Pod-ful of Sunshine

Ep. 24 Pod-ful of Sickness

An episode of Pod-ful of Sunshine

By Gregg & Diana
A comedy news podcast telling you the craziest news stories to come out of Florida (and beyond). Don’t worry though, there is ZERO political talk.
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Pod-ful of Tik Tok
This week Gregg and Diana discuss Disney being douches, a family brawl at Disneyland that was caught on video but the family still denies it, another birthday cake gone wrong and a dilemma discussion about a guy who robs a store to pay for his daughters kidney transplant. Oh Florida brings us a small person kicked off a children's ride at Busch Gardens, a man who thought throwing firecrackers under a kids bed as he slept was a great prank and a women who you shouldn't let around your ice cream. Plus so much more crazy news stories of the week! Listen to us on Podcoin.  Use the code word SUNSHINE when you download!
July 15, 2019
Pod-ful of Blood Slushie
In our latest episode, Gregg and Diana discuss why you shouldn't give your children an allowance (especially when your child is 30!), Taco Bell tortilla shortage, a man who claims his civil rights were violated because he was shorted hash browns at Hardees and how Cockroaches and lizards will combine forces and destroy the human race. Oh Florida brings us a potential Don't Worry, Be Happy story involving a $5,000 tip. But since it's Florida, it instantly becomes an Oh Florida story. WTF brings us a London man who was simply trying to sunbathe and was interrupted by a body falling from the sky and also a girl who thinks she's cuddling with her pet python (um...no). Plus so much more crazy news stories of the week!
July 8, 2019
Pod-ful of Xenials
Better later than never.  A day late, Gregg and Diana discuss the different Generations,  the side effects of a women's sex drive boost shot, a woman who thinks she should only pay for half of the cake she ate while shopping and what you can do with your bra straps to help save turtles! Oh Florida brings yoga with tigers, assault with a lava lamp and a dad who teaches his daughter how dumb they look with short shorts. Plus so much more! Enjoy!
July 2, 2019
Pod-ful of Marijuana Pepsi
By the title of the episode, you may think there's a story involving marijuana in Pepsi.  But, you would be wrong.  This is the name a woman actually named their child 46 years ago!  And apparently BBQ Sauce in titties is NOT porn, but a vine video... or something.  All we know is we are getting old and don't understand any of it.  Oh Florida brings us a man who bought a villa without actually seeing said villa.  Which will teach him why you should see things before you buy them.  We also discuss a man who doesn't want to pay for chicken wings, but instead whips out his wein, a prosthetic ear that is found on the beach and a man who can poop on demand (impressive)- but then throws his poop at a judge.  Enjoy all these stories plus so much crazy, weird off the wall stories of the week! Listen to us on Podcoin and use the promo code SUNSHINE
June 24, 2019
Pod-ful of Popping Testicles
This week Gregg and Diana discuss how to order pizza when you're the queen, a frostbit thumb, how South Carolina is the new Florida and the dangers of checking your 8 year olds Google search history. Oh Florida brings us cocaine that isn't yours, a naked man dancing at McDonalds, a woman who gives Lorenna Bobbit a run for her money plus a man having relations with pool floats in lieu of raping women.  We also talk David Ortiz, OJ (The murderer) Simpson and a Thai restaurant in Connecticut you do NOT want to eat at. Plus MUCH more!
