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Points Of Brew is a podcast dedicated to all things craft beer & real ale featuring creator Stephen Carter and co-host Aaron Getliffe.
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Episode 45: The Magic Rock Odyssey
Cannonball Run? Or Cannonball Done? In this episode of the Points of Brew podcast, Stephen and Aaron digest the news that Lion is selling Magic Rock and Fourpure to Odyssey Inns with immediate effect. They also drink and rate the recently released 2022 Cannonball Run beers alongside the original and try to stay relatively sensible along the way, despite their ABV. The pair also discuss Magic Rock's place in the current beer scene, where it could be heading and if this new ownership could be a return to form for them.  The three Cannonball specials were provided to the show by Magic Rock directly however this did not influence their reception or the opinions given during this show. Thanks to Magic Rock for sending the beers out ahead of the show being recorded.  If you enjoy the Points of Brew podcast, please let us know on
August 09, 2022
Episode 44: Life & Death In The Premier League
In this episode, Stephen and Aaron drink and rate the new Life & Death series from Vocation Brewery in Hebden Bridge. Called the Life & Death festival, these beers were brewed in celebration of the original's 7th birthday, first being brewed back in 2015. Since then, Life & Death has gone on to become Vocation's best-selling beer with the brewery now selling over 10 million pints in total per year, a long way away from the chicken shed they first started in! The three beers were a session version at 3.5%, a hazy version at 6.5% and a gold version at 7.4% all of which were drank and rated on the shows. Whilst drinking the beers, both Stephen & Aaron reflect on the incredible achievement that was the England Lionesses winning the 2022 Euros on home soil at Wembley in front of a record-breaking crowd. Beating Germany 2-1 in the second period of extra time, the women did what the men couldn't and finally brought football home and hopefully inspired a nation of young female athletes as a result. We consider the potential effects of this amazing achievement and what it could mean for the future of women's football. Before we close out the show, we give our thoughts on the upcoming Premier League season with Stephen being a Manchester United fan and Aaron being a Leeds United fan. The Ronaldo problem comes up in conversation, as does Leeds' selling of two of their best players, Kalvin Phillips and Raphinha, before pinning our colours to the mast and predicting where both will respectively finish come the end of the season. Did someone also say Cannonball Run? If you like the show, or have any feedback, please do get in touch and send any and all to or reach out on any social media channels. We are always happy to welcome guests onto the show and looking for venues to host us so we can record in the field, so if you think you could do that then let us know! To keep up with Aaron's antics you can follow him @basicbeerboy on Instagram and you can find Points of Brew on all social media channels. 
August 05, 2022
Episode 43: Into Orbit
In this episode, Stephen is joined by Paul Spraget, head brewer of Orbit beers who are based in Walworth London. Stephen recorded this show as part of a mini series over the course of summer focussing on some of the UK's best sour beer producers, which Paul & Stephen discuss during the show. Paul discusses his employment history with numerous different breweries, and how he came to be at Orbit, bringing along with him the idea for a tzatziki sour which we drink whilst recording. We also try their basil sour, basziki, afterwards which Paul discusses and tries for the first time since bottling this new beer. Huge thanks to Paul for joining me on the show and Orbit for sending the beers out to me to drink whilst recording. The beers being sent of course did not affect my judgement of them and I can highly recommend both of the sours if you ever find them in a bar in London or if you visit their tap room.  If you'd like to find out more about Orbit, you can do so by visiting their website or by searching 'Orbit Beers' in either Instagram or Twitter. Likewise you can find Paul himself on Twitter @MarshallStaxx. If you have any questions, comments or feedback for this or any other show, please send it to or get in touch on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook. 
