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Come play in traffic with us!! Where two sisters share their experience of leaving a "cult"(WMSCOG)-from the perspective of a former "Deaconess" and the perspective of a concerned baby sister. We would love to hear your feedback! Send any questions, comments, suggestions to our email at
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Season 4 Finale Court Audio from 11.7.2014
Welcome to the end of our 4th season. On this episode we dissect the last oral argument of the case against Michele Colón.  Thank you to all of our guests from this season, special thanks to Michele for letting us deep dive into this crazy story.  Check out all 17 pages of the written decision here : Stay tuned for more episodes coming soon. 
September 15, 2022
Season 4 Episode 10 Court Audio 8.27.2014 WMSCOG vs. Michele Colón
Join us while we listen through the audio from the court motion on August 27th 2014 between WMSCOG and Michele Colón. You won't believe your ear holes but it's all true and on the record. Here is a link to financial statements mentioned here if you would like to Take a deep dive. Thank you Michele for letting us dig into this story. You rock and we think you are super cool.
September 05, 2022
Season 4 Episode 9 Caroline and AJ Parents of TWO current members
On this episode we talk to Caroline and AJ who have TWO current children in the WMSCOG. Their story is heartbreaking as they continue to fight for their loved ones.
August 15, 2022
Season 4 Episode 8 Part 2 with Former WMSCOG Deacon Anthony
Get ready to get silly with us! On this episode, Toni and Anthony quiz Lindsey on words used in the WMSCOG. Join us where a fragrance is not a fragrance, a maggot Is not a maggot and mother eats poop. 
August 01, 2022
Season 4 Episode 7 Interview with Former Missionary Emma
On this episode, we hear from Emma-a former missionary of the wmscog. She is the first person with the title "Missionary" that we have interviewed. Emma was in the WMSCOG from 2002-2019.  Thank you for talking with us and sharing your story. More to come from Emma ..  BOOM BABY 
July 25, 2022
Season 4 Episode 6 Interview with Former Member Luis
On this episode we hear from former Oklahoma/Texas WMSCOG member Luis. Thank you Luis for sharing all of your interesting stories with us. We are so glad you are free!!
July 16, 2022
Season 4 Episode 5 Propaganda
On this episode we talk about propaganda tactics and how they are used in high demand groups, including the WMSCOG. Trigger warning, this one might make you feel like screaming into the void.  Here is the link to the article we reference.
July 11, 2022
Season 4 Episode 4 What was Michele Colón actually sued for?
If you've been wondering that the heck Michele Colón was sued for, look no further!!  We get into the details about each item the World Mission Society Church of God in New Jersey tried to sue Michele for. Fun fact-court hearings are public record and you can obtain full audio recordings. On this show, we will share audio clips from The Motion to Dismiss the complaint against Michele. If you would like to read along with us, the court documents are available at A correction to Rick Ross's website, we mention it around 35 minutes in... His correct website is Here is a link to the YouTube videos we reference-WMSCOG Is a Cult- Public Financial Info and WMSCOG Destroys Families
June 30, 2022
Season 4 Episode 3 Michele Colón talks about the lawsuits Part 1
Listen to Michele Colón explain what it was like to be sued by the WMSCOG.
June 20, 2022
Season 4 Episode 2 Interview with former member Michele Colón
On this Episode, we FINALLY get to hear Michele Colón's story in her own words. This is a powerful story and it's just the beginning. Thank you Michele for giving us your time and for all that you do to help put the truth out there about the WMSCOG. You are a rockstar.  Check out the examining site for reliable and vetted content about the cult. Boom Baby
June 13, 2022
Season 4 Episode 1 Who is Michele Colón?
Welcome to Season 4! What did you hear about Michele Colón? On this episode we hear from former members about who they thought Michele Colón was and her connection with the WMSCOG. Stay tuned for this special season as a we dive into the details of how Michele has been involved with the church. Thank you to Anthony, Joann , Jordan , Luis , Toni and Kelsey for sharing your insight.  Stay tuned , we have a lot of exciting episodes coming soon.  Boom Baby
June 10, 2022
E9 S3 Living with an Apocalyptic mindset
Toni goes into grim detail about what life feels like when you think Yellowstone is about to take you out for forever. Stay until the end to hear our announcement to run for president and so much more.  Check out this amazing video from South Korea circa 1999 Boom Baby
May 29, 2022
E8 S3 Please make a cartoon of us already
Just a quick update on a few things. We have a YouTube channel now guys!!  Here is the link for our YouTube Here is a link for the literal cult classic " Ticket to Heaven" Here is the link to the cartoon that IN OUR OPINION might or might not star Raymond.( Check out 7 Minutes 30 seconds) and let us know what you think... See you soon with so much more! Boom Baby
May 19, 2022
E7 S3 Interview with Former Deacon Anthony
On this episode we finally talk with former Deacon of WMSCOG and new friend of ours, Anthony. Tune in to hear his amazing story of joining , living in and ultimately leaving the church. He is an awesome person and we are so thankful he shared his story with us.  Check out the internal soundtrack of Anthony being introduced to the church here... Some current infö on Asses .. I mean ASEZ And as always, send us an email or check out our website for more info.
