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Travel and adventure stories for men of color, told by men of color. Host Jerry The 3rd cultivates perspectives of those who have taken the leap to explore life beyond their homes and comfort zones.
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S.39: Just Cruisin feat. Rick Southers

Point Noir

S. 84 - A Special Celebration
Today we have some Point Noir first that we can't wait to share with you all. Joining us are Patty Hutchison and Roosevelt Edwards, the mother and uncle of one of our alumni Cedric Hutchison. They share their journey since Ced's passing as well as update us on the amazing projects they've created through their experience. You can find them at and @cedinthecityforever. This is a session unlike any other... don't forget your beveraage of choice :)
February 10, 2021
S. 83 - What Are Ships Built For?
Well hey there travel fam! We're back just in time to close out the year with an intimate, unedited session from your favourite host, Kimono Jack. Not much more to say besides thank you for your patience and we'll talk again soon!
December 29, 2020
S. 82 - Flight of the Devoted Composer feat. Jonathan Scales
Our last session before the summer hiatus features adventurer, composer, and bandleader Jonathan Scales (@jonathanscales). We talk shop about growing up with travel through his parents, his musical adventures around the world and how things hit differently when you're in pursuit of your passion. For more on his dope group the Jonathan Scales Fourchestra head over to
July 02, 2020
S.81 - A Different Kind Of Celebration
Welp.. 2 years are approaching quickly for us and the world is turning as fast as ever. Kimono Jack goes solo on this one to talk about the state of affairs and why it's still dope to be in this space with you all. If you want to skip the talk and go straight to the fun, grab your FREE ticket for our 2 year celebration at! Take care out there :) 
June 15, 2020
S. 80 - The Man, The Maestro, The Musiqologist feat. Guthrie Ramsey
Joining us today at the point is the distinguished Guthrie Ramsey! Guthrie is a world traveler, musician, educator, historian, author.. and the list goes on with his achievements thus far. After you sit for a spell enjoying his stories and perspectives on life and travel, make sure to check him out on Instagram (@ramseymusic) and his website 
May 13, 2020
S. 79 - Hike A Mile In The Prodigy's Shoes
Joining us today at the point is a literal trial-blazer, Tyler Lau aka The Prodigy (@hikingprodigy). His accomplishments in the hiking world are the stuff of legend, but his dedication to the outdoors, and taking up space are equally important. Sit in for a spell and learn some of the lessons he's encountered along his journey, and how he feels men of color can benefit from the outdoors as well. You won't want to miss this one!
April 30, 2020
S. 78 - Meet You At The Top feat. Brandin Gause
Joining us today at the point is Brandin Gause (@hesalwaysonvacation)! Hitting his true travel stride over the past three years, he's got a lot to show for it and bring some solid advice on growth while abroad. He's also a motivated entrepreneur, check out his brands Iron Visuals (@iron_visuals), AOV Travel Clothing (@aov_clothing) and Tour Skipper (@tourskipper / Come sit a spell and enjoy your stay at Point Noir!
April 15, 2020
S. 77 - The Triumphant Return of Cory J! feat @coryj_adventures
The young man joining us today is no stranger to the platform. He was our second guest, and our first passport winner Cory J Adventures! Listen to all he's been up to since receiving his passport, and how he almost didn't make it back after his second trip abroad. Also check out his youtube channel Cory J Adventures as well as his IG for more travel content @coryj_adventures.  Also in platform news, we'll be moving to a bi-monthly format, so we'll have more dope transformative travel stories for you in two weeks. Be safe and take care y'all!
April 02, 2020
S. 76 - The Nuanced Art of Living pt.2 feat. David Andrade
Continuing our conversation from last week, David Andrade aka @thecousindave returns to conclude our chat. Also we celebrate Martinique (Marty) Lewis for women’s history month because she is the definition of diversity and inclusion in the travel space. Find her on IG at @marty_sandiego. Not only is she passionate, creative, and persistent, but she is literally opening doors through her experience and professionalism... thank you! Make sure you subscribed and are following on Twitter and Instagram @pointnoirshow.
March 24, 2020
S. 75 - Cutting Up with The Cousin Dave pt.1 feat. David Andrade
Joining us today as our special guest is adventurer and photographer David Andrade aka @thecousindave. His first transformative experience abroad was so in depth he made two shows about it. Sit for a spell with your refreshing beveraage of choice and and hear tales of shady border crossings, street fights, the raw beauty of humanity, and self discovery all through Dave's eyes. Stay tuned for the next half next week! Also we celebrate the one and only Dr. Kiona of @hownottottravellikeabasicbitch for women’s history month because she is making history and is a huge support and influence for this platform. Thank you! We announce our February passport winner as well. Make sure you subscribed and are following on Twitter and Instagram @pointnoirshow.
