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Plot Twist Design Business Podcast

Plot Twist Design Business Podcast

By Kelly R. Collier-Clark
Plot Twist Design Business Podcast is hosted by Kelly R. Collier-Clark, Founder of Plot Twist Design and Plot Decor Boutique. Operating as both Principal and Realtor, Kelly offers interior design and real estate services. She will share on the business side of interior design and lifestyle topics from a professional & personal perspective. Guests will be invited to share their experiences as business owners and their expertise in the interior design industry. Together we will continue to build, learn, and grow on this journey!
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Women’s History Month Series VOL II: Chanae Richards
Chanae Richards, CEO & Principal Designer of ọlọrọ interiors is sharing her journey with us today. Her firm is based in Philadelphia with a second location in New York. Chanae walks us through how her journey began, her experience with starting her business with family members, and the importance of having the right people in positions where they fit best. She shares insight on why and how multiple streams of income are important to her and the value in having a team to support each separately. We talk about her personal aesthetic style and the way it reflects who she is as a minimalist, how she niches her clients, and her ideal clients. Aside from interior and set design; Chanae also serves as the Managing Director of Philadelphia Housing Authority’s Entrepreneurial Resource Center, a groundbreaking initiative providing residents with free business resources and support for community innovation. Her curated spaces and design expertise have been featured in major magazines such as Elle Decor and Business of Home, Apartment Therapy, and major syndicates like MSNBC, National Geographic, and more. Chanae is an insightful business woman blazing her own trails in the industry and beyond. Tune in!
March 23, 2022
Women’s History Month VOL II Series: Marie Cloud
Marie Cloud, Principal of Indigo Pruitt Design Studio is sharing her journey with us today. Her firm is located in Charlotte, NC. Among numerous features, Marie has been recently been featured on TV via the local news on Spectrum News 1 and on their website showing her home and discussing the growth in business since the pandemic began. She was also appointed the first Diversity and Inclusion Officer for High Point By Design (HPxD) before 2021 ended. HPxD is an organization committed to making High Point an all year around hub for interior designers. Marie shares why she embraces the position, yet voices that increasing equity isn’t just resting on her shoulders alone. Rewinding the tape we talked about her educational path that let her to an earlier career in management with Sherwin Williams. Marie quickly realized her love for the creative side was best for her. As a wife and mother who enjoys her family immensely, she shares how important it is to maintain a healthy balance of time for herself; as well as her favorite ways to decompress. Marie walks us through her design style at home, how client’s interiors should reflect who they are, and much more. Tune in!
March 17, 2022
Women’s History Month VOL II Series: Claudia Steer
Claudia Steer is an amazing serial entrepreneur located in Brooklyn, NY and sharing her journey with us today. Claudia is Owner and Principal Designer of NW10 Interiors and Founder & CEO of Rentid, a tech-enabled home design platform for renters that transforms interior design into an amenity that benefits both sides of the market. And she also has a strategic consultancy, Steer Strategies, delivering brand and creative strategy to brands such as P&G and American Express. As a self titled ‘rebel renter’, Claudia walks us through her story of breaking rules to design her home and her beliefs that everyone ought to see themselves reflected in their spaces in order to create a greater sense of belonging, whether they own a space or not. She shares her design aesthetic values, the inspiring story behind designing Issa Rae’s Airbnb in L.A. at the top of this year her views on social media. We also took a deep dive into social media and design industry behaviors that many will find very relatable. With over a decade’s experience in brand and experiential strategy and seven plus years as an interior designer, Claudia has studied both the art and science of design and its impact on people. She incorporates a lot of the psychological benefits of design into her work, and has created both commercial and residential projects that speak to her ethos on belonging in design. This packed conversation is filled with great insight, transparency, and good laughs. Tune in!
March 15, 2022
Women’s History Month VOL II Series: Nicole White
Nicole White, President & Principal Designer of Nicole White Designs Interiors (NWD Interiors) is sharing her journey with us today AND sharing first publicly here about her new furniture line with TOV debuting this year! Nicole also recently moved into her new firm’s brick & mortar location in South Florida! Rewinding the tape, she is walking us through how she transitioned from her career in journalism into the interior design industry. Having over ten years of design experience, Nicole has navigated through working with partners early on to being hands on in renovation projects. She talks about how balancing entrepreneurship with motherhood has been accomplished throughout the years, owning her super powers in being well known for designing extraordinary kitchens and the colorful, ‘extra’ wow factors in her design aesthetics come naturally being part of her heritage. We talked about her experiences with designing two spaces for Kips Bay Show House, the BTS story how a feature in House Beautiful magazine turned into a cover story, women owning their value, and much more. Tune in!