June 17, 2019
Pod-ful of Foreplay Gone Wrong
This week Gregg and Diana discuss a Taco Bell that runs out of taco shells, graduation cakes gone wrong and discuss legally euthanizing people who are depressed. Oh Florida is jam packed with a woman who died during foreplay, why you shouldn't have a machete shop near a bar, a man who is trying to ward off evil spirits in Walmart, the worst boat captain ever, a man who is "slinging urine" and much more. Sports we talk about a no-hitter that wasn't meant to be, Marty Jannetty who boned his sex therapist and a few more sports stories. Enjoy our Don't Worry, Be Happy segment as we listen to a video of the Irish (maybe Scottish) experiencing road rage and the son who thinks it's hilarious. PLUS SO MUCH MORE! Listen to us on Pod-coin and use the code word SUNSHINE! ENJOY
June 10, 2019
Pod-ful of a Twerking Thief
Do you wash your legs in the shower?  You will be surprised to learn how many don't. Noah's Ark, Girl Scout Cookies, Wanted Posters and pathetic birthday cakes are our topics of discussion in the beginning.  We also discuss a deceased Navy cadet sperm being used and if a guy should tell his co-worker their son is an online porn star in our dilemma discussion. Oh Florida brings us a hedgehog custody dispute, a man who won't pull over because he's busy getting road head, a Wendy's bath, a twerking thief and the most bad ass Florida teens who know how to throw a party! We discuss Billy Buckner's legacy, Scottie "no tippin' Pippin and Tom Terrific in sports.  WTF brings us middle school students who ruin  crepes in the worst way and upstate NY teachers who should probably take a common sense class. Listen to our boys torpedo "Boys Tell a Joke" when they (as usual) come unprepared. Enjoy! Listen to us on Podcoin and use the code word "Sunshine"
June 3, 2019
Pod-ful of Jackrabbit Starts
In our anniversary episode, we discuss the sexiest US accent,  a reliable car, the shrinking moon and a drop kick to the Arnold. Oh Florida brings us a man in his feelings,  Candyland Park exposure,  a sunbathing alligator and a deputy who wants Nikes super  bad.  Plus much more!
May 20, 2019
Pod-ful of What The Florida
A royal baby has been born and Diana couldn't be more excited.  You can tell this, as she gives you a royal history lesson and how it's possible for Prince Harry to rule the kingdom.  We also have two more dilemma discussions about a child whose parents lose their parental rights because they refused chemotherapy for their child and a school who wants to shame children with lunch debt by feeding them "sunflower seed butter & jelly sandwiches." Oh Florida brings us a Publix shopping experience that wasn't a pleasure because his wife shot him in the shin, an alligator in the pants party, a DUI on a lawn tractor and a man who was arrested for having a bumper sticker that said "I Eat Ass." Plus a whole bunch of F'd up stories in our WTF segment. Word of the Week - Snatch Enjoy. Download the Podcoin app (use code word "SUNSHINE") and get paid to listen to your podcasts. 
May 13, 2019
Pod-ful of DGAF with Ketchup Only
After a mini hiatus, Gregg and Diana are back to talk Game of Thrones, Avengers, a new Burger King meal and a Reddit dilemma discussion. Oh Florida brings us reasons why to stay in school, a conspiracy theory of a man stabbing a mattress and a lonely pot grower who just wants someone to smoke a bowl with him. Glad to be back in your ear holes. Podcoin!!
May 6, 2019
Ep. 43 Pod-ful of London
In our return episode from across the pond, we discuss all things London.  But we also discussed all the crazy news stories that happened while we were gone including an attack involving a squirrel, a naked woman on I-95 trying to help capture a loose dog, a man who got the last laugh with his neighbor, plus much more!
April 1, 2019
Ep. 42 Pod-ful of Pressure Washer Assault
This week Gregg and Diana discuss snake massages, what happens when a cobra vs. a python, a potentially bad side effect of the Whole30 diet and robot doctors used to deliver devastating news (maybe technology has gone too far?).   In our Oh Florida segment, we provide an update on the man who attacked the McDonalds worker over a straw, a man who sprayed his neighbor in the face with a pressure washer, a funeral home who lost a body and hoped the family wouldn't notice the replacement body used,  a woman upset her boyfriend was snoring too loudly so she shot  him (because... obviously that's the rational thing to do) and a man who calls 911 to help get an iguana out of his toilet. WTF brings us a drunk burglar cooking up tortilla's in someones house that did NOT belong to him and a man whose plan to steal a 900 pound safe ended not the way he hoped. Plus a wannabe Subway employee.  Plus so much more crazy news stories of the week!  Email- podfulofsunshine@gmail.com Twitter- @podfulofsunshin Instagram- @podfulofsunshine Website- www.podfulofsunshine.com
March 18, 2019
Ep. 41 Pod-ful of Anxiety
Anxiety, sexism and uterine lining shedding are all discussed in the first part of our first episode back from a week hiatus.  We also discuss a billionaire who lacks size in an important region, a penis shaped HOA violation and crab leg brawls.   Oh Florida brings us a rare coin thief who doesn't know that a change machine at your local grocery store doesn't give you what rare coins are worth, a woman shaving on the back of a scooter, and the question of whether a man was masterbating or simply adjusting a hernia.   We also discuss many different reasons (and real life stories) to always tip your server/delivery driver well! Plus much more crazy news stories of the week.  Enjoy!