March 17, 2020
**Special Session** - Covering COVID 19/Coronavirus feat. Dr. Flanagan
March 14, 2020... we're fortunate to have one of our amazing alums Dr. Donté Flanagan (@doc.flanagan) call in to share with us an update on the  Coronavirus/COVID-19 pandemic. It's been a shocking week for many.. and the intention of this brief conversation is to give you practical information about what is going on from a qualified medical perspective. The implications of this national state of emergency are huge, so please.. practice kindness and empathy as we move through this together. Cheers.. -KJ
March 15, 2020
Black History Month Special 2020
Hey.. it may be close to midnight on Feb 29th, but don't get it twisted... Black History Month is good 'til the last drop. Kimono Jack gets on the mic to share some impromptu thoughts on the month, the platform, and gives kudos to some that are making current black history. Enjoy!
March 01, 2020
S. 74 - Travel Is Not My Escape feat. Ronnell Perry
Joining us today is traveler and culture advocate Ronnell Perry (@afrobuenaventura)! From serving in the Peace Corps, to leading his own transformative trips, he shares with us just a slice of his knowledge and we know you're going to love it! Make sure to read through his blog and check out the upcoming trips he's leading at his website ! Enjoy your stay at The Point
February 18, 2020
S. 73 - Recipe For Greatness feat. Lavar Thomas
Pick up a bucket because this session is covered with gems and gold nuggets! Joining us today at the Point is Lavar Thomas (@empower4greatness | He's an experienced traveler, and a leader among leaders. Learn about his origin story, and why that has lead him to create @lfwleader. This is a packed session so sit back and enjoy the ride!
February 13, 2020
S. 72 - Tiny Home On The Range feat. William Gaines
Festival knees, teenagers in China, tiny homes, the importance of hydration... cop a squat and enjoy this week's adventuresome guest, William Gaines!
February 04, 2020
S. 71 - Skill Stacked (pt.II) feat. Dexter Thomas
The fiesta continues with Dexter Thomas (@dexdigi) in part II! Dexter is a traveler, writer, PhD candidate, correspondent for Vice media and at this time rocks one of the cleanest flat tops in the game! Hear the end of our convo and be prepared to think a little (or a lot)... a lot of gems coming up!
January 28, 2020
S. 70 - Skill Stacked (pt.1) feat. Dexter Thomas
Our featured guest for the first ever TWO PART session is Dexter Thomas (@dexdigi)! Dexter is a traveler, writer, PhD candidate, correspondent for Vice media and at this time rocks one of the cleanest flat tops in the game! From his teenage experiences in Japan to his reporting done around the world... we chop it up as well as two observers of culture might. Stay tuned next week for part two!
January 22, 2020
S. 69 - Heritage of Courage, Soul of Curiosity feat. Rondel Holder
Joining us today is marketing guru, podcast host, and adventurer Rondel Holder (@kingronthedon)! You may recognize him from his podcast Soul Society 101 (@soulsociety) where he's been encouraging community and travel for all members of the African diaspora. We talk about his adventurer origin story, his journey home to Africa, and the future of travel content for the community. Get ready! 
January 15, 2020
S. 68 Living Inside Out feat. Joshua McCoy
Joining us today as our first guest of 2020 is Joshua McCoy (@joshuaemccoy @therarejems) entrepreneur, traveler, and photographer! Joshua's travels have not only helped him satisfy his thirst for new knowledge, but also helped him build better businesses as an entrepreneur. You'll feel right at home with our first session back.. so sit back, grab that refreshing beveraage of choice, and enjoy! Cheers!
January 08, 2020
S. 67 - 2019 Recap/2020 Preview
Where we’ve been and where we’re headed in 2020! Welcome back to The Point.. we’re back from hiatus, refueled and ready to show you what we have in store for the new year 🎉
January 07, 2020
S.66 - The Blackalachian feat. Daniel White
Everything you didn't know you needed to know about the outdoors is being brought to you today by Daniel White (@theblackalachain) AKA The Blackalachian. From hiking the entire Appalachian trail to trekking bogs in Scotland, his perspective and story is one not to be missed. Tune in! *Edited by Wize Grazette (
October 22, 2019
S.65 - A Dream Come True feat. Jack Whitmill Jr.
If today's guest seems familiar... it's because Jackie (@sirjvice) is another one of our passport winners here to share his first international experience! Already an accomplished professional drummer, Jackie was invited to Paris to play for one of his musical heroes and caught quite a bit of the Parisian experience in the process. Grab that refreshing beveraage, find a comfy chair, sit back and enjoy today's session.
October 08, 2019
S.64 - Spiritual Selfie feat. Kory Williams
Joining us today is the talented Kory Williams (@korywilliams). From his first trip (just three years ago) to his most recent adventure, he has cultivated an appetite for making international moves and has the talent to capture it on camera. You'll hear how his travel perspectives have shifted and what new adventures await... you won't want to miss this!
October 01, 2019
S.63 - Known Name In The Travel Game feat. Leroy Tyler IV
Our guest today is adventurer and experienced expat Leroy Tyler IV (@ablackmanabroad). We talk about his first inspirations to leave his hometown of St. Louis, being an expat in Australia and he shares some of his top travel budget tips. The future is bright for this man as he aspires to be a "known name in the travel game."
