Playing With Power: A Mature, Unofficial Nintendo Power Retrospective Podcast

Issue 34 March 1992 - Legend of Zelda - A Link to the Past (Part 1)

An episode of Playing With Power: A Mature, Unofficial Nintendo Power Retrospective Podcast

By The Power Boys
A mature, unofficial issue-by-issue retrospective podcast on Nintendo Power Magazine. Join the Power Boys, a gaggle of guys in their 30s comparing childhood experiences to how the coverage and games hold up today. The banter and asides contain some off-color jokes and adult content, which mostly consist of the hosts making fun of each other. Come for the content, stay for the banter!
Issue 94 Pt 4 March 1997 - Turok
We finally make it to the end of Issue 94. what should be an addendum to part 3 was just not short enough after the Awards Debacle. so more PWP for you. Enjoy :) Support the show at   enjoy our Facebook page 
June 17, 2019
Issue 94 Pt 3 - NP Power Awards for 1996
We take back the Arizonan hosts John and Ben for another auspicious awards ceremony. We take a simple concept and derail it viciously, often at Mikes expense.  enjoy Support the show at   enjoy our Facebook page 
June 1, 2019
Issue 94 Pt 2 - March 1997
We emerge from the Turok expose to cover more games, leading up to the wretched Hunchbank of Notre Dame for Game Boy.   Support the show at   enjoy our Facebook page 
May 15, 2019
Issue 94 Pt 1 March 1997 - Turok
Mike and Ivan explore the jungles of Issue 94, featuring Turok. Its all we can handle to get through the jungles of the mail bag, the Jurassic period, and Mario Kart 64. Support the show at enjoy our Facebook page
April 30, 2019
Issue 93 Part 2 - Feb 1997 - Mario Kart 64
We begin with the final chapter of the Shadows of the Empire comic which will be sorely missed as it was off the wall. from C3PO's actual purpose, to the artwork, this truly is the shining light of the episode. we also talk about some other games and the contest of the month. Stay tuned next month for issue 94!
April 15, 2019
Issue 93 Pt 1 - Feb 1997 - Super Mario Kart 64
Mike and Ivan continue our trek through the slough that is 1997, with a Players Pulse read that is meaty as hell, and the n64 graphics still don't hold up well. 
April 1, 2019
Issue 92 Pt 2 - Jan 1997 - Shadows of the Empire
Mike and Ivan finish Ivan's first issue as the new host.  and just have way too much fun reading the Shadows of the Empire comic.
March 11, 2019
Issue 92 Pt 1 - Jan 1997 - Shadows of the Empire
Ivan joins Mike in hosting, with the Arizona boys gone, Ivan brings his effervescent personality to tackle the N64 classic Star Wars entry featuring Dash Rendar, the character that was as quickly forgotten as he was brought in.
March 4, 2019
Issue 91 Pt 2 - Dec 1996 - Mortal Kombat trilogy (Ben's Farewell)
Ben and John bid us a fond farewell as the show goes on without them. Can Mike prevail on his own? He doesn't have to find out, since Ivan will be joining him for the future episodes. We might have less updates but we will be trying to keep regular now that the Arizonans are now around :)  
February 1, 2019
Issue 91 Pt 1 - Dec 1996 - Mortal Kombat 3 (Ben's farewell)
Ben has been hosting this show since the begging, but all good things must come to an end. So John joins us to see Ben off in style.  We cover a Mortal Kombat compilation (Deja vu). Ben starts the show at a screeching halt, and we slowly progress from there. Enjoy the Final issue of Bens issue. but stay tuned for Mike and Ivan hosting the new year of 1997.
January 28, 2019
Issue 90 Pt 2 - Nov 1996 Pt 2 - DKC 3 (Ft Ivan)
Mike and Ivan conclude the November 1996 Issue of Nintendo power, with some gross Star Wars humor and the Maui Mallard discovery leaves us laughing.   Mike and Ivan also host the Taste Test Retro Gaming with Flavour!
January 25, 2019
Issue 90 Pt 1 - Nov 1996 - DKC3 (ft Ivan)
We live yet again, Ben isn't able to join the second last issue of 1996 with Mike so Ivan steps up to the plate to help tackle Issue 90. With Donkey Cong Country 3 and it's very suggestive clip art. Join us as we limp back to life.
January 22, 2019
Issue 89 Part 2 - Oct 1996 - Mortal Kombat Trilogy
Issue 89 concludes with more epic center RPG stuff and the usual hilarity.
November 9, 2018
Issue 89 Part 1 - Oct 1996 - Mortal Kombat Trilogy
Long time no see Power Players! The long wait is over. We see the compilation of Mortal Kombat trilogy tournament alpha world tour. Cause the fading SNES needed another fighter game, so why not all three in one? with 2 sub zeroes! Support us at and share pics and meme and stuff at
November 5, 2018
Issue 88 (Part 2 of 2) - Sept 1996 - N64 Launch
We continue our journey towards the blocky polygonal future that is promised to us by the N64
September 14, 2018
Issue 88 (Part 1 of 2) - Sept 1996 - N64 Launch
Latest episode of Playing With Power: A Mature, Unofficial Nintendo Power Retrospective Podcast
September 10, 2018
Special Announcement for all fans!
The lack in new episodes has led to some chices being made and opportunities for one of you loyal listeners. Ben will be leaving soon and Mike needs a cohost. Do you have the drive to see this show go on, and the will to carry hs torch?
August 11, 2018
Issue 87 - August 1996 (part 2 of 2) - Tetris Attack
We continue the issue with coverage of the Japanese launch of the N64, Fifa Soccer 97, and Urban Strike for Game Boy.  There's an advertisement for Game Boy Pocket edition, a continuation of the "Beat the Boss" section, plus a number of previews of upcoming N64 titles.  Mike's internet drops out at juuust the right time so come on over to join us.
June 23, 2018
Issue 87 - August 1996 (part 1 of 2) - Tetris Attack
In this issue, we talk at length about the "great" new advertisement for Nintendo Power subscribers, breeze through Tetris Attack, and roast Sonic clone Oscar.  We touch base with Wayne Gretzy's 3D Hockey before starting coverage of Kirby Super Star.  You'll then find us ragging hard on Markio Kart clone Power Rangers Zeo Battle Racers and Zero Racers for Virtual Boy.  We discuss the merits and shortcomings of Marvel Superheroes: War of the Gems before wrapping up the first half.
June 19, 2018
Issue 86 - July 1996 (part 2 of 2) - MORE N64 Previews
We dig in on Robotech: Crystal Dreams for N64, talk about Eye of the Beholder, Star Ocean, Sword of Hope, and then greatly question the value of an Iron Man / X-O Manowar crossover for a Game Boy title.  We rag on Counselor's Corner, amuse ourselves at Mortal Kombat Trilogy, try to figure out The Brainies, and then enter some filler section called Beat the Boss.  A meager Now Playing section preceeds a handful of teased games both canceled and delivered before we wrap things up!
June 12, 2018
Issue 86 - July 1996 (part 1 of 2) - MORE N64 Previews
Ben's back at the helm with Mike!  Bass Masters Classic Pro Edition is by far some of the most entertaining coverage we've seen in quite a while in Nintendo Power.  It's pure gold and results in much hilarity from our hosts.  Oh yes there's also this thing called the Nintendo 64 coming out soon...
June 3, 2018
Issue 85 - June 1996 (part 2 of 2) - N64 Preview
Mike is joined by Ivan and John again for part deux!  John starts the episode off by sending Mike a NSFW eel photo.  The Epic center is up with Dragonheart for Game Boy, Sword of Hope for Game Boy, and continued coverage of Lufia II for SNES. Moving on, there's even more coverage of Mohawk and Headphone Jack, Counselor's Corner, Toy Story for Game Boy, 
May 31, 2018
Issue 85 - June 1996 (part 1 of 2) - N64 Preview
It's a Ben-less podcast, but fear not!  Mike has brought frequent guest Ivan back, who dragged along former host John who had no plans on a Friday night!  As you can imagine, the conversation immediately devolves into mature joke territory. The boys slog through the player's pulse before digging in on the N64 previews, classified information, Summer Olympic Games for SNES, Izzy's Quest for the Olympic Rings, and more!
May 28, 2018
Issue 84 - May 1996 (part 2 of 2) - Ken Griffey Jr’s Winning Run
Hosts Ben, Mike, and repeat guests Dylan and Ivan are BACK to reveal the Nintendo Power Award winners for 1995.  And who will be our Playing With Power Nesters Champ???  Tune in to find out. We then continue the issue to dig into the Epic center (yes, more Super Mario RPG) and "stellar" games like the cancelled Lobo from the DC universe.
May 24, 2018
Issue 84 - May 1996 (part 1 of 2) - Ken Griffey Jr’s Winning Run
We're back with a rousing episode with Mike and Ben, who is recording from his parent's garage from a gaming headset!  We discover the tantalizing,  titilating world of a former Nintendo Power reader at and quickly get distracted by her...testimonials? Moving on, we pick out our favorite made up names from the team rosters on Ken Griffey Jr.'s Winning Run.  Then we discuss the wacky Mohawk and Headphone Jack, the cancelled DC comics spinoff fighting game Lobo, and drive each other crazy of course!
May 21, 2018
Issue 83 - April 1996 (part 2 of 2) - Earthworm Jim 2
Tune in to part deuce where Mike and Ben talk Lufia, Super Mario RPG, Tactics Ogre, Civilization, Pocahontas for Game Boy, and College Slam for Game Boy, before Nintendo Power reheats some leftovers and features A Link to the Past again. We cover the usual sections at the back of the magazine and end on a desperate note. Join us!
April 2, 2018
Issue 83 - April 1996 (part 1 of 2) - Earthworm Jim 2
Ben and Mike preview Shadows of the Empire for N64, review Power Piggs of the Dark Age, MORE Killer Instinct II Arcade coverage, The Smurfs, Kirby's Block Ball for Game Boy, MORE Earthworm Jim 2 codes, and more shenanigans as usual.
March 26, 2018
Issue 82 - March 1996 (part 2 of 2) - Super Mario RPG
Greetings true believers!  We're back at ya with the second half of issue 82 from March of 1996.  Mike and guest Ivan pick things up at the Epic Center to talk Super Mario RPG, Tales of Phantasia, and P.T.O. II.  Later on here them blaze through NHL '96 for Game Boy, Smurfs for Game Boy, and much, much more.  Also: name change announcement for the Ultra 64!
March 23, 2018
Issue 82 - March 1996 (part 1 of 2) - Super Mario RPG
BOOM we immediately kick things off with guests Dylan and Ivan to vote on the '95 Nester Awards. Then we dig in on Player's Pulse, NBA Jam knockoff College Slam, Frantic Flea, the horror that is Cutthroat Island, Super Mario Kart again (96 has been a slow year for Nintendo so far), Digipen student projects, the godawful Tetris 3-D for Virtual Boy, a Ken Griffey Jr. interview, and more! Phew. It's a jam packed first half of the issue. Don't miss out! Download now.
March 19, 2018
Issue 81 - February 1996 (part 2 of 2) - Killer Instinct 2 Arcade
Part DEUX of issue 81 has Mike and Ben talking about Breath of Fire II, Dragon Quest VI, Nester's Funky Bowling for Virtual Boy, Prehistorik Man, Ardy Lightfoot, and Sink or Swim. Still looking for a sports correspondent by the way! They finish up the issue by walking through the Now Playing and Pak Watch sections. Have a great weekend folks!
March 16, 2018
Issue 81 - February 1996 (part 1 of 2) - Killer Instinct 2 Arcade
Mike and Ben learn how *not* to go camping (hint: it involves a Virtual Boy) before tearing down the new characters from Killer Instinct 2 for the Arcade. They then crack wise at the robot master designs from Mega Man X3 before tearing Mechwarrior 3050 a new cockpit. Do you have fond memories of Toy Story for SNES? Ben thinks your nostalgia may be wrong! Mike tells us how much he "enjoyed" playing Syndicate for SNES and we close out the episode discussing some of the more questionable character designs from DKC2.  Enjoy!
March 13, 2018
Issue 80 - January 1996 (part 2 of 2) - Happy Nu Year! feat. The Super Cs
Closing out the second half of the January 1996 issue we welcome the return of the Super C's! We review Scooby Doo for SNES, flouder at a Golf game, and check out some game boy games before stumbling through Now Playing and cracking wise along the way. Join us!