July 28, 2022
Episode 42: Goosey Gander
In this episode of the Points of Brew podcast, Stephen & Aaron head over to the Gaping Goose in Garforth as this was Aaron's first place of employment during his school years. The Gaping Goose has a great local reputation for its community-led approach and its well-kept cask ales, being recognised for its excellence by Timothy Taylor's themselves. During this show we drank Theakston's Best Bitter, Adnam's Broadside and Ossett's Yorkshire Blonde, all served on cask and in great condition too. Being on the outskirts of Garforth, it is a distance from the main street but it is worth the trip over to check out what guest ales they are serving. We also discuss Aaron's recent trips to Spain and Halifax and the beer that he found there, followed by looking at Quirky's latest beer launches and finally our upcoming collaboration brew day. We will document this journey and can't wait to make it happen! Huge thanks to Jo for hosting us and we look forward to returning in the future!  You can find out more about the Goose by checking out their Facebook page. For all the latest details about the show, what we're drinking and where we are heading then search for Points of Brew on all social media channels or Basicbeerboy on Instagram for Aaron.
July 14, 2022
Episode 41: Clubland
In this episode, Stephen is joined by award-winning author Pete Brown as part of the launch of his new book, Clubland. Stephen had the pleasure of meeting Pete recently at the Robin Hood in Pontefract where he did a talk about his new book and this conversation is a continuation of that talk. Having read Pete's previous books, it was a privilege to have Pete on the show. Pete explains how this book has been a project of his for a long time, almost exceeding his previous book from 2003, Man Walks Into A Pub which shares a similar theme. Clubland, however, focuses specifically on the important role working men's clubs played in our social history and how the upper classes attempted to control our movement, however this ultimately failed. This lead to the rise in popularity of the club and how they shaped our society, particularly in areas of industry in the North. If you'd like to learn more about the club movement, you can purchase a copy of the book at one of the following retailers; Waterstones, Amazon or Bookshop. Huge thanks to Pete for joining me, and we look forward to meeting and speaking to Pete again in the future.
June 30, 2022
Episode 40: Not For Twitter (NFT)
In this episode, we wade into the muddy waters of discussing supermarket craft beer after Salt Beer Factory kindly sent us their latest addition to ASDA's shelves out to try; NFT IPA. A 6.5% IPA which incorporates the latest trend of buying and collecting digital assets also known as NFT's, this beer got people talking upon its press release being sent out and the beers being received. We try this beer, brewed in collaboration with Gwei-Lo, on the show before comparing it against a non-supermarket beer; the latest release in Northern Monk's Thought Bubble series, a 7% DDH IPA. Our discussion sees us cover cost, availability, quality and the impact on the industry amongst other things as part of our assessment of supermarket craft beer. This show was recorded at Yorkshire Craft Beers and thanks to them for hosting us once more.  Aaron also tells us about his time spent dressed as a viking in York, along with a couple of other trips he has been on since we last recorded. I also explain a brief period of radio silence since my son, Sebastian, was born and how parenthood has been so far. We also look on to where we may be recording our next episode/s. Huge thanks to Salt for sending this beer out to us and their sending of it in no way influenced our views on the beer nor did we request the beer to be sent out to us. For more info, and to buy it direct, head on over to their webshop 
June 16, 2022
Episode 39: Papaya Don't Preach
In this bonus episode, I chat with Chris & Ben from Pastore Brewing & Blending and Lee from Brew York as part of their collaboration brew day. The guys from Pastore travelled North to collaborate on their now released Berliner Weisse, Papaya Don't Preach, made using papaya, lemongrass and ginger. The beer is available from Brew York directly here. As part of this special episode we discuss all things sour including the current nationwide demand for them, the increase in production costs and how the idea for this collaboration was formulated. This episode was recorded on site at Brew York's new brewery site at Handley Park which Nadia from their social media team kindly showed me around and invited me to their lunchtime barbecue afterwards! Huge thanks also to Chris, Ben and Lee for agreeing to have a chat with me and taking time out of their day to do so. You can find out more about Pastore and order their beers here. As this episode was recorded on site, there is some background noise throughout so it may be best listening to this one through headphones. 
