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By Patrick Ngugi
At Bliss Oasis Africa, we focus on wholeness of body, mind and spirit through the sharing of inspirational podcasts and videos and articles. You can reach us through the email
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LIGHT TALK EP 1 - The Forgotten Laws
The first episode of Light Talk. In this episode we introduce Bob Proctor's Forgotten Laws
August 02, 2022
As a young girl growing up in Meru, Faith Gikunda was already disseminating news to the school assembly while in Primary School, after her teachers discovered her inherent passion and talent in observing the world around her and putting it down on paper.  Mesmerized by the novels her father [a teacher] would bring home, Faith found herself lost in those books, as well as daily newspapers. At that tender age, Faith had already charted her destiny, and as if the universe had answered her desire, things started working out for her that would lead her to journalism,  and writing for the mainstream media for newspapers such as the PEOPLE DAILY, THE STANDARD, and a good number of Non-Governmental Organizations.  Currently, she is has settled back in her home county where she is continuing with her career of development communication, but she has found a new passion. Working with street people of Meru town where she and other people are doing what they could to give hope to the homeless folk through their organization, The Generation of Hope, and Sauti za Tumaini. Generation of Hope Facebook page - za Tumaini Facebook Page –
April 17, 2022
Sebuleni Africa Interviews : Tenimonure Richard Adewale
Nigerian poet speaks to SebuleniAfrica founder Patrick Ngugi
November 03, 2021
Andrew Kuria is one of the most experienced court reporter Kenya has ever known. His journey to journalism started when he was an accounts clerk at a factory in Eldoret. A job he did not like. He quit and went to Nairobi to follow his dream and started writing for a church newspaper as he studied journalism through a correspondence college. In our interview he tells about his experience from his starling 30 decade career.
May 14, 2021
S 2 EP 2 Eunice Njoki - Maktaba Mashinani
EUNICE NJOKI - MAKTABA MASHINANI Thousands of children from poor backgrounds in rural and some urban areas of the country have benefited from the donation of reading material through an initiative known as Maktaba Mashinani, Kiswahili for Libraries at the Grassroots. The organization’s founder, Eunice Njoki saw the need for such services since she herself grew up in a poverty-stricken background, which caused her to miss normal secondary school education, and had to educate herself through adult education classes through her secondary school after a short stint as a house help. Now a graduate from the Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology, Eunice is not only a businesswoman in Nairobi but is fully engaged in running Maktaba Foundation. You can learn more about Maktaba Mashinani Foundation and also make a donation through their website Click here to go to her interview
May 08, 2021
S 2- EP 01 : JEFF WAWERU - AN ARTIST IN LOVE WITH MT KENYA Plus The Power of Being Plugged In
Welcome to THE SECOND SEASON; EPISODE 01 of BLISS OASIS PODCAST. In this episode, we continue With our series dubbed LIVING A MAGICAL LIFE, in which we explore CATE COBIN’S Book, MAGICAL MUSINGS OF THE LAW OF ATTRACTION. Meanwhile this week we are is privileged to host Jeff Waweru, a film-maker, a photographer, a web designer and a mountain climber, all rolled in one. Jeff Waweru who owns an Arts studio at his house in Nanyuki town, tells us how he fell in love with the town after a routine documentary shooting, and decided to migrate from Nairobi which seemed too hostile to him. Stay tuned to listen to his story, after this week’s segment of Magical Living. In which we shall discuss the power of PLUGGING-IN.
January 11, 2021
EP 16: ELIZABETH MAIRURA plus the Principles of Momentum
After a presentation about the principle of MOMENTUM, based on the book by Cate Cobin – MAGICAL MUSING OF THE LAW OF ATTRACTION, we chat with Elizabeth Mairura, who is head of Information and Library at Goethe Institute, Nairobi. Born in Kisumu where her parents worked as teachers, Elizabeth later moved with the family to ‘’Beautiful Molo’’ in Nakuru County, which she fondly calls home. Her passion in foreign languages, particularly German saw her excel in high school, winning various presentations in the language at the annual Kenya Music Festival. She later worked as a librarian and a teacher at various schools and universities before joining Goethe Institute for her current position. In our podcast she talks about her passion in education and work, and her belief that young people should be encouraged to follow their passion and seek jobs, or careers which gives them job satisfaction rather than their ‘’marketability.’’ Elizabeth, who has recently published a ‘’multi-lingual’’ books in English, French, German and Kiswahili also speaks about her future writing plans.
