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Poets, Writers, And A Good Cup Of Tea!

Poets, Writers, And A Good Cup Of Tea!

By KaZ Akers
I love poets and poetry, writers and the written word and a delicious cup of tea. So why not talk about it all?
I’ve been published since age 14 as a poet and writer.
My website:
My book:
As poet in residence:
New book coming THIS summer: “Drink Nature”. This book reflects my love of nature through poetry.
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Thanks SO MUCH For Listening. This Podcast Coming To An End To Make Way For Something Different.
It has been a really fun 2 1/2 years doing this podcast. Yes! 2 1/2 years. I’ve loved talking about poetry and writing in all it’s incarnations. But it’s time for me to move on. I’m thinking of coming back with something new. There IS so much to talk about! Have a listen to what I am doing and what the future may hold. Website: https// Book:
May 17, 2022
Let’s Talk About Empathy.
As someone who is extremely empathic and can feel the feelings and emotions of others; I have very mixed feelings about empathy. Do I need to feel your pain, do you need to feel my pain to understand or to help? I don’t believe so. In poetic form I’ve written down those feelings. Website: Book: My next book “Drink Nature” is coming to Amazon later this summer! Thanks for listening.
May 14, 2022
Yeah, It’s Still Weird Out There. This Week’s Poem: “Stay On The Train”.
Things may still not be great. We are still dealing with a pandemic and more people are getting sick. There are a lot of strong feelings about that. But I always think a change of scenery can do us a world of good. That’s why I’m asking you to “Stay On The Train”. My next book “Drink Nature” is just getting the finishing touches…readying it for the publisher. Website: Book:
May 01, 2022
Creatives Of The World Unite and Have A Laugh On Me!
You’ve heard of SAD: seasonal affective disorder, well, I talk about YAD: yearly affective disorder. Or the things that get to us creatives and deep thinkers. It’s a bit tongue-in-cheek, hopefully not foot in mouth. Enjoy! Website: Book:
April 17, 2022
Spring Poem Featured In The Pro-Age Woman Magazine.
I was in Portland, Oregon sitting outside at a little sidewalk café. It had a very large umbrella, thankfully. Seemingly out of nowhere it started to pour rain. I observed people scurrying around. I also was, as the poem says, caught without any rain gear. Then another day I was at home, it was raining and I watched my trees in the backyard. Those two experiences have been combined to make one poem. Spring Rain Caught in spring rain without Wellingtons, without an umbrella, without a raincoat. Rain on my face. Rain on my clothes. Rain-soaked hair. The smell of the grasses, the glistening of the leaves, Lizards scurry to hide, only to reemerge when the sun appears. The wind that precedes the rain coaxes swiftly moving clouds as they change from white to grey, to the darkest of steel Mesmerized into a trance-like state I observe palm fronds sway, then dip and bend in the breeze. Invisible gusts shudder the branches. Butterfly palms brush the sand back and forth, back and forth tracing wispy, feather-like patterns. Raindrops imprint tiny circles in the sand and nurture the flowers trees, bushes and grasses into full bloom and blossom. ©️KaZ Akers. Website: Book: New Book coming this summer: Drink Nature ©️ KaZ Akers
April 10, 2022
Premiere of Dada Poem, Tara Ratata, From My Book Explained and Read.
Not everyone gets Dada. I get that. (Sorry, couldn’t resist.) But there is really nothing to get. It is everything and nothing-you get it, you don’t get it, it’s all OK. If you’ve listened to the Talking Heads I Zimbra, or have gone to a Cirque du Soleil performance, you have experienced Dada. Available to everyone in all languages because it is no language. In this podcast I have a humorous anecdote about a friend’s response to a Dada poem in my last book. It spurned me on to start performing the Dada that I write… here on my podcast. I trust it will get clearer to those who have read it. From Book Tara Ratata - A Dada Poem     Ichiidoon kabata oré ichii noon   Ichiidoon katata oré nashi zoon   Tara ratata Tara ratatata Tara ratata Tara ratatata   Ahn mogley tata harung Zara zara oh gishinoon   Ah zo beetay eetay Zazo beetay   Ah zo beetay eetay Zazo beetay   Tara ratata Tara ratatata Tara ratata Tara ratatata   Alla alla allay eetay alla alla allay   Alla alla allay eetay alla alla allay   Ichiidoon kabata oré ichii noon   Ichiidoon katata Oré nashi zoon   Aray, arayaray   Aiyay   Aray, arayaray     Aray, arayaray   Aiyay   Aray arayaray       © KaZ Akers Website: Book:
March 31, 2022
Celebrate! It’s World Poetry Day!