May 03, 2022
E6 S3 A Message for Mike Coffman
Yo Mike Coffman, we have something to tell you. And so many other awesome updates. Tune in to this episode to hear the most shocking thing yet about the WMSCOG. It'll make you want to vomit!  Check out the Cult Vault  Check out Great Light Studios  Check out the Chicks and Kayne West  Email us at 
April 20, 2022
E5 S3 Why all religion is dumb
Today we will compare mainstream religions with WMSCOG. We finally finished our book club book so listen in to hear that review and our new book announcement. Oh and also … check out "The Chicks"
April 12, 2022
E4 S3 Former Deacon Raymond
Hold on to your seats ladies and gents.......this episode we talk with Raymond. He is a former deacon of WMSCOG and he is sharing his story for the first time ever on this episode. Even Toni is learning new things on this one!  Email Raymond if you'd like to get in touch Check out our website for resources. #WMSCOG #Godthemother #Ahnsahnghong #Anh sahng hong #Angsonghong 
April 01, 2022
E3 S3 Interview with Former member Joanne
Joanne shares her experience in the WMSCOG on the east coast. Trigger warning , this episode contains heavy topics like suicidal ideation and eating disorders. We have a new website if you are in need of resources or just want to see what our recording space looks like , check it out.
March 28, 2022
E2 S3 Financial Burden
Toni shares the financial burden from her own experience in the cult. 
March 18, 2022
E1 S3 Interview with former member and lifelong BFF Kellie
What's better than a childhood friend to share all of your secrets with ? A lifelong best friend who will join a cult with you and still love you in the end. Today we chat it up with Toni's lifelong best friend Kellie. Hear about how her and Toni navigated their friendship before, during and after their time in the cult together.  Thank you Kellie for being our guest. Shout out to all of the teachers out there who are kicking ass and taking names. We think you are all awesome. (except for Mrs. Campbell, she is a bitch) 
March 10, 2022
E9 S2 All About Cannabis Season Finale
We are joined by Jack and Ryan-the hosts of The Cannabis Connoisseur podcast. We discuss how Cannabis is used to help with trauma, nightmares, anxiety, and much more! Check out The Cannabis Connoisseur website
March 03, 2022
E8 S2 Bearing Fruit - Preaching Stories
Put on your dress shoes and get ready for some cardio. Welcome to an amazing episode all about Preaching. What kind of fruit comes to mind when you hear "Bearing fruit"? We are joined by Jordan , Jeremy, Kelsey Chad and read a story from an anonymous source about their preaching experience.  Check out Jeremy's story here Thank you to our special friends for sharing with us.   
February 25, 2022
E7 S2 Burnout
Join us as we discuss how to complete the stress cycle. Lots of good ideas from our book club!!
February 13, 2022
E6 S2 Part 2 Ruby Ridge Waco Interview with Dustin Duff
Friend and fellow podcaster Dustin Duff joins us on the show to give us a more in depth review of Ruby Ridge and Waco. Dustin has an extensive amount of knowledge and experience in law enforcement. He is here to help us see these events from a different angle.  Check out his podcast Un-Common on all of the platforms. If you want to follow or get in touch with Dustin here is his contact information.  Thank you Dustin! Can't wait to chat again soon.  Email: Twitter: @UncommonPC Instagram:     @Bpop80            @dustin.duff Facebook: @UncommonPOD Gettr:  @Duffdb
February 07, 2022
E5 S2 Ruby Ridge and Waco
Join us while we talk about what happened at Ruby Ridge and Waco in the 1990's. 
February 07, 2022
E4 S2 Heaven's Gate and Jonestown
Trigger warning, this episode is heavy. We will discuss the details of two iconic cults, Heavens Gate and Jonestown. 
