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Point of Information podcasts are in partnership with our dedicated news website, bringing you the latest political news. Our podcasts share a variety of political views in an open conversation with our writers about various worldwide political matters
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Is Feminism Anti-Men?
This week it’s feminism. Is it damaging society and, in fact, anti-men? Or is it the people as a whole against a system of oppression? This week we are joined by Dinah Kolka, Abi Clargo, and Frank Allen. Hosted by Peter Pearce.
February 21, 2021
Should Our Prison Systems be More Humane?
Prisons. Always an interesting discussion: how do we reform the worst elements of society? Perhaps, as our Liberal speaker, Becky Reeves, argues, we need to be more humane? Joining her this week: Kieran Burt for the Conservatives and Abi Clargo for Labour. Hosted by Peter Pearce.
February 14, 2021
Environmentalists Need to Listen to Science?
Is it, in fact, the environmentalists that need to listen to the science? That’s what our conservative speaker, Oliver Pike, argues today. Joining him, are Max Anderson of the liberals, and Abi Smuts for Labour. Hosted by Peter Pearce.
February 7, 2021
Tax the Rich to Save the Poor?
S2 E2 is a fiery one. This week we have a fascinating debate on all-things redistribution. Is it immoral? It is necessary? The speakers this week: Daniel Jones, Oliver Pike, and Brian Byrne. Hosted by Peter Pearce.
January 31, 2021
Is Veganism too Expensive?
We’re back! Season two of the POI podcast is off to a fantastic start. Our three speakers, Abi Clargo, Abby Milnes, and Max Jablonowski, have a brilliant discussion on the accessibility of certain food choices. Hosted by Peter Pearce.
January 24, 2021
Should the Vaccine be for Sale?
With large-scale vaccinations starting to take place, who should be the first to get them? Will ‘vaccine nationalism’ benefit the developed, and harm the developing? Joined this week by Max Anderson, Max Jablonowski, and Brian Byrne. Hosted by Alexander Dennis.
December 23, 2020
Britain: A Failed Democracy?
This week we take aim at our own institutions! Are we a democracy in name only? Are our governance and representation truly up to par? Joined this week by: Max Jablonowski, Frank Allen, and Abi Clargo. Hosted by Alexander Dennis.
December 13, 2020
Is ‘Big Tech’ too Big?
This week, we are back again to discuss the ‘Big Tech’ in a part 2 of this debate. Too big? Too badly behaved? What do we do with them? You are joined by Max Anderson, Henry McKeever, and Max Jablonowski. Hosted by Alex Dennis.
December 6, 2020
Eating Our Way to Mass Extinction?
We take aim at the western diet, this week. Is it: sustainable; exploitative to the developing world; and/or harming the planet? This week you are joined by: Abi Smuts, Josh Tyrrell, and Phoebe Chubb. Hosted by Peter Pearce.
November 29, 2020
Our Biased Media?
A common objection levelled at the media is that of ‘bias’, but does it exist? Is the opposite, objectivity, even possible? We also touch on the issues of funding & transparency, in creating ‘fair’ media; mainstream, social or otherwise. This week you are joined by Alex Dennis, Ollie White, and Emma Hall. Hosted by Peter Pearce.
November 19, 2020
Get Rid of Grammar Schools?
In episode 23 of POI podcasts, we look at an innovative solution to the grammar school problem. We also took aim at education more generally, including: Should private schools being doing more to earn their charity status? Or, should they even exist at all? This week you are joined by Max Anderson, Max Jablonowski, and Bryan Byrne. Hosted by Alex Dennis.
November 13, 2020
Gender Reveals: Are They a Problem?
Gender reveals are almost a societal given. Are they problematic, however? A first step in a life-long reinforcement of an unhelpful norm? Or is this debate something and nothing? An absurd politicisation of the colours blue & pink? This week, you are joined by Zoe Olsen-Groome, Daniel Jones, and Max Jablonowski. Hosted by Alex Dennis.
November 5, 2020
Big Brother is Everywhere
Whether it’s monitoring our sleep, messages, & locations, mapping our homes, commutes, & internet usage, big brother is there and using this data for revenue. Is this something we can fix? Is this the doing of capitalism? Do we even care? This week you are joined by Alex Dennis, Marco Dryburgh, & Phoebe Chubb. Hosted by Peter Pearce.
November 5, 2020
Will the Island of Ireland Unite?
Irish unification is looking like an increasing possibility. An immensely complex issue, we discuss: the economic, political, societal, and international aspects of this topic, both for the Island of Ireland & the rest of the UK. This week you are joined by Alex Dennis, Henry McKeever, & Jeeves Sidhu. Hosted by Peter Pearce.
October 22, 2020
Is Onlyfans Empowering or Damaging? What needs to change?
This week, we discuss what regulation needs to be added to Onlyfans, and should we accept or shun it? Abi Smuts joins us from the Labour Party, Lucy Severn for the Liberals, the Conservative representative is Eleanor Roberts and the podcast is hosted by Max Anderson
October 12, 2020
Is brexit the end of the EU?
In episode 18, our debaters discuss whether Brexit has been the cause of Anti-EU protests around Europe. Your host, Max Anderson is joined by Alex Dennis of the Conservative Party, Jack Rolfe for the Labour Party and Frank Allen for the Liberals
October 5, 2020
Time to Re-Politicise Economics?