It’s World Poetry Day! For me every day is world poetry day. But I’m excited that there has been a day designated to celebrate this most expressive written and spoken art form. Where would we be without poetry? I dare say all the worse for it. I talk about a lot of forms of poetry here. Some that may be new to you. I guarantee you WILL have a favourite. Thanks for listening! Website: Book: Here’s a little incentive: be the 50th person to email me after listening to this episode AND you get a FREE copy of my book!
March 21, 2022
The Sister Of Haiku. Senryū. You’re Going to Love Her.
I love Haiku. A lot of people have heard of it. But not many people have heard of Senryū, the sister of Haiku. I adore Senryū. The reason? Because it examines our human idiosyncrasies and it can have an ironic or satirical tone. I fancy myself both ironic and satirical. So here are two Senryū and a little explanation of this Japanese poetry form. Book: Singsong Crows And Alphabet Soup©️ Website:
March 19, 2022
Dealing With the “Slings And Arrows” Of Life.
Welcome to the THIRD season. It has been one hell of a crazy time for the last few weeks, months, years. The Yin and Yang, dark and light, up-and-down, chaos and catharsis. Thus, the newest of names for my podcast. I think THIS is it for all the changes here. The really good news is I’ve been designated “resident poet” for The Pro-Age Woman eMagazine. You can find it here: As always you can find my book here: AND take a look at my website here:
February 23, 2022
That Which Does Not Kill Us Makes Us Better Writers.
Life all over the world is challenging. It’s challenging right here in my backyard. Sometimes I wonder, though, is it really? How am I looking at it? How is my writing allowing me to address it with tenacity and determination? Can I see the Yin and Yang of it? I think so. Hear me out. Website and book:
February 05, 2022
The Dog Who Knew All: A Poem.
We lost our precious dog a few days ago. He had been struggling with his health, but maintaining. Then he took a turn for the worst. I can imagine this may have happened to some of you. The entire family is bereft because he played such an integral part in our lives. A little guy with a big presence. My husband asked me to write a poem about him and it just poured out of me. It’s also feature in The PROAGE Woman Magazine. Thanks for listening. This is for our dog, Chiro. Website and book:
January 24, 2022
EVERYONE Is A Writer! Yes, YOU!
Even if you aren’t a poet, author or blogger you’re still a writer. You write emails, documents and presentations for work, college papers and thesis, grant proposals, love notes, and on and on. Here I continue to discuss the importance of writing… and getting it right (write? 🤣). My book and website:
December 27, 2021
Do Not Believe Simply Because You Have Heard It!
I found this quote and for me it nails so much about writing. It’s actually referring to life in general but it really applies to my writing and the writing I read of other poets, authors, etc. it’s just a slight variation on the theme of “do not believe everything you hear“. My website, my book:
December 19, 2021
Malapropisms, Faux Pas, Bad Idioms And Our Creativity.
Mixed and incorrect metaphors and idioms, glaring improper pronunciation of words or just making the whole dang thing up. Webster-Merriam dictionary is accepting incorrect words because they’re said so often. People aren’t paying attention or correcting their speech or writing. Does that mean they’re taking the path of least resistance? Are we dumbing down our speech and writing? I don’t mean slang or wordplay. We’ve gotten sloppy and we’re not listening. But then again will your readers or your listeners know the difference? My website and book:
December 12, 2021
When The Shit Hits The Fan Nurture Yourself. Let It Inspire You Instead Of Break You!
Off the cuff stream of consciousness episode. We all have had emergencies that have thrown us for a loop and we have to change nearly our entire lives at a moment’s notice. Personal, mental, physical upheavals. Let’s adjust our thinking and allow our surroundings to inspire us. Finding the gems and taking the lemons but not doing the traditional thing with them… as you will hear. Letting your writing, or whatever it is you do creatively, to support and nurture you. My website and book:
November 27, 2021
Playing With Words And Letting Them Play With You!
Welcome to Season 2! Same poetry podcast, new podcast name. I love playing with words. I have a few people in my life who I can banter back-and-forth with so we can get our creative, fun and expressive juices flowing. It’s an adventure to see where you can go through word and writing improvisation. Words will always be a good playmate. Website and book:
November 14, 2021
Rhymes and Songs We Make Up With Our Kids. THEY’RE POETRY!
