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Pointless Plants the Podcast

Pointless Plants the Podcast

By Nathan & Georgia
YOUR NUMBER ONE PODCAST ON ALL THINGS PLANTS! Nathan & Georgia bring to you the journey of the business, our ultimate tips for plant care and the successes/fails of plant parenting. We will be featuring exciting guest speakers and the plant doctor! Our goal one day to interview the world famous Sir David Attenborough... listen to this space.
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Episode 5: Lets make plant babies...
Spring is here! Soon the re-potting season will begin so this week we are talking about the benefits of fertiliser and the difference this will make to your houseplants. Also this week, propagation is on our minds! Who doesn't love making new, free and exciting plant babies? Finally, we discuss the up and coming house plant craze, air plants, if you don't know then now is the time to get to know!
March 7, 2021
Episode 4: "Pink Jungles?"
Welcome to Episode 4! This week we are discussing the best places to buy houseplants, with no bias (ok maybe a little bit of bias, shhh). We will also be talking about our advice on watering, the common questions we get asked and as always, giving our best Pointless Tips!
February 21, 2021
Episode 3: Stop pesting my plants!
Are you getting pestered by plant pests? Insects causing mayhem to your houseplants? We have created a simple guide to protect you houseplants from insects and pests! This week we are joined by Anne Bayford, Holistic therapist to discuss self-care in the global pandemic and her experience with houseplants.
February 7, 2021
Episode 2: Pure Plant Panic!
In this episode we will be discussing plant care in the winter and asking the question, what do plants mean to you? We will also be featuring our Pointless Plants Doctor - Charlotte and asking her what are the most common mistakes we make in regards to plant care?
January 24, 2021
Episode 1: We are Pointless Plants!
Welcome to Pointless the Podcast! Founder, Nathan & Co-Founder, Georgia are revealing stories behind the creation of the brand and why 'Pointless'?  We chat about the people, purpose and passion that makes the business tick and our goals to plant 1 million trees globally by 2025! 
January 10, 2021