December 20, 2020
TSARM WACHIRA speaks about his work, passion and growth of Nanyuki Plus Power of Focus
WELSOME TO OUR 15 EPISODE. ON LIVING A MAGICAL LIFE SEGMENT THIS WEEK, WE DISCUSS THE POWER OF FOCUS… LATER WE SHALL PLAY AN INTERVIEW WITH A SOFT SPOKEN BUT CREATIVE GENTLEMAN WHO IS HELPING SHAPE THE LIFE AND FACE OF LAIKIPIA THROUGH BUSINESS AND CHARITABLE WORK. This young man took a course he wasn’t interested in but which later became a profession he came to love – that is quantity surveying and construction. He says he was born an artist and might as well have asked for a paper and a pencil when he was born. Tsarm Wachira also designed crosses for coffins while he was charting out his life back in his hometown of Eldoret. Post election violence of 2007/8 however saw him leave for greener pastures in Mombasa, Nairobi, Dadaab refugee camp and Thika before someone offered him a job in Nanyuki as a project manager. He then went to Nanyuki, saw and conquered. He is an active member of Nanyuki’s Lions Club, and he was the brains behind the first ever Mt Kenya Homes Expo, back in 2013. Now he has his own practice in a town which he has fallen in love with and decided to grow with it as it booms into a bustling metropolis from a laid back town it was a few years back. Sit comfortable and listen to his story. But first, THE POWER OF FOCUS.
November 17, 2020
CHRISTINE KHAMASI SAKALI and Magical Life Series - ''Feeling Good''
FROM A VICTIM TO A CRUSADER  She was barely 10 years old when she started menstruation. Since it was a taboo to discuss matters regarding sexuality, young Christine Khamasi Sakali had no one to turn to explain to her what was happening to her body. Her step mother only laughed at her mockingly, while her grandmother could only use metaphors, telling the little girl that she should beware of ''snakes.'' More confused, she could not get help at school either since whenever the strange bleeding came, the teacher sent her home, where she only faced her stepmother’s mockery, and she would end up spending most of her time hiding in the maize plantation. Then came the sexual abuse from a ''good samaritan'' who helped her with sanitary pads, and later from her employer where she worked as a househelp but eventually sacked after she became pregnant. Christine gives her heart rending story to BLISS OASIS AFRICA, explaining how she recovered and how sh
November 08, 2020
THE THIGH OF AN ELEPHANT, Wafula P'Khisa & Empowering Beliefs
In this episode we host a celebrated poet, Mr Wafula P'Khisa, who is a teacher of Literature in Kitale, Kenya. Wafula is also a musician (rapper) and also soon to be published novelist. In this episode we also introduce a new series of talks dubbed Living a Magical Life, based on the book "Magical Musings of the Law of Attraction." In this episode we start with Empowering Beliefs.
November 01, 2020
ANYANGO NYAR AKECH and the Law of Success
This is our 12th episode and we are grateful to all our loyal listeners. In this episode we complete the 11 Forgotten Laws by discussing The Law of Success. After this segment, we shall play this week’s interview in which we discuss a ‘’go getter’’ author, poet, teacher, one time model Anyango Nyar Akech. If you remember a few episodes back we hosted Ayieko Jakoyo, another teacher and poet in Nyahururu. Jakoyo and Anyango have teamed up to publish a DUET, which is soon rolling off thepress, under the name of THORNS OF DESIRE. We shall listen to Anyango’s interview after we present the LAW OF SUCCESS. THE LAW OF SUCCESS This is the last of the 11 Forgotten Laws as unveiled by Bob Proctor The law of success states that everyone is born to succeed since we ALL have the power and capacity to be great and achieve MASSIVE success. Nature knows no failure. Never plans anything but success. You possess all the ingredients of success within you. All you need is the right understand of the principles and the laws on which success is based and then apply the right method until success is earned. There is no free lunch you have to do something. We ONLY need to properly develop this power from WITHIN in order to EXPERIENCE it in our outer world. We need to work from our thoughts, work on the non-visible energy to see the manifestation happen in our physical life. God intended every individual to succeed, since HE did not intend to create A mediocre creation, and we can succeed only by believing in our capabilities. Success does not mean doing great things at once, but starting from where you are, and doing little things in a great way every day. You have to start where you are and advance. YOU HAVE TO Move, it does not matter how fast OR HOW SLOW, so long as you are moving towards your goal. Everyone has the capacity for endless development AND You have all the ingredients of success in you. We have the power and capacity in each one of us to be great and achieve massive success, through the talents, and passions that we have been given. Our outward activities are the expressions of internal urgings, which come out through talents. We just have to follow our bliss. We are all unique. In conclusion, it is important to live in harmony with the universal laws so as to ensure that we are governed to achieve great success and happiness in life.
