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A conversation about positivity and change. We all want to be better and leave our mark on the world, and in this podcast Jerome and Brian interview people about what drives them. Their stories of overcoming challenges, sustaining personal growth, and diving into lifelong passions that have made an impact and it is time to share them with you. Create positivity, inspire change, join the conversation: Plus Delta!
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Episode 22 - We all want diversity and equity, but how do we make REAL change? With Dr. Kimya Nuru Dennis

Plus Delta

Finding Washington with Author Richard Raines
On this week's episode Jerome has a one-on-one interview with author of the book Finding Washington, Richard Raines. Together they discuss what is wrong with today's political climate and what our beloved, but not free from fault, Founding Father George Washington would think about it all. Join us as we talk about learning from failure, choosing integrity above all else, and why we should be hopeful about our future. Don't forget to follow us on social media @Plusdeltapod and you can reach Richard with your thoughts on his email at
September 06, 2022
The B-side of Being Whatever You Want to Be
Brian and Jerome discuss their thoughts on voting, debate the difference between happiness and fullfilment, and what it takes to achieve dreams. We hope you enjoy this week's episode!
August 30, 2022
You can be whatever you want to be with Sam Nashagh
On today's episode fitting to a primary election day in Florida we have our interview with candidate Sam Nashagh, but don't worry this is not a political episode but instead one of dreams coming true.  Sam talks to us about growing up with very little but supported by a mom who taught him you can be whatever you want to be when you grow, and taking it to heart. Listen along as he shares his story and inspires us all to do what what we believe in, even if someone tells us, it's not worth it! *Friendly reminder this not an endorsement for any candidate or party simply an interview*
August 23, 2022
Saving the World one B-side at a time
Today Jerome and Brian discuss who we believe should be in charge of protecting our environment and the little things we have tried at home to do our part. *Warning* there are some things we may discuss in regards to laws or how they work, that may not be 100% accurate, be reminded that we are just two average joes sharing our thoughts and opinions based on our own basic knowledge 
August 09, 2022
Kostner the Environmentalist Saves the World One Talk at a Time
Kostner joins us Brian and Jerome this week to discuss his work as an environmentalist, and shares the way we can all help our environment. From making sure our A/C's are not set too low to sharing knowledge with those around us, there is always something we can all do to to keep our environment safe and beautiful for the next generation. Hint don't just talk about it on Twitter.
August 02, 2022
A Hunt, A Tour, and A Book - The B-side
On this episode Brian recaps his experience on the National Treasure Hunt tour; then together with Jerome they discuss their thoughts on what classifies something as a "national treasure" as well as they're thoughts about the people they have met so far on their own podcasting journey
July 26, 2022
A Hunt, A Tour, and A Book - With Aubrey and Emily of the National Treasure Hunt Podcast
They're your friends and ours, Aubrey and Emily co-hosts of the National Treasure Hunt podcast return, to share some big news and updates! You will hear them both share their progress on their upcoming book, how their idea came about for the summer (maybe twice a year) tour came about, and some updates and opinions on the upcoming National Treasure series and movie.
July 19, 2022
How to Make Friendships Last - The B Side
After hearing two best friends share their experiences last week, this week Brian and Jerome discuss the meaning of friendship, share a few personal stories, and provide some unsolicited, non-professional, advice on how to make friends and keep them around!
July 12, 2022
How to Make Friendships Last with Abigail and Suzannah
Friendships come and go, some are surface level and some are deep and meaningful, question is how do you keep those friends that matter around for the long haul. Join us this week as we talk to long time friends Abigail and Suzannah as they discuss how their friendship has evolved and overcome the tests of time and distance for the past 12 years. Hope you enjoy!
July 05, 2022
Motorcycles, Storytelling, and, Interdependence - Plus and Delta
In this episode Jerome and Brian share their experiences with storytelling and interdependence as well as the passion projects they are individually working on while discussing what they learned from last week's guest Jerry Deluca and how his passion can be used as an inspiration for future works.
