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Hey Purpose, Pods & PR!

Hey Purpose, Pods & PR!

By Tiffany Ellis
Tiffany Ellis is a wife, mom, DEI & mental health advocate and life-long leader who shares her journey of building her brand, Pods & PR, after working in corporate America since 2002. New to entrepreneurship, she often illustrates how skills she acquired while working in corporate serve to benefit the growth of her platform. Each episode is meant to promote growth, offer insight and even challenge listeners to dig deeper and every conversation is real. Episodes air Wednesdays, weekly by noon EST.
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Life is Good...You Know What I Mean?!?
Welcome to Season 2 of the podcast! As you know, Hey Purpose, Pods & PR chronicles Tiffany's journey as she navigates her purpose and this season we have some exciting updates for you! The first episode, Life is Good...You Know What I Mean?!? will address some of the things that have happened since the onset of #covid19 and where she is as of today. You'll also learn about up and coming events and hear from one of our sponsors. Buckle up for a very interesting season! Be sure to join us Friday, 7/3/20 on YouTube Live at 8pm EST for The Virtual Connection by clicking the following link: You can also follow us on IG by clicking here, where you will receive up to date information on the latest news with the platform: Visit our website at today!
July 3, 2020
When God Knocks featuring Alexes Garrett
This episode has been long overdue! On this week's episode, Tiffany got the chance to sit down and talk with a long-time friend, Alexes Garrett, regarding her major life transition she experienced last year. During this episode, Tiffany and Alexes talk about faith, circumstance, character and so much more. It's the perfect episode for the person who believes they might have been tugged or called on by God and they're not sure how to respond. If you love the episode, don't forget to subscribe to the podcast and be sure to rate it and leave us a comment. You can also follow Tiffany on all social platforms or you can join The Virtual Connection calls that take place every Friday. Links to all of the information listed above found below. Instagram: YouTube: Website:
May 21, 2020
Little Signs Everywhere
In this episode, Tiffany talks about receiving confirmation from God to confirm you're heading in the right direction. She explains what she's been up to during #covid while also encouraging you to stop playing with your purpose. It's a great pick-me-up-er if you've been having a week and just need a reminder of what you were brought here to do. If you enjoy the episode, don't forget to rate the podcast and leave a comment. You can also join Tiffany on her Virtual Connection calls absolutely FREE for a limited time every Friday on Zoom. Just visit to find more information or click the link in bio on the Instagram page for Pods_and_pr.
May 14, 2020
I Choose Forgiveness with Sherrod Chisolm
On this episode of the podcast, Tiffany talks about what it means to exercise forgiveness as a leader. The interview features Sherrod, a former co-worker and close friend, and the two share their professional experience with forgiveness, detailing what it took to salvage a strained relationship after an unfortunate turn of events. This episode will help leaders understand the blessing in forgiving forward and help individual contributors work through the process of accountability. We would love to hear your thoughts at
April 22, 2020
Don't Forget Your Grit- 10 Minutes with Tiff
In this quick episode, Tiffany talks about the importance of demonstrating grit, determination and intestinal fortitude. In today's world, it's so easy to hear the words "guard your mental health" and assume it means to not fight through circumstances and situations. Here's your reminder to keep going, even when it gets difficult. We have big dreams to make reality! I'm here to help you through it. Link to the Harvard Educational Review:
April 20, 2020
Prepare for Success- 10 Minutes with Tiff
In this episode, Tiffany talks about the part of becoming successful many of us don't consider. Oftentimes, we think of success as wealth and notoriety but there's another layer that is equally as important and Tiffany talks about it. Get your pep talk from Tiff on preparing for success by listening to the episode now! We'd love to hear your comments on the episode. Email Tiffany at or you can join us for the Virtual Connection for free Fridays at 8pm EST for a limited time! You can also visit the website at for more information on our platform.
April 18, 2020
Get Started On Your Vision- 10 Minutes with Tiff
In this 10 Minutes with Tiff Episode, Tiffany provides 4 tips every person can use to get their visions off the ground. It's practical advice every believer can understand and relate to! Got thoughts about the episode? Share them via email at You can also join us Friday for the Virtual Connection by logging on to Zoom at 8pm EST and dialing 629-185-6207.