September 24, 2019
S.62 - Adventures In The Key of Bb feat. Daniel Gerona
What's better than an adventurer traveling the world playing music? Two! Joining us today at Point Noir HQ is Daniel Gerona (@danielgerona), musician and adventurer extraordinaire! We toast a few refreshing beverages and talk travel, Filipino food and culture. If you're hip to get a taste of what all of this travel has brought him check out his pop-up food concept Not Your Lola's (@notyourlolas) and witness it for yourself. This is another great one... tune in!
September 17, 2019
S.61 - Crafting Community feat. CJ Goulding
Do you love the outdoors? We sure do! Meet CJ Goulding (@goulding_jr) a brother who is not only diversifying the outdoors but building community while doing it. We talk about the benefits of nature for men of color and all people, as well as some top tips for navigating potential challenges. We have a tonne of fun with this one. Bring your camping gear, another great session awaits!
September 10, 2019
S.60 - Proud to be BLACK feat. Lionel Hamilton
It's another passport winner session! Joining us today at The Point is recent passport winner Lionel Hamilton (@l.hamilton5084) here to tell us all about his first trip abroad! You can feel the energy in his voice as he describes his time in Cartagena, Colombia taking in all of the sights, bites, and culture. This is a fun one... sit back and relax, you're home at The Point!
September 04, 2019
S.59 - The Only Real Good feat. Bashir Mussa
Travel, immigration, philosophy, we cover the spectrum with today's guest Bashir Mussa (@stoicview). Learn how this first generation Canadian has intentionally chosen to engage cultures through his global travels. He's even going back to school to help him contribute more to the cultures he visits... you won't want to miss this one!
August 27, 2019
Winner's Circle #3
Time to shine the spotlight on the next wave of up and coming travelers of color... meet our third Passport Winner's Circle! This session features Rodney (@mrcookforyourgirl), Cashe (@casheruleseverythingg), Markquis (@_markq), and Lionel (@l.hamilton5084), each sharing their experiences and dreams through the passport process. On top of all that, these 4 have had their passports sponsored by one of our former guests CJ Livingston (@whereiscjlivin). Thank's for the support in helping us impact the lives of men of color in a positive way!
August 21, 2019
S.58 - The Power of Shifting Gears feat. Nick Barreiro
Welcome to the Point! Joining us today is entrepreneur and traveler Nick Barreiro (@clayimports). You never know how travel will impact you life's path and this story is certainly a surprising one! Nick shares exactly how travel has grown him personally and his business Clay Imports ( Join us on this chill vibe on a cool Austin night and enjoy this latest release from the Point Noir Podcast! Cheers!
August 13, 2019
S.57 - Kimono Chronicles - Paris Pt. 1
Ever wonder how our host Kimono Jack got started being a podcast slinging, risk taking, son-of-a-gun? Well, it all started with a little city they call Paris...
August 08, 2019
S.56 - Priest of Positivity feat. Phil Calvert
Today’s a Good Day To Have A Good Day... that’s one of the motto’s of this week’s guest Phil Calvert aka @philwaukee. He’s not only an adventurer but hosts his own travel show “Phil Good Travel” on the Matador Network. His perspective and positivity about men of color and travel are contagious so get ready to take in all the good vibes today!
July 23, 2019
S.55 - The Travel Life Hits Different feat. Gabe Sheffield
Joining us today at The Point is recent passport winner Gabe Sheffield (@blackspadezmedia), who is a community leader and entrepreneur ( He's with us on the show for his feature after having his first international experience! End to end this is one of the coolest conversations we've had on the show. Culture, what it's like having a new passport, lessons he's already been able to share with others, we have it all! Sit back and enjoy the show!
July 16, 2019
S.54 - Wordly Wisdom, Local Action feat. Wize Grazette
Our special guest today is Wize Grazette (@therealwize), founder of the Indie Creator Network ( and @icndj on Instagram). His experiences as a first generation Barbadian in the US, and adventurer have lead him to develop ICN; a digital media platform dedicated to supporting storytellers and podcasters across the diaspora... how cool! Ready for some real talk about travel, identity, and why the future is gonna be lit? This is your show!
July 09, 2019
S.53 - The Chubby Diaries feat. Jeff Jenkins
Today we interview Jeff Jenkins, creator of the (@chubbydiaries__). We talk "Pooh Sized" Travel, his early exposure to global cultures growing up in Disney World, and how we can all live our best travel lives, regardless of size. Sit back, relax, and enjoy this session!
July 02, 2019
S.52: The Podaversary! + Kimono Chronicles feat. Kimono Jack
A year in the bag and a new show mini series featuring Kimono Jack! Enjoy and THANK YOU!!!! 
June 26, 2019
S.51: Modeling & Practice feat. José Guadalupe Adonis Gonzalés Rosales
Welcome to the Point! Our special guest today is José Guadalupe Adonis Gonzalés Rosales (@josebilingue) , an educator, outdoors-person, adventurer, and wise human on how to approach life. This interview is a deluxe feature with a break midway for you to refill your refreshing beverage but you'll love the perspective José has to share. So sit back, and relax.. we got you!