June 28, 2022
Motorcycles, Storytelling, and Interdependence with Jerry Deluca
This week we interview Jerry Deluca the executive producer of Motorcycle Wars. He shares with us his story in which he describes the journey of taking a hobby and turning it into a passion project in which by pouring his blood, sweat, and tears, has come to learn so much about the power of storytelling and working with the right people to achieve goals and bring down barriers
June 21, 2022
Art, the Human Superpower - Plus and Delta
This week you get to hear from yours truly! Jerome and Brian discuss what we learned last episode with Michaell, share our ideas on Art being a human super power, our ideas of what it means to have a voice and define it, and more! We hope you enjoy!
June 14, 2022
S2 E1 Art is the Human Superpower with Guest Michaell Magrutsche
As kids, and sometimes adults, we all hope to have superpowers; flying, super-strength, invisibility. Turns out the human superpower has been all around us this whole time, Art. Whether you are an artist or not you have to check out what our guest, multi-media artist Michaell has to say about it, and then infect the rest of the world with this idea!
June 07, 2022
Episode 34 - Should there be stigma in the Adult Industry? - with theLena Bear
Lena talks to us on this episode about what it is like to work in the Adult Industry! She explains to us how it is no different from any other job and why people should not judge workers the way they do! We learned a lot this episode and we hope you do too!
December 08, 2021
A Reflection of Year 1
We wrap up year one of the pod with some reflective thoughts sharing some of our favorite moments and sign off letting you know how to stay in touch with us prior to our return on January 8th! Thank you so much to all of our listeners! Don't forget to rate us, subscribe, share comments and feedback! Follow us @plusdeltapod and go to our website for updates!
November 30, 2021
Episode 33 - Who Are These Fools?! The People Behind the Plus Delta Podcast (Replay)
We're bringing back a lost episode. Our first episode unfiltered and it's about the people who run Plus Delta: Brian, Jerome and Natasha (we're sad to see her go). You get a backstory to learn, understand and gather information about our co-host. We have a round table questionnaire to discuss ourselves and who we are. This is a casual interview so sit, back and relax. Remember to follow us on Spotify to get updates on episodes (Plus  Delta) and follow us on Instagram and Twitter @plusdeltapod! Twitter: Instagram: Website:
November 16, 2021
Episode 32 - What is Conscious Design? With Ian Peterman
We all hope to be successful in our endeavors but we often forget that we need the help of others and about the footprint our products and brands leave behind once we are no longer around. Our guest Ian Peterman, founder of the Peterman Design Firm and author of the book Conscious Design, comes on the the show this week to share with us how his dream of designing products at the age of 12 evolved into the creation of a firm and a design plan that ensures we all have the tools and support needed to be successful while ensuring we do so sustainably and consciously. Find him and his book at and Follow us @plusdeltapod on social media platforms, subscribe to us on all podcast platforms Visit us at
November 09, 2021
Episode 31 - What do teachers feel like? A conversation about the state of education with comedian Devin Siebold
Devin Siebold is a public speaker, professional developer comedian, and teacher. This week we get the amazing opportunity to talk to him about his story as an educator and comedian, as well as his thoughts and ours on the current state of education. Teachers listen to feel seen, non-teachers listen to understand! We hope you enjoy! Find Devin Siebold at Follow us and subscribe @Plusdeltapod on all social media and podcasting platforms! And our website
November 02, 2021
Episode 30 - What is a blerd? With co-host of the Phucaname podcast Wavii_Gawd
Malik aka Wavii_Gawd is our resident blerd, because you know Jerome doesn't count, and he joins us this week to talk about the life of a nerd discussing anime, comics, video games, and our very specific thoughts about Super Smash Bros. and our lives tortured by video game sequels that just never get released! Make sure you listen to this nerd-tastic episode and then go check out the Phucaname podcast where your very own hosts join in on their conversation! Follow: @plusdeltapod on Instagram and Twitter @phucaname on Instagram @wavii_gawd on Instagram and don't forget to subscribe on Spotify and check out our website
October 26, 2021
Episode 29 - What do fashion and journalism have in common? With Caitlin Reddington of All Things Hair
Do you know what to do with your life? For most of us we get stuck on one path and push hoping for the best, Caitlin on the other hand took her passions and interests and took off running. As associate editor at All Things Hair Caitlin writes and create content combining her love of beauty and fashion with her interest in journalism. Join us on this weeks episode, hear her story, and get inspired as we talk about fashion do's and don'ts a girls journey in college, and her growth into a path she designed for herself! Check out All Things Hair receive some amazing tips!
