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Practical Life Philosophy

Practical Life Philosophy

By Andrew Smith
Hi, I'm Andrew Smith. I'm a former startup cofounder and now work in data analytics.

This podcast is mainly interviews with other millennials in high-stress jobs, where we discuss our shared struggles and what we're doing to make progress.
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Interview with Marketing Entrepreneur Leonard Kim

Practical Life Philosophy

Interview with Marketing Entrepreneur Leonard Kim
Podcast episode with Leonard Kim. Leonard and I discussed multiple items relating to the intersection between being professional, marketing yourself, and being open about your vulnerabilities (even with potential clients!). Website: Twitter:
April 26, 2019
Interview with Justin Boogaard from GoGoGrandparent
Conversation with Justin Boogaard, cofounder/CEO of GoGoGrandparent.  We discuss our current mental challenges, struggles, and progress:  1. Sensing when we are pushing ourselves too hard 2. Effectively recharging after an especially stressful time period 3. Disengaging from excessively fixating on negative feedback 4. Trying to spend more energy on high-value initiatives vs less energy on hassle items 5. Recovering from instances of anxiety
March 30, 2019
Interview with Filmmaker Scott Dunn
Indie filmmaker Scott Dunn and I discuss the struggles of being millennial entrepreneurs, and how we're working through those struggles.   Although our professions are quite different (Scott in Hollywood, Andrew in tech/startups), there's a lot of fundamental similarities in what we're going through and how we're making progress.
March 1, 2019