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Home to Podcast produced by PolitiKan Broadcasting Network. Sit-Down Interviews, Round Table Discussions, Sports News, Current Events, Black Entertainment News, and of coarse Politics.
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PolitiKan The Podcast : " The Real Deal"

PolitiKan Radio

Higher Lurning "Commerce" Interview
Hosted by Ronnie Howard.
November 10, 2021
PolitiKan The Podcast "Episode 000"
Hosted By Kalum Vaughns. Special Episode 000. Kalum and Ronnie speak on the future of PolitiKan Broadcasting. 
November 10, 2021
An Athlete’s Journey "Josiah Johnson”
Hosted by Travis Reed. Interview with The King of NBA Twitter Josiah Johnson.
October 28, 2021
PoltiKan the Podcast: PoltiKan Per Usual "Tyloooorrrr & PhiliV"
Hosted By Kalum Vaughns. Sit down interview with young up and coming artist Tyloooorrrr & PhiliV.
October 27, 2021
Higher Lurning "Kritta Cali Acclaimed" Interview
Hosted By Ronnie Howard. Sit down interview with Uneek Music artist Kritta Cali Acclaimed. He talks about his mentor Big U, Uneek Music, and his album The Uneek Way. 
October 27, 2021
PolitiKan The Podcast : " The Real Deal"
Topics: The Los Angeles Lakers have settled on a starting lineup of Russell Westbrook, Kent Bazemore, LeBron James, Anthony Davis and DeAndre Jordan for opening night against the Golden State Warriors. Bucks edge Nets as they sit a top the power rankings. Thoughts? Cardinals are the only unbeaten team in the league. Are they Super Bowl Contenders? San Francisco shuts down In-N-Out for not enforcing jab mandate: 'We refuse to become the vaccination police' Colin Powel passes away from COVID 19 even tho he had the vaccine. Thoughts? Biden tells House Democrats tuition-free community college is out of economic package. Thoughts?
October 20, 2021
Higher Lurning "YG Millie" Interview
Hosted by Ronnie Howard. Sit Down Interview with artist YG Millie. Shot at Riverside Studio's. Home of PolitiKan Broadcasting Network. 
October 20, 2021
An Athlete’s Journey "Trevone Williams”
Hosted By Travis Reed. 
October 15, 2021
PolitiKan The Podcast: PolitiKan Per Usual "Commerce" Interview
Hosted by Kalum Vaughns. Sit down interview with I.E artist Commerce. He Speak on growing up in the Inland Empire, the independent grind, and his upcoming projects.
October 13, 2021
Higher Lurning "Tha Prince TH$" Interview
Hosted by Ronnie Howard. Sit-down interview with entrepreneur and 90k Records artist Tha Prince TH$. He speaks on his label situation, the power of having a team, and being a creative & entrepreneur.   Listen On All Podcasting Platforms under PolitiKan Radio.
October 13, 2021
"A New Era" PolitiKan The Podcast
Trey Lance takes over for injured Jimmy G as the 49ers starting quarterback. Is Jimmy G done in San Francisco? Tom Brady wins by chance after a missed field goal at the end of the game. How does he keep pulling off these victories? Kyrie Irving is has yet to join the Brooklyn Nets due to New York’s vaccination mandate. Do you think he will play this season? Big Daddy Kane Verzuz KRS One. What’s your thoughts on the match up? Trump falls off the Forbes list of wealthiest Americans for the first time in 25 years. Thoughts? Biden reverses Trump ban on federal funds for abortion-referring clinics. Thoughts?
October 6, 2021
"PlayboI the Miracle Barber" Relativevisiontv
Hosted by Marcus Hood. Father Hood & Entrepreneurship with PlayboI the Miracle Barber.
September 29, 2021
No Wire Hangers: Nova Marie Scott
Hosted By Britney Parker. No Wire Hangers The Podcast. This week we interview Nova Marie Scott, mother, singer, and owning a brand that requires respect and dignity.