March 11, 2018
Issue 80 - January 1996 (part 1 of 2) - Happy Nu Year! feat. The Super Cs
We're baaaaack! Over the break we said goodbye to John as a full-time host, but Ben and Mike are here to pick up the pieces with guests the Super Cs to introduce our 1996 season.  In this episode, we find ourselves disgusted with 90s gross-out advertisement trends, enjoy photos of a young Trailer Park Boys' Bubbles lookalike, and oh yes dig into some games!  Earthworm Jim 2 for SNES followed up with a giant N64 preview (find out what games like Mario Kart 64 or Blast Corps were called before they were released!), Revolution X featuring Aerosmith, Mutant Chronicles: Doom Troopers, and Breath of Fire 2.  Also featured: frequent interruptions by a certain Chavez baby!
March 5, 2018
Issue 79 Pt2 - Dec 1995 - Donkey Kong Country 2
We wrap up the year of 1995  and John's tenure as the Reddit genie of the podcast. we will be taking a break and will be back around Feb/Mar of 2018. we will have taste tests to keep you occupied, though if you crave Mike, you can always check out his hilarious horror movie podcast "The Graveyard Shift: Horror with Sheldon and Mike" on itunes and stitcher, also on Facebook: and our hilarious posts on
January 19, 2018
Issue 79 Pt1 - Dec 1995 - Donkey Kong Country 2
We begin the last issue of 1995 and the last issue of John as a regular host. We hit up the players pulse and tackle the return to the Banana Republic of Kongo. and much more
January 15, 2018
Issue 78 - Part 2 - November 1995 - Mortal Kombat 3
We talk about how Nintendo teased FF7 on the NU64 before falling asleep while Mike describes Secret of Evermore in excruciating detail.  John and Ben take turns interrupting him with music and Ben caps it off with a live acapella.  This turns into an aside about singing inappropriate songs in the boy scouts.  We describe the distaster that is Waterworld for Virtual Boy followed by the fun Virtual Boy baseball game. After bumbling our way through the rest of the issue we call it a night!
January 12, 2018
Issue 78 - Part 1 - November 1995 - Mortal Kombat 3
In John's penultimate issue he not only discovers the bottom of a bottle of vodka, he also tells us all about estate taxes!  We learn all about Boogerman, the "popping subreddit", Mike takes a p*ss all over our Patreon donors while simultaneously failing at his job to actually *play* the games feature, and somewhere in there we talk about Spiderman & Venom Separation Anxiety and Big Sky Trooper.  Lastly Ben and John give Mike sh*t for choosing the name of his *other* podcast without researching first.
January 9, 2018
Issue 77 Pt 2 - Oct1995 - Super Mario World 2
Ivan stays with us as we wrap up this issue and wish you all a happy holiday and a merry new year. filled with gross tangents, wildly inappropriate humor, and lots of love.
December 29, 2017
Issue 77 Pt 1 - Oct1995 - Super Mario World 2
Merry Christmas Power Players, we have a christmas present for you! We are joined by Ivan from the Taste Test to talk about Yoshis Island, the baby mario cry, the pastel colors, and all the joy this game brings, as well as more game goodness!
December 25, 2017
Issue 76 Pt 2 - Sept 1995 - Killer Instinct
We keep at it with issue 76 of nintendo power and Mike has some long term goal for the show at the end of this episode
December 22, 2017
Issue 76 Pt 1 - Sept 1995 - Killer Instinct
The boys tackle issue 76, Mike loves envelope art, John is missing then he isn't, as we rattle on about killer Intinct and other games.
December 18, 2017
Issue 75 Pt 2 - Aug 1995 -Virtual Boy
The power boys are still at it, taking apart the Red Menace and all other mid 90's goodness. So enjoy :)
December 15, 2017
Issue 75 Pt 1 - Aug 1995 -Virtual Boy
We take on the Virtual boy and look for the good as well as the bad of this misstep in Nintendo's history. What are your thoughts? tell us on facebook!
December 11, 2017
Issue 74 Pt2 - Jul 1995 - Donkey Kong Land (ft Super C’s)
We are joined by gaming couple The Super C's to enjoy the Donkey Kong Land issue of Nintendo PowerWe are periodically joined by their kids as well cause being gaming parents is a beautiful struggle :)Ben tried his hand at Chrono Trigger and had a different experience than Mike.But everyone has a similar experience to Mike in a different regard  Our guest can be found at:
December 1, 2017
Issue 74 Pt1 - Jul 1995 - Donkey Kong Land (ft Super C’s)
We are joined by gaming couple The Super C's to enjoy the Donkey Kong Land issue of Nintendo Powerwe are periodically joined by their kids as well cause being gaming parents is a beautiful struggle :)Our guest can be found at:
November 27, 2017
Issue 73 Pt2 - June 1995
We wrap up June 1995 of Nintendo Power
November 17, 2017
Issue 73 Pt1 - June 1995 - Weaponlord
We do June 1995 of NP. WOOO
November 14, 2017
Issue 72 - May 1995 Pt2 - Kirby’s Dreamland
The trio remains to finish the May 1995 issue of Nintendo Power!We discuss the True lies game and quickly divert to the hotness of Eliza Dushku, the glory of Ah-Nold, and the concept of non russian terroristsThen we talk about warlock and the sad truth behind a Canadian who took too much influence with the movie. and much more!
November 10, 2017
Issue 72- May 1995 Pt1 - Kirby’s Dreamland
Mike is working overtime on the Graveyard Shift so he's a little late in this episode, so we Bring up a dramatic reenactment of a Letter from a reader, the Death and Return of Superman, and the adorability of Kirby, as well as the guys dating lives and the Nesters for 1994And much more!
November 6, 2017
Issue 71 Pt2 - Apr 1995 - Stargate
We are back to finish the Stargate issue of Nintendo Powerwe cover the upcoming ULTRA 64 and games that will never look as good as promised.Bonkers the SNES GameGerman playthrough videosPac in timeSNES games that offer patchesIzzy the olympic mascot from helland more
November 3, 2017
Issue 71 Pt1 - Apr 1995 - Stargate
The boys continue their assault on the past with the Stargate issue of April 1995.we keep the 90's music references then throw in All in the family cause why not?we also discuss video games and have laughs at the expense of a certain event in colorado. too soon?also earthbound scratch and sniff cards. and movie chat. and current dating trends!and so much more.
October 30, 2017
Taste Test Halloween Grab Bag 2017
We are on time, with our annual grab bag, and joined with Sheldon Brown from The Graveyard Shift to discuss this years theme of horror game based on movies!Enjoy us talking horror movies all the time at our facebook on itunes,google play, stitcher etc
October 29, 2017
Issue 70 Pt2 - Mar 1995 - NBA JAM TE
We wrap up the week of NBA JAM with a Revised Mermaid debate, Jurassic Park 2, and more!
October 27, 2017
Issue 70 Pt1 - Mar 1995 - NBA JAM TE
We tackle Issue 70 this week. we adress: Bidet Banter, Stoner Humour, Speedy Gonzales, Metal Warriors, and much more!
October 23, 2017
Issue 69 Pt2 - Feb 1995 - Mega Man X2
John joins us to round out the episode answering the call of the 69. We hear his thoughts on the Kirby Golf, Mikes thoughts on the sports games, and Ben's thoughts on other stuff. Enjoy!
October 20, 2017
Issue 69 Pt1 - Feb 1995 - Mega Man X2
We do issue 69, and sadly without John for the obvious jokes. We tackle Mega Man x2, some deplorable Players Pulse, more Lion King, and Kirby Golf. Does he enjoy being the ball? As Haloween approaches, make sure to check out Mike's other podcast, The Graveyard Shift: Horror with Sheldon and Mike
October 16, 2017
Issue 68 Pt2 - Jan 1995 - Batman and Robin
we conclude issue 68 with vigor as the boys:Spoil Star Trek.Kover Kid KlownAddress AnimaniacsNeedle Now PlayingPeruse Pak WatchGoof on the Guest ListAnd More!
October 13, 2017
Taste Test 13 - Castlevania 2 - Simons Quest
Mike and Brandon are back with the Taste Test, and we have pressed previous PWP guest Ivan K into service. We tackle the Belmont Curse and share our harrowing adventures with it.
October 11, 2017
Issue 68 Pt1 - Jan 1995 - Batman and Robin
Playing With power is Back! we break in 1995 with Adventures of Batman and Robin for SNES on the cover, and another trio of white guys sharing their Street Knowledge and ragging on janitors and the layout revision of the table of contents becomes our confederate statue.Also in this epsiode:Another player pulse top ten (letterman style)Lion King The X-Men and the Schism between Mike and BenThe Robotrek Connection to another RPG that would soon come out.the pitfals of PitfallStreet Racer and the outrageous characters thereinand more!
October 9, 2017
Taste Test 12 - Phantasy Star 4
We are back. Well at least the Taste Test. Ben asked us to do a sega RPG and we went with one of the best regarded, Phantasy Star 4. It was ... divisive. Mike loved it and Brandon. Well have a listen and see how brandon gets the story. so this episode is dedicated to Ben. for all it's worth.
August 30, 2017
Issue 67 Pt3 - Dec 1994 - Earthworm Jim (Feat Sheldon Brown)
!994 is at an end, as we FINALLY wrap up Dec 1994 of Nintendo Power with guest, Sheldon Brown  completing the Graveyard Shift vs the PWP boys with Mike caught in the middle. We hope you enjoy this epsiode as we will enjoy taking a nice break to round up some new guests! See you in a month!
August 8, 2017
Issue 67 Pt2 - Dec 1994 - Earthworm Jim
The season finale trilogy continues! John is back not that the family friendly people have left and immediatly reminds us why we can't have nice things. or guestsWe coverDemons CrestEarthworm JimZero The Kamikaze Squirrel Return Of the Jedi Uniracer Mickey-O-Rama!And more! and check out Mike's new horror review podcast the Graveyard and Twitter @GYS_HorrorPod
August 4, 2017
Issue 67 Pt1 - Dec 1994 - Earthworm Jim (Feat 2 Dudes and a Nes)
We wrap up this season with part one of our first trilogy. We lost John to scheduling but instead we are joined by Micheal and Justin from 2 Dudes and a Nes, to discuss Warios Woods, the final licensed NES game and the last one covered in NP.  We will continue the coverage of the issue in the next issue with John. They can be found at: and facebook at:   and check out Mike's new horror review podcast the Graveyard and Twitter @GYS_HorrorPod  
August 1, 2017
Donkey Kong Country Exposed Commentary - November 1994 VHS
Hi all, to fill up the week prior to our season finale, we have a short episode that involves us watching and riffing on the promotional VHS tape that was sent out to Nintendo Power subscribers in November of 1994.  You might call it "MSTDK".  Enjoy.
July 28, 2017
Taste Test 11 - Batman Returns SNES
Batman returns, and so does the Taste Test, during the last week of the season before our final issue of 1994! We talk about the cinematic brawler that best be describe as the Final Fight of the Dark Knight, and not everyone made it to the end of this game, even with the saving grace of emulators. Enjoy!   Mike's new show The Graveyard Shift and twitter :
July 25, 2017
Issue 66 Pt2 - Nov 1994 - Donkey Kong Country
We continue Issue 66 without Clea Forkert, but John is back. Much to his chagrin, since Mike gets his field day as we cover:Final Fantasy 3 (6)and a game of Thrones fantasy draft Wild SnakeCounsellors CornerJohn calls out Mike for mentioning H.R Geiger too much. Mike retorts.and so much more! and Mike's new show The Graveyard Shift and twitter :
July 21, 2017
Issue 66 Pt1 - Nov 1994 - Donkey Kong Country
We don't have John this issue, due to....reasons. But we have a special guest: The gal with the plushies, Clea Forkert, mentioned a few issues ago. She tells us about her exp with Nintendo, and what keeps her occupied nowadays. We discuss:Donkey Kong CountrySparksterSportsEarthworm Jimand much more! Clea can be found at and check out Mike's new horror review podcast the Graveyard and Twitter @GYS_HorrorPod  
July 17, 2017
Issue 65 Pt2 - Oct 1994 - Illusion of Gaia (Ft Kyle Clark)
We continue issue 65 with the hilarious Kyle Clark reminiscing over Maximum Carnage, The Kingsmen, Power Rangers, fave directors commentary, the connection between Pac Man 2 and Postal, Illusion of Gaia, The Counsellors Corner, Mortal Kombat 2, Yogi's Gold Rush, Steve Guttenberg getting rescued from the void world of the Wizard leading to a disney mario cinematic universe, Game gear speed running, Now Playing, the ambiguity of Dr Who, Planet of the Clowns, and tons of laughs. Follow Kyle Clark on Twitter Follow his own podcast Buy his album "I'm a person"   and Mike's new show The Graveyard Shift
July 14, 2017
Issue 65 Pt1 - Oct 1994 - Illusion of Gaia (Ft Kyle Clark)
The boys are joined by Kyle Clark (Intern/co-host on Nerdist podcast, actor on Nerdterns, writer on Hidden America with Jonah Ray, rising stand-up comic,  and all around funny/geeky son of a gun) joins us to read the october issue of Nintendo power with Illusion of GaiaAfter cracking eachother up way too much, we eventually discuss:The 90's marketing trendsNintendo Powers begrudging acceptance of Mortal Kombat 2Bindi IrwinKyle meets Ben's neighbourDonkey Kong Country (and the true story it paralells)Final Fantasy 3 (6 in japan) and so much more!Follow Kyle Clark on Twitter his own podcast Buy his album "I'm a person"
July 10, 2017
Issue 64 Pt 2 - Sept 1994 - Mortal Kombat 2
The Ben-less issue continues with Mike and John tearing it up. We cover the creation of the classic Donkey Kong Country The final coverage of Secret of Mana (Journal entry edition) and Mike couldnt be happierSome epic Counsellors Corner picsJohn gets a debilititating status ailment We get to see Power Rangers for the Game Boy.Join us on and Twitter @getthepower88   and check out Mike's new horror review podcast the Graveyard and Twitter @GYS_HorrorPod
July 7, 2017
Issue 64 Pt 1 - Sept 1994 - Mortal Kombat 2
We are not only without a guest this issue, but also a co-host! Ben is on vacation with his OTHER family, so it's just John and Mike.We cover Mortal Kombat 2, and the impending Donkey Kong Country, as well as numerous Players Pulse letters with beautiful envelope art. We cover Mortal Kombat 2 Fatality and Friendships Bomberman 2Pocky and Rocky 2 Sports games Areobiz Super Sonic 2. Vortex and Shiens Revenge!
