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From Rock Bottom to Bad Ass with Lani Rios

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By Kieran Hedley
Many of you may know Kieran from Instagram as Hedleyfitness, a crazy Kiwi nutter from New Zealand in the fitness industry who lives all over the world. This is a podcast in fitness, nutrition, hormones and mental health. A self development podcast creating a better, stronger and happier you.

Kieran has been blessed enough to have built relationships with the top people in the New Zealand and Australian fitness and mental health industries, allowing him to build into the American industries of fitness and mental health. Many of whom will be featured.
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Freeing Addiction & Healing Trauma with Sara Silverstein - PC25
One continuous thought on Sara's mind was that she "wanted to be dead by 25". Yet, here she is, years later, no longer working the corporate job she thought she had to work. No longer in love with the person she thought she had to spend the rest of her life with. No longer stuck in the city she believed would manifest the success she seeked. No longer aiming for the attachments of certain standards she thought would bring her happiness. Instead, Sara creates her own happiness, and blooms her own freedom from her own will. Breath work changed her life. It woke her up from the dream she was living, and helped her realize how much pain and trauma she truly had. In this realization, she has had the opportunity to finally work along the path to heal these pains and traumas she's stored. Now, she helps others to do the same, while living the life she now finds true joy, love and fulfillment in whilst living in Bali. Follow Sara Silverstein IG @sarasilverstein www.sarasil.com Follow This Lad IG @hedleyfitness IG @thepocketcoach www.hedleyfitness.com
June 19, 2019
From Rock Bottom to Bad Ass with Lani Rios
When Lani says she's been at rock bottom, she genuinely means it. She's had what most would say is a crazy upbringing, and It's almost a miracle that she's been able to become the Bad Ass lady she is today. But she would beg to differ. She explains how truly attainable a bad ass mentality is, so long as you make the choice that you are not a victim of your current life. This is a decision only you can make. But, once you've made that decision, you can then move forward to heal and grow from your current struggles. Past traumas from her abusive relationships and past financial struggles earning only $700 a month have lead her to learn from the pains of being stuck, and have taught her how powerful being unstuck can really be. The pain cave is something she now seeks, rather than a space she runs away from. Sign up to Lani's free workshop here iam.laninalu.com/workshop Follow Lani Rios Instagram @laninalu11 Follow your Host Personal Instagram @hedleyfitness Podcast Instagram @thepocketcoach
June 10, 2019
Exposing Anxiety with Christina Spoerer
The raw truth of anxiety. The way our body literally attacks it's own self through rejection. Christina guides us through how in her culture, anxiety is a very taboo topic. More so than in the English speaking work. There isn't even an actual word for the term "anxiety". She walks us through her struggles growing up, and how she was able to uncover the layers of unprocessed emotions and struggles that had built up over the years through her travels, and through the externalization of the issues she faced. From her anxiety attacks, to the truth she lives through now. Her journey is not just a powerful one, but a very relatable one. Many will be able to grasp tools usable for their own healing journey from her story. Follow Christina Spoerer IG @christinaspoerer Be sure to subscribe to the Pocket Coach for some more incredible upcoming interviews. The video interview will be up on The Pocket Coach YouTube soon. IG: @hedleyfitness YT: Kieran Hedley
June 4, 2019
Overcoming Rock Bottom with Jacob Ahdoot
When rock bottom happens, not once, but twice. You can imagine that life becomes quite questionable. Sometimes there's drugs, sometimes there's alcohol, sometimes there's getting involved with things we shouldn't. This excruciating numbness brings out our beast. Jacob talks about his own struggles. How his losses destroyed him. But how his losses also made him the man that he is today. We explore how true suffering can be our best teacher. No matter how hard it gets, many of us don't even show the world our pain. No matter how pissed off you might be at someone, don't ever judge them for it. Their pain might be incomprehensible, leading to their externalization of this pain. Understand that we may act the same. We need to learn to forgive ourselves so that we can learn and grow from our lows. Follow Jacob Ahdoot IG @graffitiseed Be sure to subscribe to the Pocket Coach for some more incredible upcoming interviews. IG: @hedleyfitness YT: Kieran Hedley
May 29, 2019
Facing Trauma & Finding Self Love with Kaylyn Gooslin