Did you or do you make up songs and rhymes for your children? These are poems. Do you make up rhymes or songs to remember where you put things? I do. My son and I have wonderful memories from when I would make up rhymes and songs for and with him. Have a listen. My webs site and book:
November 04, 2021
The Forward Slash / In Poetry Writing. My Unvarnished Thoughts.
If you’ve been listening to me for a little while you may have noticed I don’t shy away from poetry subjects that some people might not agree with. This episode is no exception. I am going to discuss the forward slash /. My feelings are… well, have a listen. My website and my book:
October 27, 2021
Does Serious Writing Mean Solemn Person? I Look To Monty Python For The Answer.
If you’re writing is “serious” does it necessarily mean you’re a solemn person? I have a lot of thoughts about the dark and light, funny and serious aspects of writing and where our writing comes from. I’m willing to bet a lot depends on a writer’s day-to-day life. I’ll let Monty Python wrap things up for you. My website and book:
October 16, 2021
To Record Or Not To Record Your Writing…That Is The Question.
The jury in my head is still out if I want to record my poetry book. I have a few, quite a few, thoughts on the subject. What are your feelings about it? My website and my book:
October 05, 2021
Meet Senryu: Haiku’s Ironic Sister.
What is Haiku? What is Senryu? Two similar poetry forms with very definite differences. It matters very much to some poets, and it doesn’t matter at all to others. Here I explain their similarities, differences and leave you with a Senryu. My website: My book:
September 28, 2021
Always Trouble- A Poem Asking “What’s Up With Troubling Friendships?”
As you probably have figured out by now I write everything from personal experience and observations. This is a very personal poem because I am wrestling with the perception of being a good friend or a bad friend. Where do we draw the line? This poem is called: Always Trouble. Check out my book and my website:
September 14, 2021
Who’s Your Dada? Meet The Art Of The Everything and Nothing!
Dada is about everything and nothing. It was a protest to the first World War and extended to both poetry and art. The poem here has a rhythm but is nonsensical. Meaning, it’s available to everyone. It means everything and nothing. Check out my book and my website:
September 05, 2021
Haiku!! Um, Gesundheit! What is Haiku? Why It’s Very Cool!!!
It’s no secret that I love Haiku. Here I discuss Haiku and share my gift for the week: a Haiku/Senryu for YOU! (What’s Senryu? It uses the same form of 5/7/5 as Haiku but can be cynical, humorous or sentimental. Haiku typically has a nature element most of the time.) Check out my book and my website: Here’s a little incentive: be the 50th person to email me after listening to this episode AND you get a FREE copy of my book!
August 27, 2021
Here I Go Again About Inspiration.
I get most of my poetry inspiration from being out in nature…amongst animals, trees, plants and water. The world seems to drift away and I’m completely open to “download“ my poetry. I’ve been a conservationist for as long as I can remember. I have worked with many different animals professionally and as a volunteer. That is my other love. Let’s explore our ways of being inspired. Check out my book and my website:
July 22, 2021
Lookie! Lookie! My New Bookie! How To Get It.
We have goals and we work long and hard to achieve them. Some remain goals and some come to fruition. I’m certain anyone who is creative and artistic and spends a lot of time, focus, energy, blood, sweat and tears on a project, when it arrives there are so many feelings. Next time I’ll talk about the road to getting published and your role after the book is released YES, there is still work to be done after release. My website My book Here’s a little incentive: be the 50th person to email me after listening to this episode AND you get a FREE copy of my book!
July 09, 2021
I’m A Writing And Speech Tyrant And Proud Of It!
I’m not perfect. I’m not even striving to be perfect. What I am striving to do is to honor language, spelling, grammar and the written and spoken word. I make mistakes. I am fully willing to admit it. However, I’m also willing to learn and change. I read far too many articles, marketing excerpts of books, books, newspapers, magazines, blogs - you name it - that don’t make small or minuscule mistakes, they make horribly egregious mistakes. Then how am I supposed to take this publication seriously? What is that teaching us? It’s teaching us to be lazy and lackadaisical and to accept that kind of work. I am not advocating perfection. I’m advocating improvement and trying harder. That shows up in your professional life and makes YOU more marketable. My website My book
June 22, 2021
Speak And Write Like Your Career Depends On It.
