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Podcast Fatboy

Podcast Fatboy

By Matt Duncan
One of the only pro-Fast-Food fitness podcasts in the business. Hosted by a declining commercial sweetheart with a goofy mind, actor Matt Duncan talks about his own health journey and investigates various current health and fitness topics with skepticism and wonder. He's committed to trying to be fit, but loves Big Macs. Take it easy on yourself, this world is frigging nuts.
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Episode 65 - Treading and Shedding
This episode is bound to be nothing but trouble, so move right in! COVID vaccines, Maron explains what to do, COVID scare, my first brain tickler, vaccine shedding, hot birthday shoutouts, ten days off exercise, Prince Philip and the 5BX, Peloton treadmills eating kids, Sons of Sam, massage guns and why going to Mars is stupid and Elon is an alien!
May 9, 2021
Episode 64 - VIPIT Good
Hot dog! I'm back on set, 22 years since a certain Catholic Horror classic/flop, exercise bike saga continues with an unpredictable turn of events, GERD and the ugly Barrett, Astro Zeneca clots, coming to peace with The Boys, Kelly Ripa and her nutty diet and so much more!
April 15, 2021
Episode 63 - Broke Bike Mountain
We're back, it's Spring, let's go! Struggling to exercise with a busy schedule, my exercise bike is broken again, quit nail biting for good, hot birthday shoutouts, tossing Momma a recommendation, building a Big Mac from scratch, Seaspiracy, new horrible ways to die of COVID and much more!
March 30, 2021
Episode 62 - Proffee Time
Holy smokes! Brought to you by the 21st anniversary of this monster failure and I go off on this deekhead, mate! I'm hitting the scale with an update, I'm working out consistently, I've got a canker from hell and talk remedies, what the hell is proffee, commercial grind is getting to me, Ted Cruz is no Penguin, Last Man on Earth is the funniest and the positive power of nothing matters! I had fun ranting on this one. I dedicate 62 to my South African fans and my Russian fans. Yarrrp!
February 23, 2021
Episode 61 – Pizza Plops
Why do I keep forgetting how bad Pizza Pops are. Were they ever good? I'm working out like crazy, feeling good. I'm buying new weights. They're in a nice case. Heavy birthday shoutouts, I chipped my tooth, Tom Brady daily routine and diet, get fatter later in life might be better, slowly deleting facebook, Marilyn Manson accusations, an update on my 2021 Big Mac count and much more. Plop a pop in the microwave and chow some lava with me!
February 10, 2021
Episode 60 - Hot Tub Lung
This episode is Angelfire hot! The virus is still spreading and getting more contagious and the whites aren't happy about it! A smoking hot day for some birthday shoutouts, tuna purists are coming for Subway and Ireland wants you to put birthday candles in the bread, tar sands rantz, weaponized spy poison, butt burn from the car seat and freaky as medical cases from 2020. Avoid any rich hippies using borax to chlorinate the pool before listening!
February 1, 2021
Episode 59 - Wish Boned
Happy New Year, everybody! Wow, a lot happening already in 2021. Trump is DONE. Lost my last grandfather. I've got some Rick Mercer hate, I've got my Doug Ford hash-dealin' hate, family strife, I've got some hot birthday wishes for some special cats, I watched Radioactive, I got boned by Wish, I'm feeling a bit down and grumpy, I want Harold and Kumar to go Anywhere but White Castle. Photoshop McDonalds into that storyline and I'll watch it. This one's a dark and delirious  start, but I'm doing two a month AT LEAST. Hold me to it. Dare I finally  get back on the scale next week? How much cake can I eat?
January 23, 2021
Episode 58 - Happy Noom Year
It's the last pod of 2020, thank God. I put the mania in the wrestle on this one! I'm talking about my new exercise bike, Tom Cruise is crushing his audit cans with his thetan rants, new Celeb Birthday Shoutouts segment, anxiety is transforming into agoraphobia, too Noom or not to Noom, Chinese Flight Attendants wearing diapers, 11 min of exercise to live forever, Joe Rogan > Johnny Carson, Regans Are nasty, Proud Boys brings back frat nightmares, and a slew of thoughts and future wonders. What am I doing?? This! Happy New Year from all of us at Podcast Fatboy.