September 29, 2021
Cultiv8 Podcast: Him & Hers Grooming Lounge
Our founder and host, Sommer Bell, sat with the folks at Him & Her Grooming Lounge in Atlanta, GA to talk about culture, love, and coexistence.
September 29, 2021
"R3.Da.Chilliman" Higher Lurnin
Hosted By Ronnie Howard. Higher Lurnin' Podcast sit-down interview with artist @R3.Da.Chilliman
September 29, 2021
Conversation W/ @Kritacali Acclaimed , @Hns420 Ronnie Howard & @Eys_2021 Kamelah Thompson.
Hosted by Marcus Hood. Round Table Open Topic Discussions. 
September 29, 2021
"Scoop Ellington" Higher Lurnin
Hosted by Ronnie Howard. Sit-down with artist Scoop Ellington.
September 28, 2021
Raw Conversations EP. 3
Hosted by Kamelah Thompson. Round Table Raw Conversations.
September 28, 2021
Invert The World
Cultiv8 The Podcast.
September 28, 2021
"Mental Health Expert: Chelsea Davis" No Wire Hangers
Hosted by Britney Parker. Interview with Mental Health Expert Chelsea Davis.
September 28, 2021
PolitiKan Per Usual w/ Savii Cross
Hosted by Kalum Vaughns. Sit-down interview with artist Savii Cross.
September 28, 2021
"Maserati Blue" Higher Lurnin
Hosted By Ronnie Howard. Sit-down interview with artist Maserati Blue.
September 28, 2021
"Supa Rich" Higher Lurnin
Hosted By Ronnie Howard. Sit-down interview with artist Supa Rich.
September 28, 2021
"Kelvin Gibbs" An Athlete's Journey
Hosted By Travis Reed. 
September 28, 2021
"Dat Boy Kalifa" PoLitiKan Per Usual
Sit Down with artist and creative Dat Boy Kalifa. We talk about life as a independent artist, fatherhood, and artist strategies amongst other things. 
September 21, 2021
"Donda" PolitiKan w/ Kalum Vaughns
Never-before-seen photographs of Kobe Bryant to be auctioned off as non-fungible tokens  Nerlens Noel sues Rich Paul for 58 million in lost revenue   Jared Dudley joining Jason Kidd's coaching staff with Dallas Mavericks  ESPN Announces Max Kellerman Is Officially Leaving ‘First Take’  Kanye vs Drake feud. Thoughts? Milk Crate Challenge. Why does this exist?  Herschel Walker files to run for Senate in Georgia.  House Democrats pass John Lewis Voting Rights Act.  Biden keeps August 31 deadline to withdraw from Afghanistan.
August 26, 2021
PoltiKan the Podcast: PoltiKan Per Usual w/ S.P.B. Newborn
Sit-down interview with LA Rapper S.P.B. Newborn. 
July 29, 2021
“Way Off P”
Clippers Loose game two after Paul George miss two free throws late in the game. Thoughts? The Detroit Pistons will select No. 1 overall in the 2021 NBA Draft after winning the lottery Tuesday. Where is the best fit for Ben Simmons? Carl Nassib's comes out ass a gay man in 'macho' NFL! PRIDE event In Seattle for Black and Brown LGBTQ members to charge White attendees $50 dollar reparations fee! Governor Newsome promised that the state of California will pay ass pass due rent accumulated during COVID 19! Biden set to announce his gun crime prevention and public safety strategy as White House looks to tackle the recent crime surge!
June 24, 2021
"Back Outside"
PolitiKan The Podcast  Is Playoff P here to stay now that Kawhi is injured?  Chris Paul out indefinitely and entering Covid-19 protocol. Thoughts?  Joel Embiid 0-12 in the 4th quarter missing the game winning Lay Up. Is he Clutch?  Who will win the Eastern Conference?  Dak Prescott leaves Adidas for five-year deal with Jordan! Thoughts?  US FDA releases third batch of J&J vaccine from troubled Baltimore plant  California is officially Back Outside! Thoughts?  The Senate unanimously vote Juneteenth as a National Holiday! Thoughts?