October 19, 2021
Episode 28:How is my Spiritual Awakening linked to my Self-Care? (With Amy Dascola)
Amy Dascola is a Psychic Medium, Educator, Intuitive Life Coach, and Reiki Healer She is passionate about normalizing  spirituality, creating a conscious community, and teaching others how to  manifest their dream life. I know you may be a bit skeptical but dive into our conversation about spirituality, finding inner peace and self-care. This is definitely an episode about self-help so it's an episode for everyone. Please check out Amy Dascola's info below: Don't forget to subscribe to on Spotify to get updates on episodes (Plus Delta) and follow us on Instagram and Twitter @plusdeltapod! Twitter: Instagram: Website:
October 12, 2021
Episode 27 - Manic Pixie Reality?
Join us this week as get the lovely opportunity to discuss reality and love languages with our guest Abigail, the host of the Manic Pixie Weirdo. Abigail should had us intrigued discussing what reality means as she gave us a sneak peak of her podcast and indulging in our craziness as we some how get talking about love languages, gift giving, and any other random topic that we came up with our usual side-tracks. Make sure you follow us on Instagram and Twitter @plusdeltapod and visit our website
October 05, 2021
Episode 26: How can I merge two worlds together? with Damion Taylor
When one person has more than one creative side they have to find a way to express it. Our guest, Damion Taylor, gives his story on how he merges his analytical and creativity together to create his brand Tech Witch. Check out his podcast Professional Confessions. Website: | Professional Confession Podcast: | Tech Witch Podcast: Don't forget to subscribe on all places you can find podcasts Follow us @plusdeltapod on Instagram and Twitter
September 28, 2021
Episode 25 - How can art and acknowledging the Self help you deal with anxiety? With artist, author and activist Marq Mervin
This conversation had us in our feelings!!! Marq Mervin (he/him) is a multidisciplinary artist, educator, activist, and lover of cartoons and video games. The Florida native studied animation at Jacksonville University and New York Institute of Technology. Marq’s career led him to design and animate for local startups, broadcast news, and non-profit organizations. His tenure in broadcast led to an Emmy Award-winning documentary. Marq is also the author of "One Day, I Hope That...", a collection of prose and poetry, who joins us to talk about his art, self-discovery, and share how his life lead him to the writing of his book! Hope you enjoy this conversation! Don't forget to subscribe on all places you can find podcasts Follow us @plusdeltapod on Instagram and Twitter Follow Marq @marqmervin on Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok 
September 21, 2021
Episode 24 - How can you hunt for national treasures through science and girl power? With National Treasure Hunt Podcast Hosts Aubrey and Emily
Do you love the National Treasure movies? Do you enjoy science? Come join us this week on an episode filled with college stories, movie talk, SCIENCE, and of course girl power! Co-hosts of the National Treasure Hunt Podcast Aubrey and Emily partake in one of our routine conversations that go back and forth between real talk and real fun. Hope you enjoy this episode! Follow @NThuntpodcast and of course @Plusdeltapod on twitter and instagram
September 14, 2021
Episode 23: How can movement and learning from other cultures help one grow? With Luke Francois
In this episode we discuss how our guest Luke uses martial arts and the movement of the human body to lead him on a journey of constant growth, in which he pushes himself and others to be the best version of themselves. Luke shares his stories as a Physical Therapist, as a student of movement and martial arts, and his travels through Japan, which have inspired your two hosts to rekindle their hopes of traveling to Japan and their growth as educators. We hope you enjoy this episode! Don't forget to visit our website to listen to previous episodes and read our blog! Follow us @plusdeltapod on Instagram and Twitter!
