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The PodKash

The PodKash

By Kash Lee
The PodKash was created by Kash (@got__kash) to discuss everything and anything about the NBA and the LA Clippers. Kash will be joined by a rotating cast of NBA fans who also share a love and passion for basketball. We break down the latest stories, news, and highlights in every episode.

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Throwing it back with childhood friends who got me into basketball!
Kash (@got__kash) is joined by childhood friends Casey (@caseyshimoda) and Nick (@NickHidanoK) to discuss how I got into basketball, Clippers trade with OKC, Clippers acquiring Doc from the Celtics, this years playoffs, and a segment of "Who would you rather have?" Want a chance to be featured in my PodKash? DM me!
October 15, 2020
Q&A with #ClipperNation on Twitter!
Kash (@got__kash) is once again joined by Shane (@landryshamwow) and Jack (jackclippers) to discuss fan-submitted questions about the Clippers from #ClipperNation Twitter. We discuss everything from our favorite and most hated jerseys, to the Butler - PG conversation!  Want a chance to be featured in my PodKash? DM me! 
October 11, 2020
Upcoming expectations for the Clippers with @ClippersMarc!
Kash (@got__kash) is joined with Marc (@ClippersMarc) to discuss upcoming Clippers free agency rumors, which also leads to candid conversations about the league as well! Want a chance to be featured in the PodKash? DM me!
October 7, 2020
No Doc, No Nurse, Who's Next?
Kash (@got__kash) is once again joined by @landryshamwow and @jackclippers to discuss the recent departure of Doc Rivers. We discuss the good and bad of Doc during his time as a Clipper, opportunities this brings for next season and beyond, and rumored coaching candidates that could be a good fit for this job! Want a chance to be featured on my PodKash? DM me!
September 30, 2020
Did we actually blow a 3-1 lead to the Nuggets.....?
Kash (@got__kash) is joined by @landryshamwow and @jackclippers to discuss how we became Clipper fans, Clippers - Mavs recap, what went wrong in the Denver series, and steps moving forward to next season! Want a chance to be on my PodKash? Send me a DM!
September 27, 2020
What it do baby!
What's up everyone! My name is Kash and I'm the creator and host of the PodKash. I wanted to make this quick episode to really introduce myself as a person, how I became an NBA fan, how I became a Clippers fan, and my plans moving forward in incorporating NBA twitter onto my PodKash. Any support is appreciated. My twitter is @got__kash and my instagram is @got.kash. Thanks everyone and I cant wait to speak to y'all soon!
September 23, 2020