June 09, 2022
Episode 38: Get Out, Drink & Have Fun
In this continuation of the new format podcast, Aaron and Stephen visit the Market Tap in Castleford. Established between lockdowns in 2020, the Market Tap has successfully negotiated obstacles placed in its way and continues to serve a great selection of beers to its customers. Drinking from the bar this time, we drink two different beers whilst attending with Aaron drinking Cloudwater's 'Happy!' a session pale at 3.5% and Stephen drinking an Exercise In Friendship, a 6.2% NEIPA by Triple Point.  In this episode, we continue to discuss how this new format will take shape and the places we hope to go both locally and further afield. We touch upon how Castleford having a professional rugby league team, Castleford Tigers, based in the town helps boost its appeal and also how Leeds United being in the Premier League also boosts the city's beer appeal. We hope that you enjoy this new format, and if you would like to send any feedback please do so by reaching out at Likewise, keep up to date with the latest info and updates on our social media channels; @points_of_brew for the podcast and @basicbeerboy for Aaron.
May 27, 2022
Episode 37: Transatlantic Pilot
Welcome to the first in a new series and direction for the Points of Brew podcast as I am joined by new co-host Aaron Getliffe, brewer from Quirky Ales in Garforth. As part of this new direction and series of regular shows, we will be drinking beers out and about at various pubs, bars and breweries across Yorkshire and beyond (hopefully). This first episode sees us recording at Yorkshire Craft Beers in Castleford as it is not only the workplace of me, Stephen, but it is also where I met Aaron which we discuss on the show. Whilst there we drink the latest collaboration between Sierra Nevada and Adnams, Eastern Edge, a 4.8% Transatlantic Pale Ale. As part of this new format, we will also discuss a central theme or topic of discussion whilst we are at our recording venue. Sadly in this first episode we discuss the closure of some breweries in recent weeks including Kelham Island and Beatnikz Republic and the hardships which they, and everyone else, are facing right now.  Thanks to Yorkshire Craft Beers for hosting us and we hope you like the new format and style! If you have any feedback, comments or suggestions as to where we should go next, please send them to
May 12, 2022
Episode 36: Talkabout Walkabout
In this episode I am joined by Josh from Turning Point Brew Co, who heads up their sales & events team. Josh has been with the Knaresborough outfit since 2019 and he tells me his history before joining them, and how his role has been in recent times.  Whilst the event was before the recording, and has since passed, we talk about their Stout Walkabout in York which they had organised. A stout heavy trail across the city of York with never-to-be-seen again beers must surely have appealed to all local stout lovers right? Josh explains some of the beers involved and it was no wonder the event was billed to be so popular! Thanks to Josh for joining me on the show and for more information on Turning Point, head to their website, Instagram, Facebook or Twitter page. 
April 11, 2022
Episode 35: Leeds Beer Tours
In this episode I am joined by Mike Hampshire, founder of Leeds Beer Tours and current chairman of the Leeds CAMRA branch.
March 22, 2022
Episode 34: Putty Power
In this episode I am joined by Adam Robertson, co-founder of Verdant Brewing Co. in Penryn, Cornwall. I took a different approach in this episode, and avoided the usual questions posed to Adam about their back story and formation, focussing on other topics.   Instead, we chat about the recent opening and launch of their new taproom, this year's Putty launch and how they are starting to produce cask beer for the very first time. Adam shares some insight into what it's like being based in a remote location and the challenges they have faced locally.  Huge thanks to Adam for joining me on the show, and to keep up to date with what's happening at Verdant HQ, you can head to their Insta, Twitter or Facebook pages or head to the blog on their website. 
March 07, 2022
Episode 33: Mere Mortals
In this episode I am joined by Paul Grenier, co-founder & CEO of Mortalis Brewing in Avon, New York. Paul kindly agreed to be on the show after I made contact with the brewery, as he is keen to share their message and spread their brand further afield.  In this episode we chat about how the company was started after winning a local business contest, the popularity of their heavily fruited sour beers (the Hydra beers in particular) and the cult following the now have in Korea.  Thanks to Beers of America for supplying me with some Mortalis beers ahead of the show, these were kindly gifted, however if you would like to check their stock levels and other products, click here.  Huge thanks to Paul for joining me on the show, and to find out more about Mortalis you can follow them on Instagram and check out their website. 