June 18, 2019
S.50: Goodness Going Global feat. Goodness Daramola
Joining us today at the point is Goodness Daramola (@thegooodness). I had the chance to sit with him in person over a drink and learn about his upbringing, travels to India and how travel has added perspective to his life. Goodness is def here for the culture, adventure, and making it look easy so sit back, relax, and enjoy this session!
June 11, 2019
S.49: Solo Globe Trotter feat. Roobens Fils
Our special guest today is blogger and solo travel expert Roobens Fils (@beenaroundtheglobe). His work is featured on his travel blog and we have a great time talking about his start to becoming an adventurer, travel tips and hacks, and some of the challenges of traveling solo. A tonne of great content in this one so sit back, relax, and enjoy another session from Point Noir!
June 04, 2019
S.48: Sheeps Is Life feat. Alex Piechowski-Beget
Joining us today at The Point is Alex Piechowski-Beget (@alex_pi3). He's a Diné (also known as Navajo) activist, advocate, and community leader who's travelled the world to gain his own experiences and create opportunities for indigenous peoples globally. We talk sheep, common narratives between peoples of color, and also how POC can be better allies for indigenous peoples. To keep up with all he does post show, head over to Also.. we're co-hosting a trip to Paris this October! #turnup 5 days of yoga, activities, black history, photoshoots and I'll be your guide. Go to for more details.. hope to see you there!
May 28, 2019
S.47: Why Wait?! feat. Kevin Pollard
Welcome to The Point! Today's featured guest is Kevin Pollard (@heavyrider25) our FIRST passport winner to take a trip overseas. Hear where he went, why, and what he learned throughout the journey as we welcome the brother into the fold of world travelers! Never been abroad before, but have seriously considered it? This one's for you.. stay tuned!
May 21, 2019
S.46: The Iranian Nomad feat. Ali
Joining us today at the point is Ali aka the Iranian Nomad (@iranian_nomad). Ali is a native Iranian who had the opportunity to travel the world early with his parents, schooling, and has since made travel a part of his lifestyle. This interview is a treat because it's not often that those of us in the west have an opportunity to hear the perspective of an Iranians experience much less someone as knowledgable as Ali. From food to landscape to culture, Ali give a great idea of the country as well as talks about some great points regarding privilege and engaging with communities. Grab that refreshing beverage of choice.. you're in store for another awesome session!
May 14, 2019
S.45: Travel Within Yourself feat. Gabbok Bokongo
Welcome to the Point! Joining us today is Gabbok Bokongo (@gabbok17) a lifelong adventurer. Follow his journey from the unique and unfortunate conditions of his first trips abroad, to his inspiring father-daughter trips around the globe today. His voice is one all his own, and you'll love how direct and to the point he is about his observations and philosophy on traveling. As always.. this is another keeper!
May 07, 2019
S.44: Ambassador of #BAM feat. Josiah Woodson
Welcome to the Point! Joining us this week is master musician and world traveler Josiah Woodson (@josiahwoodson)! Raised in a few cities across the states, Josiah’s international adventures really began when he moved to Paris with his wife. Using his talents and Paris as a gateway to the world he’s been able to travel the world doing playing music. His openness to new experiences and ideas have helped grow host perspective of many things and I’m sure you’ll think a little differently too after listening.
April 30, 2019
S.43: The Journey of Unpacking You feat. Asa Leveaux
Welcome to the Point! This week we have adventurer, entrepreneur, and "best life" liver Asa Leveaux (@asaleveaux - sharing his perspective on travel! We hear his candid story about his first trips overseas as well as a trip to Cancun out of despair and how these experiences have shaped him to today. Serious gems in this session! Among the other trips he has coming up Asa also shares his new project helping entrepreneurs earn their first $10k called Definitely worth a look if entrepreneurship is your thing and you want to work with someone who's been down a similar path. This is another keeper.. so sit back and enjoy today's session!
April 23, 2019
S.42: Mind of the Minority Nomad feat. Erick Prince
Welcome to the Point! Joining us today is one of the first in in spurring the black travel movement Erick Prince, aka Minority Nomad (@minoritynomad). After his military career, Erick took off into the world, leaving nothing behind. He created a career around travel involving photography, blogging, and vlogging, and is a go-to speaker in the travel industry (and if you haven't seen his work go to!  All of that experience and expertise is delivered with a bravado all his own and I promise you, you will be challenged by this session, and that's a great thing! Sit back, relax, and enjoy today's session!
April 16, 2019
Winner's Circle #2
YEAHHHH!! Welcome to the Point.. more specifically welcome to the Winner's Circle #2! This is where we get to meet our recent passport winners, learn from their experience and encourage them forward to global adventure awesomeness. Joining us today we have Gabe (@blackspadezmedia), Micah (@iammicahdavid), Kevin (@heavyrider25), and Darrell (@thelifeofdarrell). Make sure to follow @pointnoirshow on Instagram to learn how you or someone you know can also get their passport sponsored 100% for free!