April 15, 2020
Give Credit Where It's Due
Give Credit Where It's Due is an episode discussing the way we value relationships. In this episode, Tiffany talks about some of the reasons relationships end and as well as ways you can show more appreciation and grace in your existing employment or personal relationships. It's an episode for everyone. Have you joined us for the Virtual Connection yet? If not, you should consider it! We meet Fridays at 8pm EST on Zoom and it's the perfect way to engage in meaningful dialogue with amazing women while empowering other female creatives. Connect with us on social media at Pods_and_pr or visit our website at today! You can also share your thoughts on the episode by emailing Tiffany at
April 8, 2020
Now I Understand featuring Akrya Zilliner
Akyra finally recorded an episode with Tiffany! This week Tiffany is joined by her best friend, Akyra Zilliner (BKA Best Friend), to talk about a very important topic. The ladies revisit how they met, highlight moments throughout their relationship and share their thoughts on a trending topic that's got everyone's attention- mental health. This episode will help you understand the importance of having a confidant and supporter in your corner and will make you want to pick up the phone and call your best friend when you're done listening! Please be sure to share your thoughts by emailing or you can rate and subscribe to the podcast. You can follow our Instagram page at Pods_and_pr and don't forget to follow Best Friend at @akyrazhair. If you're interested in joining us for the virtual connection on Fridays at 8:00 EST, click here: Meetings are open to the first 100 attendees. Don't forget to visit the website at to enroll in our email list so you can stay connected to the platform!
April 1, 2020
No-Thing is Greater Than Your Source- 10 Minutes with Tiff
In this quick 10 minute episode, Tiffany shares quick tips on guarding your mind and energy during Covid-19. This episode also serves as a little encouragement for those in her community who believe in a higher source as the one in control. It's the perfect start to your day. Share your thoughts by emailing her at You can also join us this Friday for the next Virtual Connection at 8pm EST. Zoom call-in number is 629-185-6207 and call is open to the first 100 women.
March 30, 2020
Celebrating Mom- A 10 Minute Tribute to Gillian Spivey
My mom, Gillian Yvette Spivey, was a mother of 5 who passed before the age of 41. As a junior in college, I could barely process what was happening and her passing traumatized my siblings, my family and forever shaped our lives in a way we never could have imagined. While it is painful to relive the experience and even difficult to talk about, I often reflect on the gifts and life-lessons handed down that make me who I am. I am grateful for her sacrifices and moved by her tenacity. Help me celebrate her birthday by listening to this episode.
March 27, 2020
Mend Your Heart with Carlinda Hairston
Today's podcast episode features Carlinda Hairston, a phenomenal mother, HR professional, massage therapist and a great friend of the platform. Carlinda speaks on the growth of Pods & PR, her experience with the platform and shares a few gems on self worth, healing and love, which started during last week's Virtual Connection. Carlinda also reveals a connection she's cultivated as a result of her attendance at a few Pods & PR events! This episode will leave you feeling inspired, accountable and excited about what's to come. You can meet Carlinda and many of the amazing women who are a part of the Pods & PR community by joining in on the Virtual Connection call this Friday at 8pm EST as we discuss episode 3 of the For Realness Sake podcast entitled I Am Enough.  Link to the podcast is:  Virtual doors open at 7:50pm EST on Zoom and the first 100 women will have access to the conversation. Set your alarm and save this link to join. Link to join the Virtual Connection: If you have any comments or thoughts on the episode, we would be honored to hear them! Email us at and you can also visit our website at
March 25, 2020
8 Ways to Lead Effectively as a WFH Leader
In addition to the cancellations, anxiety and concern caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, many leaders have been forced to transition into leading a remote workforce and this is not an easy task! Thankfully, your podcast host has a wealth of experience in this space and this bonus episode will provide you with 8 tips to not only lead effectively as a remote leader, but to also create an engaging work-from-home environment. We recommend this episode for new leaders managing a remote workforce for the first time and even seasoned leaders who have been leading remotely forever because there is a possibility you may not have considered some of the tips mentioned throughout this episode. The book mentioned in the episode is titled 100 Things Successful People Do by Nigel Cumberland and it was ordered on Amazon, which we highly recommend. If you appreciate this episode, feel free to share it with those you know who may benefit from the content and be sure to subscribe to the podcast. We will be recording a ton of bonus content to get you through this crazy time in our nation's history! Email us at and don't forget to visit the website at
March 19, 2020
Remember Your Worth- Relationships With Your Employer
This month and heading into April, we are focusing on relationships. Our first in-person meeting was going to discuss romantic relationships but there is another relationship that carries just as much weight in our lives and that is the relationship with our employers, which can be great, or it can be toxic. As with any relationship, you have to know the value you add and you have to teach people how to treat you and I believe professional relationships can be the same. Naturally, there's a COVID-19 update tucked into this message because it is all we can seem to think about but we also begin the conversation about relationships with your job and how to keep an accurate perspective on the space you occupy in that relationship. We will discuss ways to clearly identify your value, how to recognize the value in others and most importantly, how to facilitate conversations with your manager about what you need from them to create reciprocal circumstances. It's a great listen! The topic on relationships runs deep so if you would like to ask a question or you have an area you'd like us to cover, please don't hesitate to leave us a message or email You can also join in on the conversation taking place on social media by following us on IG at @pods_and_pr. Be sure to look out for some of the cool prizes we will be giving away simply by participating!