March 11, 2019
Ep. 40 Pod-ful of Happy Endings
This week we hear a work story from Gregg that doesn't involve Russian hookers, but does involve an extra $150 Uber charge because of a drunk chick.  She may have been more drunk than the Oh Florida lady who got kicked off of a flight, but not as high as the woman who wants to make a handbag out of her amputated leg skin.   Enjoy!
February 25, 2019
Ep. 39 Pod-ful of a Nice Cervix
In our 39th episode, Gregg and Diana discuss their most embarrassing emergency poop stories, Diana's compliment of the week and if they've ever hallucinated on marijuana. Oh Florida brings much entertainment as we discuss a man who took a car dealership test drive for an extra long test, an assault with a burrito, a Floridaman door licker plus much more! Our WTF is all about dogs... but don't blame the dogs.  As always humans are the ones who turn these stories into WTF. Enjoy! Email- podfulofsunshine@gmail.com Twitter- @podfulofsunshin Instagram- @podfulofsunshine Promo-  Uncovering Sports - www.uncoveringsports.com  Uncertain Terms -  linktr.ee/tcpalm
February 18, 2019
Ep. 38 Pod-ful of Flying Pork Chops
In episode 38 we give an update on the Boogers on Walls fiasco, how mountain lions (and the entire cat family) aren't as tough as we think, a time capsule up Jesus' bum and Popeyes chicken. Oh Florida involves assault with a pork chop, DUI's and Florida's worst maternity photo. In WTF we discuss a gross lawyer who is crawling with bed bugs but sweeten up the episode with a Don't Worry, Be Happy story about an 11 year old who had the cops called on him for selling hot cocoa. Enjoy!
February 11, 2019
Ep. 37 Pod-ful of Slutty Monkeys
In our 37th episode, Gregg and Diana discuss slutty monkeys, the tragic end to the worlds loneliest duck and what to get your ex for Valentines Day. Oh Florida brings grenades at Taco Bell, a man who channels his inner Ray Kinsella and commits a robbery using his finger as a gun and a great reason why you should never steal meds from a friend.   Our WTF segment includes a story that turns out to be quite romantic.  Kinda like "The Notebook" romantic, but involving meth. Podcast Pocket (https://urgonnadiealone.libsyn.com/) Twitter- @podfulofsunshin Instagram- @podfulofsunshine@gmail.com Email- podfulofsunshine@gmail.com  
February 4, 2019
Ep. 36 Pod-ful of British Hoodlums
In our 36th episode, Gregg and Diana discuss sparkling water, the Subway lady who you don't want making your sandwich, the worlds worst tourists and a few reasons why Diana couldn't live in Australia. Oh Florida consists of an independent man, hero horses, a sex worker who gets paid in Pringles and a typical Waffle House patron. We also discuss the worlds worst airplane passenger, a way to strengthen your immune system and so much more! Enjoy! Promo: Evidence Locker (www.evidencelockerpodcast.com) We have stickers!  Email us if you want one! Email- podfulofsunshine@gmail.com Twitter- @podfulofsunshin Instagram- @podfulofsunshine www.podfulofsunshine.com
January 28, 2019
Ep. 35 Pod-ful of Penguin Awareness
In episode 35, Gregg and Diana discuss the 10 year challenge and how Mariah Carey has the amazing ability to make us say.... "Huh?" Also touched upon, is a man who proposes to his girlfriend in a courtroom as she's charged with his stabbing and things to NOT put up your lady parts. Oh Florida brings us joy with a machete named Kindness, pissed off KFC employees and a man rolling around in a chair in a parking lot all while in just his undies. We also talk sports, twerking and two bad ass elderly men who snuck out of "the home" to attend a heavy metal music festival. Podcast Pocket - The Coffee Buzz Podcast (https://www.thecoffeebuzzpodcast.com/) and Glen Thinks Stuff (Twitter Handle @GlenThinksStuff)
January 21, 2019
Ep. 34 Pod-ful of Cropdusting
A jam packed episode of crazy news stories including some about a shitty substitute teacher, why Philly Cheesesteaks should never be served on a Sesame bun, the worlds worst groomsman and a lunch stealing thief! And that's not even our entire Oh Florida segment. WTF gets weird and makes Diana feel uncomfortable but she is quickly feeling warm & fuzzy again with our Don't Worry, Be Happy segment. Download, subscribe, and tell a friend.
