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Poets At War

Poets At War

By Joshua Ling
Christians who are artists, artisans, and creators are a unique unit in The War on Culture. They're often over and under-estimated at the same time. What does it take to be an artist, and what does it take to win the culture war? Join Joshua David Ling as he rallies the troops to answer these questions and promote the best artists for God's Glory.
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8 - Daniel Reed & Aaron Reed
Daniel Reed and Aaron Reed discuss being raised in a homeschool environment with imagination and storytelling at their fingertips.
October 27, 2021
7 - General's Report: Names
I explain why names are so important within the framework that God has made the World. For more, check out
October 20, 2021
6 - General's Report: Original Sin
I look at my top 13 films and discuss the thematic through-line in all of them. For more, check out
October 12, 2021
5 - T.K. Wilson
Author. Toymaker. Big Sister/Fairy Godmother energy. Not Woke. Supporting traditional narratives. Neurodivergent. Soli Deo Gloria
October 8, 2021
4 - Ian Wilson
#writer #illustrator purveyor of pulp fantasy adventures. Not woke, It's Ian Thomas Wilson!
October 6, 2021
3 - Jaymes O'Pheron
Jaymes O'Pheron is a certified coach who draws from his experience as a successful remote web developer, Toastmaster, and addictions recovery facilitator to help develop the underlying relational skills necessary for finding liberty from burnout and implementing radical growth. His specialty is in dealing with digital burnout, disengagement, and volatile productivity for remote professionals. He is also a hobbyist fiction writer, and all-around geekery and theology enthusiast.
September 30, 2021
2 - Sarah Levesque of LogoSophia Magazine
Sarah Levesque was not planning on creating a new magazine, but when God puts something on your heart, you do it. And she’s super excited about it too! Sarah has been a reader since before she can remember, a writer since age 6, an editor since age 12, and a magazine-worker since age 20. She’s proud to be a geeky Roman Catholic, and hails from New Hampshire. Sarah is the foundress of LSM and as editor in chief wears such diverse hats as editor, graphic designer, writer, website editor and more. She also teaches theology to high schoolers and edits books during vacation.
September 23, 2021
1 - Here Comes The General...
Joshua David Ling introduces himself and the purpose for this podcast...
September 16, 2021