March 18, 2020
My HBCU Changed My Life with Lani **Re-release**
When the podcast first began, Tiffany recorded an episode with her daughter, Lani, on her experience as a first year student at Florida Agricultural & Mechanical University. It was one of the most downloaded episodes so even after re-launching, it made sense to throw this episode back in the mix. Both Tiffany and her husband are graduates of Florida A&M University and their love for HBCU's runs deep so trusting FAMU with their first born was not ever a question- we had to trust a school we love with a child we love even more! Lani will be coming home soon and when she does, we are going to update this episode and tell you what's been happening on The Hill because we feel our parents will find this information helpful and it may shape the way they navigate similar situations with their own children. We also think college students will benefit from the updates on her story so be sure to look out for it. In the meantime, enjoy this re-release and don't forget to like, subscribe and rate this podcast. Oh, and share it with others!
March 17, 2020
For the love of #Coronavirus- Special Episode
If you are anything like us, you're pretty tired of hearing about COVID-19. We've listened to all of the news reports and the information they've made available to us and right now, we know that #Coronavirus has killed 3.5% of reported cases worldwide while 56.6% of cases have recovered and 40% are currently ill. We also know those who are most at risk are over the age of 60+ years and have underlying conditions. It's natural to have concern but don't allow fear to guide your reaction. Be sensible, protect yourself, wash your hands and most importantly, focus on your immune system and build your defense internally. Consume lots of fresh veggies and fruits, exercise to get your blood circulating, avoid stress and stressful situations and take supplements like echinacea, elderberry, moringa and turmeric. We are stronger than Coronavirus and we are much more sensible than America gives us credit for being! If you've got questions about this episode, feel free to email and we are happy to find answers to your questions if we don't have them. For those of you in Tampa Bay, see you April 4th at Livy O's for our #relationshipgoals podclub meeting featuring the For Realness Sake podcast. Tickets on sale now at We love you all and stay safe!
March 15, 2020
Start Where You Are
Tiffany decided to start the journey over again and what better way than to remove all of the older content and focus on publishing fresh, new content that better aligns with the latest direction of the platform. Tiffany talks about why she deleted most of her first season, what the podcast will be about and shares a few gems on the value of self control and why it shouldn't be viewed as suppression. Hey Purpose, Pods & PR originally aired in 2019 as Pods & PR the podcast but after building more on the foundation of the platform, Tiffany discovered that it was not only time to rename the was time to redefine what the platform would stand for. This is a great episode to start with and better understand what to expect as you take this journey with us. As always, don't forget to subscribe and anytime you enjoy an episode, don't be afraid to share it. You can even leave a rating or email us at Tiffany releases new episodes every Wednesday so be on the lookout for the latest content and you can even follow us on all social media platforms by searching for Pods_and_pr or on the website at Thanks for rocking with us!
March 11, 2020
The New Generation with JJ
Over the last 2.5 years, Tiffany and her family have lived in 3 different states and while the moves were all positive, they can have lasting impacts. As parents, we don't always consider the impact of these transitions on our children. Tiffany decided to sit down with her son JJ to ask him about his feelings on the transitions and to get a better understanding of what it is like to be a teenager in today's society. Not only did she find out things she wasn't expecting, she was pleasantly surprised by the gems her son dropped! We'd love to hear your feedback after you listen to the episode. You can email us at today and don't forget to like and subscribe to the podcast if you enjoyed the episode.
March 4, 2020
Do it For the Gram!
In the day and age of social media, so many people are lost behind the facade they create which often times masks the person they actually are. Unconsciously, many have assumed the responsibility of portraying a life they don't live, acting like someone they have no intention of becoming and it makes it really difficult to develop authentic connections with people. This is one of the many reasons we, in today's society, are classified as reportedly being more lonely and depressed than every other generation. Appearances are great for stages and programs but in real life, authenticity is key. Hear from Tiffany on why "Doing it for the Gram" is not what we should be doing! If you want to share feedback on this episode, please email You can also connect with Tiffany online by following Pods_and_pr on all major platforms or on LinkedIn by searching for Tiffany Y. Ellis.