June 17, 2021
"The Wild Wild West" PolitiKan w/ Kalum Vaughns
Lakers Unveil championship banner in staples center vs the Rockets!  Clippers are betting favorites in the Western Conference! Thoughts!  Tim Tebow Signs with Jaguars as a TE. Thoughts?  Caitlyn Jenner running for California governor. California ending mask mandate June 15?  George Floyd Justice in Policing Act of 2020 has yet to be voted on by Senate! Thoughts?
May 14, 2021
"New Day, Same S***" PolitiKan W/ Kalum Vaughns
Politikan about: Are the New York Knicks a contender in the East? Who is Your NBA MVP Frontrunner? NFL Draft: Who Will the 49ers take with the 3rd overall pick? Heisman Award winner Davonte Smith sighs with Clutch Sports. Thoughts? Andrew Brown Jr. shot 5 times, once fatally in back of his head by Police in North Carolina. Thoughts? Joe Biden writes executive order for Transgenders and Asian Hate Crimes but nothing for African Americans. Does this shock you?
April 29, 2021
“Un-United States Of America” Politikan w/ Kalum Vaughns
Politikan about:  Las Vegas Raiders face backlash over "I can breathe" tweet marking Derek Chauvin verdict.  Brett Favre says it's 'hard to believe' Derek Chauvin meant to kill George Floyd.  Rockets brace for NBA probe into strip club confrontation.  Vanessa Bryant, Kobe Bryant estate elect not to renew partnership with Nike.  Police shoot, kill Black teenage girl holding knife in Columbus, Ohio.  Biden Harris Speak after Chauvin Trial.
April 27, 2021
PolitiKan w Kalum Vaughns "Really N****"
Are the Utah Jazz and the Phoenix Suns true contenders as they sit atop of the western Conference? Denver Nuggets guard Jamal Murray suffers torn ACL in left knee, out indefinitely! Conor McGregor-Dustin Poirier to host capacity crowd at UFC 264 in Las Vegas! Johnson and Johnson Vaccine has been recalled after side effects run rampant? CDC says racism is a 'serious threat' to public health. Officer charged with 2nd-degree manslaughter in Daunte Wright killing! Former medical examiner says George Floyd died due to his heart disease -- not Derek Chauvin.
April 15, 2021
“Grown Man Business” PolitiKan w/ Kalum Vaughns
Are the Clippers The toughest team in the league with Rondo, Marcus Morris, Pat Beverly, Demarcus Cousins, and Kawhi Lenard? NFL Draft: Who is the best player in this year’s draft? Paul Pierce fired from espn. DMX In a Vegetative state. Thoughts? Is The George Floyd Trial changing the way The Badge is being viewed?
April 10, 2021
"I Still Can't Breathe" PolitiKan W/ Kalum Vaughns
LA Clippers, DeMarcus Cousins talk 10-day contract. Thoughts?  NBA Predictions!   NFL owners approve 17-game season, starting in 2021!  Quavo vs Sweetie? Thoughts on the Elevator incident.   Cuomo signs New York marijuana bill. Weed is legal in New York! Thoughts?  Evidence details fentanyl levels in Floyd’s body. Why do they slander the Dead?  COVID-19 Vaccine Passports required for travel! Thoughts?
April 6, 2021
“King’s Disease” PolitiKan w/Kalum Vaughns
Laker's chances of repeat are dead! Trade Deadline: who will land where? White -tailed deer test positive for Covid-19! Are child support laws feasible? Lara Trump is looking to run for Senate! Thoughts?
March 26, 2021
"Stimulated" PolitiKan w/ Kalum Vaughns
Topics: Should Aldridge receive a buyout, Miami, Portland and Boston are expected to be leading suitors.   Lakers say Davis out at least two more weeks! Thoughts?   Is LeBron James  drawing the blueprint for player's?  Snyder Cut and Falcon and The Winter Soldier drops this week. Has Streaming changed the movie industry?   The age of Consent is now 15 in France. Thoughts?    Man suspected of killing 4 in fight over stimulus check. Is it That Serious?  Biden says Putin 'will pay a price' for Russian efforts to undermine the 2020 US election. Thoughts?
