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By Polina Kadkina
In this conversational podcast a chatty Berlin-based duo Inessa and Pols are having a blast normalizing life 💃 We are discussing topics that are deemed unacceptable by the society, concepts that never get thorough attention, or mundane and boring life things like dating and career.

To normalize means fighting shame and stigma; it is letting people know they are not alone in their experiences, and that we have experienced many of the same struggles. This applies to social situations, changes in our bodies, shaming experiences, feeling left out, and wanting to be brave but feeling afraid.
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On embracing lifestyle as serial foreigners, fitting in and finding home in Berlin
Do you have a template to a seemingly easy question "Where are you from?" or is it a destiny of people who jumped the world like Inessa and Pols did? We are uplifting the veil of the mystery where were we born, which countries we have lived in, and discussing our privilege of being able to choose a new home country. We expand on the bliss of a sense of belonging in the Ausländer (foreigner) community and embracing our immigrant identities. Wanna hear a sneak-peak into ambulances of Berlin? Wanna hear us practice our Doitch? Wanna know the semantics of the surname Kardashian? Tune in 🎵👌 Yours truly, TWO GIRLS ONE BERLIN.
December 14, 2021
Who are we: lockdown besties, Berghain cool kids, sexy goddesses
And we're live, ya'll!!! Our first episode is very chit-chatty and all over the place — bubbly just as we are! Listen to us getting progressively drunk while discussing intricacies of becoming close friends even before meeting each other. We are sharing thoughts on Berlin's nightlife scene, re-visiting how we illegally socialised during the lockdown, and proclamating what we are hoping to achieve co-hosting this podcast. ✨ Bonus: random chicken recipe in the end of the episode. (We really need to watch that wine consumption when recording!) Yours truly, TWO GIRLS ONE BERLIN
September 22, 2021