March 10, 2022
Women’s History Month Series VOL II: Kirsten Wilson and Morgan Marshall
Kirsten Wilson and Morgan Marshall, Principal Interior Designers of KIMO Interiors are sharing their journey with us. Kirsten and Morgan are sisters, as well as business partners. Kirsten is located in Delaware, and Morgan is located in Maryland. These two are walking us through how their business originally started in 2018 to how they’ve worked to establish their design brand that exists today. They’re sharing how partnerships can work well with each having clear roles and expectations set. Kirsten drops gems on how juggling family works for her and the business side of things. Morgan shares gems about running the creative side of things, the power in taking creative risks, and the importance of being okay with partners giving each other feedback. Both of these ladies also balance their personal lives and the business with full time corporate careers they each love. This is a fun, informative conversation filled with design process transparency and more. Tune in!
March 08, 2022
Women’s History Month Series VOL II: Bailey Li
Bailey Li of Bailey Li Interiors is sharing her journey with us today. Bailey is located in Newark, New Jersey. She’s a self-realized Interior Artist and Interior Designer well known for her creative painted walls, her amazing, unexpected fashion style and stunning projects like her colorful living room shared on NBC Open House Tours NY and her ‘Lover and a Figher’ vignette created for Design on a Dime for the New York Design Center (NYDC). Bailey shares how her previous career in sales and real estate led her to where she is today. We discussed how fulfilling it is to have creative control with client’s trust in her talent and having the courage to try some things early on with paint. While working and building her business she also raised three boys. Bailey shares here first with us the amazing about her new wallpaper line and transparency with the process in making it happen. Her store is inspiring on multiple levels, and her positive energy is contagious.
March 03, 2022
Women’s History Month Series VOL II: Breegan Jane
Breegan Jane, The Home Maker! Interior Designer, HGTV Host, and Lifestyle Expert. Breegan Jane is located in Los Angles, CA. Breegan is sharing her journey with us today. She has been on multiple TV shows and an Interior Design Influencer for High Point Market as a Style Spotter (twice), among many other accomplishments. She wears multiple hats as a woman in business, in addition to being the Mother of two children. Breegan shares about her childhood experiences and the path that led her to where she is in her career today. She shares about her design aesthetic growth, transparency with her feelings about acting, and how important philanthropy is to her. Breegan is also a huge believer in women empowerment and truly walks the walk.
March 01, 2022
Designer Series VOL II: Kiyonda Powell
Kiyonda Powell, Creator in Chief of Kiyonda Powell Design Studio is sharing her journey with us today. Kiyonda’s love for interior design began in her childhood years and led her to an educational path to do exactly what she loves. She walks us through what it was like to goto school and work at one time and the start of her career in hospitality design. Kiyonda shares about the start of her own firm and navigating the challenges that come with being an entrepreneur. We also discussed her amazing space designed for Aspire House McLean 2020 (Designer Show House) while being pregnant amidst the pandemic, how she now balances motherhood, and much more!
February 03, 2022
Designer Series VOL II: DuVal Reynolds
DuVal Reynolds, Principal of DuVal Interiors is sharing his journey with us today. DuVal walks us through how his earlier career led him to the design world and how he navigated starting his own firm. We discussed business processes, his aesthetic logic, his participation in the AD Iconic Home 2021, our experience in being WNWN 2021 Design Ambassadors for NYDC, and what we both look forward to being named High Point Style Spotters for 2022. He is a wealth of business knowledge and shares a ton of transparency, design business gems, and welcomed humor!
January 26, 2022
Designer Series VOL II: Christina Marie Kairis
Christina Marie Kairis, Principal of Tina Marie Interior Design is sharing her journey with us. From her career pivot, to the path that led to her now having her own firm. Christina also owns her own receivership, Stash; which is a huge benefit to other designers in Florida. She shares her ‘how’ and ‘why’ for this added business, how she balances motherhood, how she defines her livable luxury design brand, and reveals something new with us that she’s working. It’s such an honor to be the first to hear and share amazing designer news. Tune in and enjoy!
January 19, 2022
Designer Series VOL II: David Quarles IV
David Quarles IV, Principal and Owner of Concept 417 is sharing his journey with us. David’s firm is based in Tennessee. His colorful eclectic, mid century home aesthetic and beautiful plants throughout his home have been featured for home tours with Apartment Therapy and HGTV. He facilitates virtual fitness classes, and designs jewelry. David walks us through how his journey of how his design journey started and how past career steps led him back on this path. We’re discussing best practices for balancing entrepreneurship, his latest big commercial project, and more!
October 12, 2021
Designer Series VOL II: Whitney Jones
Whitney Jones, Principal and Owner of Whitney J Decor is sharing her journey with us today. She’s walking us through how she quickly realized her ability to be an entrepreneur after finishing school, jumping in with two feet. Whitney gives insight to how she runs her design firm that includes decor retail via within her brick & mortar location, as well as online. We discuss navigating contractors, the part we play in educating clients, and more!