January 14, 2019
Ep. 33 Pod-ful of Big Dick Nick
In our first episode of 2019, we celebrate the 20th anniversary of the most obnoxious commercial, find out what Nick Foles secret weapon is and if you can sue someone if you are “in the process of obtaining a copyright.” Plus all our crazy Oh Florida and WTF news stories of the week, including a former nun-in-training about to make her porn debut! Follow us on Instagram (@podfulofsunshine), Twitter (@podfulofsunshin) and email us at podfulofsunshine@gmail.com
January 7, 2019
Ep. 32 Pod-ful of Edible Buttholes
After a week off for Christmas vacation, Gregg and Diana have a lot of catching up to do.  We talk New Years resolutions, Grover dropping the F-bomb and a convicted poacher who is forced to watch Bambi every month. In our Oh Florida segment, we discuss a man who wants to pay for McDonalds with marijuana, a man who does not take losing in dodgeball well, and a man who stole a TV with a scooter as a get-away vehicle, plus more. Our WTF segment consists of a Maine man who broke into a home and got a ride home from his victim, a baby born with 3 hands and edible anus molds.   Plus so much more random, funny, news stories. Don't forget to follow us on Twitter (@podfulofsunshin), Instagram (@podfulofsunshine) and email us at podfulofsunshine@gmail.com Subscribe and tell a friend!
December 31, 2018
Ep. 31 Pod-ful of Soiled Underpants
In our latest episode we discuss a potential new job, Meghan Markle being a royal diva, dumb thieves who thought the Escape Room was a real bank and a teen who quits his job in epic fashion. In Oh Florida, we discuss Uber Eats who delivers something that nobody wants to eat, a footlong robbery and a Grinch Amazon worker. Our sports section we discuss how anger management for Leonard Fournette wouldn't be a horrible idea and another Lebron story (because we might be obsessed). WTF is dedicated to Santa and a firefighter who is horrible at starting fires. And as usual, we chase all this weird stuff down with some Don't Worry, Be Happy stories. A huge thank you to Michele from the Welcome to my Show podcast who gave us permission to use her fake ads. Go check Michele and her awesome podcast out (links below) Welcome To My Show Podcast http://welcometomyshow.pizza iTunes: bit.ly/itunesWTMS Google: bit.ly/GoogleWTMS SoundCloud: bit.ly/scWTMS
December 17, 2018
Ep. 30 Pod-ful of Fake Butts
In our latest episode, Gregg and Diana discuss how cool science can be, a man in Nepal who lick his forehead and how happy we are to live in a time where there is a Miss Bumbum contest. In our Oh Florida segment we discuss a real life Grinch, a man who really wants a burger and rat invading a vending machine. We also discuss Katy Perry being a real party pooper, a woman who REALLY wants her boyfriend to perform oral on her and a Walmart twerker. Plus much more! Enjoy Follow the Kabs Family on Youtube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC0Mf1FlTi-UWgT_k9uNOcrA
December 10, 2018
Ep. 29 Pod-ful of Marijuana Gummies
In this weeks episode we discuss Blake's school which made news because of marijuana gummies, the keto diet (aka Atkins 2.0), another reason why gender reveal parties are stupid and the story of Diana and Gregg's druggie wedding DJ. Then we bus into Ohhh Florida where we discuss a teen trapped in a bank vault (who should thank the former banker for their great memory), a man pissed about an undercooked potato and reason 5,657 NOT to go hang gliding. In our WTF segment, cotton candy is mistaken for meth, a prisoner doesn't know how a phone ended up in his bum and dumb American government officials who don't know New Mexico is a state. Plus MUCH more. Please subscribe, write a review and tell a friend! Enjoy!