Has language and writing devolved in the last 50 years? I think in many ways it has. We don’t need to be pompous or act superior. BUT Written and spoken language is still important and can’t always be filled with slang or colloquialisms. We are accepting words that don’t exist even though so many people use them. We have taken the path of least resistance instead of saying just because a lot of people say IRREGARDLESS doesn’t make it correct. Speaking and writing well is not lame, it shows professionalism, and that language doesn’t need to devolve. There is plenty of room for fun and familiar language amongst friends and family but in the professional world let’s put a better foot forward. My website My book
June 14, 2021
Classics, Schmassics. Read What Works For You.
I love all those well-meaning lists of things we are “supposed” to do. Books we are “supposed” to read. That’s giving us way too little credit and giving other authors and writers way to little exposure. Here is my take on it. My website. My book.
June 03, 2021
Rules For Writing Poetry. HINT: Really Anti-rules!
My version of the “rules for writing poetry”. Just like me, they aren’t what you think. My website. My book.
May 23, 2021
Help The Environment And Seek Out Those Used Books!!
I love books, I especially love used books. I love the fact that the book has been shared and is still making the rounds. I love that it’s a wonderful form of recycling. I love to collect them- old and new. I love the price! This is a short poem about used books, exclusively for this podcast. Enjoy! My website. My book.
May 10, 2021
Clean Up Your Writing And Public Speaking. Your Work Depends On It.
Writing is not just for the professional, career writer. We all have to be able to write clearly and succinctly. There are ZERO people that I know that do not have to write in their life. Like just right now, I had to correct autocorrect, and I was simply writing an episode description. Language and the written and spoken word are so important. Have fun with your friends using slang, colloquialisms and your cultural verbiage but there are definite times and places we must take writing and speaking seriously. You’ll hear all about that in this episode, including several spoken blips! That’s life! Thanks for listening. My website My book
April 30, 2021
Be As Weird Of A Writer As You Want! PLUS, The FAMOUS Writer Who Wrote Just Like I Do.
I feel like this particular writer gets me. Well, got me, he is no longer around. It’s reassuring. No one routine, formula or style works across-the-board. We have to discover what works for us and not allow anyone to try and talk us out of it because they “know better”. Rules are meant to be bent and sometimes broken. Let’s not re-hash, reboot, RE anything. Let’s write well, with originality or at the very least bring back beautiful forms that have become more obscure. Put it out there and see what happens. So who is this famous writer? Have a listen. My website My book
April 18, 2021
Good Things Come To Those Who Pandemic..... AND My New Book.
I know it’s been a challenging year on so many levels. I imagine we all have something, however, to be grateful for. I’m grateful for the health of my family and my friends and for my upcoming book: Singsong Crows And Alphabet Soup©️. Keep reading and writing poetry! Thanks for listening. My website My book
April 07, 2021
Get Out There And Get Inspired: Part 2. Plus A Poem From My Book: Favourite Time Of Day.
What inspires you to write poetry or whatever YOU write? I talk about inspiration here and how I was inspired to write the poem that I recite for you. Enjoy! My website My book
March 28, 2021
Rhyme If You Want To. Rhyme Around the World!
Yes, that is a take on an old B-52’s song No matter what anybody tells you, no matter what the “rules” to poetry may be, no matter what works for others, RHYME is still crucial to poetry. Don’t listen to anyone who says you can’t rhyme-if they do, don’t believe them. Rhyme definitely is an important part of poetry. We’ve gotten past “the rain in Spain falls mainly on the plain“ thank you, My Fair Lady. Or the Valentine’s standard “roses are red, violets are blue...” Your rhyme doesn’t have to be formulaic, traditional, unimaginative or boring. I don’t even think an entire poem has to rhyme. Hit your readers with something different, interesting and new. Be unexpected. My website My book
March 19, 2021
Stop Mucking Around. Get Out There And Let The World Inspire You. And A Haiku-ish.
A Haiku is a beautiful thing... if we can get it right. It’s not just 5,7,5 syllables. It has to be powerful with carefully chosen words, syncopation and intention. Let me know what this Haiku means to you. I know what it means to me but it’s nice to hear other ideas. Thanks for listening! My website My book
March 07, 2021
WTF? The Pandemic Is Still Here Poem.
Let’s just say I was somewhere there were challenges with various family “characters”. Although I had to be there it was a time of pandemic frustration and personality clashes. So WTF? My website My book
February 26, 2021
Get Me Out Of This Pandemic Poem
It’s not what you might think it is. We have to keep laughing. Irony is a beautiful thing. Enjoy. My website My book
February 13, 2021
QUIET!!! Here’s How To Get It.