Trauma is a more common experience than one may think. Many face traumatic situations, but become so stuck in the belief of "this is the only way" that they feel they can't even tell a family member about their struggles. It's such a dangerous place. Self love, alongside various other healthy attributes were lacking in Kaylyn's life at one point. There was a massive gap in where she was believing her road was meant to go, to where her intuition wanted to take her. She discusses a few not-so-talked-on topics on the healing that she has been through and how she coaches her clients to heal. It's essential to not just understand that healing is possible, but to be open minded as to how you can go about it. Follow Kaylyn Gooslin IG @k_gooseee Be sure to subscribe to the Pocket Coach for some more incredible upcoming interviews. IG: @hedleyfitness YT: Kieran Hedley
May 12, 2019
Finding Your Fire with Mike Gardner - PC20
Find your fire. What is your passion? And is this your passion because it is what you believe will bring the respect of others? Or is it the passion deep inside of you lighting you up at every moment you stall. Those moments you get held back, is that fire inside strong enough to compel you forward? If not, then dig deeper and find the REAL fire. It's in there. You just have to find it. Mike talks about his experiences in self doubt. About how what he believed brought him happiness, and how he went through times of emptiness based off of an unfulfilled path that he was on. He has proceeded into helping others find their true fire, and helping people make themselves better selves. It's an incredibly relatable journey that many of you might find you're meeting him halfway with this one. So tune in to see how he's personally overcome this emptiness and lack of fire within. Follow Mike Gardner IG @firelifemike Be sure to subscribe to the Pocket Coach for some more incredible upcoming interviews. IG: @hedleyfitness YT: Kieran Hedley
May 7, 2019
Choosing Authenticity with Matt Yates P2 - PC19
Choosing authenticity. There's no have to, there's no must. There's just choice. You don't have to do anything. You technically don't have to go to work tomorrow. You may get fired but you don't have to. You choose to. You're in a lot more power than you give yourself credit for. We dive deep into Matt's past and how he's been able to choose true authenticity over what he believed would bring more overall success, yet brought more grief, anxiety and distrust in himself. Through this bred authenticity that he has chosen, he has grown to trust himself completely, and is coaching others to do so now too. This is Part 2 of the interview. Be sure to listen to Part 1 for the introduction to these principles and a completely different layer to the ideas discussed. Follow Matt Yates IG @mattyates Follow @strengthinourvoices a non profit organization focused on normalizing the mental health stigma to bring more peace to the world through practical measures. Be sure to subscribe to the Pocket Coach for some more incredible upcoming interviews. Check out my YouTube for the video form coming soon! IG: @hedleyfitness YT: Kieran Hedley
April 25, 2019
Become the Real Authentic You with Matt Yates P1 - PC18
Becoming the real authentic you isn't as simple as just "being yourself". It's diving deep into your own self awareness and realizing what triggers your inner world. Where your pains lie. What clouds your true intuition from thinking, feeling and acting based off the real you, and not the you that reacts to the external. The external being the world the is happening around us and the people in it. None of this will affect the real authentic you. Matt Yates discusses exactly how. How we can mend that broken mind and self heal our way to our true higher self. This isn't some woo woo self proclaiming motivational talk, it's practical perspectives and tactics that life coach Matt Yates himself stands behind and has successfully transformed many lives with. I myself have used many of these methods and perspectives for my clients and myself to help with healing and growth. This is Part 1 of the interview. Part 2 will come out next week. It was such an incredible discussion that we had to extend to a 2 part series and I will absolutely be interviewing him again at some stage. Follow Matt Yates IG @mattyates Be sure to subscribe to the Pocket Coach for some more incredible upcoming interviews. Check out my YouTube for the video form coming soon! IG: @hedleyfitness YT: Kieran Hedley
April 19, 2019
Overcoming an Identity Crisis with Mitch Barrett - PC17