December 31, 2020
Episode 57 - Cutting Cakes
As you're reading this description, US President Donald Trump is either on a golf course or in the Oval Office, shitting his brains out into an adult diaper. Someone needs to tell Ivanka that if you smelt it, you dealt it. Stank has COVID?! Rub the lamp and release the Chip Genie! COVID isn't the only strain you're gonna be feeling this holiday season. challenge complete, highly recommend. List of the worst chips, exercise bike debacle, Godfather III and we've got the inside on the Celebrity Apprentice cake cutting! Here, have it!
December 5, 2020
Episode 56 - Chewing Teeth and the Food Stench
The one pro-fast-food fitness podcast on the market is BACK, JACK. Trump loses, but refuses. Don Jr chewing his teeth, Putsy's Parkinsons, Anxiety and government weed, dismantling the exercise bike for a charity hopefully, water pitcher exercise, Facebook deleted kind of, Obese Turtlegate, Aspartame vs your health, Peanut Pandemic, KFC vs Pop Eyes, FBI Freebees, James Bond movies and the best Tom Arnold cameo you can ask for. My other podcast (Confederacy of Dunks) is having a promo for month of November: Go to and use the promo code DUNKSPOD to get 20 PERCENT OFF all orders, plus free shipping in US/Canada. Your balls will thank you, and so will we!
November 16, 2020
Episode 55 - Black Licorice Schitts
Ep 55 w/ your host Matt Duncan Fell off fitness, cottage curse! Vitamin D, anti-maskers, Beans to live forever/black licorice a killer, Apple Wash Handwashing timer, Plaque Art, Garbage bins, Friday the 13th, Schitts Creek wins, Chris Pratt and the anti-gay church and more. Don't let me die in a Fast Food restaurant, okay? Let's go!
October 25, 2020
Episode 54 - Band of Bod Hurts
We're a bunch of Pandemic Pattys just trying to figure shit out and get by. I'm hurting my neck for dumb auditions, The Fit4Less Saga over already, COVID numbers rising in Canada, called my insurance company about 3 cent check, I'm calling the death of the corporate gym and the rise of home gyms and janky independents, Trump Impressions: James Austin Johnson vs Baldwin and much more. I'm amped up on a coffee with Kahlua for this one, let's go!! 
September 16, 2020
Episode 53 - Gym Dandy to the Rescue
Oh no, we're back with a late summer breezer! Lots to say on this one. Fitness Update, Esophagus Sludge and UnWell's Essential Oil take, Fit4Less Cancel Saga has begun, The Brass Rail 550, RIP Nick Cordero, doctors hawking supps, lectins are the devil (or is that just carbs?), the COVID app, OJ book guilt and more! Buckle up, tip your toes in a vat of mayo and let's go!
August 25, 2020
Episode 52 - Exercise Frings
COVID this and COVID that, we ain't done, folks! Wear a mask, white people need to CHILL and mask up, you CostCo maniacs! I'm passing out, I'm masking up, cancel the gym, for fitness challenge inspiration, mind is mud-keep it liquid! OJ ain't wearing no mask in Vegas, he still feels invincible, I guess, Johnny Depp and the bed poo, there's just a lot to compute right now! Let's go! 
