#06: Learn How to Reduce Electromagnetic Stress In Your Home & In Your Body With Alan Reed

An episode of Pollinate

By Alina
We'd like to showcase the people offering innovating self-development teachings, modalities, and actionable community contribution. We'd like to build a bridge between spiritual integrity and functioning within our world.
We'd like to showcase the people offering innovating self-development teachings, modalities, and actionable community contribution. We'd like to build a bridge between spiritual integrity and functioning within our world.
#13: See The Matrix using Circling with Taylor Barratt
In this episode, we speak with community organizer of Authentic Relating Toronto and Facilitator of Circling, Taylor Barratt. He speaks to us about these relational modalities that have the potential to expand awareness, reveal blind spots, cultivate meaningful relationships, creates a feeling of being seen,  cultivates presence, authenticity, and personal transformation. He shares with us his personal journey with this practice, including it's impact on his romantic and familial relationships. He highlights some of the scientific research and published theories that aid the continual development of this cognitive practice and it's myriad of applications. Get informed of upcoming Circling and Authentic Relating events : https://www.meetup.com/Authentic-Relating-Toronto/
November 26, 2019
#12: Erotic Tantric Wisdom with Valentina Leo
Valentina Leo, an embodied initiator (Dakini) of Traditional Kaula-Tantra lineage of Kashmir Shivaism. She speaks with us all the way from South Africa about the essence of tantra, what it means to be wonder-struck, why we forget about our divinity, what is occurring when we fall in love or resonate with a teacher, and how to access our sexual energy through the pleasures of life. You may access her podcast, retreats and other offerings by visiting: www.EroticWisdom.com
November 18, 2019
#11: Overcoming Adversity: Stutterer to Inspirational Speaker with Joze Piranian
After spending most of his life avoiding speaking due to a debilitating stutter, Joze Piranian is now a TEDx speaker, the recipient of the Inspirational Speaker of the year award in 2017 and a stand-up comedian who has performed in the US, Canada and the UK in English, French and Spanish. One of his talks went viral online this year ; it was viewed by more than two million people worldwide.  In this episode, Joze shares his tale of overcoming adversity to motivate others to face their fears, overcome their obstacles and skyrocket their true potential in both their professional and personal lives.
November 17, 2019
#10: Navigating Internal Process in Relationship with Reva Wild
Reva Wild takes us into the depths of internal processes by becoming present with the care behind our more turbulent emotions. She reflects on the use of 'core transformation’ process to excavate our deepest needs, and create space to give that to ourselves. We delve into how to create cohesion in relationships instead of creating an 'end product' of our relationships. She touches on the roots of that product driven mindset and how that impacts our ability to learn, play and be present with what is here, hindering us from leveraging our life's possibility.  In this episode we go deeper into re-familiarizing ourselves with ‘play’ as a pivotal component to learning, recognizing impact of our actions and realigning ourselves with our creative pursuits.
November 16, 2019
#09: Wait 'Till I Turn Purple, A Theatre School Portrait
This is a special episode, a cathartic portrait of classical theatre school training.  In January 2018, The Star, CBC News, came out with articles about George Brown Theatre School and it's psychological impact on it's students. Many students have suffered trauma, mental health issues, eating disorders, and anguish after undergoing this pedagogical training. A website called George Brown Theatre School Survivors was launched in attempt to provide a platform for the students to cope and exchange their stories. Over decades, these issues were brought up to the administration and multiple levels of government. No action or consolation was given... until this story went viral on the back of the #MeToo Movement. Read the Intermission Magazine story about the educational reform in Theatre Institutions, and Confessions from Theatre School, as referred to in the podcast. Deep thank you to all the students, teachers, admin, for their stance for mental health, integral education and putting their all in bettering each other's lives. Thank you to all who agreed to be interviewed for this piece: the artistic director, teachers, students from 20 years, 10 years, 5 years to present. You have helped to paint a fuller picture of our experience. A deep thank you to all who stepped up in laying the foundations for a healthier, innovative approach to artistic learning. You are helping to lay foundations that many, previously, have fought hard for and failed. You have paved a means for many to find closure. Even still, you paved a healthier means for all emerging artists to realize their dreams. It is my hope that someone who is suffering from creative, psychological, emotional, spiritual blockages due to the arts education in post-secondary institutions would benefit from hearing this piece, and know that change is possible and is happening.