March 18, 2021
PoltiKan the Podcast: PoltiKan Per Usual w/ Ellis Isaiah
PolitiKan with I.E. Artist Ellis Isaiah.  #Tapin #LetsPolitik
March 16, 2021
"Deep Blue Sea" PolitiKan W/ Kalum Vaughns
Blake Griffin signs to the Nets! Are they a sure thing?  XFL, CFL talk of potential partnership in post-pandemic return  Who is the Better Deep Ball Shooter, Curry or Dame?   What's your take on Coming To America 2?  Kyle Rittenhouse's trial for two fatal shootings in Kenosha delayed until November!  Congress passes Biden's Covid-19 stimulus bill  Trump Teases about running in the next election.
March 15, 2021
"Usual Suspect" PolitiKan W/ Kalum Vaughns
Clippers star Paul George calls Thursday's game vs. Wizards a 'must-win'? Source says contract talks between Cowboys, Dak Prescott are ‘more productive than they have been’. Lakers Rumors: Hassan Whiteside, JaVale McGee Could Be Targeted in Trade, Buyout. A Warrant for Tiger Woods Black Box from recent car crash. No charges after Ku Klux Klan flag hangs next to Black family's home  Biden says there will be enough vaccine for American adults by end of May.
March 4, 2021
"Action" PolitiKan W/ Kalum Vaughns
Tiger Woods involved in accident. Are the Brooklyn Nets now the favorites to win it all? Who should the Lakers to pursue in the Buyout market? Should the Steelers move on from Big Ben? $1400 Stimulus? President Biden to visit Houston Friday. 
February 25, 2021
"Frozen" PolitiKan W/ Kalum Vaughns
Does Anthony Davis’s injury make the Clippers the Team to beat in the West?   Atlanta's mayor is urging NBA fans not to come to town for the All-Star Game  Blake Griffin is on the Trading block. What is the best fit for him? As of February 2021, Fenty Beauty has an estimated net worth of more than $3 billion.  Boosie Badazz Slammed Over His Comments on Lori Harvey's 'Body Count' Texans are living without power with no end in sight. Thoughts?
February 20, 2021
PolitiKan The Podcast "Impeach Who?"
Clippers make Patrick Beverley and Lou Williams available. Can they win a championship as is? Carson Wentz reportedly has sights set on one team in Eagles trade talks. Tampa Bay Buccaneers QB Tom Brady apologized to Kansas City Chiefs safety Tyrann Mathieu in text message after Super Bowl. What's your thoughts NFL's Superbowl Entertainment? Is Jay Z killing it? Biden’s goal is to have a "majority of schools" – meaning more than 50% – open by day 100 of his presidency, which would be April 30. Are Your Sending your children back to school? Senate votes to pursue Trump impeachment trial after declaring the proceedings constitutional? Thoughts?
February 14, 2021
Politikan w/ Kalum Vaughns “ Free At Last”
Politikan about D Rose trade talks, Trumps second impeachment, vaccines, Tom Brady going to his 10th Super Bowl, and President Biden to put Harriet On the $20 bill.
January 29, 2021
PoltiKan the Podcast: PoltiKan Per Usual w/ TreFlii
We Politik about his recent relocation, his new sound, and his plans for the future. #Tapin #Letspolitik
January 15, 2021
PolitiKan w/ Kalum Vaughns
The U.S. Surpasses 3,000 Deaths Per Day. Eagles Fire Head Coach Doug Peterson. Mitch McConnell turns his back on Donald Trump. FBI arrest more than 170 domestic terrorists'. Nick Saban wins his 7th National Championship. 200 Arrested in L.A by Super Spreader task force. House Democrats plan to vote Wednesday to impeach President Donald Trump. Kyrie Irving's absence from Nets will continue as Nets review videos that appear to show party. Saints vs Buccaneer's Predictions.
January 14, 2021
PoltiKan the Podcast: PoltiKan Per Usual w/ Wavez
Poltikan with artist and engineer Wavez. #TapIn #LestpolitiK
January 13, 2021
PolitiKan Per Usual with artist Famous Money Banks and Fredo Taliban$.