January 28, 2022
E3 S2 Jordan with Great Light Studios
We are excited to share this episode with you guys. Jordan Hatfield from Great Life Studios ( An inner circle celebrity)  joined us in a conversation about God, Morality , the essence of Good and Evil , and Home renovations. Below are links to all of the amazing work that Jordan has done over the years. He has played a huge role in interviewing former and current WMSCOG members on his platform.  YouTube: Patreon: Full documentary link : Thanks for listening 
January 22, 2022
E2 S2 Interview with Former Member Amonnie
In this episode we talk to the talented and awesome former member of the church, Amonnie. She tells us about her experience as a gospel worker and the complexities of her personal relationships as a result of being in the church for 12 years. It's funny, it's sad, it's inquisitive. Thank you Amonnie for sharing your stories with us. We will be posting the link to her digital magazine as soon as it is ready.  If you would like to contact Amonnie directly, you can send her an email at
January 17, 2022
E1 S2 The History of the church
Welcome back friends and family. Today we get into the history of the church. We talk about the Moonies, the SCJ and Toni's former church and how alike they are. We started a book club in this episode so grab your copy of Burnout and read along with us.  Thank you Amonnie for letting us play your beautiful song on this episode. See the show notes for the lyrics. And stay tuned to future episodes where you will hear Amonnie's and many other fascinating stories. (The first letter of each word to the title of the song spells out the name of the church ) As a treat, here is the infamous dance video that Toni practiced so hard for. The song is an ear worm so I apologize now for it being stuck in your head for the rest of the day.   Watch Me Still Continue On Growing By: Amonnie Russ (AMO) I had to turn around, cause I was in the wrong direction. A lonely path without protection while only using fear and guilt and not love to motivate me. Now I’m trying my hardest to undo your damage, you took advantage of my obedience. Gotta reclaim my power, made my sweetness sour, then stole my flowers now I’m replanting them Watch me still continue on growing (4X) Continue on Growing Continue on, Continue on Growing. You said I’d be invited as a guest without a fee but never valued my heart my worth was measured by my deeds Said you’d give me my sight, but your truth was blinding. Justifying your behavior while manipulating me. Watch me still continue on growing, in a field you said not worth sowing. No longer need approval cause I know it. I owned it, I loaned it, but you stole it! You told me I would change if I went astray, (If I went away) but now I’m just awake and you were just a fake. (4X) You said I’d be possessed, be love is my only possession. You tried to limit my perception, but reality is that the truth always was inside me. So now watch me still continue on to grow continue on to flow, and show love without motives. (2X)
January 11, 2022
E14 S1 Finale with all of our special guests
You guys, we did it ! We made a full season of a podcast about a cult and we met some really great people along the way. Join us in our first ever season Finale with Chad, Kelsey and Jordan.  Here is the link to the examining website if anyone is looking for additional information or just feels like falling down the internet rabbit hole.. If you want to keep up with Chad this year, you can add him on facebook
January 05, 2022
E13 S1 Part 2 with Jordan Young
Join us in the perfect follow up to where we left off last episode with Jordan. See the show notes for the magazine article Jordan references.
January 03, 2022
E12 S1 Part 1 Interview with Former Member Jordan Young
Join us as we hear about Jordan Young's story of growing up in and eventually out of the church. There is so much to discuss with Jordan so this will be a few parter to make sure we cover it all. Check out his first Youtube Video he made after leaving the church in the show notes below. We'll see you soon with part 2 .
January 02, 2022
E11 S1 Interview with Former Member Kelsey
Join us this week for an amazing conversation with former church member, Kelsey. If you want to Contact Kelsey directly, you can reach her at Link to the youtube video referenced in the show here : Watch from the two hour ten minute mark to see the hacking action.
December 22, 2021
E10 S1 Perspective from the sisters point of view
As a Christmas treat, Lindsey will read you some poems about Jesus written by a young and hopeful Toni.  Get ready for some whole hearted cringe worthy moments between two sisters hashing out events from the past. Spoiler, they end up best friends in the end. 
December 13, 2021
E9 S1 Healing
Yoga, Cannabis, Sex, Music.......What is your healing process? What is your theme for 2022?? Let us know! 
December 10, 2021
E8 S1 Exclusive interview with former Deacon Chad
On this episode, we have our first ever guest on the show. Former deacon and now friend Chad opens up about his experience in the church. 
December 06, 2021
E7 S1 The Apology Letter
In this episode, Toni extends her apologies to family and friends and the universe. 
December 01, 2021
E6 S1 Story of Leaving
In this episode, we talk about leaving the church and what that process felt like. We also discuss the importance of mind-body connection and how that was crucial for "deprogramming".  We hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving and enjoy every minute with your loved ones!! Thanks for the support!!
November 23, 2021
E5 S1 BITE Model Thought and Emotional Control
Now things are getting real. On this episode, we discuss thought and emotional control from Steven Hassan's BITE model in comparison to the experience of the church.  Send us an email with questions, concerns , comments or just to say "Hi" at Check out Stevens website below for more resources and thank you so much for listening. Boom Baby 
November 17, 2021
E4 S1 BITE Model Information Control
Today we continue talking about Steven Hassan's BITE model. We talk about what information control is and how it was used in this church.  Boom Baby 
November 12, 2021
E3 S1 BITE Model Behavior Control
Join us as we explore mind control and how to tell if an organization is a cult. We will be dissecting Behavior Control from Steven Hassan's BITE Model.
November 09, 2021
E2 S1 Life in a cult
In this episode , we dive deeper into the timeline of our experience in the church. Hear about Toni's first real Halloween experience with her family since cutting ties with the church. Email us comments or questions at 
November 04, 2021
E1 S1 Hello!!
Come play in traffic with us!!  Where two sisters share their experience of an extreme religion-from the perspective of a former member and the perspective of a concerned family member. We would love to hear your feedback! Send any questions, comments, suggestions to our email at
November 03, 2021