December 3, 2018
Ep. 28 Pod-ful of Horseplay
In our latest episode, Gregg and Diana discuss Utah delinquents who take grand theft to the next level, another reason to take the stairs and not the elevator and secret teen language. In our Ohhhh Florida segment we discuss places where you shouldn't watch porn, a man having relations with a miniature horse and a drug deal that led to a dual with handyman tools. Plus so much more. Please go an give us an Itunes rating & review and make us happy! Enjoy!
November 26, 2018
Ep. 27 Pod-ful of Thankfulness
In our Thanksgiving episode, we are grateful for all the crazy stories that come out of Florida this week, including not one, but TWO naked men breaking into a restaurant, a man curious about public masterbation and a woman who stole a lobster out of the tank as she was kicked out of Red Lobster. We also discuss WTF stories including a new (and disgusting) trend going on in Indonesia, plus much more! Enjoy
November 19, 2018
Ep. 26 Pod-ful of Bush
In our 26th episode, Gregg and Diana discuss the shit show of an election from Florida (this is why people make fun of us), if crocs are still a thing and if you actually need both kidneys. We also discuss Waffle House which is the "Florida of restaurants", a New Zealand baby who BETTER grow into be something BIG, and a woman who breast feeds another baby (nice or weird?). Tell and friend and enjoy!
November 12, 2018
Ep. 25 Pod-ful of Boogers on Walls
In our 25th episode, Diana figures out why exactly she's been sick so much and it has to do with boogers... on walls. We discuss an abundance of Ohhh Florida stories which include a naked man (because obviously) breaking into homes, a pissed off woman who pisses on clothes she couldn't return, and dumb teenagers doing dumb teenage things plus much more. We also discuss a man trying to become a live skeleton, why America can't have anything nice but sweeten it up with our Don't Worry, Be Happy segments. Special shoutout to Brian from the Bats and Mitts podcast for our new intro music. Enjoy!
November 5, 2018
Ep. 24 Pod-ful of Sickness
For the third time in 24 episodes, Diana is sick again. But we powered through as we discussed Florida giving us another reason why we are scared to send our kids to school, the Russian hookers make a comeback, and we give another adorable royal update. In our Ohhh Florida segment, we discuss feces being dumped in the road, a teacher in trouble for giving a wedgie and a man who helps himself to a neighbors bathroom. Plus we discuss so much more odd stories in our What The F&^k segment but sweeten up with our Don't Worry, Be Happy segment. Enjoy!
October 29, 2018
Ep. 23 Pod-ful of Kangaroos
In the 23rd episode of the Pod-ful of Sunshine podcast, we discuss our proud parent moment, a bunch of royal news and a random lost nose. Our Ohhhh Florida segment is weak, BUT our WTF segment is full of WTF stories including two stories involving Kangaroos. Enjoy!
October 22, 2018
Ep. 22 Pod-ful of Sex Dolls
In Episode 22 of the Pod-ful of Sunshine podcast, we discuss the 2.0 Royal Wedding, a woman who accidentally "tripped" and stabbed her husband to death, an emotional support squirrel and a sex doll brothel! Plus so much more. Enjoy!
October 15, 2018
Ep. 21 Pod-ful of Piss in a Microwave
**Forewarning** in the first half hour Diana's audio is crap. Don't worry though, after that she's back where she should be. This week in Florida we discuss why a local corner store owner posted a sign discouraging against putting piss in his microwave, things Walmart does NOT sell at Walmart and why even tourist freaks will be arrested here in Florida. We also discuss how Fortnite is disrupting professional sports and a bad ass wanna-be homecoming queen who will do anything to win. Enjoy!