We PolitiK about their plans for 2021, Nipsey Hussle, King Von and more. Tap In! Let's PolitiK.
January 5, 2021
"Safer At Home"
PolitiKan the Podcast Live Wensday's at 7pm.
November 20, 2020
PolitiKan Per Usual ft Tanjint Wiggy Woo
Interview with Inland Empire Artist Tanjint Wiggy Woo.
November 17, 2020
I see Dead people!
 PolitiKan the Podcast "I See Dead People" Dead people cast Ballots for Democrats. GA to recount all paper Ballots by hand. Daniel Cameron joins Trump administration with fraud claims. Senate Chairman Linsey Gram's hearing with FBI and CIA about fraud allegations.  Is Media and Social media bias enough to claim cheating on behalf of the Democrats? New York makes Covid-19 vaccines Mandatory for all. 
November 13, 2020
President Elect
PolitiKan the Podcast
November 8, 2020
"The Ballot Or The Bullet" PolitiKan the Podcast
PolitiKan about Twitter and Facebook Supena, Amy Cohen Barrett, Prop 25, and Black America post election. Out Now on All Major Platforms Link in Bio #Tapin #letspolitik #podcastingwhileblack #appletv #rokutv #internetradio #blackmediamatters #blackjournalist
October 30, 2020
"The Platinum Pack" PolitiKan the Podcast
PolitiKan the Podcast "The Platinum Pack" Trump is now the only President in history to offer Black people in America a plan specifically for them. Does that change the way you look at this election? Education that we can choose. Plan states that failing schools will be replaced with Full Choice Schools and curriculum chosen by the community. Thoughts? Plan will Make Minority Business Development a permanent Agency and appoint it's leader to Assistant Secretary. Thoughts? Also included is a National Clemency Program to realease prisoner's with unreasonable sentences with time served. Thoughts? Interject 500 Billion in Infrastructure Funding creating Federal contracting opportunities. Is this All CAP?
October 15, 2020
Black History Pt 2
PolitiKan The Podcast Black History Pt 2 The 20/20 Presidential debate. Thoughts? Who are you voting for? Which President did the most for Black People in America? Why? Will we ever have another Black President? With Black Billionaire's, Millionaires, scholars, Politicians, Philanthropist, and Educator's why can't we accomplish feet's like a Black Wall Street like we have in the past? Will Organizations like The Black Panther Party ever make a resurgence?
October 3, 2020
Black History
PolitiKan the Podcast. This week we PolitiK about the history of slavery being changed, the Reconstruction era, the 94 Crime Bill, and Black America post Obama.
September 24, 2020
Walk Em Down
PolitiKan the Podcast. PolitiKan about the Clippers, The Black Effect Podcast Network, Joe Budden's smear campaign, and The two officers shot in Compton.
September 17, 2020
Qualified Immunity
PolitiKan The Podcast
September 13, 2020
"Stay Dangerous" PolitiKan the Podcast
Should Black people in America Call the Police? Would you?
September 5, 2020
What's Really Good The Podcast
PolitiKan about Jacob Blake and the NBA Boycott.
August 28, 2020
Hip hop Perspectives
The Ken Chronicles
July 15, 2020
The Ken Chronicles
Sports, Economy, Education, and The World Today.
July 15, 2020
Second Class Citizen's
PolitiKan the Podcast After Celebrating Juneteenth, is the Fight over? Farrakhan 4th of July address on Revolt. Should we practice Group Economics Blacks are classified as second Class Citizen's in America,and what does dat even mean?
July 6, 2020
Televised Guilt
The Ken Chronicles
July 6, 2020
"Black Woman are Being Disrespected"
High Nation Society 420 Podcast returns. PolitiKan about the treatment of Black woman in today's society.
July 2, 2020
"Black Republican" PolitiKan The Podcast
PolitiKan about Hurricane Kris, Antifa, Kemela Harris, and the Democrats.
June 23, 2020
The Black Dollar
PolitiKan about The Black Dollar in America.