We often fall into the idea that we are someone completely different to the person that we want to be. However we are the ones that have crafted and created our own identity up until now, so we can do the same to create the world that we want to live in as well. OWN your own happiness. It's not someone. It's not something. It's you. It takes you and you alone to make yourself happy through doing what's required for that happiness. Now people and things can increase happiness yes, but that happiness needs to be there from within first. Then anything extra will compliment that happiness. You are your own complete person. Mitch talks on how his chase in the fitness industry over running his family business, which is what he thought was expected of him. His identity was running his father's business. His identity was also a sportsman, a team member, not a personal trainer. He did however want to be one, but his identity got in the way. There was too much friction... until he woke himself up. Tune in to see how Mitch overcame his own identity crisis, and how this took him all the way over to the west coast of USA, away from his home state. Follow Mitch here @mitch_barrett Be sure to subscribe to the Pocket Coach for some more incredible upcoming interviews. Check out my YouTube for the video form coming soon! IG: @hedleyfitness YT: Kieran Hedley
April 13, 2019
Be A Light | Blossoming Relationships with Brian Pickowicz and Lindsey Rago - PC16
Brian and Lindsey talk how their past battles have both served them and brought them closer than they could have ever been. Pains that need healing don't always need to be healed on their own. If you have a partner on a similar path, one that lifts you up and sets your soul afire, then allow that relationship to amplify the healing process. The stresses of relationships are there for a reason. But working through rough patches by being a support, not an anchor, allows for relationship growth, and a place for the other half to flourish. Both Brian and Lindsey have had difficult upbringings, so tune in to see how these struggles have made them one inspiritational power couple shining a bright light for others to follow. Follow them both on Instagram! Brian Pickowicz @brianpickowicz Lindsey Rago @ragobomb Be sure to subscribe to the Pocket Coach for some more incredible upcoming interviews. Check out my YouTube for the video form coming soon! IG: @hedleyfitness YT: Kieran Hedley
April 7, 2019
Kevin Crenshaw (the Heart Guy) talks Finding Love & Learning From Pain - PC15
When love is painful, it's not right. Love is a commitment, not a contract. We learn on this great journey of life... and boy has Kevin been on a journey. From being suicidal to the point of holding a loaded gun in his mouth, to living a beautiful long distance relationship that he finds JOY in. He's had some tough times. This is coming from a man who has been cheated on by his ex fiancee... He's had it tough! Through the pains he's been through, he's come out the other side with a massive curiosity for love, and a much stronger individual because of the pains that he's learnt from. I encourage you to listen to this episode if you've ever been through a tough love, or are currently confused about love in some way. Why doesn't he/she see me this way, or act that way, or tell me these things. This episode clears a lot of that muddy area up that we all seem to face in relationships. This is the key to fulfillment. Learning about love in others, but even more so, love in yourself. Self love is the root of all love. Learn this and you'll be unshakable to the point of not being phased in a negative way in a rocky situation. Follow Kevin The Heartbeat Podcast  IG @kevcrenshaw Be sure to subscribe to the Pocket Coach for some more incredible upcoming interviews. Check out my YouTube for the video form coming soon! IG: @hedleyfitness YT: Kieran Hedley
April 4, 2019
Brian DeCosta on Eating Disorders & Image Obsession - PC14
Brian DeCosta has big biceps and an even bigger heart. He's an amazing human being who's incredibly grounded and humbled as a fitness influencer. Even with his success in the fitness industry, social media and as an entrepreneur, he stays true to his beliefs and values more than one would believe. With over 127k on Instagram alone (at the time of recording), growing around from 80k in just over a month! Also living with the most spectacular view of LA from the pristine location of Sherman Oaks... His hard work is undeniable. He's come from 4 years suffering from bulimia, an eating disorder that entails making yourself throw up after eating. This is generally triggered from the fear of disliking one's own image, yet the addiction to food is undeniable. So the clear option one may come up with is to throw it up after eating it. It's a scary world, but even I've done this a couple of times post competition in the past. Brian shares the darkness this brought upon him and how he went on to overcome this issue. He's now on a mission to not only help those with eating disorders, but also those who struggle around food and time in general, but want to achieve a fitter, healthier and stronger self - mind and body. Follow Brian on social media and be sure to check out his music on Soundcloud and Spotify! He is a professional DJ after all (; IG: @briandecosta Soundcloud: briandecosta Spotify: Brian DeCosta Be sure to subscribe to the Pocket Coach for some more incredible upcoming interviews. Check out my YouTube for the video form and a house tour of Brian's place too coming soon! IG: @hedleyfitness YT: Kieran Hedley
March 28, 2019
Calories In Calories Out Must Knows [Your Fat Loss Plan Ep3] - PC13
