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Nicki Minaj, Cardi B, Remy Ma, the celebration of the incomparable Roxanne Shante...women are ingrained in hip hop, but never leading the conversation! Poppin Off Pink is a new hip-hop podcast led by female cohosts that will help to push the culture forward in a way that is groundbreaking and unprecedented.
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Season 3 Ep 5 - Women on Rap's Radar
Chi Chi + Kimber reveal their biggest influences growing up + discuss women video jockey pioneers Big Lez, Ananda Lewis + Free from BET’s Rap City, Teen Summit + 106 & Park. They also weigh in on Drake’s interview w/ Rap Radar’s Elliot Wilson + B Dot Miller   Christmas Rewind  Jesus is Born - Kanye West  Leslie Segar aka 'Big LEZ'  Ananda Lewis + Teen Summit  Marie Antoinette Wright aka 'FREE' + 106th & Park  Drake on Rap Radar  RIP Juice Wrld  #WOMENTALKHIPHOP   To FOLLOW: To be added to our email 📧 distro:
December 29, 2019
Chi Chi + Kimber are BACK after a brief hiatus to tell us what they've been up to, new projects they're working on and weigh in on your favorite topics.  #WOMENTALKHIPHOP Kanye West, JIK album  Kanye West's natal chart  Jay-Z + Beyonce horoscope compatibility  Drake + Rihanna's moon signs  Nicki Minaj goes OFF on Wendy Williams  T.I. + Tiny walk into a gynecologist office   What should STAY in 2019 Watch on YouTube: Follow + subscribe:
December 08, 2019
Season 3 Ep 3 - The GIRLFRIENDS Episode
The ladies of Poppin Off Pink discuss the genius and legacy of Mara Brock Akil, Girlfriends sitcom success, the invention of the Beauty Blender + review Rapsody's latest album 'Eve' 0:00-4:38 intro + welcome back giulia  4:39-7:45 intro sadia, owner of muselovelychaos  7:46-23:58 mara brock akil + girlfriends discussion  23:59-31:15 sisterhood, grownish, the game  31:16-32:49 blackish predictions + movie  32:50-36:41 the beauty blender: rea ann silva  36:42-57:39 album review: rapsody's ‘eve’  57:40-1:06:30 parting thoughts wrap up + shoutouts  follow, subscribe, donate
October 05, 2019
Season 3 Ep 2 - The Real MEGATRON C. Delores Tucker
Kimber hosts a discussion with P.O.P. Super Cypher Winner Regi Angelou and new guest host Giulia Baldini #WOMENTALKHIPHOP  0:00-1:47 Kimber & Giulia intros  1:48-4:45 Welcome Regi Angelou 😍😍🙏🏽  4:46-6:05 Regi talks P.O.P. cypher experience   6:06-28:08 90’s hip hop, TUPAC & C. Delores Tucker   28:09-40:09 Nicki Minaj’s retirement   40:10-53:49 Last thoughts + shoutouts  Remember to subscribe + donate to cashapp:
September 19, 2019
Season 3 Premiere - Mani Pedi
0:00-3:47 Intro 3:48-9:37 Adele Pham 9:38-19:29 Nailed It! Doc 19:30-24:59 Black + Yellow 🖤 25:00-27:44 Men, Koreans + Price Wars 27:45-34:24 Nu Nail Movement 34:25-40:53 Hot Girl Fashion + Hip-Hop 40:54-57:00 Adele’s journey into filmmaking + State of Oregon 57:01-1:03:01 Parting Thoughts To watch the documentary, go to
September 10, 2019
Episode 9 - Poppin Off Pink LIVE!