February 21, 2022
Episode 32: Bear Necessities
In this episode I am joined by Sam Bennett, owner and brewer of Grizzly Grains in Sheffield. Sam is a small-batch producer in the heart of Sheffield, producing predominantly cask beers and a range of experimental beers utilising produce from local suppliers.  Sam and I have a chat about how he started his journey in the beer world, and where he hopes to take the brewery in 2022 and beyond. Sam looks back at 2021 and the four fruited saisons, a saison using sourdough yeast and pale using a new experimental heritage barely crop grown in Sheffield.  Huge thanks to Sam for joining me on the podcast and thanks to him for providing me with some beers to try ahead of the show.  For more information about Grizzly Grains, you can find him on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook 
February 07, 2022
Episode 31: Springwell Special
In this episode I am joined by Alex Millhouse-Smith, Brand Ambassador for North Brewing Co. In a first for the podcast, we recorded this show together on site at North's new production site and taproom, Springwell in Leeds.  Alex kindly showed me around the site before we sat down on the mezzanine, overlooking the bar area and alongside the catwalk of the brewery itself. In this show Alex tells me how he came to be at North, how life started at North and how the company grew from being a singular bar to its current form now spanning several sites and producing their own beer.  Alex also shares some insight into how things have gone for North since moving over to Springwell, how Covid has affected them and their recent experience of serving time in Instagram jail. Huge thanks to Alex for allowing me to come visit their site and taking time out of his day to chat with me and show me around.  *As this episode was recorded on site and during production, there is some background noise throughout the show. This has been reduced however for the best listening experience, it is recommended you listen to this show through headphones*
January 27, 2022
Episode 30: Ply Me With Pliny
This week I am joined by very special guest co-owner and brewer of Russian River Brewing Co. Vinnie Cilurzo. Vinnie kindly took some time in the brewery to have a chat about all things Russian River and how things have been for them in recent months.  Vinnie shares his background and how he came to first work at Russian River before taking over the business and how it has grown since he first joined as brewer.  We also have a look at some of the other beers in their portfolio beyond Pliny the Elder including Blind Pig, STS Pils, Happy Hops and Mind Circus. We also finish by talking about their upcoming annual release of Pliny the Younger, their triple version of their renowned double IPA, Pliny the Elder.  Huge thanks to Vinnie for agreeing to be on the show and giving up his time to have a chat to me and I can't wait to hopefully visit and meet him in person one day!
December 17, 2021
Episode 29: Trouble Brewing In The Loire
In this episode I am joined by Tommy Barnes, the author behind recent release Trouble Brewing In The Loire. This, Tommy's second book, is the sequel to A Beer In The Loire, continuing his journey of moving to France and establishing his own craft brewery, Braslou Bière.  I have a chat with Tommy about his time there and some of the troubles he faced including heatwaves, COVID, Brexit and some less-than-helpful farmyard animals making repeated breaks for freedom.  Having read some of the book, it is highly recommended and can be purchased from most online book retailers and you can find out more about Tommy on his Instagram page (Brasloubiere) and his books are available to purchase from most online retailers. Thanks to Tommy for joining me and sending a digital copy of the book to read ahead of recording the show. 
November 22, 2021
Episode 28: Rock & A Hard Place
In this episode I am joined by returning guest George Collins and fellow owner of Bluntrock Brewery, Hugo Roads. On this, his third appearance, George tells us how things have gone since he left Padstow Brewery alongside Hugo as one of the latest breweries to the craft beer scene.  Hugo and George tell us about their recent legal struggles after facing a cease and desist order and how they are still awaiting their brew kit to be fully operational. We also take a look at George's addiction to Kings of Leon (of course) and how they are looking to shake up their local beer scene, going head-to-head with Sharps who are over the road from them.  For more details about Bluntrock, head on over to their Instagram page for all the latest updates on the brewery and the events they have in store for the coming weeks. Thanks to both George and Hugo for being on the show and sharing their journey so far. 