The definition of fat loss is to be in a caloric deficit. It is scientifically impossible for the body to lose more bodyfat than it's storing during a caloric surplus. However, it is possible for your natural caloric expenditure to go up, making what would seem to have been a "surplus" a deficit. Throughout this episode we address the fundamentals of what makes your "calories out" go up or down. For a friendly reminder, remember that a calorie is a calorie. However, there are things attached to that calorie that can cause issues or help your current state. For example minerals and nutrients attached to the calorie will help enhance your nutrient profile leading to a more optimal health state. Ultimately this puts us in a more nourished, healthier and happier state, meaning that our metabolism will probably improve. There are multiple things to consider when trying to make a diet more adherable, more attainable and just generally sustainable. How often do you see others, or even yourself, diet down only to put the weight back on weeks later. Learning about adjusting your metabolism will help solve this issue. www.hedleyfitness.com IG & FB @hedleyfitness YT: Kieran Hedley Fitness  
March 5, 2019
The Science to Healing Anxiousness & Negative Thoughts - PC12
There's a science behind everything. Whether it's health based, thought based, or even the science behind a belief, we now have the resources to find out why these things occur, and how they can be reprogrammed. An example of this is the clump of cells that make up a belief. There's a literal neurological response that occurs leading to us producing this belief any way we can, hence our constant run ins with repetitive situations. This is why we recreate our circumstances based off that singular belief of "I'm not good enough" or "this person will leave me for someone else". These beliefs are our truths, and we go to the depths of actually manifesting situations to prove us right. This episode is about reprogramming the subconscious neurological patterns that occur and why it's important that we do so. Something as simple as a new experience creates a new neurological pathway in the way. Then new science showing mindfulness activities improve grey matter in areas of the brain that host our decision making, focus, emotional regulation and so many other mechanics, shows us how we can alter the brain's literal way of working. Everything learnt through this episode in the brain region are from the workings of brain researchers Dr. Daniel Amen and John Assaraf.
February 28, 2019
The Secret Science of Morning and Evening Routines - PC11
Morning routines prep you for the day at your most vulnerable time. Evening routines put you in a good state to wake up so that you're more likely to implement the morning routines effectively. Most of us spend our time focusing on our problems and the stresses in our lives. This is normal, this is human, it's also programmed into us. Instead of fearing for the lion or tiger in the woods 20,000 years ago, we're fearing for the loss of our job, a fight with our partner or a rejection. This becomes our focus, this becomes our energy. Where focus goes, energy flows. The purpose of the morning is to switch focus from our problems to gratitude and optimal bliss in our daily situations. There's a science behind this through our Reticular Activating System (RAS), a part in the brain that send energy towards our focuses, and we subconsciously manifest these focuses. Many techniques in these routines are also there to help decrease inflammation, leading to a better cognitive and hormonal state, making you less susceptible to mental health issues. Start by choosing the first 3 tips that I suggest and start implementing them tomorrow. I guarantee you will notice the difference instantly in your day once you give these a chance.
February 20, 2019
One Thing You Need to Build Self Worth - PC10
The one thing you need to build your self worth. That's promises. Believe it or not self worth and self confidence are two different pieces of the same family. They're not built in the same way. Confidence is bred externally by putting yourself in situations that make you uncomfortable and working through them. Worth is bred internally by constantly making promises to yourself and keeping them. However there's a danger here that needs addressing. If you tell yourself you're going to do something, and you don't do it, this is a form of self betrayal. Self betrayal leads to less trust in yourself. You therefore lower your belief in yourself in handling situations that are uncertain. If you have no control in the situation, you start to feel anxious. This is where anxiety breeds from. This frequent confirmation in not being able to handle uncertainty by not following through with tasks you give yourself. Following the tips in this episode, I teach you the step by step process of how you will start on your journey of overcoming anxiety, building trust in yourself to handle uncertainty, and eventually establishing a high level of self worth. This isn't an overnight process. However, if you keep at it, it's inevitable that you will heal.
