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Poets Flo Show

Poets Flo Show

By Poets_Flo_Show
Introducing Anthony and Shealan from the rapper's and writer's corner. From poetry to rap to lyrics and everything in between --There are very few boundaries in this podcast. Here we explore what it means to be human from a very real and down to earth perspective. Take a dive into some engaging intellectual conversations and displays of talents!
Brought to YOU by two very uniquely different personalities!
- Poets Flo Show -

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Episode 4 ( I-C-VOIDS )
Anthony and Shea discuss current events impacting all of us.
May 31, 2020
Cypher Episode 3
!* The original *! Rhymers Block Cypher Episode 3 ! Brought to you by the: Poets Flo Show (Podcast ) Featuring: @locote (one of the hosts ) ———————————————————— @bjonez1986 ———————————- @CDRap16 ———————————- @dmoatx ———————————— @KjthaWriter ———————————— @Neechy ———————————— @GregoryAllan ———————————— Big thanks to you all for participating and making this Cypher Episode possible! - Poets Flo Show - *** ! follow us on Instagram ! : Poets_Flo_Show #PoetsfloShow —-Credits below (for intro music)—- Music provided by Rujay. Instrumental “next level” by SeriouzBeats. Channel:
April 26, 2020
Episode 2 / Poets Flo Show / With special guest Daniel Victor /Neverending White Lights
Poets Flo Show simply brings you exposure to great artistic talents ranging anywhere from : -Up and coming or established/famous (poets /rappers /musicians /writers and everyone in between ) Episodes will vary from : - Rap /cyphers / freestyles (check out Epi 1) and /or fetured artist interviews -Poets /and or musicians -Writers and other artists -Special guests Join us for episode 2 A full off the cuff and eye opening interview with our special guest ............ Whom has collaborated with names like: -Dallas Green -Hot Hot Heat -Finger Eleven -311 -Switch Foot -Our Lady Peace (and thats just to name a few) A famous singer, Song writer and master of pretty much every musical instrument ..... Daniel Victor of the Neverending White Lights ! (! songs included .....of course !) So give it a listen and please follow/subscribe to the Poets Flo Show Big thank you to Daniel for coming on our show! ( Both of us have been fans since his first album ) Also, we are very greatfull for his permission to use some of his songs within our episode (5 total/ in full length! ) YOU can find his music and more Via: - I Tunes - ( Merch / Vinyls /Downloads and CDs /with Autographs! ) Enjoy the show ! - Anthony and Shea (Hosts of the Poets Flo Show )
March 4, 2020
Poets Flo Show / Episode 1
Special guests: G status /Londino Guap from the Rhymers Block app /songs /interviews and more !
March 4, 2020