February 26, 2020
Bad Ass and Strong as Hell! with Alisha Beeman
We are back with our second installment of the Mind, Body and Wealth Edition and this episode is definitely a treat. In this episode, I got the chance to sit down with Alisha Beeman, Fitness & Lifestyle Coach based out of Tampa, FL to talk all about diet, exercise, health and overall wellness. A little about Alisha- Alisha Beeman is a Fitness and Lifestyle Coach from Tampa, Florida and helps high achieving, bad ass women get strong as hell, find balance in their lives and gain the energy to pour back into their career. She trains out of Elevate St. Pete as well as maintains an online presence, offering virtual coaching services to those who are not located in the Central Florida Area. Alisha shared so much with me during this episode and I am certain you'll love it. To keep up with her after the interview,  follow her on IG @AlishaBeeman or on Facebook at Alisha Beeman and you can also email her at Be sure to listen to the entire episode because there is a special treat somewhere in there for my ladies of the Tampa Bay Area!! As always, if you love the episode, don't forget to favorite it on Apple Podcasts and subscribe and check us out online by visiting where you can keep up with all the amazing things happening in our world!
January 20, 2020
I Got That Juice with Fathiyyah Doster
In this episode Tiffany sits down with Fathiyyah Doster, CEO of Juice Defined and Preeclampsia advocate to talk health, wellness and nutrition. A Miami native, Fathiyyah is the mother of a 10 year old daughter and received her Bachelors degree from the University of South Florida before going on to pursue her Masters Degree in Mental Health Counseling from Springfield College. Fathiyyah shares her personal story with HELLP syndrome and preeclampsia, educates us on juicing and even shares a recipe to get us started! You can follow Fathiyyah on Instagram at @juicedefined or by visiting her website at today! If you enjoy this episode, leave a comment and don't forget to subscribe and favorite us on Apple Podcasts. If you've got a topic you want us to cover, send us an email at today and don't forget to connect with us on all social media platforms at pods_and_pr. Oh, and get your tickets to our next event by logging on to the website at today!
January 14, 2020
There are many reasons we choose to live a life of service and it's important for people to understand your why when they are deciding whether or not to listen to your thoughts or even engage with your platform. Listen to this episode from Tiffany as she explains the reasons she's created her nonprofit organization, her development platform, Pods and PR, and why she is choosing to live a life of service as a leader. Her scriptural reference is Philippians 2:3. If you enjoy the episode, please feel free to share it with others, like it on Apple podcasts or favorite it on your streaming platform and don't forget to subscribe. You can also follow Pods and PR on IG @pods_and_pr, on FB as Pods_and_PR and on YouTube at Pods & PR. Pods and PR will be coming to a city near you in 2020! Register in your city by logging on to and choosing your city's digital ticket under merchandise.
December 3, 2019
It's Already In You
Sometimes we don't realize that the qualities we admire in others or the tools we believe we need to reach our next destination are often already in us. Many of us set goals during 2019- did we accomplish them? What goals are we setting for 2020? Tiffany shares a quick thought on using what is "Already In You" to live out your purpose and become the best version of yourself NOW! Tiffany also hosts a traveling social community and development platform that is currently in Dallas, Miami, Tampa and Atlanta, adding Raleigh, NC to the tour early 2020! You can check out video recaps and testimonials on YouTube by searching Pods & PR or you can also follow the platform on FB and IG at Pods_and_pr today. To email your questions or comments to Tiffany, send messages to If you enjoy this podcast, don't forget to subscribe, rate and comment on Apple Podcasts today. XOXO, The Pods & PR Team
November 17, 2019
I Lead, Lead and You Can Too!
If you are a leader, want to be a leader, work with other leaders and want to better understand how to be effective in a leadership capacity, this episode is for you! Tiffany pulls back the layers to talk about key aspects of leadership, from effectiveness to your credibility as a leader and most importantly the humility required to serve as a leader. This episode will push you into action providing practical steps towards improvement. Tiffany loves leadership and development and has over a decade of leadership experience. She currently leads formal training classes (through her training services) on Servant Leadership and Performance Management and she also hosts an informal development platform and social community called Pods & PR which travels to different cities monthly. You can purchase tickets to the October and November meetings on Eventbrite now and you can keep up with Pods & PR on IG at @pods_and_pr or on Facebook at Pods_and_pr today. You can also email Tiffany at with questions. Thank you for listening and we can't wait to meet you at one of our meetings!
October 12, 2019
Okay, We Got The Memo!
After listening to the audio book The Memo by Minda Harts, Tiffany felt compelled to share her perspective on the message with her audience. Having worked on Property & Casualty Insurance Leadership for over 10 years, Tiffany has her own share of stories about diversity and inclusion, intersectionality and the journey of the minority female in corporate settings so this book resonates with her on many levels. She believes you’ll connect with the message also. If you’re a part of the Pods & PR ATL family, the conversation will continue November 9th at The Oliver Chamblee during the next Pods & PR podclub meeting. Tickets available on Eventbrite now! You can also email Tiffany with any questions at
October 10, 2019