October 25, 2020
LEWIS WAMWANDA and the Law Of Obedience
Twenty-One year old Lewis Wamwanda is not your everyday youngster. Lewis is currently a second year student at Kisii University, pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Education. But this future English Teacher is already a businessman already owning a publishing house, which is giving publishing services to budding writers and others in Western Kenya and Rift Valley. Lewis's dream to become a computer software engineer started since he was a class four student, and he is still yearning to take further studies on that once he finishes his degree course. Meanwhile he has learnt to work with computers and he builds websites for clients as a part of his passion, apart from administering a group of over 300 writer on social media platform. Listen to his story on this podcast. On this episode also we briefly give you the Law Of Obedience, which is  Bob Proctor's tenth of the 11 Forgotten Laws. 
October 18, 2020
Her nickname is Mo, abreviated from her first name Mokgaetji. Mo is currently in Hungary, studying a bachelor’s degree in Tourism & Catering at the University of Pannonia. She found her way to Europe one fateful day when she was late for a history tutorial at her University back home in Pretoria, South Africa. She was late because she was not so fond of History and the brain cells in charge of this specific subject ''were too fossilized.'' But as she strolled into the compound, she saw an advert posted on the wall, calling for students to apply for courses in Hungary. She did, and now she is half way through with her course. Mo, who says she is forever 12 years old since birth, describes Winfred Nyokabi as her ‘’Stray Mum’’. Remember we interviewed Winfred two weeks ago?  In this episode, we also present to you The Law of Sacrifice, in which we learn that there is no free lunch, and we always have to work hard, or give up something we value, inorder to attain something else of a higher value.
October 11, 2020
Ayieko Jakoyo, and The Law Of Forgiveness
Our Guest for this week is Ayieko Jakoyo who is a Geography and Business Studies Teacher at a Nyahururu school. Despite facing challenges in early life that almost made him drop out of school, one Ayieko Jakoyo made his sponsors proud by completing his high school and university education, to become a teacher. While teaching, Jakoyo, who has been nicknamed ‘’Doctor’’ by his peers, has continued his passion in writing poetry – which is interesting since that is not his docket in school. In this episode, we also discuss about Law of Forgiveness, which is the Eighth of Bob Proctor’s ELEVEN FORGOTTEN LAWS.  Welcome Patrick Ngugi
October 04, 2020
"Village Girl Winnie Nyokabi & The Law Of Non-Resistance.
Winnie, a teacher from Laikipia, Kenya has been in Hungary on two year scholarship. She has just graduated at the top of her class, making Kenya proud of her achievement. In this episode she shares her experiences in her usually light hearted manner or to put it in another way, with a tongue in the cheek. In this episode we shall also learned about the Law of non resistance.
September 27, 2020
Charles Muhita - Author; BOOTSTRAP Plus The Law of Compensation
BOOTSTRAP Author Charles Muhita is our first guest. He tells us about his early life when he was a victim of the post-election violence when he was 17 and his family lost everything and had to relocate to another part of the country and rebuild their lives. This however did not deter his dreams of finishing his education, graduating as a lawyer, and writing. He is now working on his second novel, a sequel to BOOTSTRAP. This episode also briefly talks about The Law of Compensation.
September 20, 2020
The Law of Increase
The fifth of the Eleven Forgotten Laws. In this episode we learn that we have to be grateful and in praise of what we have in order to get more or even better of the same.
September 03, 2020
The Law of Receiving
This is the fourth Law of Proctor's FORGOTTEN LAWS. It stresses the importance of giving which completes the universe's energy of circulation. In order to receive, you have to give. It is not disgraceful to be a receiver since there can't be a giver without a receiver. No one is too poor to give, and you don't lose anything by giving.
August 24, 2020
The Law of Attraction
The third law of the Eleven Forgotten Laws. In this law we learn that we can change our lives for the the better just by focusing on what we want instead of what we don't want. Bad situations including ailments, poverty or debt could be reversed by attracting the exact situations we desire.
August 16, 2020
The Law of Supply
This is the second of the Eleven Forgotten Laws. In this episode we learn that all supply comes from one supply. One Infinite Supply (God) and that there's always enough for everyone's need - if we don't hoard.
August 09, 2020
The Law of Thinking
This is the second episode in the series The Eleven Forgotten Laws. Here we discuss the power of thought which affects our lives.
August 02, 2020
Introduction to Eleven Forgotten Laws
In this inaugural episode we give an overview of the Laws as unveiled by world renowned motivational speaker Bob Proctor. In the subsequent episodes we go through one at a time, in more details.
July 25, 2020