July 3, 2017
Issue 63 Pt2 - Aug 1994 - Stunt Race FX With Returning Guest: Ivan!
We plug through Issue 63 without Ben for the first half of this episode. John reveals his Breath of the Wild experience. We begin with Classified Information, which leads us to discuss Barry Bonds, and then Counsellor's Corner with depressed guys that don't age well, or just started enjoying puberty! Mike realizes in the middle of Now Playing, that there are other people on the show with him, and gets vindication once again over John. and John defies type and delivers a tasteful Stevie Wonder joke! We get into Shaq Fu and Mike immediately conceptualizes a better version of this game! We discuss Itchy & Scratchy mini putt, with great names and a puzzling mechanic! Mike finally fires back at John after one too many momma jokes! We cover the power stamp catalogue and the amazing merch! Then when plugging the graveyard shift, Ben gives John vindication.   We are at
June 30, 2017
Issue 63 Pt1 - Aug 1994 - Stunt Race FX With Returning Guest: Ivan!
We bring you issue 63 with a weird duck car on the cover, and the return of patreon donor, friend of the podcast and funny dude, Ivan!In the Players Pulse: We cover Tekron ads from the past, lost Go-Pros, amazing plushies from someone that Mike is probably gonna crush on, and pets that also enjoy NP magazine. We also cover the Lord of the rings and do HORRIBLE Glen Yarbrough impressions on a decent looking game that doesn't deliver.Mike gets vindicated over John by judging a book by its cover. We also discuss the Death and Return of Superman Game and comics. We immediately devolve into why Superman won't acknowledge Superboy. and why Superman is boring. We get off course with Don Bluth discussions. and Ben get vindicated over John and then has to deal with kids that won't sleep. Join us on facebook
June 26, 2017
Issue 62 Pt2 - Jul 1994 - Super Street Fighter 2
We continue epsiode 62 of Nintendo Power We go into: Secret of Mana with the appropriate love and respect it deserves.... lol Back to the Future (even though theres no game of it featured)Super Gameboy games! Sports Jeopady (Whyyyyyyyyy?) and John tells us why this issue had the WORST first prize fianlly we stumble upon a review that WE would have wrote.   and so much more!We are on patreon at's new podcast the graveyard Shift is itunesSo check it if you like horror movies or think mi
June 23, 2017
Issue 62 Pt1 - Jul 1994 - Super Street Fighter 2
Mike finally announces his new podcast The Graveyard Shift! (Itunes graveyard shift with Sheldon and Mike, artwork has the cartoon skulls on a tombstone) John does some Beat Poetry Slam jamming to accompaniment by Mike and BenWe tackle Street Fighter 2 yet again.Mike gets to expound on Breath of Fire and do his Glen Yarbrough impression Ben gives his impromput review of the Hulk movie by Ang lee who he confused for John Woo. Now who's racist? We review the Jungle book....again and discover the suggestive titles, go into a revolutionary war triva lesson with what a Macaroni is, and realize the bad guy in double dragon is a Kitty.
June 19, 2017
Issue 61 Pt2 - Jun 1994 - Donkey Kong
Ivan comes to his senses and leaves, but the power boys endure to finish yet another issue of Nintedo Power! Mike unleashes his great/terrible Mother brain impression to finish the Metroid comic!The counsellors provide us the same schadenfreude snickering . We get some DK trivia. AND SUPER GAME BOY GOODNESS and Mike shares a change in his status.
June 16, 2017
Issue 61 Pt1 - Jun 1994 - Donkey Kong (With return guest: Ivan!)
Past guest Ivan returns to the show, and immediately regrets his decision. but remains as we discuss numerous terrible things and Letterman impressions... Not the least of which was the courting mishaps between Beauty and the Beast. and much more
June 12, 2017
Issue 60 Pt 2 - May 1994 - Super Metroid
Player One has left us, but the laughs keep going with the power boys as we finish up issue 60. We continue our unstable vocal rendition of the Metroid comic, and explore Samus's origins depsite numerous interuptions. and much more!
June 9, 2017
Issue 60 Pt 1 - May 1994 - Super Metroid (Ft Player One from Super Retro Game Time)
Famed Speedrunner Player One joins us to read Metroid and discuss games and jokes and many things that make us fall in love with his voice. We get him to read the Nesters so look forward to that!The power boys get into the many problems with Buffalo. All kinds.  And not everyone loves Super Metroid but we love making jokes at Samus' expense.Mike gets railroaded at the outtake.  
June 5, 2017
Issue 59 pt2 - Apr1994- Ken Griffey Jr Major league Baseball (With Special Guest: Retro Princess!)
Retro Princess stays on with Ben and Mike, despite their differences from last episode.... untill she clashes with Mike again and now Ben as well. The gin may or may not have been responsible. We continue with Wario Land coverage, Counsellors Corner with a disturbing monster in Final Fantasy Legend, Ben wonders why so many cave man games were prevalent at the time.We get into more CD vs Cartidge coverage and Nintendo brings the diss.
June 2, 2017
Issue 59 pt1 - Apr1994- Ken Griffey Jr Major league Baseball
It's a Sports cover so of course John isn't here! instead we are joined by the ever funny (and drunk) Retro Princess, Straight Outta England! We cover many things, including the continuing adventures of Samus Aran, as well as sports things we don't really know much about.We also get a royal rumble as our King of the Mike and the Princess of Retro get into a little heated debate over a stupid Mickey Mouse game. So stay tuned and keep Playing with Power!
May 29, 2017
Issue 58 Pt2 - Mar 1994 - Wario Land
Ivan sticks around to help us finish off this weeks issue and boy do we have a fun old time. We are still drafting cheques to the NCAAP after this issues samus comic, and we get into the counsellors corner and the last Startropics game, Zoda's Revenge!
May 26, 2017
Issue 58 Pt1 - Mar 1994 - Wario Land
Well Ben is out but we have a guest to keep a trio going, we have long time Patreon supporter and first time guest, Ivan on the show. he was a real sport and his regret being on the show, though instant, wasn't enough to make him leave, and we got to discuss the many goodies in issue 58 of Nintendo Power, including the feature title Wario Land!
May 22, 2017
Issue 57- Feb 1994 Pt2 - Rabbit Rampage
We keep Rich and cover Startropics and notice a trend among this issue regarding pharoes and john remains thoroughly offensive , as much as the simpsons game boy game.
May 19, 2017
Issue 57- Feb 1994 Pt1 - Rabbit Rampage
We are joined with our very first guest Richard Rheder one again. Unfortunately we relied on skype and rich learned the hard way why we record our track individually. but hopefully you will enjoy the episode anyway. Lots of jokes and fun time in this one.
May 15, 2017
Issue 57 - Jan 1994 Pt2 - Mega Man X
Well Mike fell off the airwaves but he's back to help Ben and John discuss games that never made it to North America; for good reason in most cases. John scares a Reddit HORROR story about cunnilungus gone awry. John and Mike discover a shared disablility Batman ain't a gentleman and more!  
May 12, 2017
Issue 57 - Jan 1994 Pt1 - Mega Man X
X gonna give it to ya, and WE are going to give you X. Mega Man X in fact! The blue bomber makes his SNES debut and it's a whopper of a treat of a doozy. Much love for this game and the boys are back to deliver quality vulgarity on the podcast waves. Enjoy :)
May 8, 2017
Retrospective: Issue 37
we bring our season break to a successful end and Brandon closes it out with his pick, Issue 37, Lemmings!we look forward to new episodes as much as you do and we will do our best to be worth the wait. Enjoy!
May 5, 2017
RetroSpectre Haloween Grab Bag 2016
Brandon gets his turn at picking his fave eps, starting with the first haloween epsiode of the taste test. we're almost done the repeats folks. Stick around for the fun at the end. If you have any fave epsiodes, tell us on twitter @getthepower88 or on the facebook page.
May 1, 2017
Retrospective: Issue 05 With Rich Rheder
Its a retrospective reunion! this time ben picked our first guest appearance, Rich Rheder! the one that got Mike into podcasting and it's all his fault! We hope you look forward to reminiscing about Rich's appearance here and look forward to having him on again! Cause we will. ENJOY!
April 28, 2017
Retrospective: Issue 23 With Jeremii
Hey there it's now Bens week to pick his faves and we kick off the week with Jeremii, the first and so far only game developer we've had on the show, and a hell of a cosplayer! We hope you are enjoying our retrospective hiatus on the retrospective podcast and have begun working on new content for you. ENJOY!
April 24, 2017
Retrospective: Issue 40
This Mega epsiode is brought to you by Mikes second pic. this issue is felix the cat, Issue 40. It was chosen cause Mike was happy beyond words to have Brandon in the city with him.
April 21, 2017
Retrospective: Issue 35
Fooled ya. It's another mega epsiode with two full epsidoes of the first of Mikes pick. the Llewellyn Graeme episode. He's the game counsellor who told us what paradise the heyday of Nintendo Power is.  he introduced us to Timor Leste, the first country of this century. and so much more.
April 17, 2017
Retrospective: Issue 14
John gets his second pick of the past with the fun chats we had with Katherine Spiers, the step daughter of Howard Philips. One was issue 14. and todays the 14th.  But he forgot there was 2 episodes with her so we got them both for you. Yup. Luckily you won't have to deal with huge episodes for the rest of the break.
April 14, 2017
Retrospective: Issue 8
We revisit issue 8 with a brief chat with Mike and John, discussing his first appearance as a guest host and also a fave ep of Retroprincess. Enjoy the blast from the past!
April 10, 2017
Taste Test 10 - Zelda (Bonus Material)
We finished our review but there was so much more banter we couldnt have a single outtake. Theres just someone in Zelda that grabbed Brandons heart and mind and couldnt let go. we create a new spinoff of zelda featuring a minor character finally given time to shine.
April 7, 2017
Taste Test 9 - The Legend of Zelda (1987) Part 2
Our First 2 Parter! we continue the epic legend of zelda. Can Mike bring Brandon around to the right side of the triforce? Stay Tuned!
April 3, 2017
Taste Test 8 - The Legend of Zelda (1987)
We tackle the big one. This game divides the boys and tests the tasters. can our friendship survive this schism? and is that a girl in the intro?
March 31, 2017
Taste Test 7 - Rygar / MetalStorm
We're Back!  The taste test triumphantly returns to bring you delight and banter! This time we cover Rygar, the yo-yo warrior, and Metal Storm the laser sword robot game! Mike starts dabbling with Sound effects. The results speak for themselves.
March 27, 2017
Issue 55 - Dec 1993 Pt 2 - Aladdin (With Sheldon Brown) Episode 100!!!
This is our 100th episode and so glad to have you still with us! Mike brings the show to a crescendo in the first 5 minutes. We are STILL joined by Sheldon Brown and We're going on a tiny break but will keep the feed going with our fave shows, and you can tell us what eps we should load up again so newcomers will see them. Just let us know on facebook or twitter :)
March 24, 2017
Issue 55 - Dec 1993 Pt 1 - Aladdin
We are joined by Sheldon Brown from and who is hilarious and does game stuff. We hope you enjoy this issue!
