Chalk Talk

Chalk Talk

As a teacher or coach, you are expected to have all the answers. If you have a passion for fitness, strength and conditioning, or just working with students and athletes, this is the podcast for you.

Join Doug Curtin as he explores the questions and challenges that face high school coaches and teachers.

Chalk Talk is presented by PLT4M, an educational fitness platform built for high school teachers and coaches.
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# 10 - Sports Specific: Myth vs. Reality
Sport Specific Training can get every coach talking, and maybe even a little red in the face. Instead of turning red, Coach Breslin and Coach Reno discuss the myths versus reality around Sports Specific Training.  On today’s episode, we talk about basketball, track &cross country, and baseball, but this is certain to be a good listen for any sports coach or strength coach. 
August 19, 2019
# 9 - Nutrition w/April Liles RD
As teachers and coaches, we know nutrition is something worth talking about with our students and athletes. But for most of us, we are not sure where to start….April Liles joins the podcast to help PLT4M get started talking about nutrition!  April Liles, Registered Dietitian and Food Service Director at Waltham Public Schools breaks down for us how, what, and why nutrition is a key for every student that we work with.  Want to hear April come back and talk about something specific in the world of nutrition? Reach out and let us know! 
August 12, 2019
#8 - Game Day Lifts vs. Lifting on Game Day
It is game day and just a few hours before the big competition. Time to lift? While some coaches are jumping into “Game Day Lifts”, Coach Breslin and Coach Reno suggest we take a step back and think about what our goal is.  This episode breaks down everything from when to lift, when not to lift, and why pre-game prep does not mean we need a barbell in our hands. Check out Coach Reno's full article on Game Day Lifts Here:
August 5, 2019
#7 - In-Season Training
You put so much energy and effort into your off-season training program, but when the season comes weight training practically disappears. There is only so much time in your schedule, and getting your team to the weight room is a weekly challenge.  We talk about why ‘In Season Lifts’ should be considered PART of practice, not INSTEAD of practice. Find out why in-season lifts are so important and how we suggest implementing them at the high school level.
July 29, 2019
#6 - School Spotlight: Building a Program
What do you do when your high school weight room is less than 400 square feet and in the back corner of a woodshop? If you are Mount Abraham High School, you roll up your sleeves and build a unified strength and conditioning program.  Mount Abraham established a school-wide initiative and is now celebrating its successes. What started with collaboration, has culminated with student-athletes seeing long term benefits in fitness, performance, and most importantly, confidence.  
July 22, 2019
#5 - Coaching Culture: Putting it in Perspective
Student-Athletes are juggling school, work, family, and an onslaught of other commitments. Max Isaak describes shifting the perspective on training to get the most out of your time with young student-athletes.  Coach Max Isaak has worn many hats from a kindergarten teacher to a gym owner, to PLT4M's Head Performance Coach. Max places emphasis on creating a certain mindset with his athletes that allows them to foster great habits, and learn something from each and every training session. 
July 15, 2019
#4 - High School Weight Rooms: Equipment FAQ
Most high school weight rooms are a far cry from the immaculate facilities we see advertised at elite collegiate programs.  Doug pulls from our high school coaches frequently asked questions regarding high school weight rooms and equipment. Coach Bres and Coach Reno talk about getting creative, making smart investments, and managing the high school weight room you have. 
July 8, 2019
#3 - Teaching Strength
Every athlete wants to be able to lift heavy and “move weight”. The draw to strength and conditioning for most high school athletes lives in the numbers.  As coaches and teachers, the value we place on form, technique, and movement is paramount to any sexy amount of weight put on the bar. Coach Sam Breslin and Colin Reno talk about focusing on movement mechanics and seeing strength develop as a direct result. 
July 1, 2019
#2 - Teaching Movement
You wouldn’t teach calculus before covering algebra. The same thought process goes for teaching fitness. Start with the basics!  Teaching foundational movements is the staple of a great fitness education. This episode we cover teaching movements like push ups, pull ups, and air squats. 
June 24, 2019
#1 - Summer Workouts
Summer is here, which means so are summer lifts! How do you organize summer lifts to keep them fun, fresh, and engaging for every athlete? Join Doug Curtin as he sits down with PLT4M's Head of Performance, Coach Sam Breslin. Doug and Sam chat about starting up summer lifts, motivating athletes during the "dog days of summer", and working through all of the the challenges that come up along the way.  Whether you are heading into your first summer program or are a grizzled vet, tune in for Coach Breslin's summer lift takeaways. 
June 11, 2019
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