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Plot Twist Design Business Podcast

Plot Twist Design Business Podcast

By Kelly R. Collier
Plot Twist Design Business Podcast is hosted by Kelly R. Collier, founder & Owner of Plot Twist Design. Operating as both Principal and Realtor, Kelly offers interior design and real estate services. She will share on the business side of interior design, real estate, and lifestyle topics from a professional & personal perspective. Guests will be invited to share their experiences as business owners and their expertise in the interior design industry. Together we will continue to build, learn, and grow on this journey!
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Women’s History Month Special Series: Carmeon Hamilton
Carmeon Hamilton of Nubi Interiors is the latest winner of Design Star Next Gen, and now the star of her own show; the newest member of the HGTV family! This episode is packed with fun and discussion of Carmeon’s design career journey, business gems, balancing her family with career, how she pivoted through the pandemic with her interior design firm to transition to being on TV, her experience in competing on the show, and more!!
April 28, 2021
Women’s History Month Special Series: Joy Moyler
Joy Moyler of Joy Moyler Interiors is sharing astounding insight from her illustrious career journey in architecture and interior design. Joy reflects on her design project experiences over seas, designing celebrity’s homes, her days spent at Ralph Lauren, and much more!! She recently released her new line of table top china; all while running her firm and shining bright at Veranda Magazine as Design Contributing Editor, Columnist “Joy of Design”.
April 21, 2021
Women’s History Month Special Series- Laquita Tate
Laquita Tate of Laquita Tate Interior Styling & Designs is sharing about something we share in common, balancing career and business. She has also been up to some amazing things like a recent home tour with Apartment Therapy and designing the school where she also leads as the Principal. Tune in to hear about these experiences, her dreamy art collection, and more!!
April 14, 2021
Women’s History Month Special Series: Brenda Danso
Brenda Danso of BD Interior Design is sharing about how she started on her interior design journey, balancing corporate with the private practice and design firm, home design sharing, the online boutique collaboration, and more!
April 9, 2021
Women’s History Month Special Series: Cachet Adams
Cachet Adams of Cachet Demaine Interiors is sharing work life balance advice, how she runs her design firm and holds down a corporate career, juggling family time with both, lessons learned on her journey, and more!
April 7, 2021
Women’s History Month Special Series: Celeste Alexander
Celeste Alexander of Celeste Alexander Inferiors and Curated Quarters Magazine is sharing about her journey in the design industry, her education, and her reasoning for starting the only magazine dedicated to showcasing the work of black interior designers. Celeste also shares about balancing business with family strategies and more!
April 2, 2021
Women’s History Month Special Series: Dominique Calhoun
Dominique Calhoun of Remix Living is sharing with us about her design journey, educational background, business gems, why she started her design showroom, and more. Extraordinary fact about Dominique: She is the only black woman owning a design showroom in Philadelphia PA!
March 26, 2021
Design and Construction Series
Jessica Martinez of Tinez Construction is sharing about offering both design and construction services in her firm. She is sharing how her and her husband Ruben are able to balance running their firm with family time, experiences with commercial vs. residential projects, perspective on challenges with both sides of the industry, and more!
January 27, 2021
Design and Construction Series
Catrina Alexandre of Black Women In Construction is sharing about her educational journey, career as an Engineer in the world of construction, and her perspective on design vs. construction work. The reality discussed about the biases existing that come with being a black woman in the industry, the non-sisterhood experienced, and navigating job opportunities all set the tone for candid, uncut discussion that reminds us there is still lots of work to be done. Catrina is one who has taken initiative to go above & beyond to do her part in giving back for other black women in construction through her Instagram page and website for starters.
January 10, 2021
Design and Construction Series: Geoff McQueen
Geoff McQueen of McQueen Building Company is sharing about his design and build firm, the journey of his architectural and design experience, running a business and family with his wife Christine and more!!
December 23, 2020
Design and Construction Series: Linda Hayslett
Linda Hayslett of LH.Designs Interior Design Firm is sharing her expertise in construction and design, project experiences, her career journey, and more!!
December 11, 2020
Design and Construction Series: Ajia Monet
Ajia Monet of Ablige Interiors Inc is sharing about her experiences with design and construction, her design journey, personal aesthetic style, and more!!
December 2, 2020
Designer Series: Alvin Wayne, Luxury Design
Alvin Wayne of Alvin Wayne Interiors is sharing about his journey, luxury design, his personal aesthetic, ATL design school experience, project budgeting and more!!
October 14, 2020
Designer Series: Rhonnika Clifton, Importance of Education
Rhonnika Clifton of RJ Clifton Designs is sharing about her journey, the importance of education, the co-founding of her organization called Creativity Conversations, the Texas BIDS (Black Interior Design Symposium), and more!
October 1, 2020
Designer Series: Chivonne Y. Washington, Branding
Chivonne Washington of CY Wash Design is sharing about her interior design journey, branding strategies, marketing outside of social media, her new product service, a spirit of community over competition, and more!
September 22, 2020
Designer Series: Eneia White, Interior Design Life in NYC
Eneia White of Eneia White Interiors is sharing about her design journey, interior design in NYC vs. LA, her core values, high end design firm experiences, a few best practice tips, her ideal clients, and more!!
September 15, 2020
Designer Series: Joy Williams, Design and Real Estate
Joy Williams, Interior Designer and Real Estate Investor owns Joyful Design Studio, Joyful Home, and Million Dollar Joy. Joy is sharing about her journey in both design and real estate, how she navigated through the pandemic in the retail part of her business, how she’s built her property portfolio, and more.
September 10, 2020
Designer Series: Beth Diana Smith, Networking From A Place of Giving
Beth of Beth Diana Smith Interior Design is sharing on her design journey, Corporate Accounting life vs Interior Designer life, multiple spaces completed for the spring One Room Challenge, client project experiences, building relationships, and more!!
September 1, 2020
Designer Series: Julyan Simon, Evolving
Julyan Simon of JL Simon Interiors shares about the journey and transition from his retail days with Ralph Lauren and Sherwin Williams to an interior design business, his experiences as a black man amidst the start in his design journey, getting out of his own way to evolve, and more!
August 20, 2020
Designer Series: Rasheeda Gray, Corporate to Full Time Entrepreneurship
Rasheeda of Gray Space Design is sharing on her design journey, the transition from balancing corporate to full time entrepreneurship, building a brand, running her firm with a team, and more!!
August 5, 2020
Designer Series: Albie Buabeng, Creating Your Own Lane
Albie of Albie Knows Design shares about her creative journey, design experiences, discussion about her latest creation of Share The Mic Now Home Edition, and much more!
August 1, 2020
Designer Series: Don Ricardo Massenburg, Custom Design
Don Ricardo of Design Inkredible shares on his design journey, custom furniture, building vendor and client relationships, marketing, and more!
July 21, 2020
Designer Series: Lauren Ashley, COVID19 Silver Linings
Lauren Ashely of LA Design Affair shares on a silver lining of the pandemic, her book about Highpoint Market, benefits of going to market, trades vs retail discounts, and more!
July 14, 2020
Meet Kelly
Kicking off the first round of episodes with sharing a little more about myself and how we got here on the podcast. Let’s do this!
July 1, 2020