October 8, 2018
Ep. 20 Pod-ful of Taint
In this episode we discuss why you shouldn't help yourself to other peoples food, how the unbearable heat is making the Florida folks do crazy (crazier than normal) things and how a poor man with a bionic penis dies shortly after finally losing his virginity. Plus so much more! Enjoy!
October 1, 2018
Ep. 19 Pod-ful of Russian Hookers
This week Gregg and Diana discuss real life encounters with Russian Hookers (who are great tippers), stoned lobsters, a man who huffed paint and beat his mom with a spatula, a man who has a legendary story of pissing in Ole' Faithful, a boatload of marijuana that washed ashore in Florida and a woman who was so drunk she didn't realize she had a tortoise inside her hoo-ha - Plus so much more. Enjoy!
September 24, 2018
Ep. 18 Pod-ful of Circle Jerks
In Episode 18 of the Pod-ful of Sunshine podcast, Gregg and Diana manage to narrow the Ohhhh Florida stories to just 4, including a couple who got caught engaging in adult "relations" on a sidewalk in Ft. Meyers and a man who was so overcome with frustration at Tampa International Airport, that he dropped his pants. Our WTF segment doesn't disappoint as we discuss Paul McCartney, and a news station who learns why you should be on a 7 second delay. But we sweeten it up with our Don't Worry, Be Happy segment where Melissa Elliot's funky white sister makes a comeback. Enjoy!
September 17, 2018
Ep. 17 Pod-ful of Fortnite
In episode 17 we discuss Diana's parents coming into town which result in a live Moxie tasting, a woman who mistakes dynamite for a candle, full service drive thru drug dealers, another reason why Catholics should NOT practice abstinence, plus many more stories that will keep you giggling for hours! Enjoy!
September 10, 2018
Ep. 16 Pod-ful of Carbonated Cough Syrup
In the 16th episode of the Pod-ful of Sunshine podcast, we reveal a big announcement. We also discuss why no good deed goes unpunished, why we believe dinosaurs are NOT extinct, why sports fans can be the best (even to their enemies), and some Don't Worry, Be Happy stories that choke Diana up. Enjoy!
September 3, 2018
Ep 15 Pod-ful of Farting
This week Gregg and Diana discuss why millennials aren't so bad, a security guard who got fired for his constant intestinal distress, a home grown Oh Florida story from Gregg's work and grown ass-men who like to have relations with farm animals, plus much more! Enjoy!
August 27, 2018
Ep. 14 Pod-ful of Redneck Uber
Gregg and Diana discuss the boys first week of school,, cafeteria workers that stole 1/2 million dollars of lunch money, a follow up on dog saliva, Florida Uber (poor Grandma), a drug smuggling nun, plus much, much MORE! Enjoy!
August 20, 2018
Ep. 13 Pod-ful of Funky White Sister
In this weeks episode, Gregg and Diana discuss their weeks, a man from England who keeps finding people having "relations" with his bush, zombie raccoons in Central Park and introduce you to Missy Elliots "Funky White Sister." Also, at the very end, Diana tells perhaps the BEST joke of all time. Enjoy!
August 13, 2018
Ep. 12 Pod-ful of Stumpy
In this weeks episode we discuss many F&*KED up stories including a kid ripping out a relatives eyes with his bare hands, how maybe letting dogs lick you could be a major risk factor and why you shouldn't do Parkour that involves live power lines. We sweeten up the episode with our Don't Worry, Be Happy segment that includes an update on Phil, who is now officially a McDonald's employee! In our Podcast pocket, we HIGHLY recommend The Coffee Buzz podcast BUT we made a MAJOR error in this segment. We said the hosts name is Benjamin, when in fact his name is Brad. Regardless of his name, the podcast is GREAT, and you should go subscribe, download and listen! Enjoy!
August 6, 2018
Ep. 11 Pod-ful of Sink Hole City
In our 11th episode, Gregg and Diana discuss how Florida isn't so bad, as we have not one, but TWO, positive stories that come out of the Sunshine state. We also discuss some crazy WTF stories, including a woman who pisses in the galley of a plane, on Wizz Airlines (seriously, you can't make this shit up!). Enjoy!