September 07, 2021
Episode 22 - We all want diversity and equity, but how do we make REAL change? With Dr. Kimya Nuru Dennis
If you've ever worked as a teacher or in corporate America you've had some sort of Diversity training? But how effective are they? Is talking and hoping things get better enough? This conversation gets tough but nothing worth doing is ever easy! It's not about putting BLM in your bio, it is not about reading another book on how to be a better person, it is about being part of the conversation and being part of the change! Let's get to work!
August 31, 2021
Episode 21 How can we "grow" to save the earth? - w/Kenny Gil
Have you ever wanted to start a garden but just didn't know how. We interview gardener and agriculture specialist, Kenny Gil, on the way he navigates through gardening via a communal approach. We dive in into the beliefs of sustainability, teaching others to teach themselves, and how to start your own garden with just $100 or less. Check out Kenny Gil's world of gardening on instagram:  Don't forget to subscribe to on Spotify, Apple and Google Podcast to get updates on episodes and follow us on Instagram and Twitter @plusdeltapod! Twitter: Instagram:
August 17, 2021
Episode 20 - How can early experiences Lead to Life-long Learning? (with Adonis McQueen)
It is not often we have super academically driven episodes, but boy was this conversation so much fun! As hosts we understood about half of the jargon but when you hear someone as excited about his research as Adonis is you can't help but be enthralled in the conversation! This week we talk to Dr. Adonis McQueen, a happy-go-lucky guy that loves sharing his experience as an academic, loves explaining his research, and most of all, share how regardless of whether you go the full academic route or you are simply a curious mind, learning should be something that never ends! We hope you enjoy this week's episode as much as we did! Don't forget to subscribe, and follow us on Instagram and Twitter @plusdeltapod
August 10, 2021
Episode 19 - "Why Can't I Love Myself In the Clothes I'm in?" With Business Owner Stephanie Cogan
Clothes... We wear them, and sometimes we don't. We've all dealt with the judgement and perception of what we wear in society everyday. Stephanie Cogan, Owner of Boho & Boujee shares her story of what got her interested in the fashion/clothing, why she left her successful career as a teacher to pursue her dreams of owning her own Boutique. She tells her trials and tribulations and why Brian and Jerome are having an argument over... cargo shorts? Listen in on this week's episode of Plus Delta.  Don't forget to subscribe to on Spotify to get updates on episodes and follow us on Instagram and Twitter @plusdeltapod! Twitter: Instagram: Go to Stephanie Cogan's Boutique, Boho and Boujee
July 27, 2021
Episode 18 - How to Cook your Way to Success? (With Chef Leon C Brunson)
On this episode we interview Chef Leon! Chef Leon is a hard working, passionate man looking to improve the food industry as well as the Tallahassee community with his upcoming projects. Listen to find out how a job at Waffle House grew into a dream of entrepreneurship by learning about the different techniques required to make the perfect 5 course meal, the ups and downs of business ownership, and the ability to have an open mind! WARNING do not listen on an empty stomach, you will be hungry by the end of this episode! Don't forget to subscribe to on Spotify to get updates on episodes and follow us on Instagram and Twitter @plusdeltapod! Twitter: Instagram:
July 20, 2021
Episode 17 - Where do we Travel to Next? With... Us! Your co-hosts extraordinare Brian and Jerome!
We have interviewed various people about various hobbies and passions, on this episode Jerome and Brian share about their passion, traveling! We talk about our first trips, our least and most favorite places to visit, and our dreams of future travel. Hope you enjoy and get inspired to travel more yourself! Share your travel thoughts, experiences, and suggestions @plusdeltpod on Instagram and Twitter and @plusdeltapodcast on Facebook!
