me a message if you have suggestions for the show, I am Mr Feedback. Email:  LinkedIn: Twitter: @UnoTheAlchemist
April 08, 2022
#3. Saving the World... So She Can Backpack Across It! with Mavis Herrera
In this episode, you will hear about Mavis' life-altering trip to the hospital that led to the birth of MCH Fashion, the awesome ways her company gives back to the community, and some wild travel stories: from narrowly escaping a volcano eruption while backpacking to cycling 100+miles in a day.  Mavis Herrera is the Founder of MCH Fashion, a sustainable fashion company that repurposes plastic into high-end designer bags. Each bag is hand woven and colored naturally by indigenous Mexican artisans.  Find her stuff here:
April 04, 2022
#2. The Man with the Tan: Zeke Berg
Zeke is the CEO and Founder of Society Merch, an eCommerce company that does merchandise for Athletes, Influencers, Celebrities, and more. In his free time, Zeke lives a very healthy lifestyle, works out, catches rays, loves to read, and is currently working on rebranding Meditation. Listen to hear more how he does it...
March 08, 2022