June 18, 2020
What's Really Good The Podcast.
June 18, 2020
What's Really Good The Podcast
PolitiKan about Reopening The State, Women's role in society, and NBA.
May 19, 2020
Kloud Talk with Kris Kloud
April 28, 2020
What's Really Good The Podcast
PolitiKan about The NBA return, The NFL Draft, UFC 249, Kanye West worth 1.4 Billion, and The Last Dance Michael Jordan Documentary.
April 27, 2020
PolitiKan The Podcast " Rex Reckless" interview
PolitiKan with I.E. rapper Rex Reckless.
March 25, 2020
PolitiKan the Podcast "Bringier Clothing" interview
PolitiKan with Jeremy Bringier, creator of Bringier Clothing. Located at Rigarmortis studio located in downtown San Bernardino CA.
February 13, 2020
PolitiKan the Podcast Calvin DeBois interview.
PolitiKan with Calvin DeBois, the owner of First Step Group Homes.
January 31, 2020
Politikan the Podcast " Raven Satori" interview
Politikan with creative Raven Satori. Located at Rigarmortis Studios in downtown San Bernardino.
January 23, 2020
PolitiKan the Podcast "Untapped HipHop" interview
PolitiKan with the founders of Untapped Hip Hop about their inspiration, community outreach, and plans for the future. #TapIn #LetsPolitiK
January 16, 2020
PolitiKan the Podcast " The 1's" interview
PolitiKan with the multi media group The 1's. Located at Rigarmortis studio in Downtown San Bernardino CA.
January 15, 2020
PolitiKan the Podcast "Lyci interview"
PolitiKan the Podcast. Located in downtown San Bernardino CA. #TapIn #LetsPolitik
January 4, 2020
PolitiKan the Podcast Crue Jones
Interview with creator Crue Jones. Located at Rigamortis Studio's in Downtown San Bernardino. 
December 26, 2019
JR Watson interview
PolitiKan the Podcast with New Orleans's rapper JR Watson of Willow Jackson Music. #TapIn #LetsPolitiK
December 19, 2019
Aries Kae
PolitiKan the Podcast interview with Artist Aries Kae
December 14, 2019
PolitiKan the Podcast "Vectophone" interview.
PolitiKan The Podcast interview with Oscar Wilde, the inventor of the Vectophone. Located at Rigarmortis Studio's located downtown San Bernardino.
December 10, 2019
PolitiKan the Podcast K $winney interview
PolitiKan with Rapper K $winney about his upbringing, future projects, and his affiliation with Willow Jackson Music. #Tapin #LetsPoltik
December 4, 2019
Psycho Sloth
PolitiKan the Podcast interview with Pomona rapper Psycho Sloth. Located at Rigarmortis studio's located in downtown San Bernardino. #TapIn #LetsPolitiK
November 19, 2019
PolitiKan the Podcast interview with rapper Ellis Isaiah
PolitiKan the podcast in studio interview with rapper Ellis Isaiah. Located at Rigarmortis studios in downtown San Bernardino. #TapIn #LetsPolitik
November 12, 2019
PolitiKan the Podcast with Michael aka Law
PolitiKan The Podcast located at Rigormortis Studio's.
October 29, 2019
PolitiKan the Podcast " Mr. MJ Him Self"
PolitiKan with Mj, the host of What We Talkin Bout Radio. We talk about his relationship with Home Grown Radio and his plans for the future. #TapIn #LetsPolitiK
October 24, 2019
PolitiKan with @Weloverobbie about the return of the NBA, the undefeated 49ers and the NFL. #TapIn #LetsPolitiK
October 24, 2019
HNS 420 Podcast Ep 4
High Nation Society 420 Podcast. PolitiKan about weed and the stigmas that come with it.
October 10, 2019
PolitiKan The Podcast
PolitiKan with Future Soul. Event coordinator's located in San Bernardino CA. They created a platform for local artist to perform and network.