July 11, 2020
Episode 51 – Masky Mask Mask
Had episode 51 recorded back in May, but some major transitions have taken place in my life so I re-recorded! So much going on right now, protests, pandemics, losing weight, Patch in trouble, eff gyms, I'm sick of them. Let's go! I know I'm a real rambling man on this pod, and it's turned into something kind of weird and nuts, but please, let's continue to support the Black community and make some real changes to the systemic racism that's plagued our society since its conception. Black Lives Matter. Please donate Continue reading →
June 19, 2020
Episode 50 – Personal Pan(demic) Pizza
I've come out of hibernation for the first time in three months after a real, real tough winter. Now we're in the midst of the greatest health crisis in a century with COVID-19 aka the Corona Virus. We're all on lockdown, we're isolating and working from home. The world is crazy right now but we gotta find ways to cope and get through it! Depression diet, pizza imports, Tiger King and washing hands, let's go! Continue reading →
March 29, 2020
Episode 49 – Saturated Splats
It's Christmas Eve so I decided to do a short one before we all glug gravy and raise our blood pressure. I talk the anti-inflammatory diet, air pollution and exercise, Apple genetic testing, humidifiers and the flu, holiday blues and the holiday booze! Advent calendars end today, get your last dose of nasty saturation and let's go. Merry Christmas and happy holidays! Continue reading →
December 25, 2019
Episode 48 – Vape Inspector
I'm gonna be Canada's first vape inspector. Hi, hello! Milk drinkers took a hit today with ol Sheer stepping down. Anxiety is back, Jack, stay hydrated! Voice monsters, advent calendars make you saturated and gross, Popeye's Chicken sandwich vortex, Blue Zone Diets, Vegan influencers going meat crazy, Volcanic peekaboo, and I'm sniffing your vapes! Don't tell me that's Benson and Hedges menthol, I know it's mint ice cream vape juice ok, let's go! Continue reading →
December 12, 2019
Episode 47 – Taint’d Tanning
Nothing stranger than a Caucasian man going to see Joker by himself, but what are you gonna do?? What do we have? We've got racist NHL coaches, we've got fancy meal services like Hello Fresh, we're wondering what happened to Fuel Foods, we've got AIDS from the dentist, poo tossers, taint tanners, RIP romaine lettuce and beware your dog's deadly lick. I'm working out like crazy and I'm so exhausted, let's go!!!! Continue reading →
November 30, 2019
Episode 46 – Silver Guts
Holy crap, the flu almost took me down, but I'm back! Massey Hall recording is getting closer! Went to Vegas, should I try the Penn Jillette potato diet? Bikram yoga? No one with a skullet like that should be that confident, first of many red flags! Wanna go blue, drink silver water! Oregano oil still on trial for me, Apple Watch for the win and Canadians flunk physical activity report card, plus more mania! Speed up this ep like you want to on Netflix, you psychos, let's go!! Continue reading →
November 22, 2019
Episode 45 – Wave Diddle
It's been a crazy couple of months. Getting evicted and married at the same time, forced me into a pit of alcoholic joy and depression. But we have moved and life has gotten so much better! I'm back at a gym, time to get serious about these goals again! Going blind eating pringles, rug burn can't take your legs, Beyond Meat and Big Chicken/Big Beef, pizza is a monster, tonsil cankers and more. Tip your Pringles can to the heavens, let's glug some chips! Continue reading →
October 11, 2019
Episode 44 – Undie Fins
I'm working out and feeling jacked! On pace to have the body of a popsicle for the wedding. Shark fin soup alteration, GreenPeace told me to change! New owners, Bubka rants, commerical rants, smart-phone horns, vampires, Space piss (no thanks!), contact lenses are shower nightmares, and solving the weight-loss plateau! Borrow your dog's bone and give it a teethy shake, episode 44 is here! Continue reading →
July 23, 2019
Episode 43 – Southern Bloats
Holy crap, what happened??? I was supposed to record during my trip to South Carolina, then I did record when I got back, but it got stagnant and shelved! So here I am, trying again. I'm getting them shark fin orders in, I've got the parade-float bloats. I don't want the drip, I want the sizzle! America's annual health rankings at a glance. Biohacking diet: the misfits of Silicon Valley. Getting evicted, oh boy, that'll make you stress eat. Wedding coming up, ditch the cheese cake, time to shape up. Let's carry on! Continue reading →
July 7, 2019
Episode 42 – Tequila Belly