November 05, 2021
30 Years In Craft Beer Special - Abbeydale Brewery
In this special edition of the podcast I am joined by both Laura & Dan from Abbeydale brewery who are celebrating their 25th anniversary this year. We have a look at the beers which they have brewed to celebrate reaching this milestone along with the processes, ideas and history behind them. The pair give us an insight of what it's been like to work for Abbeydale over the years they have both enjoyed there whilst Laura finishes off by telling us about their festival at the end of the year, Funkfest. For anyone wanting to find out more about Abbeydale and the beers which they have brewed and are brewing, you can head along to their beer section on the website here. Thanks to Laura & Dan for joining me 
September 04, 2021
Episode 27: Elusive No More
In this episode I talk to Andy, founder of Elusive Brewing, as we discuss all things Elusive as they celebrate their fifth birthday this year. Andy tells us how he came to found Elusive, what he did beforehand and their five collaborations they have in the pipeline as part of their ongoing celebrations. Elusive also kindly offered listeners a 10% discount until the end of June (POB10) should they wish to put any online orders in with them and we can highly recommend their Level Up and Oregon Trail! To keep up to date with all things Elusive please go follow them on all social media channels and, if you're a budding brewer, submit an entry for their home-brew competition
May 17, 2021
Episode 26: George's Swansong
This time I am joined by Simon, Ricky and George of Padstow Brewing Co as we discuss their latest beer which we drink on the show; Pockarillo. A single-hop West Coast IPA showcasing Amarillo hops which has launched to coincide with this podcast We discuss this, compare it to Pocket Rocket before moving onto the sad news that George is leaving Padstow! He explains his new venture, Lowlands Brewing, whilst Ricky details how he will try and fill the large shoes that George will be leaving behind You can find Pockarillo on Padstow's website here;
April 16, 2021
Episode 25: Hopped in 60 Minutes
I join returning guest, Aaron from Quirky Ales as we pull up microphones once more to discuss their latest can launch. Hopped In 60 Minutes is their latest effort in can which is a Turbo Charged Pale clocking in at 6.2% hopped with Green Bullet, Centennial and Taiheke Aaron explains how they are planning on opening and serving outdoors now pubs are able to have outdoor seating and how their schedule looks over the coming weeks and months  Thanks to Geoff from the Beer N BS show for allowing us to use their equipment and record in person for this episode, for anyone who hasn't checked their show out please do so by searching for them via all major podcast outlets 
April 13, 2021
Episode 24: Tartarus Awaits
This time I am joined by Jack Roberts; the mastermind behind Tartarus beers. Jack talks us through his brewing journey with Northern Monk and Brew York before starting up his own brewery, Tartarus. We drink two of his beers on the show; Hel, Black DIPA, and Cthulhu, Triple West Coast IPA, which are a staggering 8.9% and 12% respectively. We chat about those and his other high percentage beers he is brewing including Abaddon, his 17% Imperial Stout. You can find out more about Tartarus at his social pages; Instagram, Twitter and Facebook 
April 09, 2021
Episode 23: Eastern Promise
This week I am joined by Sean Robertson, Commercial Director, of Gwei Lo in the UK. We have a chat about Gwei Lo's history and how they started in Hong Kong, and their plans to bring Asian inspired beers to the UK. Sean also explains their current contract brewing arrangements whilst we discuss some of our favourite drinking spots and festivals.  We also have a giveaway running in this episode with three cans of their core range and a glass to giveaway, check out my Instagram and Twitter pages for how to enter!  You can find more information about Gwei Lo here; or by heading to the Instagram or Twitter pages. You can also find Sean @BeerAgentSean
March 12, 2021
Episode 22: First Time For Everything