February 11, 2019
Heal Your Pain - PC9
Pain. We all go through it. It's unavoidable. At the same time it's always curable. Mental Health, Mental Illness or whatever you label it as, it's something you can be freed from with your own self healing. BUT You need to take action and dedicate yourself to this 12 step process. It's not easy to convince yourself that healing it possible when you've been "diagnosed" with depression or been told you're going to live with anxiety for your entire life. I was medically diagnosed with depression and suggested medication for it. I said no. Over the years I have worked my butt off daily to help heal my pains to not overcome them, but to make them my ally. It's a blessing in disguise, something that I will touch on during this episode. The 12 step process talked on during this episode is taken from the traditional 12 steps used since 1935 to heal people from addiction be it alcohol or drugs. Tony Robbins a world class psychologist talks about our problems being the biggest addiction of all. Thus this process is the perfect tool to free us from our problems. The variation I have personally utilized is Russel Brand's 12 step process he uses in his book "Recovery". I then dive deep into the science based methods of each step to be actioned in order for you to heal yourself from your own pains. www.hedleyfitness.com IG & FB @hedleyfitness YT: Kieran Hedley Fitness 
January 30, 2019
Mental Illness is not an Illness with Nicole LePera (The Holistic Psychologist) - PC8
Nicole LePera also known as The Holistic Psychologist is a deeply experienced and renowned player in the mental health scene. She's recently exploded on Instagram because of her scientific and truthful approach to what was quotes mental illness, now shown to be curable subconscious issues created from old wounds. We discuss how issues such as depression and anxiety can be temporarily freed from the horrible symptoms we experience through medication such as SSRI's (Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors). However in the frequent consumption of these, our body becomes adaptive, and then requires excess stimulation or consumption in order to produce these feel good hormones. This does not solve the underlying issue of the true mental health issues we face as humans. Our mind needs to undergo a a lifelong phase of self healing, an expression Nicole has come up with to embody the idea that we are responsible for the healing of our own issues, and that it's possible no matter how big the scars. Some great practical tips for overcoming these issues on your own are also discussed, as well as why we as humans are addicted to our problems, and our most common fears that we face in today's society. You can find Nicole LePera at https://yourholisticpsychologist.com/ and via Instagram @the.holistic.psychologist I highly recommend reaching out to her if you're in need of therapy, as I myself have done with her in the past. Pay attention to her Instagram posts, as there is so much untold truths being showcased on her page that today's society still doesn't talk on enough. www.hedleyfitness.com IG & FB @hedleyfitness YT: Kieran Hedley Fitness
January 21, 2019
Insecurities in the Fitness Industry with Marnie Al-Saraf - PC7
What insecurities do you face? Do you even know what they are specifically and where they came from? Marnie being an amateur-professional Bikini Athlete at the most recent 2018 Olympia says it all. Here female perspective is refreshing for all of us. We see these "painting" like pictures of these athletes on Instagram, on magazines and even on TV. This becomes our reality of what expectation becomes, an unsustainable approach to looking like someone pulled out a drawing board and sketched the muscles on the person we look up to. She willingly displays vulnerability for us to see the true struggle behind starting in the fitness industry, the floors in the competing mindset, and how to become stronger mentally so that you no longer shift focus to comparing yourself to others. Lastly, she touches on why she temporarily deleted Instagram, a very interesting approach to clearing focus. Apologies for the poor sound quality on Marnie's end, it was my first time recording via Skype. I promise future recordings will be more clear! Follow Marnie Al-Saraf Instagram: @marniefit Podcast: Healths Kitchen Podcast www.hedleyfitness.com IG, FB, SC, TW, @hedleyfitness YT: Kieran Hedley Fitness  
January 9, 2019
This Year, You Conquer Your Giants - PC6
It's now 2019, and we're all coming in strong with some crazy life changing resolutions. Now this is a good thing because it shows a desire for change. A desire to produce a better version of ourselves. However, will you action it this year, or will it turn out like 99% of all of your other resolutions. Dead by January the 21st. We all have our own giants, so start there. Start by facing the giants you have deep down trying to protect you from yourself. Whether that's low self worth, jealousy, anger, depression, anxiety, discouragement, low motivation - they're all giants we have to face at some point. Even if you fall into your subconscious to protect yourself from your own struggles, they all surface eventually. Action on these, and make your giants conquerable through the methods described in this episode. While listening, I want you to ask yourself this one question consistently, and notice how throughout the podcast it changes considerably. The question is "who are you really?". Is this something you can answer in depth without hesitation? I guarantee your answer to that now will change after listening, and you will have a whole new power in personal development through a new self awareness. www.hedleyfitness.com IG, FB, SC, TW, @hedleyfitness YT: Kieran Hedley Fitness 
January 1, 2019
Breeding Self Confidence: If you're not growing, you're dying - PC5