Burp Burp!! Who's feeling chunky??? Soak up the queen while she's still here, it you ain't slim: don't shop at Zara, drying out from the booze, Ontario floods, Jackson 5 and antibiotic-resistant infections, Chernobyl mini-series, sunsceen mystery chemicals, Commercial RantZ, Sharkwater II, (we need sharks, knock it off, seriously) and Funny Fad Diets! Recording in AMURICA next week, wish me luck, gonna jam the South in my arteries. Half-Apologies for the bad Southern Accent! Continue reading →
May 12, 2019
Episode 41 – Radioactive Dysmorphia
CBS officially on the move, getting evicted, bye-bye Toronto! Weight gain is back, I get real about body dysmorphia, Nuclear fallout hiding in the glaciers, radiation gonna give you the squirts in space, Trivago Guy is hammered again, Alexis Amazon records everything, Facebook is turning into a grave yard, subscriptions will suffocate us! Grab a barrel of nuclear waste and bury it, it's time for another ep! Continue reading →
May 1, 2019
Episode 40 – Eye Bees
Five year "anniversary" of Podcast Fatboy, let's get wrecked at a tailgate party! CBS has been sold, what now? Wake up, Jesus! It's Easter! Let's hide some chocolate! Cheers to the corporation that tainted the whole world's blood with Teflon chemicals! Fitness challenge update, hockey's almost done (what am I gonna do for summer exercise?) Curling's for uppity hillbillies, send it back to Scotland! Nova Scotia loves organs, calling it a career? Let's cry bees, everybody, it's the five-year recap! Continue reading →
April 12, 2019
Episode 39 – Live From a Wet Gym Sock
Tabloid goals, ET stinks, ‘80s mold, vitamins make you dandy, luscious sun, shoutout to the band Neon Vomit, CBS still for sale, Jeffrey Wreck, food and lighters and boomboxes, McDonalds ad review, Peleton is trying to eradicate live gyms vs janky-ass exercise bikes, change for laundry keeps us social, new fitness challenge, feel the blast with a Tushy Bidet, vegans and meaties beware: everything causes cancer, so live it up, here we go! Continue reading →
March 13, 2019
Episode 38 – Govern-mental Gold Nuts
Holy cannoli, two eps in the same month? Am I back, baby?? Huge health news with the revamped Canadian Food Guide has lobbyists shitting piles? Social network is good for gofundmes and horrible for everything else! Go to concerts 'cause it's good for you, Trumpy rewards heroics with big macs, charge your vapes, it's episode 38! Continue reading →
January 27, 2019
Episode 37 – Pastor Rust Face
2019, we are approaching the five-year mark of the pod (minus many hiatuses). Is this year the year? Resolutions? Getting sick! Hot Toddys are bull, neti pot for life, last year of the beard, oregano oil shakes, AirPods, Hal and Joanne, can barely breathe but let's hit our goals this year. Continue reading →
January 10, 2019
Episode 36 – Fitness Dog
Holy cow, once again, I rise from the smoldering amber of this podcast and finally give a new episode with new hopes, new dreams, new experiences. Recorded this one live from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada! I'm hiking up mountains, I'm so sore from it, it looks like I have polio when I walk, 5:2 Diet misfire, marijuana is legal, playing hockey, scarfing down Beyond Burgs, flaccid summers and jacked winters, welcome to America. Keep that FitBit on for this one, let's go! Continue reading →
November 16, 2018
Episode 35 – Zombie Swamp Funk
Hot new episode and I got a guest on this one. Billy Housh returns to talk nonsense and fitness and life, sumo wrestler food, stomach staples, Super Dave, E. Honda, adrenal fatigue, dope fiends, Drake, STIs and so much more. Put some raw onions on the tip of your tongue and get ready to trip with us! Continue reading →
June 13, 2018
Episode 34 – Fleshie House Purge
Episode 34, we're living in a world of fake weed, Don Gorske (John Lennon?) just ate his 30,000th Big Mac, I'm exercising at home, alcohol vs marijuana, abdominal pacemakers and balloon capsules to lose weight, exercise myths, plus more! Go to the dentist and check your gums for ticks! Continue reading →
May 20, 2018
Episode 33 – Crab Mallet Riots
Ep 33 hitting ten days after 32, woo-hoo! First day of spring, Boob's being an idiot again, depressing laundromats, Rajneeshes cardio sex, 5:2 Diet, Prison Loaf diet, shitting weapons and crab mallet riots, dumb Subway diet (JARODDDDD) nicotine tongue patch and fight-the-resistance bands! Eat at least 300 calories before this one! Continue reading →
March 20, 2018
Episode 32 – Bite Macs and Bullseyes
Ep 32, I'm nursing a hockey slash and a hangover, I'm buying ab rollers and joint rollers, justice is served for some - half order of fries and a water for others, flu shots schmoo shots, big mac sliders and grandma's perfume take the yum away, okay?? Continue reading →
March 10, 2018
Episode 31 – Dissolvable Skin Compartments
