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Policy Talks

Policy Talks

By Centre for Policy Research (CPR)
Policy Talks’ is a project of Centre for Policy Research (CPR). A podcast engaging policy debates every week on Saturday and Sunday at 8 PM (Pakistan Standard Time).

Policy Talks’ is highlighting policy issues and is engaging policy debates with specialised experts. Currently, we are broadcasting our shows on governance, economic policy, education policy, social policy, health policy, agriculture policy, foreign policy, cities policy and current situation.

Our aim is to ‘engage youth’ in policy debates, highlight ‘voice of people’ to policymakers and exchange ‘research based’ knowledge.
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Taliban Resurrection and the Future of Afghanistan
Peace in Afghanistan has a very important significance in the region. A peaceful Afghanistan can benefit the whole region. A discussion on Taliban International Legitimacy and the future of Afghanistan. Show Host: Kashif Aakash. Guest Speaker: Saddam Hussein who is a Research Economist at Pakistan Institute of Development Ecnomics (PIDE) and regularly writes on Afghanistan and Regional Affairs, besides economic issues.
August 24, 2021
To be a women in Pakistan
Women rights is one of the major issue in Pakistan which needs to be addressed in policies. Harassment and Rape cases are increasing from the past fee years in Pakistan. Policy Talks is discussing this issue with Maria Ali (Immunologist) who belongs to a tribal district of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and is recently Post-graduated from COMSATS University. Our show host is Kashif Aakash, the founder of Centre for Policy Research-CPR and Policy Talks. For feedback please drop your comments.
August 1, 2021
Hazara Lives Matter: How to stop Sectarian Violence in Pakistan
Today’s show Host: Kashif Aakash (Founder, Centre for Policy Research-CPR), Co-Host: Alishba Naeem (Team Member CPR and Policy Talks), Guest 1: Muhammad Aman “an Educationist” (from local Hazara Community), Guest 2: Ambreen Shabeer “Policy Analyst”
January 10, 2021