March 20, 2017
Issue 54 - Nov 1993 Pt 2 - Secret of Mana (Featuring Retro Princess)
Retro Princess sticks around and we replace the Mary Poppins with the worst/best Yoda impressions ever. We learn Dinosaurs are a major fear for some people.  Also mentioned: Robot STDs
March 17, 2017
Issue 54 - Nov 1993 Pt 1 - Secret of Mana (Featuring Retro Princess)
We tackle one of the best games on the SNES , with a fantastic internet personality, Retro Princess and have an amazing time challenging eachothers depravity and sharing great stories from around the world with totally NOT offensive accents, but its all white countries so its not racist :)Also: Penguin sex organs.
March 13, 2017
Issue 53 - Oct 1993 Pt2- Super Empire Strikes Back
 We've lost guest Virtual Valerie to the temptation of the Switch side, but we soldier on as we do, and bring you more Nintendo Power nostalgia goodness. well mediocrity. It's the same glorious depravity you come to love and expect!
March 10, 2017
Issue 53 - Oct 1993 Pt1 - Super Empire Strikes Back
We have a guest on the show, Virtual Valerie! No not the mid 90's sex game, but a living person who collects toys and plays games while drunk. She's here to help us read issue 53 of Nintendo power and share in the depravity!She's on Twitter here: youtube here: and facebook here:
March 6, 2017
Issue 52 - Sept 1993 Pt2- Super Mario All Stars
We continue the Issue 52 goodness and it's more of the same usual banter. but stay tuned in next episodes for suprises and goodness and future changes!
March 3, 2017
Issue 52 - Sept 1993 Pt1 - Super Mario All Stars
REAL issue 53 this time with everyone. We got the gang back together and we manage to all stay awake! we might be a legit podcast yet.This cover features Super Mario All-Stars!
February 28, 2017
issue 51 - Aug 1993 Pt 2 - Street Fighter 2 Turbo
Wee we now know the answer to last weeks questionHe did it again. tsk tsk tskwe are accepting applications for guest host.
February 24, 2017
issue 51 - Aug 1993 Pt 1 - Street Fighter 2 Turbo (repost)
(RE-Re-posting due to a publishing error)Yeah the last version was cropped to 19 minutes. Dunno why. So here is the whole thing. same file. But longer. weird. We swap out hosts and now have... BenMikeBrandon Will Brandon repeat his terrible failure on this epsiode and sleep for another week? Tune in and find out!
February 23, 2017
Issue 50 - July 1993 Part 2 - Links Awakening
We are back with Sleepy Brandon, and pissed off Mike and John, and special guest Brian from Morningtoast.comwe finish this episode in desperate hopes that Brandon will awake. Do we get our hearts desire?
February 19, 2017
Issue 50 - July 1993 Part 1 - Links Awakening
Ben's Missing due to family troubles but the house stays packed with:Mike KingJohn IngallBrandon Boswelland guest Brian from   as wel celebreate 50 issues and 5 years on Nintendo Power with laughs, letters, horrible NES games that don't see the SNES writing on the wall, and so many other things. We get an audio hiccup about 20 minutes in, but some careful editing salvages it.Then Brandon does the unthinkable and noone can salvage it . Enjoy
February 13, 2017
Issue 49 June 1993 Pt 2 - Battletoad and Double Dragon
we wrap up this weeks issue with brandon yet again and thankfully no more battletoads!
February 10, 2017
Issue 49 June 1993 Pt 1 - Battletoad and Double Dragon
Ben is out this week so we have Brandon Boswell. He has some explaining to do after leaving fans wondering if the Taste Test is over.  it's coming back. We have a blast reading about the battletoads. so many battletoads this issue.
February 9, 2017
Issue 48 - April 1993 Pt 2 - Batman Returns
Batman Doesn't return to this second half of the issue, but WE do! and we learn of australia and the wildlife you don't f** with.and some stuff in the issue. But really . Australia. Don't f*** with the wildlife.
February 3, 2017
Issue 48 - April 1993 Pt 1 - Batman Returns
Micheal Keaton Returns in no way whatsoever as Batman, since it's a video game without audio or CG Capture, but he's still on the cover of this issue. We immediately come up with a better follow up to this than Schumacher did. Enjoy!
January 30, 2017
Issue 47 - March 1993 Pt 2 - Star Fox
Well Back-door Ben didn't do a barrel roll, and had to eject from the podcast, but John and Mike stayed in formation and braved the darkness!
January 27, 2017
Live Switch Event Commentary
We watched the Switch live press event so you didnt have to. and like Mystery science theatre, we had our own observations about what we were seeing. So instead of reading a magazine you can't see, we discuss live footage you can't see. We stay true to ourselves on PWP! But if you DID want to see it, you can see it on our youtube channel here
January 26, 2017
Issue 47 - March 1993 Pt 1 - Star Fox
Strap into your awrings, readers as we blast off into the world of 3-d graphics, provided by the FX chip!We enjoy the comics, and coverage of a technically ambitious game you might be familliar with!
January 23, 2017
Issue 46 - Mar1993 Part 2 - Tiny Toons
We Wrap up another week with the power boys, and tearing into the now portable adventures of Master Higgins for Game Boy!
January 20, 2017
Issue 46 - Mar1993 Part 1 - Tiny Toons
We start this issue of Nintendo Power featuring Tiny Toons, but quickly hit a possible all time low. Or high. Depending on your morality.  Enjoy
January 16, 2017
Issue 45 - Feb 1993 Pt 2 - Pugsley’s Scavenger Hunt
We Keep it going. We Keep it goingwe keeping febuary alive honey 3 6 5
January 13, 2017
Issue 45 - Feb 1993 Pt 1 - Pugsley’s Scavenger Hunt
We endure more Addams family games and keep the laughs coming. you know how we do.
January 9, 2017
Issue 44 - Jan 1993 Pt 2 - Mickey’s Magical Quest
We wrap up this massive issue of Nintendo Power 44 and prepare for a whole new year of playing with power and sharing it with you.
January 6, 2017
Bonus Stage - Issue 44 Bonus Stuff
Thewre was so much in the January issue we are making a week of it. Here is more bonus stuff from the middle of issue 44.
January 4, 2017
Issue 44 - Jan 1993 Pt 1 - Mickey’s Magical Quest
Hppay new year 2017 and 1993, we are back with Issue 44 and learning more about the magical quest of Mickey Mouse and the terrfying truth of the foldout cover!
January 2, 2017
Press Pause - Christmas 2016!
We got more bonus material for you to keep you occupied while we take a break to spend time with our loved ones or finish smiting our old enemies to make room for new ones next year.we even have bonus content IN this bonus content. enjoy! Merry Christmas to all, and here's Mike's own poem. Let us know if you read thisTwas the night before christmas when all through the club All the players were playing, while sippin on bub Kid Rock on the speakers and I in my booth Getting a table dance free, by my girl, "100 proof" When all of a sudden there rose such a clatter I tossed her aside to see what was the matterAway to the floor we ran like the flash Tore open our wallets and pulled out our cash! The size of the breasts on this newly hired ho Gave rush to the blood of our parts down below When what to my wondering eyes should appear But a mini
December 25, 2016
Issue 43 - Dec 1992 Pt2 - Road Runner Death Valley Rally
Happy Holidays Listeners! We get the special eggnog out and spread some cheer over the pages of another issue 43! Last issue of the year and we will take a tiny break and see you in the new year!
December 23, 2016
Greatest Hits Volume 1
We celebrate a year of profanity,  players polls, patreon , and so much more. It's been a year and it feels like we're just getting started. We take stock of how we started, which comes as a suprise to the one guy who's been on every single episode. and bring you our greatest bits as mentioned by you. and if you didn;t get to hear your fave piece, hit us up in the facebook with a comment or PM and ask for it by episode number like a good fan and we will do what we can for the next year :D
December 22, 2016
Issue 43 - Dec 1992 Pt1 - Road Runner Death Valley Rally
It's Christmas time in both the present and the past,  and we are filled with the spirit of the season in our hearts every day of the year, so you get the same thing we gave you last week. Another epsiode of the Playing With Power Podcast!
December 19, 2016
Issue 42 - Nov 1992 Pt 2 - Super Star Wars
We conclude the Super Star Wars issue and have an renewed interest in the counsellors corner!
December 16, 2016
Lode Runner & Gun.Smoke
We took 2 side dishes as our main course this time as we tackle 2 games. Lode Runner and Gun.Smoke get their turn as Mike and Brandon have their last in person Taste Test and we announce the new upload schedule due to good problems in our lives :)
December 14, 2016
Issue 42 - Nov 1992 Pt 1 - Super Star Wars
We join the light side of the force with a Star Wars game that is actually GOOD! The cover of this issue doesn't get as much love as the game proving you truly can't judge anything by it's cover.
December 12, 2016
Issue 41 - Oct 1992 (Part 2) - Mario Kart
We entire the final lap of issue 41, as we conclude the coverage of Mario Kart and brace ourselves for the christmas season in real life as well as Nintendo Power!
December 9, 2016
Issue 41 - Oct 1992 (Part 1) - Mario Kart
The Triforce is reunited with John and Ben joining Mike as we tackle the issue that annouces one of the seminal nintendo series ever, Mario Kart!
December 5, 2016
Issue 40 - Sept 1992 (Part 2) - Felix The Cat
It's a special edition of the Taste Test as we lose Ben but keep Brandon so we keep the Nintendo Power coverage going. This counsellors corner keeps Mike and Brandon occupied with impressions.  We got excited about one board game, but not another. So join us and let us know what you think!
December 2, 2016
Issue 40 - Sept 1992 (Part 1) - Felix the Cat
Howdy  power players! We cover issue 40 of Nintendo Power featuring Felix the cat. we have Brandon Boswell guest in-studio with Mike and we have a blast tearing apart the mailbag section before sharing way too much about felix the cat and enjoying some great times, so sit a spell and have a listen.
November 29, 2016
Press Pause - Switch
Hey there! We take a Press Pause to talk about our MANY terrible thoughts on the Nintendo switch Trailer. and some point the actual device. Join us, as we resume our regular issue discussions next week. Happy Weekend!
November 26, 2016
Strategy Guide 03 & 4 - Final Fantasy / 4-player extra
We bring our diversion to a close, and wrap up the remaining Strategy guides, with the group of 4 adventures, then the many lesser groups of four!
November 22, 2016
Strategy Guide 02 - Ninja Gaiden
We keep our Patreon promise to Jason Zuzio, and deliver more Strategy Guide goodness. We cover Ninja Gaiden and the mystic arts of the American Ninja!
November 19, 2016
Taste Test 5 - Gargoyles Quest 2
Brandon fought the hazards of the canadian wilderness to join Mike live in the PWP/TT studio (Mike's Room) and have a blast as we join Firebrand in this episode and discuss the ramifications and true natures of his quest.  Hope you enjoy!
November 19, 2016
Strategy Guide 01- Super Mario Bros 3
A sponsored episode, brought to you by a Patreon donor! Jason Zuzio has reliably supported the show and requested we cover the missing issues of Nintendo Power, the Strategy Guides from the second year of Nintendo Power. So we begin by covering the first, Super Mario Bros 3! If you want to control an episode of the show, you can support the patreon and after we're sure you won't skip out, we will oblige!
November 14, 2016
Taste Test 4 - Zombie Nation
Hey there fellow game diners, we take a lesson in other cultures by playing this super fucked up game. Zombie nationYou play a floating severed head on a whirlwind tour of the Americas and stopping a zombie attack, perhaps. We have no idea what this game is. but damn glad we played it so we could witness the ending, and talk about it at least.
November 11, 2016
Issue 39 - August 1992 (Part 2) - Mario Paint
Once there was a song that weird al used to great effect and then soon was forgotten But when it finally came back Ben found, a way to use it to torture He couldn't quite explain it It was really just funny Hmmmm mmmm mmmm mmm mmm mmm mmm mmm
November 11, 2016
Issue 39 - August 1992 (Part 1) - Mario Paint
We get super creative as we lead into this issue with a return to the clay Mario but more accurate now We find interesting old people stories in the Players Poll We take on Gargoyles Quest Then Mike tells us more about the mysterious bird creature who was NOT in Link to the Past, and we see some great game boy games. and some crap. and we get s song stuck in our heads that our two hosts weaponize against the other.....
November 7, 2016
Issue 38 July 1992 - Street Fighter (Part 2)
Brandon helps us wrap up Issue 38, and a Mighty Mario Comic, Magic Sword, Street Fighter 2, and we talk about Japanese Blood Types. and John talks Sports. and Super Mario Land 2. And Much More!
November 4, 2016
Taste Test 3 - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Cowabunga dudes! These 2 righteous hombres gonna take on the shredder in a notoriously challenging game that feels oddly familiar. Join us as we venture to see what lies, beyond the seaweed.....
November 4, 2016
Issue 38 July 1992 - Street Fighter (Part 1)
Brandon returns for a second go, to discuss issue 38 with Mike and John as been is down for the episode, and Brandon brings his special insight tot he players pulse, Panic Restaurant,  Password bonanzas, and some Jeep racing game. oh and much more :D Happy Halloween!!