Happy New Year! Ep 31, first of 2018. We get busy with talks about a new FitBit watch, Tide Pods challenges, chugging raw water, Douchie Doc vs Netflix Doc, Alexa on fire, losing weight, cardio feeling better, Trump health assessment too! Grab a pack of Gushers and squeeze them in your hand, press play, let's go! Continue reading →
January 22, 2018
Episode 30 – Cereal Beef
Had to retape episode 30 because I just couldn't get through it a week ago! I'm eatin' rhino-liver-sized chicken parm, Flynn's turnin' on Trump, one-lung hockey sprints, dipping my toes in tar sands, squat team, shrinks using cigarettes to compare the effects of loneliness, Alberta cowboy breakfast, buying treadmills and Jolly Green Death! Continue reading →
December 1, 2017
Episode 29 – Toffee Wash
Weight is finally dropping and it only took 3.5 years to get it going! Now that's motivation. Results are in on Doomies "Big D" vegan big mac, ask your stool if you can ever lose weight, cross-fit can kill in more ways than being crushed by a tractor tire, barely a few shower tips for battling eczema and put on a flea collar, the plague is back! Continue reading →
October 22, 2017
Episode 28 – Take The Hill
Getting my cardio back! Starting to feel some real changes in my mind and my body. UberEats Alfonso cheated, Eczema woes, boozy calories, coffee and calcium, Dotard the Orange Creamsicle. Hot and humid, let's do this! Continue reading →
September 23, 2017
Episode 27 – Ballistic Missile Desk
Weights coming up, playing hockey, cycling, North Korea and It freak me out, standing desks bad for the ticker, vegan cuisine still getting the gut kicks. Countdown to fall, let's huff some fresh air! Continue reading →
September 16, 2017
Episode 26 – Jiggle Them Lobster Rolls
Went to Halifax to get the 411 on seafood, swim with whales, eat donairs. Chomping on scallops and looking to dig out of sedentary hole of despair! Grab a shovel! Continue reading →
August 18, 2017
Episode 25 – Bandage Sandwich
New ep, new worries, all good. I'll teach you how to make a broken-down grilled cheese, I'll tofu your deli meats, here come the ticks, tip your Uber driver, jade stones and Goop, here we go! Recording from Halifax next week, pizza corner baby! Happy 26th birthday, Chester (dead dog) Continue reading →
July 27, 2017
Episode 24 – Frolf and the Armpit Goo
Hot rain, it’s July and I’m still trucking! I’m slurping Vega Proteins, I’m frolfing and kayaking and just sitting in bed having fun staring. Fitbit or FitShit? Time will tell. Raw vegans can stuff it! Get your steps in, here … Continue reading →
July 6, 2017
Episode 23 – Human Garburator Back Home: Maui Part 02
I am back from Maui, missing poi and Supermench beaches! Got some new goals, back at the gym, fighting spiders. Head to Doomies to try their off-menu vegan Big Mac, with special guest vegan correspondent Dan Scarfone! Continue reading →
June 15, 2017
Episode 22 – Human Cheeseburger in Paradise: Maui Part 01
Aloha, my PodFats!! I am on the beautiful island of Maui, Hawaii and we're having the most amazing adventures! Part two I'll do on my final day. So far IZ been great, eating poi, poke dot door, Hana hellway, fast-foods and food trucks! Mahalo!! Continue reading →
May 28, 2017
Episode 21 – Survival of the Fittest (City)
Maui preparation prolonged episode 21, but we're back! Going on vacation soon, is the sitting on the beach gonna give me diabetes? Castaway recording studio, lungworm concerns, Roseanne's coming back, Bobby from Dallas isn't dead and it makes sense why Prince looked so fit. Next two episodes recording in Maui so get ready for some tiger-shark laughs! Continue reading →
May 18, 2017
Episode 20 – Text Neck
Watch out! Darkman’s got text neck, couch-potato kids got weak bones, April’s pretty taxing and so are allergies, selling cars, junk food worse than SARS and cleaning the garage is cross fit! Let’s wrap up April and get ready for May (-onnaise)! Continue reading →
April 30, 2017
Episode 19 – Love Handled
Episode 19! I got some new bike lights for some midnight rides, weed legalized soon, love handles are the new silent but deadly, milk is still out, vitamins and minerals are still in, take a double dose of turmeric, time to chew some more fat! Continue reading →
April 19, 2017
Episode 18 – Take a Shard
Another Friday night special! Cowboys and Pringles, ALS, pain meds problems, my house is haunted and fans get the advice they so desperately need! Continue reading →
April 8, 2017
Episode 17 – Antioxidance Magic Dance
Comb your hockey mustache, it’s episode 17! Another Friday night special, selling cars, making coffee, paint fume woes, antioxidants are berry controversial and I hate naps!
April 1, 2017
Episode 16 – Stay Greased and Get Drenched!