October 4, 2019
PolitiKan about gender roles in the household. High Nation Society Network in Affiliation PolitiKan Broadcasting
August 7, 2019
PolitiKan with Money Banks and Young 710
PolitiKan The Podcasts interview with @famehuss_moneybanks  and @respecttheloc about their new single Dangerous. #TapIn #LETSPOLITIK #espn #cnn #domesticviolence #espn #podcast #metoo #podcastingwhileblack #power #discover #Podcastingwhileblack #power
July 29, 2019
The HNS420 Podcast
Bridging the gap between the smoker's and the anti weed community.
July 19, 2019
HIghNationSociety Sports Podcast
Politikan about The Nba playoffs, Nba offseason, predictions, and Manny Paquio
July 11, 2019
Politikan the Podcast
We Politik about B.E.T weekend, open relationships, and can a women erase their hoe past.
July 10, 2019
Interview with Willow Jackson Music's Jordan Iverson.
May 14, 2019
PolitiKan The Podcasts Season 3 Episode 1
We talk Lakers new head coach, NBA playoffs, Currys wife put hear trippn and 2020 election.
May 12, 2019
Cloud Talk2
KLOUD TALK WITH KRIS KLOUD FT KTDINERO AND VONTA RICH. Located in Rigarmortis Studio's located in downtown San Bernardino.
May 3, 2019
MMA Monday
April 16, 2019
Side B Episode 2
MOMMY ISSUES SIDE B conversation about Moms Duke. #Tapin #LETSPOLITIK
April 15, 2019
Side B Ep 1
Episode 1 of the new Podcast Side B. Brought to you by PolitiKan Broadcasting Network located at Rigamortis Studio's located in downtown San Bernardino.
April 8, 2019
PolitiKan The Podcast Season 2 Finale
PolitiKan about Rigarmortis studio's what our vision is and what we have coming in the future!
March 13, 2019
PolitiKan The Podcasts Season 2 Episode 16
PolitiKan about the Lakers maken the playoffs, Jessie Smolet, and the Electoral College
February 27, 2019
PolitiKan The Podcast Season 2 Episode 15
PolitiKan about Kareem Hunt to the Brown's, Cardi B and the grammys, and Women rappers.
February 20, 2019
The 12
PolitiKan about Fashion week and FILA's comeback after their re branding!
February 14, 2019
PolitiKan The Podcasts Season 2 Episode 14
PolitiKan about Snitchn and The G code.
February 13, 2019
Thursday Morning Recordings The Podcast
PolitiKan about the upcoming sneaker drops and Champion and it's successful re branding.
February 7, 2019
PolitiKan The Podcast Season 2 Episode 13
PolitiKan about the Lakers, Super bowl, and what it means to be a boss.
February 6, 2019
PolitiKan The Podcasts Season 2 Episode 12
Whats the deal? PolitiKan about the NFL cheating Big Soulja boy and The U.S Government.
January 30, 2019
PolitiKan The Podcast Season 2 Episode 11
PolitiKan about James Harden, Dr Umar, and Dame Dash. #TapIn #LetsPolitik
January 22, 2019
Thursday Morning Recordings The Podcast
Thursday Morning Recordings The Podcast by PolitiKan Broadcasting LLC
January 17, 2019
PolitiKan The Podcast Season 2 Episode 10
PolitiKan The Podcast Season 2 Episode 10 by PolitiKan Broadcasting LLC
January 11, 2019
The Social Prelude
New Podcast produced by PolitiKan Broadcasting Network inside Rigamortis Studio's in San Bernardino CA. 3 Friends catch up and get Social AF. #TapIn #LetsPolitik
January 10, 2019
PolitiKan The Podcasts Season 2 Episode 9
Politikan about The Bears loss to the Eagles, Surviving R Kellys Pimp n, and Trump and his wall.
January 9, 2019
Thursday Morning Recordings The Podcast Ep 3
PolitiKan about fashion and upcoming sneaker drops!! #Tapin #LETSPOLITIK
January 3, 2019
PolitiKan The Podcast Ep
PolitiKan about Blueface being compared to E-40, Loyalty and Troy ave being called a snitch!!
January 3, 2019