We live in a noisy, noisy world. It’s noisy on the outside and it’s noisy on the inside. Our brains are clickety clack all day long. Add to that: horns, buses, trains, planes, yelling, crying babies, barking dogs and you’ve got one noisy life. Here I give you some ideas on how to get a bit more quiet in your life. My website My book
February 06, 2021
Just Keep Writing! Just Keep Writing! Just Keep Writing!
We give ourselves so much pressure to find out what our life‘s purpose is. And so do teachers, gurus, self-help writers and on and on and on. Not everyone is going to be president of a major country, or write the life-altering novel. Some of us are meant to make a mark during our era or we may not even make an impression until after we are long gone. That has happened to so many writers, poets and authors. Their genius and the beauty of their words was not discovered until later. Don’t let this hamper your creativity and your art. You can make an impression. And do you know how you do that? Keep writing, keep writing, keep writing. (Kind of like Finding Nemo’s “just keep swimming, just keep swimming, just keep swimming”.) My website My book
January 26, 2021
Publish Like Edgar Allen Poe.
You can be in the company of Edgar Allan Poe, Elizabeth Barrett Browning and Carl Sandburg. And how is that? You can self publish just like they did. There are so many ways to get your poetry out into the world. And here I give you a few ideas. My website My book
January 14, 2021
Write What YOU Love.
Often writers and poets, especially, will write according to the “rules”. Of course, we want to be published given that we often have to change our style, technique or voice to suit a publication. What I’ve seen as of late is that is less and less of a requirement. Individual voices who are expressing themselves beautifully and who may adhere to some rules, but break others are getting a platform. It’s kind of that baseball adage from the film Field of Dreams “if you build it, they will come”. I have really enjoyed seeing and participating in the resurrection of some more “obscure“ styles of writing poetry. They were “styles“ but they had much broader parameters and less boundaries. Let’s push those boundaries. Write what you love and people will definitely read it. I’ve become less and less about adhering to what someone else wants and more and more about writing what I want and finding the publications, contests, etc. who are looking for what I write. Unique, individual, not normative. We absolutely have to make a living. We have bills to pay and ourselves or families to support. However, if right now you are not supporting yourself with your writing or some kind of writing don’t stop. Keep writing. A mass that collection of works. Then throw the spaghetti against the wall and see what sticks. My website My book
January 06, 2021
Never Give Up On Your Poetry. The World Needs It!
Too many poets think if they’re not following the requisite rules, formats, techniques, demands of high-end publications that it’s useless. I’m here to tell you that couldn’t be farther from the truth. Whether you write more conventionally or you have embraced more obscure styles it’s all incredibly necessary. Whether people read it and love it, or read it and hate it it doesn’t matter. They’ve read it. If they’re scratching their heads they’re thinking about it. And you never know when someone might come back a week later or a month or even a year and say “wow, at first I didn’t get it but I sat with it and now it has become one of my favorite poems because it really hit home for me“. Whether you’re published in major, medium or minor publications, it doesn’t matter. Publish it yourself. Start a poetry blog, website, post on Medium, start a newsletter and send to friends and have them send it to others. Build your readership. It might take a little longer, it might take more work than if you just handed everything over to a publication, but it also might be much more rewarding. I’m not slamming any publications. I’m a published poet and I would love to be published more but I’ve also embraced some less than “standard“ styles. That’s because that’s me. My website My book Here’s a little incentive: be the 50th person to email me after listening to this episode AND you get a FREE copy of my book!
December 24, 2020
Blaze Your Own Writing Trail. Tell Us Somethong NEW!
There used to be a saying: “everything old, is new again”. But is it? Are we relegated to rehashing, retelling and regurgitating the same ol’, same ol’? There are some forms of poetry that have become obscure and, as far as I’m concerned, did not have enough exposure. Unique, interesting, unusual, and thought – provoking. Where is your unique voice? Are you just recycling and regurgitating other peoples’ writing and poetry forms, styles, techniques and voices? Try something new and make it gorgeous, ugly, gut-wrenching, hilarious or head-scratching. Jump in the deep end and I guarantee you will float. My website My book
December 15, 2020
Don’t Forget You Are Part Of Your Writing!
If you’re a standup comedian, a teacher, a historian, a student, a professor, a songwriter, or in business management - you are a writer! It’s important to keep you in your writing. That’s when you are set apart from others. My website My book
November 19, 2020
Oops, Sorry, I Farted.