September 30, 2021
Designer Series VOL II: Malik Logan
Malik Logan, Principal of The Tailored Interiors is sharing his design journey with us. The leap of faith in starting his firm during the pandemic and full transparency in the behind the scenes insight shared are both commendable. Anyone new to starting your firm, take notes on Malik’s branding gems shared. Malik gives a true picture of what it looks like to “do it scared” and succeed. He walks us through his strategic approach to having his ideal clients identified early on, details about his masculine design aesthetic, the scoop on where most of his clients are, and more!
September 15, 2021
Designer Series VOL II: Natasa Jones
Natasa Jones of Natasa Jones Interiors is sharing her design journey with us today. Natasa walks us through a bit of her heritage being born and raised in Europe and how her culture lends to her personal modern aesthetic. She shares about her days as an Event Planner that led her back to her design roots and the big project that catapulted her to start of her own design firm. Natasa dropped some great business gems, views on design trends, and much more!!
September 08, 2021
Designer Series VOL II: Justin Q. Williams
Justin Q. Williams of Trademark Design Co is not just sharing his design journey with us today. He’s sharing here first publicly, all the details about his new furniture line with TOV. Justin walks us through how his love for design and architecture both started at a very young age, his path of being self-taught paired with his business education led to the success we see today, and the balance of life as a Designer who travels with being a Dog Dad to Sir Alon. Of course we’re also talking about his experience having been on HGTV Design Start Next Gen, news announced about Justin being in the panel of judges lined up for the Thermador + Interior Design Society Diversity Design In Pipeline scholarship program, the importance of diversity in the design industry, and much more!
September 01, 2021
Designer Series VOL II: Ashley Ross
Ashley Ross, Principal of Muse Noire Interiors is sharing her design journey with us today. Ashley shares the strategy behind her services offered and how she approaches client projects. She is unapologetic about her aesthetic being contemporary global and being inspired by travel and the impact culture has in design. Ashley gives insight to her transition from an executive seat in corporate to becoming principal designer owning her own firm, her transferable skills, leveraging Highpoint vendors, and more!
August 25, 2021
Designer Series VOL II: Keia McSwain
Keia McSwain of Kimberly + Cameron Interiors, and CEO & President of Black Interior Designers Network (BIDN) is sharing her design journey with us. Keia is based in Denver, Colorado. She shares a bird’s eye view of her life as an Interior Designer whose travels are constant and how she juggles it all. She gives insight on experiences at High Point Market from her earlier days and tips on how to best plan for a productive market. Keia also shares informational updates about BIDN; how to join the network, ally partnerships, projections for 2022, and more!
August 19, 2021
Women’s History Month Special Series: Carmeon Hamilton
Carmeon Hamilton of Nubi Interiors is the latest winner of Design Star Next Gen, and now the star of her own show; the newest member of the HGTV family! This episode is packed with fun and discussion of Carmeon’s design career journey, business gems, balancing her family with career, how she pivoted through the pandemic with her interior design firm to transition to being on TV, her experience in competing on the show, and more!!
April 28, 2021
Women’s History Month Special Series: Joy Moyler
Joy Moyler of Joy Moyler Interiors is sharing astounding insight from her illustrious career journey in architecture and interior design. Joy reflects on her design project experiences over seas, designing celebrity’s homes, her days spent at Ralph Lauren, and much more!! She recently released her new line of table top china; all while running her firm and shining bright at Veranda Magazine as Design Contributing Editor, Columnist “Joy of Design”.
April 21, 2021
Women’s History Month Special Series- Laquita Tate
Laquita Tate of Laquita Tate Interior Styling & Designs is sharing about something we share in common, balancing career and business. She has also been up to some amazing things like a recent home tour with Apartment Therapy and designing the school where she also leads as the Principal. Tune in to hear about these experiences, her dreamy art collection, and more!!
April 14, 2021
Women’s History Month Special Series: Brenda Danso
Brenda Danso of BD Interior Design is sharing about how she started on her interior design journey, balancing corporate with the private practice and design firm, home design sharing, the online boutique collaboration, and more!
April 09, 2021
Women’s History Month Special Series: Cachet Adams
Cachet Adams of Cachet Demaine Interiors is sharing work life balance advice, how she runs her design firm and holds down a corporate career, juggling family time with both, lessons learned on her journey, and more!
April 07, 2021
Women’s History Month Special Series: Celeste Alexander
Celeste Alexander of Celeste Alexander Inferiors and Curated Quarters Magazine is sharing about her journey in the design industry, her education, and her reasoning for starting the only magazine dedicated to showcasing the work of black interior designers. Celeste also shares about balancing business with family strategies and more!
