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the +R Purist

the +R Purist

By Steph K Equestrian
Hello! Welcome to the +R Purist Podcast! Here I will discuss all things involving a type of animal training known as "Positive Reinforcement" aka "+R" aka "Pleasant Stimulus" training - particularly in how it relates to the equestrian world and horse training.
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Getting New Horse // Meet Jazz
Allow me to introduce Jazz, my newest rescue/rehab project. This week I do an in-depth, step-by-step talk about getting a new horse! Rescuing vs buying, private rehoming vs going through a professional, choosing the right horse, getting your horse home (hauling with +R methods!), the why & how of quarantine, and some tips for the first few interactions! As we discuss the process of obtaining a new horse, we will also meet Jazz and use his story as an example of this process. 
February 23, 2020
It's About Time For Reform // Changing the Industry
This week I discuss patterns of change in the animal behavior industry and what they can predict for change in the equestrian industry. I talk about how other animals are trained with pressure/release and how that training differs from horses, as well as how training methods have evolved over time. I also discuss the amount of interconnectivity equestrian cultures have, thanks to the internet, and how that same connectivity is allowing more viewership, assessment, and judgment from people outside the equestrian community. Finally, I touch on my thoughts about where the sport is headed, how we can make stronger relationships and communities, and ways I'm working to help better my own equestrian community on a local & global scale.
February 15, 2020
Caring for Horses // the Needs of the Horse
Horse training is a tiny fraction of the horse's life. How many hours does a horse spend in training vs living their life from the time they are born? What happens while the horse is not in training will shape the mind and body that we work with when training. Ensure you are working with a happy, healthy horse by first ensuring all of their needs are met outside of the training session. ... How do you ensure your horse is happy and healthy? Basic animal care ethics require that any animal in captivity should be able to live a relatively normal life outside of its interactions with humans. There are 8 Key Needs that must be met in order for a horse to have a happy, relatively "normal" life - and it's up to us to ensure their environment meets those needs! ... 🌳🐎 #1 - SAFTEY - the ability to feel they have some control over their comfort & environment 🥕💧 #2 - INGESTION - the ability to follow natural digestive patterns 💩🧽 #3 - BODY CARE - the ability to carry out normal bodily functions in a sanitary manner 💤👀 #4 - REST - the ability to rest, to choose when to rest, and to choose when to be awake 🏇💨 #5 - MOTION - the ability to move and play as desired 🔎🏞️ #6 - EXPLORATION - the ability to investigate and explore 🏜️⛰️ #7 - TERRITORIALISM - the ability to have a territory that meets their needs 💓🐴 #8 - ASSOCIATION - secure membership in a herd ... Listen now to learn what each of these entails & how to meet them!
February 6, 2020
Welcome // The Myth of the +R Purist
Welcome to Episode 1 of the +R Purist Podcast!  Enjoy an introduction to +R training concepts, what it means to be a +R Purist, and why it's a myth!  Other topics include an intro to your host, defining traditional training, and a little about this podcast. For more updates, follow me! Instagram - @plusrpurist & @stephkequestrian // Facebook Plus R Purist & Steph K Equestrian // Website // email
January 30, 2020