This week I am joined by Tori Powell (@adventures_in_hoptimism) as we meet virtually on this; the first video and audio podcast! We drink three beers American Hopster in Leeds (Quirky Ales), Elf (Tartarus Beers) and The Heatings On (Three Hills Brewing) and share our thoughts on each.  Tori tells us how she got into craft beer and how she came to be a co-host of A Woman's Brew alongside Joanne Love, as they try to encourage more women to share their thoughts and views on craft beer. You can find more information about Tori's podcast here and Joanne's beer school here
February 12, 2021
Episode 21: Over the Hills and Far Away
This time I'm joined by Steve from Three Hills Brewing as we have a chat about my love of Sabro, different types of hops they use and how Covid has changed how they operate. Steve also answers a couple of questions from followers over on Instagram and gives us a brief insight into what 2021 holds for them
January 31, 2021
Episode 20: The One We Did Talk About
This week I'm joined by Jonathan from S43 as we have a chat about life in lockdown Pt. 3 and how that is impacting our industry. Jonathan gives us an insight into life at S43, their branding and names and how he ended up working there
January 15, 2021
Episode 19: Quirky Special
This week I'm joined by Aaron from Quirky Ales as we have a chat about the brewery, his brewing experience and what they have lined up for the future. Aaron also drinks Ecstasy of Gold by Turning Point and talks about the Beer n BS Show which he co-hosts
October 16, 2020
Episode 18: Homebrew Heroes
This week I'm joined by Elliott Carrington, Crafty Carrington on Instagram, as we have a chat about his homebrew experiences. Elliott talks about what influenced him to brew his own beer, the beers he enjoys whilst doing so and what he has learned so far. We also chat about his love for gaming and rugby, what we have both been drinking recently and his dream to open a brewery in the future.
September 18, 2020
Episode 17: Pig Love
This week I'm joined by the dynamic duo Marcos and Jesus from Pig Love in Leeds. The guys tell me about how they came to meet, how the brewery came to be and what inspires them to brew their beers. We also take a look at what the future has in store for Pig Love including their upcoming second series of beers and their very own tap room.
August 17, 2020
Episode 16: Tanked Up
This week I'm joined by Ben from the Tanked Up podcast as we have a chat about beers and, for the first time in a few weeks, some games too! Ben talks about a beer from Left Handed Giant in collaboration with Deya whilst I look at how Steady Rolling Man is now my go-to pale ale. Ben shares his thoughts on Ghost of Tshushima on the PS4 whilst I give my verdict on Paper Mario: The Origami King on the Switch.
July 31, 2020
Episode 15: Strip Tees
This week I am joined by Liam Senior from Salt Steel Brewing Co as we have a chat about the brewery, how it came to be and where he wants it to go. As a fledgling brewery he kindly sent me two sample beers (Strip Tees) to try ahead of the show. We discuss the recipe and how the beer has evolved (and is still evolving) before looking at other beers he wants to brew in the future. Liam also sheds some light on his intro into craft beer and how he ended up opening a brewery during lockdown.
July 17, 2020
Episode 14: Publoseshcobar Returns
This week I'm joined by returning guest Martyn Clay (AKA Publoseshcobar) as we look at the beer scene as re-opening date looms for bars, pubs and tap rooms. We have a chat about his ever growing stash of Tiny Rebel beers, I look on at some new west coast beers coming our way and shoutout Arbor Ales. We then discuss how we feel about the pubs re-opening this week and then chat about where we want to go once lockdown has eased for good.
July 03, 2020
Episode 13: Northern Soul
This week I am joined by Mark from Twisted Wheel Brew Co who sheds some light on the creation of the brewery, the story behind the beer names and the Soul music scene in the North. We have a look at how his upbringing and music through the ages shines through in every beer they brew and what they are looking to brew in the near future.
June 19, 2020
Episode 12: Fox Brewing
This week I'm joined by James Fox, an avid homebrewer who has set up Fox Brewing. We have a chat about his set up, what he likes brewing and where he hopes to see the brewery go in the future. We also discuss his latest beer Socially Distant IPA which he kindly sent over before recording featuring Mosaic and Motueka hops. Finally, he shouts of the Teesside Homebrew Club which he is hoping to set up shortly over at The Golden Smog pub once lockdown is over.