July 13, 2021
Episode 16 - What Makes Millennials so Angry and Why we Choose Comedy as a Coping Mechanism? (With Comedian Stephen)
Up-and-coming stand-up comedian and tech mogul is a Millennial filled with rage. In this episode we talk about how Millennials got the rep of always being angry, why Stephen has chosen stand-up comedy as his coping mechanism, and rant about anything else that came to mind! Don't forget to subscribe to on Spotify to get updates on episodes and follow us on Instagram and Twitter @plusdeltapod! Twitter: Instagram: fpAYi6wjgbxwTYj1q1N1
July 06, 2021
Episode 15 - What movies do you recommend? (With Garrick Jordan of the Tuna Fish Special Podcast
After talking about music last a few weeks back, it only makes sense we would talk about movies next! This week we talk to Garrick about his podcast which reviews movies, we discuss the movies and actors we enjoy, and share our hopes that we can get back to nights at movie theaters soon! Don't forget to subscribe to on Spotify to get updates on episodes and follow us on Instagram and Twitter @plusdeltapod! Twitter: Instagram: fpAYi6wjgbxwTYj1q1N1
June 29, 2021
Episode 14 - Do really know about D&D? Like, for real for real? (With Duval King Jacob of Duval & Dragons)
This episode definitely takes a look at tabletop games from a whole new perspective. In this episode, we interview Jacob co-founder of The Empatheatre and Dungeon Master of Duval & Dragons and we go deep into the art of story telling that comes with games like Dungeon and Dragons. Join us for a light-hearted yet deep conversation about games, friendship, and perspective that you just don't want to miss! For real for real! Don't forget to subscribe to on Spotify to get updates on episodes and follow us on Instagram and Twitter @plusdeltapod! Twitter: Instagram: fpAYi6wjgbxwTYj1q1N1
June 22, 2021
Episode 13 - What does music mean to you? (With Christopher Meadors of the Pineapple-cast Podcast)
What do scary Sesame Street characters, a mean Jared Leto, and reggae music have in common? Well that would be our guest this week Christopher Meadeors of the Pineapple-cast Podcast! Join us this week as we have a fun conversation about his and our history with music, what music means to all of us, and many other fun stories relating to.... you guessed it... Music! Christopher also gives juicy gossip about musicians he's worked with and his perspective on the future of concerts. Don't forget to follow and subscribe to the Pineapple-cast Podcast, and follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter @Plusdeltapod!
June 15, 2021
Episode 12 - What is the Psychology behind Personal Growth? (With Danilo Tesi of the Psychologist Reacts Podcast
When discussing our episodes thus far we noticed one key commonality amongst them. Personal Growth. This week we were very fortunate to interview coach and psychologist Danilo Tesi host of the Psychologist Reacts podcast, and dive deeper into what it means to achieve personal growth. We defined growth and success from various perspectives and Jerome even had a live coaching session just for you to be a part of. Let us know what you think!
June 08, 2021
Episode 11 - What does it mean to serve and volunteer? With Kristen "Kiki" Brown of TRIBE
Kristen "Kiki" Brown gave us the amazing opportunity to see what TRIBE is all about and enlightened us on the problem with Volunteer culture. During our visit to TRIBE of Seminole Heights we got to hear her story, discussed the power of service, and how to be part of a community!
June 01, 2021
Episode 10 "Are We There Yet?"
No interviews this week. We're going solo by clearing the queue on our thoughts. A reflective episode as the Plus Delta podcast celebrates it's 10th official episode. Listen in to hear some of our most thought provoking conversations as we continue to grow, learn, and laugh at the ridiculousness we call life. Remember to follow us on Instagram and Twitter at @Plusdelta3!
May 25, 2021
Episode 9-Why Should Education Be On The Ballot? (With School Board Member Jessica Vaughn)
Jessica Vaughn one of the newest members of Hillsborough County Schools' School Board joins us this week to talk about all things education. We discuss her story and involvement in education and politics, as well as, the importance of having education be a top priority in all elections down ballot, and so much more. Whether you are an educator, rising politician, or want to know how to help out more in your community this is a must listen! Don't forget to follow us on Instagram and Twitter at @Plusdelta3 and listen to Jessica's Podcast Reclaiming My Mind!