April 02, 2021
Women’s History Month Special Series: Dominique Calhoun
Dominique Calhoun of Remix Living is sharing with us about her design journey, educational background, business gems, why she started her design showroom, and more. Extraordinary fact about Dominique: She is the only black woman owning a design showroom in Philadelphia PA!
March 26, 2021
Design and Construction Series
Jessica Martinez of Tinez Construction is sharing about offering both design and construction services in her firm. She is sharing how her and her husband Ruben are able to balance running their firm with family time, experiences with commercial vs. residential projects, perspective on challenges with both sides of the industry, and more!
January 27, 2021
Design and Construction Series
Catrina Alexandre of Black Women In Construction is sharing about her educational journey, career as an Engineer in the world of construction, and her perspective on design vs. construction work. The reality discussed about the biases existing that come with being a black woman in the industry, the non-sisterhood experienced, and navigating job opportunities all set the tone for candid, uncut discussion that reminds us there is still lots of work to be done. Catrina is one who has taken initiative to go above & beyond to do her part in giving back for other black women in construction through her Instagram page and website for starters.
January 10, 2021
Design and Construction Series: Geoff McQueen
Geoff McQueen of McQueen Building Company is sharing about his design and build firm, the journey of his architectural and design experience, running a business and family with his wife Christine and more!!
December 23, 2020
Design and Construction Series: Linda Hayslett
Linda Hayslett of LH.Designs Interior Design Firm is sharing her expertise in construction and design, project experiences, her career journey, and more!!
December 11, 2020
Design and Construction Series: Ajia Monet
Ajia Monet of Ablige Interiors Inc is sharing about her experiences with design and construction, her design journey, personal aesthetic style, and more!!
December 02, 2020
Designer Series: Alvin Wayne, Luxury Design
Alvin Wayne of Alvin Wayne Interiors is sharing about his journey, luxury design, his personal aesthetic, ATL design school experience, project budgeting and more!!
October 14, 2020
Designer Series: Rhonnika Clifton, Importance of Education
Rhonnika Clifton of RJ Clifton Designs is sharing about her journey, the importance of education, the co-founding of her organization called Creativity Conversations, the Texas BIDS (Black Interior Design Symposium), and more!
October 01, 2020
Designer Series: Chivonne Y. Washington, Branding
Chivonne Washington of CY Wash Design is sharing about her interior design journey, branding strategies, marketing outside of social media, her new product service, a spirit of community over competition, and more!
September 22, 2020
Designer Series: Eneia White, Interior Design Life in NYC
Eneia White of Eneia White Interiors is sharing about her design journey, interior design in NYC vs. LA, her core values, high end design firm experiences, a few best practice tips, her ideal clients, and more!!
September 15, 2020
Designer Series: Joy Williams, Design and Real Estate
Joy Williams, Interior Designer and Real Estate Investor owns Joyful Design Studio, Joyful Home, and Million Dollar Joy. Joy is sharing about her journey in both design and real estate, how she navigated through the pandemic in the retail part of her business, how she’s built her property portfolio, and more.
September 10, 2020
Designer Series: Beth Diana Smith, Networking From A Place of Giving
Beth of Beth Diana Smith Interior Design is sharing on her design journey, Corporate Accounting life vs Interior Designer life, multiple spaces completed for the spring One Room Challenge, client project experiences, building relationships, and more!!
September 01, 2020
Designer Series: Julyan Simon, Evolving
Julyan Simon of JL Simon Interiors shares about the journey and transition from his retail days with Ralph Lauren and Sherwin Williams to an interior design business, his experiences as a black man amidst the start in his design journey, getting out of his own way to evolve, and more!
August 20, 2020
Designer Series: Rasheeda Gray, Corporate to Full Time Entrepreneurship
Rasheeda of Gray Space Design is sharing on her design journey, the transition from balancing corporate to full time entrepreneurship, building a brand, running her firm with a team, and more!!
August 05, 2020
Designer Series: Albie Buabeng, Creating Your Own Lane
Albie of Albie Knows Design shares about her creative journey, design experiences, discussion about her latest creation of Share The Mic Now Home Edition, and much more!
August 01, 2020
Designer Series: Don Ricardo Massenburg, Custom Design
Don Ricardo of Design Inkredible shares on his design journey, custom furniture, building vendor and client relationships, marketing, and more!
July 21, 2020
Designer Series: Lauren Ashley, COVID19 Silver Linings
Lauren Ashely of LA Design Affair shares on a silver lining of the pandemic, her book about Highpoint Market, benefits of going to market, trades vs retail discounts, and more!
July 14, 2020
Meet Kelly
Kicking off the first round of episodes with sharing a little more about myself and how we got here on the podcast. Let’s do this!
July 01, 2020