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Hiring in Healthcare

Hiring in Healthcare

By Applichat
Hiring in Healthcare has never been harder. From staff shortages to retention issues, intense competition to the pandemic, recruiters of nurses are under assault on 4 fronts. This podcast exists to help you fight back. We interview 2 types of people. Talent Acquisition leaders teach you what strategies work, & how to carry them out. Nurses give their opinion on what they want from recruiters & jobs. Our mission is to help nurse recruiters succeed in their career. Welcome to Hiring in Healthcare.
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Plan to Attract Qualified Nurses: Building an Emplyer Brand + Recruitment Marketing
In this episode Kaitlyn Roberts the Founder of "The Employer Brand Shop" talks us about how to attract quialified nurses. Enjoy it! 
March 26, 2021
+22% Applications & -44% Agency Expenditure In 2 Years: Blake Theiss, Director Of TA, Prestige Care
Blake Thiess leads Talent Acquisition at Prestige Care. An energetic and forward-thinking leader, he has invaluable advice to share on attracting more applicants, managing regional recruitment teams, & lowering agency spend. Enjoy!
March 5, 2021
Best Practices & Tips On Attracting Top Talent Engagement: Danyelle Felchner, Memorial Health System
70% of nurses in YOUR area visit Facebook or Instagram every month. In this episode, we speak to Danyelle Felchner, who knows all about: How to reach them. How to engage. How to communicate your employer brand to them. How to turn them into job candidates. Know social media is a gold mine but can´t find your pickaxe? Listen to this episode with Danyelle Felchner from Memorial Health System
March 1, 2021
What This ICU Nurse Looks For In A Job, With Blaire McElroy RN
In our first episode we meet ICU Nurse Blaire McElroy. Open to opportunities at the time of recording, Blaire has an opinion or 2 to share on the state of nurse recruitment. What makes job ads stand out. What 90% of organizations get wrong when advertising jobs. Her pet peeves when searching for a job. Why some nurse recruiters are great, and others not so much. Are you struggling to hire in healthcare? Get 45+ qualified nurse applications in 90 days, guaranteed, with Applichat.
February 28, 2021