April 09, 2019
S.41: Black Businessmen Travel Too feat. Graham Douglas
Welcome to the Point! Joining us today is traveler, businessman, and culture curator Graham Douglas (@grahamdouglxs). He spends some time sharing his experiences exploring the world as well as why he things travel has helped him in his professional pursuits as well. In addition to benefiting from his trips, he is the creator of the account @blackmentraveltoo which highlights black men who are out making moves,  as well as his travel agency @connectwithculture. We support all of those things here at the Point, so sit back an get ready for another awesome session!
April 04, 2019
S.40: Shades of Green Genius feat. Mike Malcolm
Welcome to the Point! Our special guest today is entrepreneur, foodie, and weed connoisseur Mike Malcolm (@mikegdagod). We talk about business, weed culture, and why travel is a thing that's needed for men of color! Make sure to visit his new project and follow them on Instagram as well @weedtravelfood.
March 26, 2019
S.39: Just Cruisin feat. Rick Southers
Welcome To the Point! This week we feature adventurer Rick Southers (@rick_ontherun) who may be our first official boat expert on the show! He shares how be started traveling as an avid cruise fan and eventually broke out into overseas travel, visiting the Gondola's of Venice and the yachts of Croatia. He also drops some serious travel gems.. we call them Rick's gems in this one so bring a pen and paper, a lot to learn here!
March 19, 2019
S.38: Permission To Explore feat. CJ Livingston
Welcome To The Point! Joining us today is CJ Livingston (@whereiscjlivin) a relatively new world traveler that has taken to the experience in a massive way. We talk about his first trip overseas, a tough decision he had to make embark on his first solo trip to South Africa, and the incredible plans he has for the future of his own adventures and others. This is for sure a unique session.. so as always, grab that refreshing beverage and get ready for another Point Noir experience!
March 12, 2019
S.37: There’s Space Here For You feat. Aaron Oschea
Welcome to the Point! This week we meet outdoor enthusiast and advocate Aaron Oschea (@aaronoschea) and learn how his experiences in nature have lead to some profound lifestyle changes for him and his community. Since being introduced to activities like hiking and rock climbing he's also started an organization to promote these experiences to other people of color called Midwest Color Camp! Check them out on instagram @midwestcolorcamp or online There's no way you will leave this session not wanting to go on a hike for yourself. Cheers!
March 05, 2019
S.36: A Full Perspective of Differences feat. Sean Smith
Welcome to the Point! Our featured guest today is the multi-talented Sean Smith (@seansmithdances) and equally as awesome is that this is another live in-person session! We talk about his upbringing, his unique experiences through the USA and also talk a lot about perspective and how you don't have to go far to encounter different opinions. Also... Kimono Jack will be headed to Cartagena, Columbia... and you should come too! Tune in to hear about the special deal for Point Noir listeners... enjoy today's session!
February 26, 2019
S.35: See Ced Roam feat. Cedric Hutchison II
Welcome to the Point! Joining us to day is Cedric Hutchison II (@cedinthecity) a young brother who's been traveling the world, teaching, and doing it all in style! From reconnecting to his Korean heritage, to absorbing culture via other members of the diaspora, he's been busy these past few years. He even started his own travel company @theroamingrepublic (, to share his lit travel experiences with others! Sit back and get ready for another awesome session at the Point!
February 19, 2019
S.34: Birthrights, Hikes, & Flights feat. Joshua Walker
Welcome to the Point! Today's session features travel blogger and lover of life,  Joshua Walker (@joshyoutrippin).  We jump headfirst into redefining cultural stereo types, the outdoors, finding our roots, and  much more including his upcoming documentary where he'll follow his DNA test results overseas and learn about his African heritage. To keep up with Josh, visit his blog and follow him on IG to stay updated on his latest adventures!
February 12, 2019
S.33: Summit 413 feat. Jermaine Middleton
Welcome to the Point! Today's sessions features Jermaine Middleton (@summit413) who is aiming to be the first black man born in the USA to scale Mount Everest. Yes, THE Mount Everest. We talk about experiencing travel and nature from his perspective as well as the benefits you can discover for yourself. If you want to connect with his journey head to or reach out to Jermaine personally:
February 05, 2019
CH.1: You Have Something To Offer The World - Adventurer’s Playbook
Kimono Jack present the additional ideas you need to make your next adventure, your best one yet. Today we talk about how men of color have something of value to offer the world, even when they may not think so. Make sure to reach out to Kimono Jack aka @jerry_the3rd at for any speaking or podcast inquiries.