In many circles bodily noises are considered to be rude. Especially for women. I am continuously surrounded by men and they are not shy about releasing a “tummy bubble” or a “tail scutter”. Follow along with me for this amusing tale of the noises we make and how they are perceived. My website My book
November 05, 2020
25 Plus 25 Pros and Cons During The Pandemic.
I don’t know about you but every day is something new and different during this pandemic. I’ve noticed patterns for myself in the last few months. I noticed what is making me cranky, a.k.a. dull, and what is helping me stay more content. You may recognize some of these yourself. Enjoy. My website My book
October 27, 2020
Writing And Reading Books is NOT Dead!!
Welcome back books and thank you writers! The written word is not dead a d neither is the paper back or hard back book. There has been a resurgence Of writing and reading. AND we are all the better for it. We are not just reading on our phones, laptops or Kindles. We are buying books – most likely at a discount, but we are still buying them – and turning the pages. There’s just something about holding a book in your hand. Popular writers are definitely being read but new, lesser known and emerging writers are having the opportunities to be discovered. That is terrific for so many of us. Want to find out where to find that book you’re looking for? I’ve got a bunch of ideas and they aren’t all on the big A. My website My book
October 17, 2020
Writing Mistakes Sabotaging Your Work, AND How To Avoid Them.
Whether you are a writer or a reader you have seen them. What are they? Mistakes! Grammatical, spelling, syntax, punctuation-and I’m not just talking about in casual writing. I’m talking about in published writing. Writing in books, magazines, newspapers, online magazines, blogs… you name it. I know it happens. I know sometimes no matter how many editors, how many eyes, how many computer programs that the copy has been sent through a mistake sneaks in. I’m talking about obvious and glaring mistakes that show the author was rushed, didn’t care, didn’t know better, or, or, or. Here I send you through a checklist of things to look for to make sure you’re writing- when it’s published- hits the mark. My website My book
October 09, 2020
Simple Meditation Technique That I Guarantee Will Help Your Writing.
Here is the simplest of simple meditations. You’re busy. You need to get to writing. So to bring you to that place of peace and focus this meditation is a must for you. It may it may not seem like much to you but it is a powerhouse! My website My book
October 03, 2020
Another Easy Meditation for Writers or...Anyone.
Once we discover that meditation is helpful, and easy, we can incorporate it into our daily and writing life. Here I give you another meditation pointer AND it’s quick and simple. You’ll be saying to yourself “ I need to be doing this before every writing session”. Plus, it’s so simple, you will do it! My website My book
September 26, 2020
In 5 Minutes I Can Improve Your Writing.
Focus, motivation, flow, inspiration are all important factors in writing. But we need to get there. Taking just 5 minutes can make all the difference!! I have some ideas for you. My website My book
September 18, 2020
Writing Basics Make or Break You as a Writer.
Don’t lose your originality and writing identity with bad punctuation, grammar and spelling mistakes or emulating other “successful” writers. Be fearless with your own voice. Do your writing homework and research to help inspire you. Be careful with colloquialisms, and obliterating all the nitty gritty rules of writing. I’ve got some insights for you to help make you a better writer. Let’s start with the basics and work from there. My website My book
September 12, 2020
Writing Roadblock? Here Are Some Inspiring Ideas.
Where can we find the inspiration for our writing? Sometimes it is as close as our own experiences. You don’t need to “tell all” but you can certainly pass on your experiences in one way or another as “fodder” for your writing. I share a little tidbit about Stephen King and how he is inspired. Thanks for listening! Be good to yourself, be good to others and we will be meeting here again soon. My website My book.
September 05, 2020
Losing Your Momentum? Here’s How To Keep Writing!
What can we do when we’ve lost writing momentum or motivation. What do we do when we don’t feel inspired? I’ve got a few ideas. Plus, a “secret“ tip from a screenwriter. My website My book.
August 30, 2020
The Haiku Can Save You. Keep Your Chops Sharp Writing In Other Genres.
If you write in more than one genre did you ever get stuck? Lose steam? Come to a fork in the road and both roads are blocked? A dear friend of mine has a brilliant idea on how to break through those issues. I’m sharing it here with you. It’s simple but to me it’s revolutionary! Thanks for listening. My website. My book. Here’s a little incentive: be the 50th person to email me after listening to this episode AND you get a FREE copy of my book!
August 15, 2020