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Talking Object

Talking Object

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Pot Boils Over: Houselessness and Protest Action

Talking Object

Dealing with Covid: Learning Through a Mask
Today we'll talk about how children will study in the middle of a pandemic, and the practices workplaces are employing to deal with Covid.   Hosted by Cesar Renero, with Jenna Wilson. Featuring Hannah Ennessy Produced by Zack Franciose with music and sounds from Unheard Music Concepts, Jared C. Balogh & abcopen
August 03, 2020
Who Owns Art: Dissonance in Music Distribution
Today we'll talk about how the modern distribution of music is not paying musicians their due, and how copyright law has evolved to benefit the middleman rather than the listener or the artist.  Hosted by Cesar Renero, with Henry Ellison. Featuring Jake Blount, Anneliese McCarthy, & David Ward. Produced by Zack Franciose. With music from Unheard Music Concepts, Anneliese McCarthy, & Jake Blount .
July 14, 2020
Pot Boils Over: Houselessness and Protest Action
Today we'll talk about houselessness in NYC, LA and Minneapolis, the protest actions that are fighting for change, and what it means to be middle-class in America.  Hosted by Cesar Renero , with Drew McArthur Featuring Jenna Wilson  and KT Glusac. Produced by Zack Franciose  Music by: BenJamin Banger, Marco Trovatello, Mid-Air Machine, and Unheard Music Concepts
July 05, 2020