October 31, 2016
Taste Test - Halloween Grab Bag 2016
Happy Halloween Loyal Listeners! We sink our fangs into these unsuspecting games and go for the Juggalo vein with savage reviews and fervor as we take on 4 games in hopes of some candy. We review: Monster Party Friday 13th Fester's Quest Monster in my Pocket Happy Halloween Power Players!
October 30, 2016
Issue 37 June 1992 - Lemmings (Part 2)
Issue 36 keeps us laughing as we see the preview for Street Fighter 2 and it's disappointing arcade cabinet, and many more.  John is not impressed with card based dungeon crawlers lol.  Mike figures out what could have put Krusty's fun house into excellent territory blending wit the cartoon. But the star of the show is David Faustino and his rap career. yeah. I told ya. Stick around for the whole version. Happy Halloween!
October 28, 2016
Taste Test 2 - Castlevania (1986)
Taste Test returns with mike and brandon delivering more juicy gamer talk and sinking our teeth into the seminal vampire hunting/S&M gateway game, Castlevania!
October 28, 2016
Issue 37 June 1992 - Lemmings (Part 1)
We got a guest listener as cohost of the Taste Taste, Brandon Boswell, takes his sweet time getting a scan of the issue, but we make it work as we tackle issue 37 of Nintendo Power with Lemmings on the cover. and goodies inside. Mike gets spicy after getting a less than perfect review, and some less awesome players pulse letters but it's all in good fun. Brandon makes a perfect observation, and much more. We discuss lemmings, and the horrors of Disney, and Mike gets back to comic goodness. Brandon discusses the spankability of Samus as we discuss Metroid 2 for Game boy, and the conspiracy of Friendly Floyd. Ben keeps it simple. Stay Tuned for the Taste Test Starring Mike King and Brandon Boswell coming soon on the feed
October 24, 2016
Taste Test Pilot - Nobunaga’s Ambiton
Happy anniversary to our podcast listeners! As a present to you for your loyal listenership, and patreon funding, we have delivered on the promise of a new show hosted by Mike King of PWP fame, and fellow Canadian, Brandon Boswell, frequent guest and lovable stoner/cook! this is the rough pilot of the Taste Test, a show where we play to completion or frustration, a retro video game every week. We will focus on the NES games, particularly ones that eluded us the first time around or got a passing mention in Playing with Power.  We will air the rest on a regular weekly schedule and even bring you, the fans, in on the rough/gentle loving these games have in store for us, with polls coming up very soon.. This series kicks off with a game that shared some notoriety in the early episodes of playing with power. but can it's gameplay redeem it's complicated appearance, or can you judge a game by it's appalling screenshots?
October 21, 2016
Issue 36 - May 1992 - DarkWing Duck (Part 2)
We continue issue 36  with Mario comics, still lamenting the neutered counsellors corner  SNES games include Zardon. yet more games that defy the obvious successful direction. The first GREAT Simpsons home console game. Some kids that just need to be taken down a peg.  and much more
October 21, 2016
Issue 36 - May 1992 - DarkWing Duck (Part 1)
When there's trouble, you call DW and when gamers have trouble they call Nintendo Power. This is issue 36 with Darkwing Duck on the cover, and lots of goodies inside like: Whacky races. a racing game without racing. Robocop 3. Decent game of a shitty movie Zelda comic. board games for game boy. trippy artwork for sure.
October 17, 2016
Issue 35 - April 1992 - Wrestlemania (Part 2)
We conclude issue 35 with more goodness provided by Llewellyn Graeme, Game Counselor and awesome dude. He leaves shortly into the podcast but not without dropping some stories on us regarding his brushes with fame and the perks of being a counselor. We then enjoy reading comics, and discussing the Addams family movies, the SNES PlayStation, Wrestlemania deaths, the fall of the Hulkster, and much much more.
October 14, 2016
Issue 35 April 1992 - Wrestlemania (Part 1)
Welcome to Issue 35, a very special and informative issue, as we see the SNES coming into prominence. John isn't with us sadly, but we are joined by an ACTUAL GAME COUNSELOR and really awesome dude in general, Llewellyn Graeme ! We mentioned him in issue 27, and he joins us to tell us that working for the NES tip line was even more awesome than we ever could have assumed. We also discuss how the SNES improvement mentioned on the cover lead to the creation of Nintendo's greatest enemy and the ultra rare Nintendo PlayStation. ALSO: great stories behind the scenes of Nintendo, Impressions by Mike, a shining endorsement and so much more.
October 10, 2016
Issue 34 March 1992 - Legend of Zelda - A Link to the Past (Part 2)
Issue 34 concludes with better audio, but no Ben again. but we do have music. and cookies. OK i ate the cookies when posting this but i couldn't Bogart the music. 01:00 - Counselors Corner with some premium looking counselors. and we discuss the preview of lemmings. and poop. 11:00 - Joe and Mac. Good looking game. and more colon related humor. Addams family posters. 17:00 - Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past. not much to say about it...... 59:00 - Nester Awards with Triforce's thoughts! and his respect for all lives is sweet. especially Yoshi. 1:09:00 - Comic reading time with uncle Mike. Nester's adventure, Zelda, and Super Mario Adventures. 1:34:00 - Outro with an outtake
October 7, 2016
Issue 34 March 1992 - Legend of Zelda - A Link to the Past (Part 1)
We got a badass over here. Video game champion Isiah Triforce Johnson is here in Skype, though due to scheduling issues Ben couldn't join us. We discuss ways to legitimize the the SNES Superscope, and possibly our own podcast. 00:30 - Cover, Inside, Table of Contents. We also discuss cool prizes the fans asked for, and a LEGIT costume photo sent by a fan. 18:30 - Empire Strikes Back - Not the super version, not even a good version. Mike finds porn immediately. We immediately skipped to Terminator 2 Judgement day. Too bad this wasn't SNES. And Nightshade is a Maniac Mansion monochromatic mimicry. 29:30 - M.C Kids. Not Mc, These kids are MC's.   35:00 - Classified Information featuring Captain Planet and Actraiser. Triforce makes an executive decision. 39:00 - Mega man (takes a number) 2 for the Gameboy.  and the jokes start coming out.  by jokes i mean shit games. and the wretched things we
October 3, 2016
Issue 33 Feb 1992 - TMNT III (part 2)
We conclude issue 33. Sans John. We cover the legend of the Mystical Ninja. and Ben masterfully segues Mike out of a tangent.  good game, good discussion 19:00 - Wanderers from YS 24:00 - Super Scope 6. A decent peripheral with not enough games for it. Bazooka trumps orange magnum any day in our opinion. but not as marketable as the zapper. too cumbersome for logo cache? 36:00 - We discuss religious hats and the Players Poll. Nester Adventure gets a Redwashing with Simon Belmont. Nester must master the whip, No ghost riding though. 1:10:00 - Outro
October 2, 2016
Issue 33 Feb 1992 - TMNT III (Part 1)
Notes to be filled in later. Suffice to say Mike had a busy weekend. We discuss TMNT and the logistics issues present in the narrative  and so much more. Please support the patreon so Mike doesn't get distracted by his awful job, and can dedicate his days to making high quality notes and entertainment for you :D
September 26, 2016
Issue 32 Jan 1992 - Castlevania 4 (Part 2)
We continue issue 32 with more goodness as the power boys lament the makeover in counsellors corner. but we carry on to face dracula with simon belmont. 1:00 - Counsellors corners lacking the bios. sigh 4:00 - Super Castlevania. How is Simon Belmont alive after a century? we got some theories. 19:00 - We take a glance at a preview of the Link to the Past. 24:45 - True Golf Classics. lots to talk about for a golf game here. 30:30 - Super Off Road. More of the same and looking much better than the original. 33:30 - Nesters abbreviated adventures. players poll, top 20's and so much more. 56:20 - Pak watch and what's coming. 1:03:00  - Outro
September 23, 2016
Issue 32 Jan 1992 - Castlevania 4 (Part 1)
Join us as we take on issue 32 of Nintendo power with Castlevania 4 as the cover. We hope you enjoy yourself 00:45 Cover - We discuss auras and leather skirts, and Link channels the kool-aid man and we get told how to hookup our consoles for twice the fun. and the recklessness of game boy and surfing. 12:00  - Players Pulse! gotta say we are not impressed with Gail's remodel of less mail. We see some great models and homemade plushies from fans. Mike continues to learn the states. and we decide to call all 3 Nintendo Power numbers. 25:30 - Mega man 4 has some interesting enemies and we discuss correction officers enjoying their job too much. the various bosses and mythology of Mega man and the terminator connection. 38:00 - Monster in My Pocket. Tiny creature, big adventure. bigger tangents! 50:00  - Zelda comic!  Mike has a great time. And classified information delivers a nugget of comedy
September 19, 2016
Issue 31 Dec 1991 - Metroid 2 (Part 2)
Ben is still lost to us but we persevere!  We discuss the Metroid sequel for the Game Boy. 01:00 Metroid II: Return of Samus 09:30 Ninja Gaiden for Game Boy 14:00 Master Higgins for Game Boy (Hudson's Adventure Island) 21:30 Design your own Game Boy contest results! 30:00 Now Playing: Talespin, Home Alone 38:00 Celebrity Profile: Mayim Bialik of Blossom and Big Bang Theory fame 42:30 Pak Watch
September 16, 2016
Issue 31 Dec 1991 - Metroid 2 (Part 1)
Nintendo Power Issue 31 from December 1991, featuring Metroid II: Return of Samus for the Game Boy on the cover. Ben was unable to make it, so Mike and John power through. 03:00 The boys start talking about OJ Simpson 06:00 Let's talk about muscular Samus, then let's dig in to the Player's Pulse. 23:30 Batman: Return of the Joker 29:00 Nester's Adventures 34:00 T-Rex video sends the boys into tears 47:00 Counselor's Corner - the last of this format before Gail takes away our fun!
September 12, 2016
Issue 30 Dec 1991 - Final Fantasy 2 (Part 2)
Not so much music this time as we try to locate Carmen Sandiego 00:40 - Carmen Sandiego. decent name writing, poor game development. 06:20 - Where in the world is Air Combat? Then Tom and Jerry prompt Mike to ponder where cartoon parents went. and the sewer level really brings out the aspiring game developers in all of the hosts. 18:00 - Faceball 2000 has an awful poster.  Battletoads for Gameboy is a true port. including the turbo tunnel. 23:00 - Kid Icarus leads us to learn about how John earned money in college. Faceball 2000 introduces us to the legions of the Smiling God. 35:00 - Super Nintendo Previews. Finally games with Super in them are on a Super system.     -Tennis     -U.N Squadron     -Super Baseball Simulator 41:50  - We loose Ben to his neighbor just in time for the players polls 44:15 - Now Playing
September 10, 2016
Issue 30 Nov 1991 - Final Fantasy 2 (Part 1)
Final Fantasy 2 is the cover game this issue, and we celebrate the music of the game. Enjoy this extra musical episode of Playing with Power! 04:20 - Mike takes issue with this issue...'s cover. 14:00 - Game Boy Game Link partners in the Mail Bag this month. Interesting selection. and Mike tried to look up the featured player. but as was the case with everyone who isnt Josh Foreman, it didn't end well..... 31:00 - We finally hit the first game, the Flintstones! 46:00 - Final Fantasy 2.  Mike can only get SO hard. Enjoy the music. 1:16:50 - Counselors Corner with grooming tips. 1:24:20 - Shout Outro!