June 12, 2020
Episode 11: Pennine Pals
This week I'm joined by Ruari McGlone (Thisismybeeraccount) as we finally meet, albeit virtually. We chat about Arundel Brewfest, Friends & Family and look hopefully onto other events that may happen in the near future. We have a look at what we've been drinking recently before ending on a brief look at our gaming history and experiences.
June 05, 2020
Episode 10: Padstow TV
This week I'm joined by Simon and George from Padstow Brewing Company in sunny Cornwall. Between George getting a parcel delivered and reciting tales of where he went for a wee, we have a chat about the brewery and what's in store over the coming months. Simon talks about their upcoming lager helping fishermen affected by Covid-19 and George talks about building a cask washer from scratch.
May 29, 2020
Episode 9: Firebrand Special
This week I'm joined by Joe, brewer and owner from Firebrand Brewery down in Cornwall. We have a chat about how Covid has impacted them, their plans to move to their new site and the beers he hopes to make in the near future. Joe also shares some thoughts on the beers he likes and those he doesn't, black IPA's in particular!
May 22, 2020
Episode 8: Juice Talk
This week I'm joined by Charlie Ayling from Craft Can Gang on Instagram who sheds some light on his quest for US juice. We have a look into how he got into US beers, trading them and also his chance meeting leading to his involvement with Craft Can Gang. Meanwhile I talk about some beers by North, Amundsen and Dry & Bitter and find out we somehow did or didn't meet up at Arundel Brewfest 2020...
May 15, 2020
Episode 7: Sparks Re-Unite
This week I'm joined by Antony from the Gamers of the Lost Spark podcast. First we have a natter about his forays in US beer in San Francisco, before moving onto some beers by Harbour he ordered recently. We then look at what I've been drinking before moving onto what we have been playing (Animal Crossing & Journey to the Savage Planet) and shouting out some other podcasts available out there.
May 08, 2020
Episode 6: Horsforth Special
This week I am joined by Mark Costello, owner and brewer from Horsforth Brewery. Mark sheds some light on the brewery and how it is operating during lockdown, beers and styles he enjoys and those he would like to make in the future. We also discuss some of his popular beers including Horsforth Pale, Rubis and Aubretia and what makes them popular and why.
May 01, 2020
Episode 5: Our Heroes
This week I'm joined by Craig (AKA Yorkshirewestworld) as we have look at some Northern Monk beers he has been drinking, talk about my love for black IPA's and the wonderful work being done by our NHS. We shoutout the breweries running the buy the NHS a pint scheme, how Northern Monk helped people keep the Faith and how Jimmy (Dejabrewlondon) is pedalling in support of our heroes.
April 24, 2020
Episode 4: Just Cornwall
This week I am joined by James AKA Justmills on Instagram as we have a chat about how he has been beating the lockdown, what he makes of the Final Fantasy 7 remake and discuss Cornwall's finest breweries. We also discuss the Red Elephant in Truro where he works and what we've been drinking to keep us busy.
April 16, 2020
Episode 3: Virtual City
This week I am joined by the Virtual Pub Club landlord himself @Davebvuk as he pulls up a microphone for a chinwag. Dave fills us in with a history of Virtual Pub Club (@virtualpubclubofficial), what he's been drinking recently and how he got into gaming. We also look at how Tesco is fighting back against Morrisons with yet more supermarket craft beer and give a shoutout to @nc_redrawn and the latest piece he has done in tribute of the NHS.
April 10, 2020
Episode 2: Lockdown Lowdown
Welcome to episode 2 of the Points of Brew podcast. Joining me this week is Martyn Clay where we discuss what we have been drinking and playing, whilst also having a chat about the new beers available in Morrisons. We also discuss the Bread Brewd Project and the excellent work they are doing for communities across the UK and give a shout out to #CraftBeerHour from this week's Brass Castle feature.
April 03, 2020
Episode 1: Points of Brew Goes Live
Welcome to this, the awkward first episode of my new podcast! Join me, yes me, as I introduce myself, the blog and the podcast in what will hopefully be a series of episodes in the future! This time around I discuss what I've been drinking, playing and hopefully what the future holds for the podcast too.
March 29, 2020