Episode 16! A tad late because Matt is trying to make room for all the Big Mac sauce he's gonna buy. Matt's got a new doctor, he's recovering from a binge-y St. Paddy's Day weekend. Flesh-eat your hearts out, here we go! Continue reading →
March 24, 2017
Episode 15 – Cardboard Milky Toost
It’s the week of St. Paddy’s so Matt is jacked and ready for the parade. He has sprung out of his depression, right back into the Charlie Bucket Studio to talk about Soylent, all day breakfast, is cheese a heart … Continue reading →
March 15, 2017
Episode 14 – Sugary Sundance
Matt's trying work his way out of a pit of depression, or is it the mumps??? Therapy awaits! Overpriced coffee makers, binge eating. Eat bad? Blow it out! Is caffeine soon to be deemed a performance enhancing drug? Buy a house while listening to this one! Continue reading →
March 8, 2017
Episode 13 – Solar Powered Ninja Star
Our first guest since the reboot joins us on episode 13, and he's calling in from San Francisco! Director/Writer/Actor Billy Housh, return guest from Yo-Yo-Diet, Ma! He gives his observances while staying in America, we figure out how to get that wall built, fat people are coming together, Nazis are getting punched! Click here to rate on iTunes! Continue reading →
March 1, 2017
Episode 12 – Run Like a Caveman
Post-nasal drip, drinking water by the sip! Talk Richard Simmons, new running routines (being chased by animals), Paleo diets, get your feet off my seat, episode 12 is here! Click here to rate on iTunes! Continue reading →
February 23, 2017
Episode 11 – BuckTease
Matt's back in the bed studio, but this time it's truly merited: He's battling a cold! He's drinking fake Buckley's, He's praising Hal Johnson and Joanne McLeod, netti pot rockets and jury duty ain't no beauty! Please click here to rate on iTunes! Continue reading →
February 15, 2017
Episode 10 – Little Drummer Boy on Ecstasy
Big strides this week for Matt! Some big improvements on weight, the art of the Big Mac, craft beer is on notice, celebrity trainers ain't helping nobody and a big Maui trip coming up. Take two potassium iodide pills and have a listen to this meltdown! Continue reading →
February 8, 2017
Episode 09 – Eatin’ Clay with Lost Boys
In need of some twilight anesthesia, sore as f*** from physical exertion, Matt UberEats his way into a coma, thanks Russian Robots, thinks about getting a tube (Aspire Assist) inserted into his stomach to blow out food and rants about the clown president and road tolls. Continue reading →
February 1, 2017
Episode 08 – Back From the Dead Lift
After years of silence, Podcast Fatboy returns with the long-awaited reboot! Matt recaps the last few years and outlines the future, rants about cooking, food, exercise, dildo-shaped appliances and even (kind of) gives his take on the Bell Let’s Talk campaign. Continue reading →
January 25, 2017
Episode 07 – Sodium Buzz
Talking Sodium, with my dad Eric Duncan! Too much, too little. We’re figuring it out! Continue reading →
November 26, 2014
Episode 06 – Let’s Get (a) Physical
Talking physicals and being allergic to exercise with comedian Steph Tolev! Continue reading →
November 12, 2014
Episode 05 – Yo-Yo Diet, Ma!
Comedian/filmmaker Billy Housh! We talk crazy diets and gross carney food. Continue reading →
August 20, 2014
Episode 04 – Protein Town
With comedian Adam Cawley. Talking stinky protein powder! What’s with the obsession? Continue reading →
August 13, 2014
Episode 03 – Hold the Beef
We cover all things vegan in this ep! With Andrew Gardner. Continue reading →
May 15, 2014
Episode 02 – Growing Up Skinny
Matt journeys to Winnipeg, Manitoba to catch up with actor/comedian/musician Adam Kennedy and learn about his struggles with growing up skinny. They also tackle ways to fight colds naturally, the use of sports to forget you're exercising, and a slew of other ridiculousness. This episode was not brought to you by Poulin Exterminations (but we wish it was). Continue reading →
April 17, 2014
Episode 01 – Hellos and Goodbyes
In episode 01, Matt’s fitness journey is unveiled and he checks in with PhD. candidate/personal trainer Alex Schwartz to help set him on the right track. This episode was brought to you by Alex’s love of Pork Rinds. Continue reading →
April 8, 2014