September 5, 2016
Press Pause 3 - Triforce Johnson
Hey everyone we have a great guest you might have seen in our facebook page, competitive gaming promoter, manager, and champion of e-sports, guiness record holder and cool dude, Isaiah  Triforce Johnson. Yes that's his LEGAL name. this is how serious he takes gaming. and he has a lot to tell us about himself, and the ways he's trying to change the world, so join us as we "press pause" on our regular scheduled program to learn more about modern gaming as a sport, and it's long storied history. For the low Down on the history of competitve gaming and e-sports pantheon of all-stars      Chasing ghosts Man Vs Snake King of Arcad
September 5, 2016
Issue 29 Nov 1991 - Star Trek 25th Anniversary (Part 2)
We're back with Brandon Boswell sitting in on the last half of issue 29. We try to talk about castlevania for the gameboy but immediately discuss abominations, atrocities, drugs and cooking. 01:00 - Game Boy Feature: Castlevania 2 Belmont's Revenge. featuring MerMan. So back to ideal fish/person configurations. 11:30 - Simpsons Escape from Camp Deadly 15:30 - Track Meet. Boy this is racist. Even for Mike.    20:15 - Monopoly. Classified Information and Now Playing. Does Ben agree with the ratings they gave certain games? 24:00 - SNES top ten questions. and the screenshots here piss Mike off to comedic effect. 34:20 - We call the Nintendo repair line. 35:30 - SNES Preview. Mike learns how to totally deflate John. We debate why Wolverine can't fight Magneto for obvious reason. and Pirates. 46:00 - Celebrity Profile. The guy from Murphy Brown
September 2, 2016
Issue 29 Nov 1991 - Star Trek 25th Anniversary (Part 1)
Welcome to issue 29, where we tackle Star Trek as the feature game, and Mike begins with sterling clear audio and his dazzling Shatner impression. Join us as we proceed without apology. 01:20 - Cover: Star Trek 25th Anniversary. Then Mike draws parallels between the Fast and Furious and the recent Star Trek movie in the worst way possible. 8:00 - Mail Bag: Kid's ratting out their parents for playing THEIR games. We get Savage AF. 23:30 - WTF-Zero. what does the F and the 0 stand for? 32:00 - Comic: Ne-Star Wars Halloween special 40:00 - Star Trek 25th Anniversary. This game has the best memory chip with dilithium crystal backup for saves. 49:00 - Uncle Ben's Counsellor's Corner. 55:00 - Metroid. the original "Bad Bitch" Samus Aran on her first adventure with proper NP coverage. getting us revved up for the Game Boy sequel next month 1:04:00
August 29, 2016
Issue 28 - Sept 1991 - Super Mario World (Part 2)
The second part of issue 28 of Nintendo Power, and the final episode of Mike's wretched audio. no more reason to apologize after this one! We pick up with one Final Fantasy gameboy game that isnt the awful Fantasy game boy game! 01:00 - Final fantasy adventure - Precursor to Secret of Mana. and a great looking game! and chocobo abuse is impending. Other game boy titles like baseball and marble madness! and we discuss Strokemon. and other Nintendo owned porn titles. 16:30 - Super NES preview! Too many to list, to good to ignore! 22:00 - Now Playing. Boating featuring Woody Allen! and a Counsellors Corner with a horrible map for legacy of the wizard. 35:20 - Celebrity Interview - Bart Simpson 47:00 - Outro! and shout out to Peter Guzman and James MillHolland!
August 26, 2016
Issue 28 - Sept 1991 - Super Mario World (Part 1)
Welcome to Part 1 of Issue 28 of playing with power. The final issue of Mike's substandard audio. Special shoutout to patreon donors James Millholland, and Peter Guzman! and stay tuned for special announcement regarding a new series on the feed! No links to the Retromags scans since they are gone. 3:00 - Cover: Super Mario World and the intricacies of American Gladiators and an epic mail bag, not to be confused with the Tanuki's male bag 15:00 - SUPER MARIO WORLD! What can we say about this game? a lot apparently. and Final Fantasy for some reason. Mike and John determine who is MORE color blind 38:30 - Nester's Adventure 42:00 - Star wars (not the SNES one). Mike learns the horrible alternate ending to the movie, where Luke is alone at the medal ceremony and also The horrible truth about who shot up the Jawa sandcrawler. 56:00 - Smash T.V. Mike tells us all about his experience playing the
August 22, 2016
Issue 27 August 1991 - Dr Wily’s Revenge (part 2)
We return to finish issue 27, with Dr Wily's Revenge and Final Fantasy 01:30 - Dr Wilys Revenge. If you want less than Mega Man on NES but more than the Tiger handheld game, this is the game for you. Uncle Ben gives out more electrical safety advice and we all share shocking stories 07:00 - Final Fantasy Legend 2 (covered more on Is It Worth it, good friends of the show) and we discuss swastikas and boxcar moustache. 10:50 - Days of Thunder. and Ben shares a wedding story and his disdain for Miami. 17:00 - Ultimate design your own Gameboy contest! 19:30 - SNES preview! and Mike screws up James name with Randy. John corrupts Mike and we chat about Phalanx and their unusual choice in box art. Actraiser looks so good.
August 19, 2016
Issue 27 August 1991 - Dr Wily’s Revenge (part 1)
We are tackling issue 27 of Nintendo Power featuring Dr Wily. Apologies for Mike's audio. We have a Sex PSA and discover Mario's links to ISIS. 00:30 - Cover - Dr Wily 08:15 - Mailbag with a touching tale of brothers growing up with Nintendo 18:00 - Ninja Gaiden 3. And we discuss VG Stunt videos and Futurama 28:00 - Nester's Adventure. Not the best one here. but we do taunt ISIS and Trump 35:30 - Dragon Warrior 3. Mike is happy. Nobody else is. John does the unthinkable. 50:00 - Counselors Corner.  We got a goldmine over here 57:00 - Darkman. the powerboys experience some friction 1:07:22 - Outro
August 15, 2016
Issue 26 July 1991 - Robin Hood - Part 2
We lost Ben to family matters (Not the tv show apparently) but Mike and John proceed nonetheless through Shitwood forest in Issue 26 00:30 - Special Feature Game Boy, featuring Roger Rabbit and the Personal Organizer for game boy, Navy Seals, Altered Space 15:00 - Now Playing ft Legends of the Diamond! 21:10 - Players Poll. 23:20 - Counselors Corner 30:30 - Celebrity Profile - Marsha Warfield 33:00 - Pak Watch: Defenders of Dynatron City, Wolverine, Terminator 2, Hammerin' Harry 41:00 - Gail Tilden discusses licensing issues 45:00 - Outro
August 12, 2016
Issue 26 July 1991 - Robin Hood - Part 1
We discuss Issue 26  with Robin Hood Prince of Thieves. John gets shut down by Ben and Mike for his taste in movies. We get treated to good and bad voice impressions 03:00 - Cover. and what can a gamer do with JUST the SNES console. What can brown do for Robin Hood? Everything. Brown is doing everything. John has a cathartic moment about math. We all do. 11:00 - Mail Bag. featuring conspiracy chat and military game boys 24:00 - Robin Hood Prince of Thieves. and we discuss horrible things that Robins horse had to endure with all the men 35:30 - Nesters Adventures (sans Howie) and horrible Sean Connery impressions 42:00 - Rocking Kats and Classified Information 52:00 - Little Mermaid ft Story time with Uncle Ben!
August 8, 2016
Issue 26 Gaiden. Is it Worth Playing With Power?
We got Blaine J from Is It Worth It? It's a podcast about reviewing / appraising a game to deciding if the cost of the game is worth the current asking price on Ebay and collection sites. Blaine and Mike both have a rep for talking up a storm, so John and Ben ran and hid for this episode but will return to discuss Issue 26 as usual. When 2 people who dominate conversations clash, what can the outcome be? Let us know what you think as we blend our shows together :) 02:00 - Robin Hood Prince of Thieves 08:30 - Hunt for Red October, and what the hell is Sqwoon? 11:30 - Rocking Kats 13:30 - Little nemo 16:00 - Lone Ranger 17:50 - Bart Vs Space Mutants 20:20 - Little M
August 7, 2016
Issue 25 June 1991 - Battletoads (Part 2)
Hey everyone we are back with part 2 of Battletoads and we are picking things up with the Special Feature  Game boy and John regails us with the joy of submarine games 01:00 - Game boy Special. Hunt for Red October. The golden SUB-Standard. RC Pro Am And four Score for gameboy comes with Super Off Road. woooo...... 11:30 - Now Playing - Bo Jackson, Sky raid 14:50 - It's the Final Howard and Nester comic. with Howard's unceremonious exit 19:40 - Day Dreaming Davey. and the dating advice continues 26:40 - Players Poll. 29:00 - Counsellors Corner 38:50 - Celebrity Profile - David Leisure. and sadly Bill and Ted, and the game gear 43:15 - We continue the prime mermaid sexual configuration discussion with
August 5, 2016
Issue 25 June 1991 - Battletoads (Part 1)
Hey there Power Players this is it. Howard Philips is leaving Nintendo Power to move onto better things.  So Join us we discuss Battletoads, the SNES and little else :) 01:00 - Cover - Battletoads, Howard announces he leaves. John Plays Pokemon Go. and we read about pets in the mailbag. Mike faces a mutiny! 14:30 - Battletoads. So much Battletoads! and the Americans tell blood stories. Mike makes a pun. did you catch it? leave it in the comments :) 39:00 - Super Nintendo Entertainment System. John gets saucy on Mike! 53:00 - NES Golf. 58:00 - Outro
August 1, 2016
Quick Apology and a Promise of hope!
Mike had mystery issues with his audio but after a while (and a few botched episodes) we figured it out. so the audio will be less than great for the next couple of weeks but we DID fix it by issue 29. so bear with us. that is all :)
August 1, 2016
Issue 24 May 1991 - Vice Project Doom - Part 2 With Special Guest: Josh Foreman!
We keep things going with Josh Foreman to finish this issue! The morality police came and took John, but we endure! Also check out Mike on the RPG show! 02:00 - Special Feature: Game Boy! Mysterium, Gauntlet 2, and Ben tells Josh about Golgo 13! Battle Unit Zeoth, Nintendo World Cup! Wow this game is awesome to talk about! and Mike won't stop the puns! Final Fantasy on Game boy. Oh Boy! 22:30 - Adventures of Lolo 3! 29:00 - Uncle Ben shares advice about eating at Jersey Mikes (no relation to playing with power Mike) 32:20 - Celebrity Profile - Alex Winter (Bill S. Preston of Bill and
July 29, 2016
Issue 24 May 1991 - Vice Project Doom - Part 1 With Special Guest: Josh Foreman!
Hey there Power Players! We have Josh Foreman on the show! We Talk about the May 1991 issue of NP to discuss Vice Project: D00M and so many awesome things! He is a level designer on Guild Wars 2 and a great guest! check his links 5:40 - Cover - Vice Project Doom! 15:30 - Art Beat featuring special fan: Maybe someone we know! Disturbing zelda Fan art! 29:30 - Vice Project Doom! Delivering the promise that Bayou Bil
July 25, 2016
Press Pause - Games we’re playing - Nes classic mini
Today we will be giving an extra press pause to catch up on all this power we played with. We will be back on Monday with the next issue, Enjoy this frank discussion of what games we're playing lately and what we think of the Nintendo Classic Mini (and it's shortcomings) enjoy!
July 22, 2016
Press Pause - Pokemon GO
This is a new series from the power boys where we discuss urgent news, rising trends, sweeping fads, or whatever we feel like discussing that exists out of Nintendo Power This pilot episode we discuss Pokemon Go! If you have things you would like us to discuss, feel free to leave comments in the Facebook, or the twitter
July 20, 2016
Issue 23 - April 1991 - Power Blade - Part 2 With Special Guest: Jeremii!
What? Jeremy is Evolving!!? Jeremy has become Jeremii! We finish up the April 1991 issue of Nintendo Power without Ben but nto without laughs! 03:30 - Jeremii learns Braggadocio! It's super effective. Also we discuss Game boys  R-type, swordmaster, Mickey Mouse Dangerous Quest! WWF Superstars! and we deny the hulkster! Casino game. 13:30 - Monopoly! History lesson! 18:00 - Counsellors Corner! 21:30 - Nascar Nintendo Players Poll! 26:00 - Cartoon appreciation time! Pokemon unappreciation time! 35:30 - Gossip Galore. 40:00 - Outro and great ideas for the future! Check out Jeremii at his twitters @oppowerup @ul
July 18, 2016
Issue 23 - April 1991 - Power Blade - Part 1 With Special Guest: Jeremy!
We cover Issue 23, with Jeremy as our guest. Jeremy is a con attendee, programmer, super Nintendo Power fan nerd extraordinaire. and a great guest. Check out his appearance at SXSW (here) Meeting the voice of Mario himself (here) his Nintendo power revival page ( on Twitter for the power up, here, and Ultra Dolphin Revolution @ultdolrev and website Get this issue
July 15, 2016
Issue 22 Mar 1991 Metalstorm Part 2 - With Special Guest: James Millholland!
We are back with James Millholland to wrap up Nintendo Power issue 22. He tells us about his podcast with Blaine J "Is it worth it" available on the Retro RPG podcast feed 4:00 - Centerfold - Battletoads 9:00 - Special Feature Game Boy. Contra, Boy and his Blob (colour themed feeding system on a black and white screen. no problem here. 14:00 - Special appearance by Mike's dad('s vacuum cleaner) 15:30 - Now Playing. Mike's rage rises. Top 30. Coming soon. Mike rages again 21:00 - NES the inside story 30:00 - G.I Joe. So of course we sing the theme. 40:00 - Now Playing - More text based NES games. and we diss Indiana Jones 44:00 - Princesss Tomato and the Salad Kingdom 49:00 - Nesters are back 1:00:00 - Counsellors Corner and Mike falls off skype. Bad Mic for Mike. 1:12:00 -
July 12, 2016
Issue 22 Mar 1991 Metalstorm Part 1 - With Special Guest: James Millholland!