February 05, 2019
S.32: Trust Your Dopeness! feat. Rahiem Johnson
Welcome to the Point! Today's guest is Rahiem Johnson (@radiorahiem0319) who has not only found a love for travel but turned it into a career by becoming a travel editor for a magazine as well! We talk about why he stopped only traveling to the Dominican Republic and started exploring more of the world, his upcoming trip of 30 adventurers going to Bali, and some great insight on what other men of color can expect when they go overseas. You can find out more about his travels and upcoming trips through his blog and remember...  "TRUST YOUR DOPENESS!"📍
January 29, 2019
S.31: Kids, Do Your Googles feat. Arthur Deane
Welcome to the Point! Joining us today is Arthur Deane (@eclecticart314) who is not only broadening his global experience but also taking strides in his professional career in the tech sector. There's a tonne of energy in this session as we discuss group vs. solo travel, practical steps to learning languages, and how travel as added to Arthur's development personally and professionally.  Make sure you're taking notes on this one and enjoy today's session!
January 22, 2019
S.30: Beyond Baltimore & Beyond Boundaries feat. Brian Oliver
Welcome to the Point! This week's episode features world traveler Brian Oliver (@beyondbmore). A proud native of Baltimore, MD he travels in a way that makes the city proud. Not only exploring but diving into the culture... Brian shares how he approaches his global learning experiences. In addition to being on the road, he curates his own travel based website where you can get more insights into his world view and adventures. Enjoy yourselves!📍
January 15, 2019
S.29: From Dreaming To Living In Style feat. Ramon Smothers
Welcome to the Point! This week we feature entrepreneur, author, and traveler Ramon Smothers (@ramon_smothers)! Ramon walks us through his origins as an explorer and how quality time with his travel "muse" have brought them closer together, as well as sharing some powerful insights on how to map and achieve your goals. In addition to being a traveled brother he is also stylish and has launched a custom suit company (@legacylapels) creating some amazing pieces to empower the men who wear them. As always.. sit back and enjoy the session!📍
January 08, 2019
S.28: Native Son feat. Tamsir Genero Guiard-schmid
Welcome to the Point! To kick off the new year right, today we host guest Tamsir Genero Guiard-schmid (@tamsir24). A son of the African diaspora like many of our guests, Tamsir's perspective comes from his experience being raised in Paris and his continuous travels back to his Western African roots. Combined with a tonne of international travel experiences, you'll love listening to his insights, including why he wants to move back to Western Africa to establish the next phase of his life. Cheers everyone!📍
January 01, 2019
S.27: The Travel Cure feat. Cedric Wood
Welcome to the Point! Today we host special guest Cedric Wood (@med_ced) a South Carolinian turned traveler, doctor, musician, and blogger! Ced shares a tonne of his experiences and tips for exploring the world and making it affordable as well as hit perspective on things like solo travel and travel safety. If you didn't get enough in this episode, make sure to visit his adventure blog where he goes into much more depth about the regions he's visited as well as sharing his own flight deals with you. You're in for a treat!📍
December 25, 2018
S.26: Chase That Deal feat. Keon Steele
Welcome to the Point! Today's session features born traveler and creator of Black and Well Traveled, Keon Steele (@keonjsteele). We sit today to talk about his views on travel and his mission to show that travel is possible and affordable for everyone. There are tons of tips on finding great deals and making travel more affordable and definitely don't forget to check out his site or follow their IG (@blackandwelltraveled) for even more resources!📍
December 11, 2018
S.25: Adventurer x Adventurer feat Kamal X
Welcome to the Point! Today's sessions features guest Kamal X (@rootedtraveler) who has not only a wealth of travel experience but also a lot of experience sharing his perspectives on life and adventure. We talk backpacking, Burning Man 2018, and why anyone can be a traveler, even without leaving the country. To keep up with Kamal's adventures and projects, follow him on instagram, check out his "We Are The Light" Podcast, or go to his website !