With poverty increasing, and the gap between rich and poor widening, our current system is squeezing the vast majority. Is the issue of poverty structural or personal? Is it, thus, time for a rethink, and, if so, what’s next? This week you are joined by Max Anderson, Abi Clargo, & Kieran Burt. Hosted by Alex Dennis.
September 28, 2020
The Hidden Crisis of 2020: Mental Health
COVID has seen our lives turned upside down. With the limitation on seeing friends & family, the annihilation of any form of social life, & being kept indoors, serious mental health crises are on the up. So what can we do? Tackling this week’s topic are: Max, Josh, & Zoe, hosted by Alex Dennis.
September 19, 2020
Can Biden Take the White House?
It’s 2020, and this election year has been explosive. This week we cover: Biden’s lack of policy, the splits in the Democrats, the impact of BLM, the issues with the American system, and much more. This week you are joined by host, Alex Dennis, Abi Clargo, Max Anderson, & Fletcher Kipps.
September 13, 2020
Migrant crisis, Refugee crisis, or no crisis at all?
This week our writers Abby, Joe and Peter discuss immigration over the channel. Although there is a consensus that changes needs to happen, what change is the question?
September 6, 2020
Anti-Semitism is Back: How & From Where?
With anti-semitism rearing its ugly head once more, and in a global way, we ask: what is causing it, & where is it coming from? Are our politicians doing enough to tackle this, both at home and abroad? This week you are joined by host, Alex Dennis, Abi Clargo, Rebecca Selt, & Frank Allen.
August 29, 2020
Is ‘Big Tech’ a Big Problem?
With tech being dominated by the few, the relevant governments have a decision to make: do we regulate this digital wild west, and impose some responsibility? Would this free up the market for more innovation? Or hamstring the pace-setters in this sphere? You’re joined by host, Alex Dennis, Rebecca Selt, Max Anderson, and Henry McKeever.
August 23, 2020
Britain’s Obesity Problem
With almost a third of adults obese, Britain has a substantial problem on its hands. On whose shoulders does this responsibility fall? Is the government doing enough? Or, are we simply upholding constructed body standards? You’re joined by host, Alex Dennis, Abi Clargo, Max Anderson, and Dinah Kolka.
August 14, 2020
Shamima Begum: Risk or Responsibility?
Shamima Begum: our responsibility, or a grave risk to national security? With the Court of Appeal partially overturning the Home Office’s stripping of her citizenship, she may be back in the UK to stand trial. You’re joined by host, Alex Dennis, Daniel Jones, George Myers, and Henry McKeever.
August 9, 2020
Who will be the UK’s Obama?
In episode nine, Jeeves Sidhu, Alexander Dennis and Abi Clargo discuss who will be Britain’s first BAME Prime Minister. Max Anderson is your host in what is a thought provoking podcast
August 4, 2020
Huawei: Friend or Foe?
With the British government’s sharp u-turn on Huawei, are we right to view it as a trojan horse? Or, are we letting America & their trade war, dictate our policy for us? This week, you’re joined by host, Alex Dennis, Kieran Burt of the Conservatives, Max Anderson for the Liberal team, and Henry McKeever from Labour!
July 25, 2020
Yemeni Blood on British Hands?
In episode 7 of POI podcasts, we reviewed the current crisis in Yemen. With Saudi Arabia killing Yemeni civilians with British arms, we ask: to what extent are we responsible? You are joined by host, Alex Dennis, Kieran Burt of the Conservatives, Max Anderson for the Liberal team, and Evan Saunders of Labour.
July 18, 2020
Will the DFID/FCO merger ruin the UK internationally?
This week, our writers discuss the impacts of the DFID/FCO merger, and whether or not it will improve the UK’s foreign aid
July 11, 2020
Abolish the police?
This time on POI Podcasts, we review our need of a police force. Do we need reform, abolishment, or nothing of the sort? If so, what would this look like? You are joined by host, Alex Dennis, Ellie Roberts of the Conservatives, Max Anderson for the Liberal team, and Jack Walton of Labour.
July 4, 2020
University: Place of Education or Bastion of Sexism?
This week, we take aim at sexism within universities. Is there a systemic problem, or are differences down to divergence in choice? Also, do we have a culture that promotes harassment & assault? You are joined by host, Alex Dennis, Ellie Roberts of the Conservatives, Olivia Margaroli of the Liberal team, and Evan Saunders of Labour.
June 27, 2020
An uncomfortable past: should we tear statues down?
We discuss the power of statues & symbols in society. With Bristolian philanthropist & slave trader Edward Colston taking a swim, what does this mean for other relics of our past? You are joined by host, Alex Dennis, Max Anderson from the Liberal team, Evan Saunders of Labour, & Joshua Tyrell of the Conservatives.
June 20, 2020
Does the House of Lords need reform?
Earlier this week our Liberal writer, Max Anderson wrote a compelling article about whether the youth should be given a role in the House of Lords. He discusses this reform with replies from Evan Saunders from the Labour Party and Fletcher Kipps from the Conservatives. The podcast is hosted by Alex Dennis.
June 13, 2020
What the UK needs to do to ensure Hong Kong’s survival
POI discusses the UK’s descion to offer citizenship to 3 million citizens in Hong Kong as China continue to increase their control in the region. You are joined by host, Alex Dennis, Liberal writer, Max Anderson, Chief Labour writer, Evan Saunders and Chief Conservative writer Fletcher Kipps
June 6, 2020