May 18, 2021
Episode 8 - Can I Really Succeed If My Background Dictates I Shouldn't? With Realtor and Long-time Friend Alicia Deer-Katz
This episode is not one that can be easily described, Alicia comes on the show this week to share her life struggles and growth from a kid that by society's standards "should have failed" to her development as a realtor in the Tampa Bay Area. We get deep in this conversation y'all, tune in, relate, and laugh in an episode full of life!  Don't forget to follow us on Instagram and Twitter @plusdeltapod and follow Alicia @Aliciaoffical for more! muPMBdLSXeitesW5VA0N
May 11, 2021
Episode 7 How can one have the best theme park experience? With Brian Abrams
After working in the theme park industry for 16 years and being a theme park junkie for his entire life, Brian Abrams comes on the show to discuss everything you need to know about theme parks. From stories about working the parking lot shift to where to get the best food, you'll want listen to this one as you plan your next vacation! Don't forget to subscribe to on Spotify to get updates on episodes and follow us on Instagram and Twitter @plusdeltapod and follow Brian's adventures @theabramsadventure on Instagram
May 04, 2021
Episode 6 - Should I Even Date During COVID? (With Nicole)
After a year of COVID and embracing various cultures, Nicole comes on the show to talk to us about what it's like to be in the dating world during a time when our lives just seem to make little sense. From tips for creating an online profile to heart-to-hearts about being yourself; we hope you enjoy this conversation as much we did!
April 27, 2021
Episode 5 What the hell is a Z-illennial? (with Sydnee Wilkerson)
Have you ever been stuck in two groups? We identify ourselves through race, gender, culture, sexual orientation, or even career paths, but how about a generation? Sydnee, host of the podcast, "Reign on Your Parade", gives us insight on her perspective of being a Zillennial (Millennial + Gen Z). From pop culture to music, and social media we go back in time to reflect on our former selves growing up throw the digital age.  Please leave a us a review and/or your Plus & Delta of this episode on our social media platforms below: Twitter: @PlusDeltapod Instagram: @PlusDeltapod Email: Music by John Mann Outro Song: Jessica Ware-Mirage (Don't Stop) 
April 20, 2021
Episode 4 - What is the diversity, race and culture checklist? (With Dr. Cara De La Cruz and Shawna Greene)
We're back from a week hiatus of spring break fun and trouble. Now let's get serious. This week we talk with two phenomenal women, Dr. Cara de la Cruz and Shawna Greene. Two public health experts on race, culture and health. This is topic is far from over but it starts with a conversation. We discuss from birth rates among different races to how can we dismantle white supremacy. Tune in this week with Plus Delta. *Disclaimer* We are not experts in the field just three people who want to have a discussion about race, culture and identity.  Please like, review and subscribe  Twitter & Tiktok: PlusDelta3
March 30, 2021
Episode 3 - Is it better in Public or Private? (Economics with Dane Michael Seckar)
In this episode, we discuss how economics can impact our state, community, and even ourselves. We are joined by economist and educator Dane Michael Seckar on how private vs. public policy affects us all.
March 17, 2021
Episode 2 - "Is it okay to just be okay?" - Success with Dr. Jenny
Having trouble finding and defining success? With the current state of the Pandemic, we talk to Dr. Jennifer Rink, an education professional, professional development expert, and professor about success. "Is it okay to just be okay"? We start out this episode with the witty banter between Jerome and Brian, talking about their struggles that lead us to this week's tea and the interview with our amazing guest.
March 09, 2021
Episode 1 - Why is everyone so obsessed with GameStop and Cryptocurrency? (with Joshua Campbell)
In this episode, we "spill" our tea through discussion talk about various current events, and find a focus on wallstreetbets and investing. We interview a current crypto-currency user/expert,Joshua Campbell, on his experience investing in cryptocurrencies and find out the basics of purchasing cryptocurrencies, what to look out for, and how to become invested in the cryptocurrency market. 
March 02, 2021
The Official Plus Delta Trailer!
Looking for a new podcast to listen to? Look no further! Tune in every Tuesday to Plus Delta. Three Ordinary People interviewing Extraordinary People which will leave you thinking, "What is my plus and delta?" 
February 23, 2021