December 04, 2018
S.24: The Wayfarer Speaks feat. Kofi Mensah
Welcome to the Point! Today's session features adventurer, model, real estate professional, and all around globetrotter Kofi Mensah (@noirewayfarer). We learn about his travels across the 6 continents, jobs he's held that have allowed him to earn while exploring and even discuss self esteem and the power of nudism. Make sure to check out more of Kofi's thoughts and visuals at his website after you enjoy today's episode!📍
November 27, 2018
S.23: Triple Digit Trippin' feat. Ronnie Dunston
Welcome to the Point! Today's special guest is Ronnie Dunston (@ronniedunston), an experienced traveller and co-founder of the brand Road to 100 Countries (@roadto100countries). We're super fortunate to have him on the show shortly after hitting his 100th country with his wife, Dr. Sheba and on the day of launching their new website . Ronnie not only shares how he's been able to travel often for free while working a full time job but also how travel has opened his eyes and grown him as a person. Did someone say FREE TRAVEL?!? Check it out!!📍
November 20, 2018
S.22: Always More Trips feat. Kenyon Walker
Welcome to the Point! This week’s guest adventurer is Kenyon Walker (@punintened93). A true fan of the outdoors and authentic travel experiences, Kenyon talks about his many trips through the world, his perspective on cultivating authentic moments, as well as the types of activities he tries to engage in. You’ll definitely appreciate this young brother’s perspective so stay tuned!📍
November 13, 2018
S.21: A Human Experience feat. Daryl Parks
Welcome to the Point! Today we have featured a very special guest, Daryl Parks (@mattic_ghost_doctor). You may be more familiar with one of his artist aliases such as Mattic or Dr. Outer.. he is an emcee, artists, world traveller and philosopher of life. I'm thrilled he agreed to be on the show as he's one of my big brother figures I was lucky enough to meet while in France. I got a tonne out of this talk with Daryl and I think you will too with an open mind and a little time to relax and listen. Enjoy!📍
November 06, 2018
Passport Winners Circle - #1
Welcome to the Point! Today is an historic session for us here at Point Noir and something we're too excited to share... our first group of passport sponsorship winners! Featuring a short clip to hear their perspective and progress on attaining a passport, we'll here from Josh Fulton (@kuro_blackk), Nik Knight (@nikatnightt), Jackie Whitmill Jr. (@sirjvice), Cory J Adventures (@coryj_adventures), and Terry Hardieway (@hardieway). All of this awesomeness wouldn't be possible without the guests who've contributed to the show thus far and also a dope travel company called (@passportreq). You guys are in for a treat and make sure to stay tuned to learn how you, or someone you know can be one of our next sponsorship winners!📍
November 01, 2018
S.20: Make "One Day..." Today! feat. Jasen B. George
Welcome to the Point! Joining us today is special guests Jasen B. George (@mrrenaissance_man_) a Brooklyn native and brother definitely on his travel grind! Hitting 8 trips in the past 5 months, we talk about his motivations to keep journeying, some of his top travel tips, as well as some of the positive impacts his travels have made on those around him. If the jaguar in the picture is any indication of how lit this episode is... well, sit down and tune in!📍
October 23, 2018
S.19: Pour La Culture feat. Ismaël Nobour
Welcome to the Point! Today's special guest is my french brother, drummer, music producer and lover of the culture.. Ismaël Nobour (@ismagram_music). We talk travel, Martinique, family, and recap some of our own world adventures together. You'll definitely appreciate hearing about blackness from a non USA perspective so what are you waiting for.. sit back and enjoy the show!📍
October 16, 2018
S.18: #SQWAAD Talk #1 feat. Lordell Rush II
Welcome to the Point! Today's special guest is musician, traveller, and culture cultivator Lordell Rush II (@damnlordell). In addition to being a bro with great perspective on the world he happens to be one of my closest friends so it's EXTRA dope to have him on the show. Let this be proof... this show is just adventurers chopping it up. Enjoy!📍
October 09, 2018
S.17: Clever Bastards feat. Darnell Lamont Walker
Welcome to the Point! Today's gust is Darnell Lamont Walker (@cleverbastard) a film maker, writer, entrepreneur and genuine adventurer! Darnell spends some time with us today sharing the variety of forms that travel can come in. His minimal stuff/maximum value style has even had success with his travel company Passport Required which has done over 30 trips in the past 3 years. You'll love today's eye opening episode and more information about his films can be found at and Cheers!📍
October 02, 2018
S.16: Teachings From Taipei feat. Patrick Springer
Welcome to the Point! Today's guest features long term expat and adventurer Patrick Springer (@proliphic) all the way from Taiwan. Patrick shares a boat load of knowledge about culture, his arrival to Taiwan, and his views on travel in general. Patrick is also co-owner of the travel brand CP Travels and creator of the ezine "Perspectives." You can find all of that at after you sit a spell and hear the wise words he has to share on the interview.. see you on the flip side!📍
September 25, 2018
S.15: China 101 feat. Chris Campbell
Welcome to the Point! Today we host athlete, lawyer, and entrepreneur Chris Campbell (@teamlikethesoup). Chris shares with us his beginnings of his interest in China, and the things he discovered along the way as he continued his education there and became fluent in the language. Everything you wanted to know to have a strong start in this global powerhouse of a country is here.. so sit back and tune in! 📍
September 18, 2018
S.14: Get Your Life (Woo!) feat. Dr. Donte Flanagan