Metal Storm is the issue. We have James Millholland from "Is It Worth It?" a retro games review podcast available on the Retro RPG Podcast feed, along with co-star Blaine J to review games and determine if they are worth their asking price online. Check it out! We love this guy, and we get some love from reviews on itunes. So please keep it up listeners :) 06:00 - Cover - Metal Storm. A mech with subtle nazi overtones. 18:00 - Mike "raps" up the mail bag.   20:15 - Metal Storm. It's a decent platformer that gives Mike Deja Vu 27:30 - Howard and Nester relaxing on Startropics Island! and Juggalos! Because. 35:00 - Startropics. Vuvuzelas, rape whistles and bears. Oh my. 42:00 - Tangents a plenty. Beards, Johns neighbour, Mike covers Snoop Dogg (, Grimace, Standford and bad parenting the Streisand
July 8, 2016
Issue 21 - Feb 1991 - Part 2 with Special Guest: Brandon Boswell
We are back with Brandon Boswell and his less than silent laptop (but without Ben) to wrap up issue 21 of Nintendo Power. 1:40 - Special Feature Game Boy (is it special if it's monthly?) we discuss sports. By we, I don't mean Mike. 13:30 - Classified information (mostly Batman talk) and Quentin Tarantino's love affair with the N word. and it's not Netflix 18:30 - Magician. WTF is this ugly looking mess? 22:00 - Power Meter inside story 26:30 - Ultima Quest of the avater. you like RPG's? this looks like one. 31:40 - Classified Information - Dragon Warrior 2. Oh these counsellors. you never disappoint. 38:30 - Players Poll. Virtual reality pods! and the horrifying possibilities! 50:00 - Now Playing. North & South - The racism will rise again! 57:00 - Celebrity Profile, some sports guy! and sex talk. and another sports guy
July 4, 2016
Issue 21 - Feb 1991 - StarTropics with Special Guest: Brandon Boswell
We have a Stand up guest. Literally. we have Canadian stand up comic Brandon Boswell on the show as we discuss the utility of the disabled and much more. 02:20 - Cover - Startropics, Inside cover. Voices! 13:00 - Powerline! feels like I'm going to lose my mind. You just keep on pushing my love over the powerline 17:00 - Mailbag! Plus we discuss Terry Fox again! 33:30 - TMNT 2, Man this game is good. We're gonna talk about this for a while. 1:08:30 - Howard and Nester - Mega Man 3 1:11:30 - Quantum Fighter Kabuki Man. we mostly talk Civil War and Brandon shares his preferred suicide method which is pretty nice. 1:23:00 - Classified Information. 1:24:40 - StarTropics. so of course we discuss Okami and which animals are the rapiest. 1:37:30 - Outro
July 1, 2016
Issue 20 Jan 1990 - Part 2 - Gremlins, Players Poll Story, KNOTB
We're back and finishing up Issue 20 with the Simpsons poster. plus we get a nice present from the past courtesy of 9 year old Ben 2:00 - Gremlins 2. 12:00 - Game Boy Special Feature 19:30 - Game Boy Now Playing 21:30 - Howard and Nester (Solar Jet-man) 25:00 - Miracle Piano and Counsellors Corner 33:20 - Players Poll and some answers coutesy of 9 year old Ben! and some interesting Players Poll Winners including Mike's porn name! 39:50 - Power Express: Now Playing! 46:00 - Celebrity Profile- New Kids on the Block! 58:00 - Super Famicom showcase! 1:08:00 - Outro
June 27, 2016
Issue 20 Jan 1990 -Part 1 - Mega Man 3, Mail Bag, How Games Work!
We are back from the past, to present day. Glad to be back in the 90's 1:00 - Cover. Powerline 5:30 - Mail Bag featuring a certain Apple employee! also a fraternity and Jr high school group. All of whom loves gameboy! 23:40 - Mega Man 3 44:30 - How Game Paks Work. Mike did his homework on this. we discuss the inner workings of gamepaks and how they evolved over the years. 1:03:00 - The Immortal 1:09:30 - Classified Information. Deja Vu (with Guest Appearace by Ben's neighbour) 1:21:00 - Outro
June 24, 2016
Bonus Stage! Fun Club 7 June/July 1988
Hey Everybody, we're finishing up on the proto power newsletter, the Nintendo Fun Club. and share some stories of quitting in style, whether its work or this mortal coil. 5:20 - Cover. Sports. Moving on. 8:30 - Mike calls out Howie. We talk Christian Bale and Tom Cruise has a connection to one of our hosts. 15:30 - We talk Metroid. Eventually. 19:00 - Louie Reviewee. Clearly an ad. Special appearance by the parents. 24:15 - Tips and Tricks. Nintendo Power Ad. Mail Bag Tips. we talk LOST. 33:00 - Counsellors. Cobra. Top 5 38:00 - Power Player Profile. With special appearance by Ben's neighbour. 43:30 - New Games coming like Golgob, and Mike is accused of racism? Heaven's no! 53:00 - Outro
June 20, 2016
Issue 18 Nov/Dec 1990- Part 2. Mega Man 3. Castlevania 3. Canada Stuff. With Special Guest: Mike’s Dad!
Well we are back and so is John. Free from prison we wonder if we made the right call.... 1:45 - Mega Man 3. Boy this poster..... 5:40 - Castlevania 3, Draculas Curse. We take so many left turns, we end up with more Doughnuts than Tim Hortons 25:30 - What is Canadian bacon? Top 30. Classified Information. Now Playing. Mike's background noise gets explained. Pak Watch. Mike's Dad. 37:20 - Simpsons Bart vs the Space Mutants. Skate or Die 2. Earthbound WAS coming to the NES. Seriously we got robbed. Find the Translated Rom 42:20 - StarTropics previews and weird heroes like the Kabuki Quantum (Leap) Fighter, and werewolf/Pokemon. Sports Games. DITKA! 49:15 - Celebrity Profile - Khadheem Hardison. Powerfest 1990! 54:30 - Bulletin Board. Racist Saw. Players Poll. We speculate about Howards domestic troubles. 1:02:00 - Outro
June 17, 2016
Orlando, we love you.
A message of love from us to you.
June 17, 2016
Issue 18 - Part 1. Dr Mario, Solar Jetman! With Special Guest: Kevin Gootee
We discuss Castlevania 3 with New York city stand up Kevin Gootee. He's got a show called Comics watching Comics. John isn't here so take that as you will? 00:00 - Intro and Interview with Kevin Gootee 26:00 - Cover- Dr Mario (and his questionable license.) Where's John? and holiday theme inside cover ad. Why are snacks getting smaller 35:15 - Mailbox. and Kevin leaves. and game pak disasters and miracles 44:20 - Solar Jetman! 55:00 - Howard and Ness and Razor tour the Maniac Mansion 59:00 - Little Nemo and his Joy! 1:06:45 - Counsellors Corners. It's a hair-raising extravaganza! 1:10:00 - Dr Mario! It's infectious fun. and of course parents had their fear of games. even this. 1:16:00 - Game Boy Previews, Game Boy Classified. 1:20:30 - Outro
June 10, 2016
Bonus Stage! Fun Club 6 April 1988 With return guest: Ben’s neighbour!
We are reading issue 6 of the fun club newsletter! Mike is a little slow on the uptake but he gets on the ball. Cover - Derp Link and unlicensed sports posters 4:40 - Prez Says with Derp Howard. and Derp Link 9:30 - Ikari warrior and the WTF poster 12:15 - Sneak Peak: Golf, Super Mario Bros 2, Double Dragon, and Punch Out 18:30 - Tips and Tricks, Japanese translation, and reviewers who clearly didn't finish the game 21:20 - Video Ho's Ho's Ho's with special appearance by Ben's neighbour! 24:30 - Tips from Members. and neat posters for cheap! Stuff and Things 27:15 - Mailbag. Jeff isn't a good husband apparently. Amazing Metroid art. Metal Gear swag 33:30 - Freedom Force and what became of Ivan Drago after the fall of the Soviet Union 37:15 - Outro and... The horror....
June 6, 2016
Bonus Stage! Fun Club 5 Feb 1988 With Special Guest: Ben’s Neighbour!
No Big Intro, we hit the ground running! Mike Tyson and Sugar Ray Leonard try their hardest to make this our best episode ever. Cover - RC Pro AM 3:00 - Capcom ad for obscure games. One's called Trojan. Yeah we're gonna leave that alone. 06:50 - RC Pro AM 13:30 - The Story of Tengen and the Mariners 19:30 - Golf and Mario denied 22:00 - Now your Playing with Dragon Power! And Louie Reviewee? Goonies 2? 30:00 - Tips and Tricks Super Mario Bros 32:30 - Mike Tysons Punch Out. and Mike King's Macho Man impression. 37:00 - Ben destroys us with a suprise appearance from his neigbour. 40:20 - The jacked comedian ad. and we go off the rails. 44:00 - Ghost Stories 52:30 - Video Ho Ho Ho's 57:00 - Mailbag and Halloween Hoopla! 1:03:45 - The NES Max
June 3, 2016
Issue 16 Sept/Oct Part 2 - Windsor McCay, Previews, Will Wheaton! With Special Guest: Mike’s Ipad
Ben was sucked into his television set and left Mike and John to carry us to the conclusion of Issue 16 - Maniac Mansion. We discuss the father of Animation. Do yourself a favour and look here ( We apologize for Mike leaving his ipad too close to the mic. 01:45 - Previews: Litte Nemo. First the anime, then the game! 05:45 - The History of Little Nemo's creator, Winsor McCay! 12:30 - Previews: Dragon warrior 2 16:45 - Previews: Solar Jetman! 19:00 - Previews: Ninja Turtles 2! 23:30 - Previews are over. Time for New Games! Dick Tracy! and we get political. 35:00 - Video Shorts. Bugs Bunny birthday Coke party. Giligans Island. Bigfoot! Galaga! Mad Max, Back to the Future 2 and 3. Cabal 49:00 - Nes Journal - Introducing the Super nintendo Spec sheet! and Mike divulges a bit of his past with Video Game Mu
May 30, 2016
Issue 16 Sept/Oct Part 1 - Maniac Mansion, Final Fantasy, Snake, Rattle, and Roll!
It's part one of our coverage of Issue 16 featuring Maniac Mansion. We hit the ground running and John delivers a new depth of depravity. Best episode ever? You let us know. 00:00 - Intro and the Table of Contents 04:30 - Mailbox! Nintendo Mom!, MILF Island, Student Experiments! the "Party" party! Disturbing costumes! Mario Question Corner! Video Spotlight! 16:20 - Final Fantasy treasure. Dessert island vacation. John finds a new use for the 2nd prize. Mike tells us who won the warmech hunt! 21:50 - Ben takes us to Maniac Mansion! John praises the Fontwork! Mike sings! 32:30 - Howard and Nester take on the Mafat conspiracy. 37:30 - Top 30, Rollergames. and some Football game that isnt tecmo bowl so John doesnt like it. 44:00 - Classified Information. Instant Tetris, Boy and his blob. and John RUINS the episode with some reddit relic. Mike Sings!
May 27, 2016
Bonus Stage 4! Fun Club Winter 1988! Ben-less Podcast!
It's a Ben-less episode. Can Mike and John survive without him? If so, in what shape? We get knocked off the rails before we pass the cover. 04:00 - Iron Mike on the cover. with a perfectly timed ad for another game on the inside cover 8:00 - Tyson Tangents 20:00 - Spy Hunter, dating advice with Rad Racer and discontinued 3-d Glasses with dating innuendo 25:00 - Sneak peaks and link love 30:00 - The legendary, craptastic, mythical, magical Mega-Man ad! 35:00 - Dragon Warrior. Do People know what an RPG is? I got a question. Do they know what Dragon warrior is? they messed up a lot 39:00 - LJN multigame combo attack! 40:00 - Pro's Corner - Link! Metroid! Kid Icarus! Rad Racer! Super Mario! Star Fox? 48:00 - Video Ho Ho Ho's and hot hints from SNK 53:00 - Something that passes for reviews! Things's go to
May 24, 2016
Bonus Stage 2. Fun Club of Fall 1987. With Special Guest: Katherine Spiers!
Hey there Power Players! Katherine stuck around for a bit talk more about her food anthropology podcast "How It Got In Your Mouth" and about getting the internet before everyone else. The mysogony of vocal fry, and the anti-masturbation policy of Mr. Kellogg (yeah the corn flakes guy) before leaving us alone to finally be a little raunchy and uncivilized again to discuss the Fun Club of Fall 1987. But first, special news! You'll notice this episode is shorter than our usual movie length commentary. We are parsing out our coverage to let you get more power in manageable increments! 21:00 - Cover. Legend of Zelda and Game of Thrones! 24:40 - Taito 4-way. Legend of Kage. Elevator Action. Renegade and Arkanoid! 27:30 - Howard doesnt have his kid to protect him from our scorn anymore! 28:30 - Hitler cop rises! 29:20 - Metroid news! Burger Time! Karate Kid! Thank God Katherine left...
