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Points Of Brew Podcast

Points Of Brew Podcast

By Points of Brew
A podcast that explores my love of the craft beer world, gaming, TV and many other subjects too. Join me as I talk about what I'm drinking, playing and watching and discussing it with other people along the way.

If you like tuning in then you can get more beer talk on my Instagram page @Points_Of_Brew
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Episode 18: Homebrew Heroes
This week I'm joined by Elliott Carrington, Crafty Carrington on Instagram, as we have a chat about his homebrew experiences. Elliott talks about what influenced him to brew his own beer, the beers he enjoys whilst doing so and what he has learned so far. We also chat about his love for gaming and rugby, what we have both been drinking recently and his dream to open a brewery in the future.
September 18, 2020
Episode 17: Pig Love
This week I'm joined by the dynamic duo Marcos and Jesus from Pig Love in Leeds. The guys tell me about how they came to meet, how the brewery came to be and what inspires them to brew their beers. We also take a look at what the future has in store for Pig Love including their upcoming second series of beers and their very own tap room.
August 17, 2020
Episode 16: Tanked Up
This week I'm joined by Ben from the Tanked Up podcast as we have a chat about beers and, for the first time in a few weeks, some games too! Ben talks about a beer from Left Handed Giant in collaboration with Deya whilst I look at how Steady Rolling Man is now my go-to pale ale. Ben shares his thoughts on Ghost of Tshushima on the PS4 whilst I give my verdict on Paper Mario: The Origami King on the Switch.
July 31, 2020
Episode 15: Strip Tees
This week I am joined by Liam Senior from Salt Steel Brewing Co as we have a chat about the brewery, how it came to be and where he wants it to go. As a fledgling brewery he kindly sent me two sample beers (Strip Tees) to try ahead of the show. We discuss the recipe and how the beer has evolved (and is still evolving) before looking at other beers he wants to brew in the future. Liam also sheds some light on his intro into craft beer and how he ended up opening a brewery during lockdown.
July 17, 2020
Episode 14: Publoseshcobar Returns
This week I'm joined by returning guest Martyn Clay (AKA Publoseshcobar) as we look at the beer scene as re-opening date looms for bars, pubs and tap rooms. We have a chat about his ever growing stash of Tiny Rebel beers, I look on at some new west coast beers coming our way and shoutout Arbor Ales. We then discuss how we feel about the pubs re-opening this week and then chat about where we want to go once lockdown has eased for good.
July 3, 2020
Episode 13: Northern Soul
This week I am joined by Mark from Twisted Wheel Brew Co who sheds some light on the creation of the brewery, the story behind the beer names and the Soul music scene in the North. We have a look at how his upbringing and music through the ages shines through in every beer they brew and what they are looking to brew in the near future.
June 19, 2020
Episode 12: Fox Brewing
This week I'm joined by James Fox, an avid homebrewer who has set up Fox Brewing. We have a chat about his set up, what he likes brewing and where he hopes to see the brewery go in the future. We also discuss his latest beer Socially Distant IPA which he kindly sent over before recording featuring Mosaic and Motueka hops. Finally, he shouts of the Teesside Homebrew Club which he is hoping to set up shortly over at The Golden Smog pub once lockdown is over.
June 12, 2020
Episode 11: Pennine Pals
This week I'm joined by Ruari McGlone (Thisismybeeraccount) as we finally meet, albeit virtually. We chat about Arundel Brewfest, Friends & Family and look hopefully onto other events that may happen in the near future. We have a look at what we've been drinking recently before ending on a brief look at our gaming history and experiences.
June 5, 2020
Episode 10: Padstow TV
This week I'm joined by Simon and George from Padstow Brewing Company in sunny Cornwall. Between George getting a parcel delivered and reciting tales of where he went for a wee, we have a chat about the brewery and what's in store over the coming months. Simon talks about their upcoming lager helping fishermen affected by Covid-19 and George talks about building a cask washer from scratch.
May 29, 2020
Episode 9: Firebrand Special
This week I'm joined by Joe, brewer and owner from Firebrand Brewery down in Cornwall. We have a chat about how Covid has impacted them, their plans to move to their new site and the beers he hopes to make in the near future. Joe also shares some thoughts on the beers he likes and those he doesn't, black IPA's in particular!
May 22, 2020
Episode 8: Juice Talk
This week I'm joined by Charlie Ayling from Craft Can Gang on Instagram who sheds some light on his quest for US juice. We have a look into how he got into US beers, trading them and also his chance meeting leading to his involvement with Craft Can Gang. Meanwhile I talk about some beers by North, Amundsen and Dry & Bitter and find out we somehow did or didn't meet up at Arundel Brewfest 2020...
May 15, 2020
Episode 7: Sparks Re-Unite
This week I'm joined by Antony from the Gamers of the Lost Spark podcast. First we have a natter about his forays in US beer in San Francisco, before moving onto some beers by Harbour he ordered recently. We then look at what I've been drinking before moving onto what we have been playing (Animal Crossing & Journey to the Savage Planet) and shouting out some other podcasts available out there.
May 8, 2020
Episode 6: Horsforth Special
This week I am joined by Mark Costello, owner and brewer from Horsforth Brewery. Mark sheds some light on the brewery and how it is operating during lockdown, beers and styles he enjoys and those he would like to make in the future. We also discuss some of his popular beers including Horsforth Pale, Rubis and Aubretia and what makes them popular and why.
May 1, 2020
Episode 5: Our Heroes
This week I'm joined by Craig (AKA Yorkshirewestworld) as we have look at some Northern Monk beers he has been drinking, talk about my love for black IPA's and the wonderful work being done by our NHS. We shoutout the breweries running the buy the NHS a pint scheme, how Northern Monk helped people keep the Faith and how Jimmy (Dejabrewlondon) is pedalling in support of our heroes.
April 24, 2020
Episode 4: Just Cornwall
This week I am joined by James AKA Justmills on Instagram as we have a chat about how he has been beating the lockdown, what he makes of the Final Fantasy 7 remake and discuss Cornwall's finest breweries. We also discuss the Red Elephant in Truro where he works and what we've been drinking to keep us busy.
April 16, 2020
Episode 3: Virtual City
This week I am joined by the Virtual Pub Club landlord himself @Davebvuk as he pulls up a microphone for a chinwag. Dave fills us in with a history of Virtual Pub Club (@virtualpubclubofficial), what he's been drinking recently and how he got into gaming. We also look at how Tesco is fighting back against Morrisons with yet more supermarket craft beer and give a shoutout to @nc_redrawn and the latest piece he has done in tribute of the NHS.
April 10, 2020
Episode 2: Lockdown Lowdown
Welcome to episode 2 of the Points of Brew podcast. Joining me this week is Martyn Clay where we discuss what we have been drinking and playing, whilst also having a chat about the new beers available in Morrisons. We also discuss the Bread Brewd Project and the excellent work they are doing for communities across the UK and give a shout out to #CraftBeerHour from this week's Brass Castle feature.
April 3, 2020
Episode 1: Points of Brew Goes Live
Welcome to this, the awkward first episode of my new podcast! Join me, yes me, as I introduce myself, the blog and the podcast in what will hopefully be a series of episodes in the future! This time around I discuss what I've been drinking, playing and hopefully what the future holds for the podcast too.
March 29, 2020