Welcome to the Point! Joining us to day is a globe trotting, boundary bending, medical professional by the name of Dr. Donte Flanagan (@doc.flanagan). If there's any way we could have had more fun on this interview, we couldn't think of it! Donte was kind enough to share some of his top travel tips for saving money, advice for those seeking a career in the medical field, and a tonne of comedic moments to boot. You all are gonna love this one so stay tuned to the Point!📍
September 11, 2018
S.13: Mister Travelpreneur feat. Travis Levius
Welcome to the Point! Today we follow the incredible journey of traveler @misterlevius from his beginnings as an assistant school teacher to his current career as a luxury travel content creator. Not only do we explore a few moments in travel life from someone experiencing the best a location has to offer, but we talk about mindsets you can adopt to achieve in your own life. Put your fancy hats on and pinkies in the air.. this session is dripping with class👌🏾📍
September 04, 2018
S.12: Driven by Design! feat. Kenneth O'Veal
Welcome to the Point! Today we speak to adventurer, designer, and culture advocate Kenneth O'Veal (@the_malibu_ken) and dive deep into his world travels. Tokyo fashion, Dutch black history, life affirming moments in Africa... today, we go there! You guys are in for a treat, so sit back and get ready to pick up a whole lot of perspective in today's session!📍
August 28, 2018
S.11: Living the Laptop Lifestyle feat. Ant Rivera
Welcome to the Point! We hit all the high notes today with our guest Ant (ant_619). He's not only an adventurer, an Instagram pro (@millennials.abroad + @themelanintravelclub), but an up and coming digital nomad as well! From Latvia to Columbia, he's carving his path through the world and graciously spent some time with us to share his journey. Stay tuned!📍
August 21, 2018
S.10: Adventure-Itis feat. Quentin Butler
Welcome to the Point! It was just under a year ago that today's guest, Quentin Butler (@oneminimalist), sold his possessions, packed a bag, and set out backpacking through Asia and Africa.. and we have the fortune of hearing about his travels and insights on today's session. Not only that, but we did this after a full brunch, live in a shady park.. the perfect conditions to tell stories! From living in a traditional Maasai village in Kenya, to island hopping through southeast Asia, this is an adventure packed session you're bound to dig!📍
August 14, 2018
S.9: Expanding Experience feat. Kyle Speed
Welcome to Point Noir! Today we feature Kyle Speed (@ikylespeed) who brings his tales and philosophies of life and travel to the show. A real estate agent, adventurer, and former D1 track athlete.. this young man has successfully navigated through life and his adventures with a positivity and determination all his own. Learn what insights he's picked up along the way as you enjoy today's session!📍
August 07, 2018
S.8: Culture, Fashion, and Travel feat. Jonah @kampind
Welcome to the Point.. we’ve made it to Session 8! Today we feature Jonah @kampind who’s unique story encouraged him to relocate from the US to the U.K., exploring new regions along the way. Sharing his experiences growing up in a 1st generation Ugandan household, studying abroad after 9/11 and his current projects around the culture of Chicago.. Jonah has a nugget or two of perspective to share for anyone looking to broaden their idea of the world!📍
August 01, 2018
S.7: Where There's A Will! feat. Will Edmond
Welcome to the Point! Today's session features adventurer extraordinaire, Will Edmond @willedmond! We sit down and jam over a (vegan) Thai meal and dive into his world travels. This is another live, unscripted session with all of the ambiance and extra adventure sauce.. so get your chopsticks ready, this is a full course meal!📍
July 24, 2018
S.6: Man On A Mission feat. Jon Robert
Welcome to the Point! Today's session features Jon Robert @thejonrobert! Jon shares his passion and experience for travel, cuisine, and saving money along the way to his new goal of hitting 35 countries by the age of 35! We also discuss his career in the hospitality industry and how it influenced him to create his new travel page, @whereinntheworld. Make sure to take notes on this episode!📍
July 18, 2018
S.5: YGTS, Yes.. You! feat. Ty Cunningham
Welcome to the Point! Today's session features Ty Cunningham @blkphoenix! Tune in to hear us discuss passport cards, Morocco, and Toronto eh? An entrepreneur as well, we talk about his clothing brand YGTS (@officialygts) and advice for adventurers wanting to get started.
July 10, 2018
S.4: Dos Aventureros feat. Roddrick West
Welcome to the Point! In this live session, @jerry_the3rd trades perspectives and crushes a few brews with fellow adventurer Roddrick West (@rod_we). Indentity, relationships, perspecitve.. everything gets a little shine in this episode! Sit back, pour a refreshing drink of choice, and toast to adventure with us here at The Point!
July 03, 2018
S.3: Domestic Discoveries feat. @coryj_adventures
Welcome to the Point! This session features a bro with a cool POV on travel within the USA. @jerry_the3rd and @coryj_adventures talk white drum circles, nature, and his youtube vlog, Just Go. Keep it locked ya'll!
June 19, 2018
S.2: Bold Bets & Boats feat. Zahir Roberts
Welcome to the Point! In this session, @jerry_the3rd cuts up with Zahir Roberts (@zah_pasdedeux)! We have it all in play today: boats, self discovery, and a Eurotrip of unsupervised minors.. bring your popcorn for this session of Point Noir!
June 19, 2018
S.1: Finding Home feat. @urbandan
Welcome to the Point! On this very special first session, @jerry_the3rd hosts adventurer Daniel Young (@urbandan) to help kick this off right! They talk Colombia, Hawaii, and dealing with negative influences to accomplish your travel goals.
June 17, 2018
S.0: Introducing Point Noir feat. @jerry_the3rd
Welcome to the Point! In this Special Session 0, host @jerry_the3rd formally introduces himself and Point Noir to the Podcast Universe. This session is short and sweet.. stay tuned though, the journey is only beginning here at Point Noir! Make sure to subscribe and rate the show to keep up with all of our new releases!
June 13, 2018