May 13, 2016
Issue 14 - July 1990 Rescue Rangers. With Special Guest: Katherine Spiers!
Mike went messing with the past and brought someone back from a Fun Club article to chat with us. Katherine Spiers from "How it got in your mouth" the food anthropology podcast, is here to hang out and discuss her show, and her experience with her step-father. Who is he? Just the Gamemaster himself, Howard Philips! Whats it like growing up with Nintendo Power as a predominant element in one's life? We find out this and so much more about Howie the man, the worker, the rocker, the athlete, the driver, and the dad. this might be our best episode ever! 00:00 - Intro. A bit about Katherine and the dangers of Howards celebrity! 20:00 - Cover. Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers. and Hitler Cop gets a future upgrade in the table of contents 26:20 - Mail Box. It's raining Ben, Halleluiah! Hurricane Hugo wrecks a town but not a Nintendo! Old people and make awesome fans! 37:00 - Final Fantasy Coverage, Treasure Hunt
May 10, 2016
First Bonus Stage! Fun Club 1 and 2! with Special Guest: Horrible Oversharing!
Howdy power players. Johns' first offical epsiode after being integrated into the Tri-force There was no issue 13, just the Super Mario 3 strategy guide. So we head back to the past. Join us as we join: The Nintendo Fun Club! First issue: Winter 1987 00:00 - Intro (botched by Mike) 04:30 - Cover (Headline?) Mario. Psycho mass murderer. 09:30 - Zelda battery pak save games. and Hogans alley zapper game. and police brutality jokes ensue. 13:20 - Super mario-a-thon. With suprising celebrities and startling mario! 18:30 - Mike looses his shit. and gets replaced by a balloon on the tour circuit... 20:00 - Pro Wrestling and Slalom. 21:00 - Nationwide high score competition and Shoddy Mario Bros screenshot 23:50 - Humble Howard tells us about his awesome J-O-B and we make our feelings about him known. John breaks Mike a
April 26, 2016
Issue 12 - Super C! Final Fantasy! Bibleman! With Special Guest: New Host!
l Episode today boys. We don't lose a guest but gained a host as John has joined us. and good news about future episodes. This might just be our best episode ever! 00:00 - Intro and installation of the new host! 03:30 - Cover. Super C. and DinoWarz 06:30 - Mike explores his heritage with a reading of a letter from his homeland. and John debates the cost of body parts vs cartridges. and Ben 10:30 - Power Player Profile. Has Mike met his match?  12:45 - Final Fantasy with musical accompaniment by Mike, trauma by John, and racism by ben. plus a lot of back Story 24:30 - Super C! Have Ricky 29:46 - DinoWarz. Dear lord this game had such promise. and broke it all. From hacky writing to one color sprites. and John received some trauma instead of dishing it out. maybe this game isnt so bad after all. 36:00 - The Nesters are here again!
April 19, 2016
Issue 11 - Super Mario Bros 3. Sub-par Submarines. and Hitler Cop. With Special Guest, John!
Howdy do April fools! This is issue 11 of Nintendo power. we have our first return guest, John! we discuss another NES surviving certain doom, Super Mario bros 3, the hidden Japanese influences, and so much more! this might be our best episode ever. 00:00 - Super Mario Bros 3, inside cover, and table of contents 04:45 - Come sail away with the S.S NES, indie power players, and not so helpful counselors. 10:00 - Super Mario Bros 3. So many facts and trivia you might not know. and if you do, then well enjoy us learning. And Mike teaches us how to say blue grass in Japanese. Its impossible to not be racist if you say it properly. so he nails it. What is a tanuki? you DON'T want to know, but you will. and we also talk about the game. how do you get the white mushrooms? is Bowser cosplaying in this magazine? 27:40 - Silent Service. This games looks awesome. And John shows that looks are deceiving. but
April 1, 2016
Issue 10 - Batman! Clash at Demonhead, Tetris! With special guest: The RPG Show!
We are joined by podcastors! Nick and Brent from The RPG Show discuss comics, games, Virginia and more! 03:30 - Cover art featuring Jack Nicholson 10:00 - Mailbag and power players featuring a young stooge in training, and lousy little brothers, and a NEW Nintendo system is coming! 20:00 - Batman. the hero the NES deserves 26:10 - Shadowgate and idea for another show! 33:00 - The making of Super Mario Bros 3! Shigeru Miyamoto's fave music, and the game that we never got. 41:20 - More Willow! 45:20 - Double Dragon 2 50:30 - Super Spike V-Ball 51:50 - Clash at demonhead! Why won't the artwork match the game!?! 57:20 - River City Ransom. Douchbros on the loose! 1:01:50 - Top 30 1:04:00 - Tetris! how is there a villain? 1:07:30 - Game Boy Games! Mario Golf! B
March 15, 2016
Issue 9 - Tetris. NES endings, Guardian legend. with special guest, Skype Malfunction!
Apologies for the horrible sound. skype screwed us over in an unforgivable manner. we did NOT record with cell phones and we spent hours splicing the best audio we could find to repair it. It's still worth a listen. we had a lot of fun and hope you do too.  00:00 - Intro with music.  and the power players suffer issue disparity!   05:40 - Table of Contents. Robocop is a hero? Mailbag poet. and creepy serial killer power players pulse. 12:30 - Willow. the original zelda? or is link the original willow? 14:00 - Tetris for the NES. but what is a block moving game? how is it different? is it like an RPG? 18:30 - Howard and Nester. oh boy. this comic. wow. very lawyer safe i guess 22:00 - Super off Road with tips by Ben. Iron Sword with animal tributes by Ben 26:00 - Spoiler alert, NES Endings revealed! we take issue with some of these morals to the stories
March 7, 2016
Issue 8 - Ducktales, A real Power Player, Dragon Warrior, and guest John!
Ben brings another friend, John (with better sound this time!), and enjoys several games featured in this issue of nintendo power. Alcohol might have helped. Join us in the reverie of Issue 8 of Nintendo Power staring Ducktales! Mike's not racist. Just his jokes and myriad impressions....00:00 - Is Mike just doing skits for intros from now on?06:30 - Cover talk and a phone in a booth. 08:30 - Mail Box. NES vs Viking Caddy. Mario cake, and an infamous Power Player! and someone challenges Howard to the throne of NP. And gamers in need get denied?!21:00 - Ducktales - Woo ooo! We got Blue-eyed scrooge tripping balls. Greed is good. How great is the Moon level music?32:30 - Dragon Warrior again! does John know what an RPG is? how can they fuck up a slime? With power, that's how!42:30 - NES Satellite of love!54:00 - Counselors Corner! Did Kevin Spacey plant a pizza to punish Michelangelo? These counselors are
February 15, 2016
Issue 7 - Mega Man 2, Guest, and WHAT is an RPG?
We have a special guest, Tron. He takes a break from fighting the master control program and attending the Player Hater's ball to join us to talk about the robot revolution to crap on the Trump family and Dr Wily in this issue of July/August of 1989. We cannot gush about mega man 2 enough. This issue give delicious artwork and coverage. BTW does anyone know what an RPG is?00:00 - Special intro, Trump Sr, and the Wily cover. Ben takes issue with the binding for the issue, and the table of contents is misleading07:00 - The Mail Box. a homemade NES Arcade.  Make a wish kids. Characters after-games lives. 12:00 - Mega Man 2. Damn this game was so good. Precious memories. This guy has more emberassing names than bowie and sean combs and prince combined. Ben delivers a nice treat in the background. buckle up. we're in for a long ride.42:15 - Faxanadu. Im here all night for you. and talk about an artwork let down.50:
February 2, 2016
Issue 6 - TMNT errors, artists making good, and Dr Wily on a budget - May/June 1989
00:00 - Intro01:20 - Cover - TMNT. Donny is hungry and Raph has strange weapons. Captain Nintendo has something to tell you for a few bucks a minute.06:00 - Table of Contents and Mail Bag 08:00 - Mail bag rap10:00 - What is the player choice 10 arcade? What became of this talented artist in the mail bag? check out @mrbozon and see.13:00 - TMNT personal fallacies, typos, poor artwork and more. 27:00 - The Nester Awards for excellence in 1987. Best PVP Blades of Stool. I mean steel. 30:00 - Bayou Billy part 2. A vest that has proof that bullets exist. Also, Sgt Bullocks dark past.32:00 - Cobra Triangle. Not a snake girl's coochie. Get your head out the gutter.34:40 - Life Force still looking good.35:40 - Mega Man 2 preview!42:00 - Faxanadu. Not starring Olivia Newton-John. The art work here in-game is atrocious.48:30 - The Addams family. Uncle Fe
January 27, 2016
Issue 5 - Ninja Gaiden, C.E.S 1989, and our first guest! - March/April 1989
We have a guest. Richard Rehder, producer and co-host from Geek Fallout Productions and Mike's co-host from Geek Fallout: Technobabble. Mike has a new mic. The show falls apart immediately.This issue features awards, trivia, games, comics, and a mailbag worth reading and the first documented cute girl gamer! (citation required)00:00 - Intro 03:00 - Cover - What is this dude holding?06:00 - Table of Contents and Rich get to meet the surfing gamer kid on the inside cover08:30 - Mailbag. Letters from fans, worth reading this time!17:30 - Link 2, part 2. Not much here. Moving on. 19:30 - Ben has a theory on the Coverage gaps we've noticed20:00 - C.E.S 1989!32:00 - Mid coverage 80's kid show tangent41:00 - I-force, They-force, We all Force for U-Force!42:40 - The Power Glove. It's soooo bad.47:20 - Ninja "NOT Revenge of the Black Manta" Gaide
January 12, 2016
Issue 4 - Zelda 2, Wrestlemania, Crap in your hand! Jan/Feb 1989
This week Mike realizes practice Isn't making perfect yet as he stumbles into issue 4. but we recover quickly thanks to Ben00:00   Intro (botched by Mike)02:20 The Cover03:30 Shelves of new controllers! (spoiler! Most are crap!)10:50 Wrestlemania! Can you dig it? The artwork and typos I mean.20:30 Captain Nintendo, still unreadable. Now you can do better!22:00 Can you tell me how to get PAST Sesame Street? 23:30 Zelda 2 - The Legend of Link. conflicting story with nice but misleading artwork.44:10 Centrefold45:00 Skate or Die! a game that demands cheating! Speaking Start screen49:00 Nester at the Olympics!51:30 Conspiracy at Counselors Corner!56:00 Classified Information -  Hiring practices, tactical self termination, suggestive techniques!1:00:00 Marble Madness!!1:01:00 Operation Wolf. Punisher goes on world Tour?
December 12, 2015
Issue 3 - Track and Field 2 - November 1988
This week we cover the third issue of Nintendo Power magazine from November of 1988. 01:20 Golgo 13 06:00 Track and Field 2 (Cover Story) 24:00 Mickey Mousecapade 26:00 Howard and Nester 28:00 Blaster Master 32:00 Holiday merchandise catalog 41:10 Centerfold poster 42:20 What is an RPG?
December 1, 2015
Issue 2 - Castlevania 2 - September 1988
This week we cover the second issue of Nintendo Power magazine from September of 1988. 02:00 Nintendo Power Cover: Castlevania II Simon's Quest 04:40 Calendar 10:00 'Title Wave' 12:30 Bionic Commando 15:30 Gun.Smoke 18:42 Lifeforce 20:30 Castlevania II: Simon's Quest 36:5
November 20, 2015
Issue 1 - Super Mario Bros. 2 - July 1988 (part 2)
This week we conclude our retrospective of the first issue of Nintendo Power magazine from July of 1988.   01:20 Howard and Nester.   05:20 Nintendo Fun Club, Nintendo Power origins.   08:55 Classified Information   21:30 Double Dragon   29:00 Gauntlet   33:40 Contra   36:00 Wheel of Fortune / Jeopardy   37:30 Video Shorts   53:55 Player's Poll Sweepstakes   56:50 NES Journal   1:06:50 Mailbox   1:11:25 Top 30   1:13:40 Coming up next month...
November 2, 2015
Issue 1 - Super Mario Bros. 2 - July 1988 (part 1)
A Brief Introduction to the concept and hosts and our experiences with Nintendo games and the magazine that made them beatableThis Issue:Interesting cover with wrong color Mario and a DIFFERENT looking Nintendo villain than intendedThe contents of this is surprisingly progressive for the 80's
October 27, 2015
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