July 30, 2018
Ep. 10 Pod-ful of Birthday Love
This week we celebrate Gregg's 35th birthday! 35 never looked so good! While it was a slow week in Florida news, we did rake in some solid "Don't Worry, Be Happy" stories, including one bad ass waitress who all women should strive to be like! And another one that involves, of course, a dog! Enjoy!
July 23, 2018
Ep. 9 Pod-ful of The Internet Ruins Everything
In our 9th episode, Gregg and Diana discuss how the internet can ruin everything, even the "happy/feel good" stories. We discuss, with opposing views, the Shady McCoy story as well as a basketball star who is not overly enthusiastic that he's having ANOTHER girl. One of our crazy Florida stories could be looked at as "inspirational." Then listen to Diana cry as she reads a Twitter thread in our "Don't Worry, Be Happy" segment.
July 16, 2018
Ep. 8 Pod-ful of Boobies
In this episode, Gregg and Diana discuss being back in the grind of their sons football season. We discuss the riveting news story of the Thailand soccer team stuck in a cave, this weeks crazy Florida stories (one of which is from the heart of Polk County) and also some WTF stories including lions who got the last laugh with rhino poachers. We give our unqualified advice to a woman whose boyfriend of 7 years all of a sudden doesn't like her small boobs. We then wrap things up with a bow in our new "Don't Worry Be Happy" segment where we discuss happy stories. Enjoy!
July 9, 2018
Ep. 7 Pod-ful of Kaboom
In our Lucky 7 episode, we discuss a less than spectacular week and ways to mentally cope when the world seems so dark. We then lighten it up with Florida stories, which includes a 6 foot statue of Jesus, and we discuss "warm & fuzzy" stories including a cat who does NOT like Salt N' Vinegar chips. Enjoy!
July 2, 2018
Ep. 6 Pod-ful of Pride
This week Gregg and Diana celebrate both Pride Month and their oldest sons birthday. They discuss Koko the Gorilla's passing, some funny (and un-true) Florida stories, as well as one bad ass grandma in our WTF section! Enjoy!
June 25, 2018
Ep. 5 Pod-ful of Pop Me Some Waffles
This Fathers Day weekend, we are coming to you from the Pine Tree State. We discuss the latest news, family reunion dynamics and how Maine compares to Florida and New York in the "crazy news stories" genre. Diana does her obnoxious laugh MANY times. Enjoy!
June 18, 2018
Ep. 4 Pod-ful of Hells Doorstep
This week, Gregg and Diana discuss their weeks including Diana's re-visit to starting a healthier lifestyle.  We also discuss some Florida stories, both of which involve Gators, because we ARE in Florida after all!  Plus we have some fuuuuuucked up stories, including one from Ohio that involves a wiener dog.  I'll let you guess what it's about until you listen.  There's also a few good jokes from the boys!  Enjoy!
June 11, 2018
Ep. 3 Pod-ful of Flossing
This week Gregg and I discuss our week including prepping for hurricane season, the calm before the storm before kids sports begin again, as well as our un-eventful weeks. And of course we discuss local Florida news stories, one gross and one adorable. Because it's all about balance. Have a great week everyone!
June 7, 2018
Ep. 2 Pod-ful of School Dilemma
This week we discuss virtual school vs. public school. As well as some of the craziest stories of the week... including an Irish girl heartbroken about her lost invite to the royal wedding (I feel her pain) and also the word "cum" not allowed on a cake! Enjoy!
June 7, 2018
Ep. 1 Pod-ful of a Royal Weekend
In our very first episode, Gregg and I discuss the royal wedding, Yanny vs. Laural and some of the funniest news stories to come out of Florida this week.
June 7, 2018
Ep. 0 Pod-ful of Introduction
Hey everybody, this is Diana from the Pod-ful of Sunshine podcast.  We are a comedy news podcast that discuss weekly news stories to come out of Florida (and beyond).  But don't worry, we do NOT do politics.  
June 1, 2018
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