November 3, 2019
#08: Delving into Madness and Fighting for Self-Revival with Indu Iyer
Indu Iyer, a freelance writer, playwright and painter opens up about her experience in the theatre conservatory, how it accompanied her voyage into 'madness', and how she has used boxing as a tool to heal herself. WARNING: sound quality suffered due to bad connection, but, don't worry, the content delivers.
November 3, 2019
#07: How to Balance your Nutrition with a Holistic Approach with Katie Christie
In this episode, Katie Christie, a Holistic Nutritionist, speaks about looking at root causes of nutritional imbalances, the impact of different foods on our system, and actionable steps to begin to foster healthy habits. She provides tools to locate the best-accessible foods and gives advice on how to cultivate self-awareness around our self-sabotaging patterns. Visit SoulFeastKatie
November 3, 2019
#06: Learn How to Reduce Electromagnetic Stress In Your Home & In Your Body With Alan Reed
In this episode, Alan Reed, a geomancer, gives advice on how to reduce electromagnetic stress. He speaks about the importance of clean fundamental resources to restore balance in our bodies, how imbalances show up within natural terrain, and exemplified different ways to make a positive impact within our natural environments. 
October 31, 2019
#05: Take a Day of Pause with Don Christensen
In this episode, we talk with Don Christensen about the importance of getting in touch with the care that we possess and letting it be the guiding force of our actions. We speak about isolation, consumerism and how community circles can be used to combat disconnect. We invite the audience to take part in the international Day of Pause occurring on May 20th 2020 to join people all over the world to connect with themselves and each other.  You can join the event at: http://dayofpause.org/registration/
October 28, 2019
#04: Standing for Traditional Craftsmanship & Off-Grid Principles with Ingo Dyrkton
In this episode, we call upon Ingo Dyrkton, a traditional wood carver who is reviving traditional methods of his craft, while residing off-grid on an Island in the Gulfs of British Columbia. He shares his principles of well-being as his directive force. We get to hear about the importance of contributing to other's confidence, living in harmony with nature, and creating objects with our bare hands as pillars for harmonious living.
October 20, 2019
#03: How to Level up Financially & Show Up For Service with Vanessa Ferraro
Vanessa reveals her journey of spiritual activation, service to community and commitment to herself that had led her to growing a six-figure business-coaching program within a year. She speaks about overcoming resistance; how failure and heart-break had led her to refining what is truly important in her life. You will find her generously sharing tangible actions that you can take to step intoshowing up for your community and growing your business, as well as receive a blessing from her soul to yours. All wrapped up in a truly endearing, charming and entertaining episode. 
October 17, 2019
#02: Bampot: A Public Living Room, A Public Art Piece
Within the hustle and bustle of the city, there lies an unorthodox little bungalow in the west end, transformed into a public living room. This is an audial portrait of a local community art-hub called Bampot House of Tea and Boardgames, and the various unconventional characters who have held the space. This ‘portrait' aims to capture it’s eclectic atmosphere and the impact of it’s created culture on the community.
October 13, 2019
#01: Intro to Pollinate with No Fluff
An allergy free Pollinate Intro that is more direct, concise and straight to the point. You will get the mission statement of this podcast and Alina's backstory.
October 13, 2019
#01: The Embodied Storytellers
In this episode, you will receive a glimpse into the host's life journey that led into the pursuit of deeper meaning and the desire to share it. Hope you enjoy. 
October 2, 2019
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