Self confidence isn't something that just comes with time, it's something that is bred, nurtured and developed overtime. It's also not something that you keep. It will come and go like any feeling or thought. The biggest notable issue is when we take the foot off the accelerator once a level of confidence is achieved and we reach a point of comfort in the place we were once uncomfortable and shy. This level of worth feeds our ego and we let go of the growth we used to attain our level of confidence. What got you here will not get you there. Once you're comfortable in an area, find a new area to develop in to continue that growth. For if you're not growing, you're dying. In kinder words it means you're going backwards. There is no in between with growth. We talk on the predominant issues in today's society creating these low levels of self worth that produces low confidence levels. Each issue is addressed in a practical way, leading to practical advise on how to target each obstacle in your confidence to negate it. Ultimately, we are creating a growing, self-loving, fulfilled individual confident in the way he or she is perceived to others because the thoughts of judgement do not affect their own thoughts, actions and emotions. Breed your own self confidence, or it will never happen. www.hedleyfitness.com IG, FB, SC, TW, @hedleyfitness YT: Kieran Hedley Fitness
December 17, 2018
The Basics of Fat Loss [Your Fat Loss Plan Ep2] - PC4
This episode covers the fundamental laws of fat loss. A + B always = C. However there are some smaller pieces to the puzzle that create the more ideal situation for fat loss that we touch on. It is also important to mention the misconceptions in how to achieve fat loss. There are a lot of fake ideas out there about how fat loss is created, so we address these. The "Your Fat Loss Plan" series is a series I am starting to help people who can't afford a trainer, or would prefer to do the process on their own in a 10-11 piece process that will uncover many tips and science based methods to make your plan as easy and effective as possible. The goal of these episodes is to make your fitness goal attainable, sustainable and maintainable once achieved. These episodes can also be found on my YouTube Kieran Hedley Fitness if you would rather sit down and watch. www.hedleyfitness.com IG, FB, SC, TW, @hedleyfitness YT: Kieran Hedley Fitness
December 10, 2018
How to Feel Happy in Any Situation & Face Mental Health - PC3
This episode we dive into a developed technique that works every time you come across a situation, thought or feeling that drives you into the ground. The key is to use this the moment anything negative arises before you amplify it through pessimistic thinking or action. It's a natural tenancy as a human being to make these issues worse than they are. In fact, we struggle to see the light in them. Allow me to create perspective for you, so that you can see the light in any situation, and you can also learn and grow from it to make you a better, stronger person because of it. The topic of mental health is a big part of this episode, as it relates so directly to people who struggle, and how we need to think and feel about mental health. If you don't struggle with mental health, but want a happier, more fruitful and positive life, then this is also a perfect podcast for you. Please share this with someone who genuinely needs help with thinking and feeling more optimistically. This has changed my life around, and it has changed many of my clients' lives around, so I know it works! Everything in life happens for you, not against you. www.hedleyfitness.com IG, FB, SC, TW, @hedleyfitness YT: Kieran Hedley Fitness
December 5, 2018
Crystal Clear Goal Setting [Your Fat Loss Plan Ep1] - PC2
This episode is based around how practical and necessary it is to create crystal clear goals and visions. If you want anything out of this life, you need to seriously consider whether you're doing everything you can to gain it. Establishing your goals in a clear and concise way has been scientifically proven to make your goals 20x more achievable. Through this episode, I instruct you on how to lay out your own plan step by step, and how to figure out the specifics of what you want in your goals. Many people know the gist of what they want, but have no idea on the specifics. Detailing your goals in this way will make them more achievable, and they will also make you realize how attainable they are. This is a principle to use in business, fitness and general life, so it's a very applicable episode to anyone. The "Your Fat Loss Plan" series is a series I am starting to help people who can't afford a trainer, or would prefer to do the process on their own in a 10-11 piece process that will uncover many tips and science based methods to make your plan as easy and effective as possible. The goal of these episodes is to make your fitness goal attainable, sustainable and maintainable once achieved. These episodes can also be found on my YouTube Kieran Hedley Fitness if you would rather sit down and watch. www.hedleyfitness.com IG, FB, SC, TW, @hedleyfitness YT: Kieran Hedley Fitness
December 2, 2018
From Shy to Showy - PC1
The very first episode of the Pocket Coach podcast with Kieran Hedley. Many of you may know Kieran from Instagram as Hedleyfitness, a crazy Kiwi nutter from New Zealand in the fitness industry. This episode was filmed kneeling on the wooden floor of his wardrobe, because the apartment echos too much. You can hear the pain in the last 30 seconds of the podcast. Kieran has been blessed enough to have built relationships with the top people in the New Zealand and Australian fitness industries, allowing him to build into the American fitness industry. Living everywhere, he is currently situated in Quebec in Canada, a French speaking state, and he can't even speak French. We talk about the transition of a shy, timid and depressed school kid to an optimistic, strong and self confident coach not afraid to take risks. This is the first of many episodes to come in fitness, nutrition, hormones and mental health. www.hedleyfitness.com IG, FB, SC, TW, @hedleyfitness YT: Kieran Hedley Fitness
November 25, 2018
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