Chi Chi and Kimber host the dopest, interactive, FUN Poppin Off Pink Live podcast at Amarachi in BKLYN with special guests Triumph Never Tarnish & Rocky Snyda!! #WOMENTALKHIPHOP SHOW NOTES Welcome + Intro 0:00-2:34 Getting to Know Chi Chi + Kimber 2:34-10:00 Special Guests TNT (@whoistnt) 10:01-12:00 #SouljaBoy x #KanyeWest 12:01-18:24 Drake’s Breakup to Makeup w/ Breezy + Meek Mill 18:25-21:56 Toxic Femininity 21:57-28:48 Reform Alliance by Jay Z + Meek Mill 28:49-36:44 TNT 🧨 Performs!! 36:45-40:59 Hip Hop Astrology 41:00-46:44 Gov’t Shutdown 46:45-50:37 Rihanna suing her Daddy over FENTY name 50:38-56:50 SZA don’t care if you text back 56:51-1:01:20 Rocky Snyda!! 🧡 1:01:21-1:04:02 Pop That P*ssy 1:04:03-1:05:47 Would You Date a Bisexual Dude? 1:05:48-1:07:10 Female Hip Hop Inspo 1:07:11-1:09:17 Power Couples 1:09:18-1:10:25 Play-by-Play Playlist 1:10:26-1:14:38 The Princess, A Frog + A Prince 1:14:39-1:16:39 Outro + THANK YOU 1:16:40-1:22:08 To FOLLOW: To be added to our email 📧 distro: Apple Podcasts: SoundCloud: YouTube:
June 10, 2019
Episode 14 - Multiple Personalities In Order
 Season 2 Finale - Chi Chi + Kimber uncover the different dimensions of our favorite celebrities, scandals, societies and each other!! #WOMENTALKHIPHOP Show Notes: 0:00-12:54 Intro + Recap of our FAVORITE episodes from Season 2!! 12:55-20:18 Homecoming: Beyoncé Netflix special about #Coachella 20:19-29:55 Wendy Williams 29:56-34:00 Kim Kardashian 34:01-40:32 Sexy, Intelligent, Creative, Rachet - which one is you? 40:33-47:45 Unfollows - it is personal but here’s why you shouldn’t take it personally 47:46-1:04:35 Bill Cosby + Michael Jackson 1:04:36-1:10:36 Madea’s Funeral 1:10:37-1:29:43 Us Movie + Jordan Peele 1:29:44-1:35:56 Hip-Hop although it’s “mainstream” it still makes folks uncomfortable 1:35:57-1:43:17 Poppin Off Pink Words of Wisdom To FOLLOW: To be added to our email 📧 distro:
April 30, 2019
Episode 13 - Collection Plate
Show Notes: Chi Chi and Kimber give perspective on the life and legacy of Nipsey Hussle, the state of hip-hop, and what role women play in the culture. #WOMENTALKHIPHOP 0:00-1:58 Intro + Recap 1:59-7:05 “Having strong enemies is a blessing” - #NipseyHussle  7:06-14:11 Enlightenment through darkness 14:12-21:57 Martin Luther King, Malcolm X, Tupac - who were there strong enemies? 21:58-32:42 Human nature wants to know everything about someone who perished 32:43-35:14 The Grammys  35:15-40:27 The state of hip-hop. Has the definition changed?  40:28-55:03 The Women: #LaurenLondon, Samantha, Tanisha, Emani, Mom, Grandma, Malibu Mitch, Rihanna, Beyoncé 55:04-1:08:06 What exactly do women want from hip-hop? 1:08:07-1:26:11 Every time someone asks you for help, for advice, for directions, a kind word, do you pass the collection plate? 1:26:12-1:19:40 Lyrics outro Link to Harlem vigil: Watch this episode on YouTube: To FOLLOW: To be added to our email 📧 distro:
April 12, 2019
EPISODE 12 - FanMail w/ Wild B
Chi Chi & Kimber interview model turned singer + activist @itsWildB! 0:00-1:24 P.O.P. intro + recap 1:25-1:48 Introducing Wild B 1:49-5:38 Modeling vs Singing 5:39-8:13 Homeschooling 8:14-14:12 Becoming a Mental Health Advocate 14:13-31:54 Recent Police Incident #LetYourVoicesBeHeard 31:55-34:18 How’d you get your name? 34:19-36:24 What’s it like living “WILD”? 36:25-40:13 Female Fanbase #BAE 40:14-42:05 The PERVS 42:06-48:52 Female Roc Nation Brunch? #SlayDay 48:53-5 Female Hip-Hop Inspo #KashDoll 52:30-1:03:30 On Being Bad + Brainy + Setting Boundaries #KissTheCrown 1:03:3–1:09:48 Saying No to Bad Energy + Bad Astrology 1:09:49-1:13:20 What’s the Best Compliment You’ve Received? 1:13:21-1:17:35 Concept Behind ‘Con Man’ Song + Visual Mixtape 1:17:36-1:26:22 Wild B Social + #ATL Outro **Wild B visual mixtape: To FOLLOW: To be added to our email 📧 distro:
March 30, 2019
EPISODE 11 - Fur Oil
Chi Chi, Kimber + Special Guest Dear Lovely Chaos get real personal about their private parts, personal care “down there”, review 2 Chainz & Solange’s latest projects PLUS discuss up and coming Chicago artist Nia Kay!! 0:00-3:25 Intro of DearLovelyChaos + Recap of Black Futurism 3:26-6:22 Fur oil 6:23-11:42 Shaving, Waxing, Bedazzling 11:43-19:52 2 Chainz - Rap Or Go To The League 19:53-26:32 Solange - When I Get Home 26:33-31:25 The Pain of Beauty- Cryotherapy, Detox, Flat Tummy Teas 31:26-34:02 Left Lip Leads 34:03-38:21 Personality of your clit? 38:22-45:09 From the Window to the Balls 45:10-53:20 Female artist of the week: Nia Kay IG:  53:21-57:45 Outro + Wild B shoutout
March 07, 2019
Episode 10 - Black Futurism
Chi Chi & Kimber along with special guest Professor Brandon Alexander Williams aka “Real T@lk” dissect the collective mind, body and soul of the Black experience in America. #WOMENTALKHIPHOP  Show Notes: 0:00-2:18 Intro + Live Show Recap 2:19-4:04 Black Futurism Part 1 - The MIND 4:05-33:18 Self Hatred 33:19-45:09 3x as Good Part 2 - The BODY 45:10-50:02 Black Bodies 50:03-56:23 Professor Brandon Alexander Williams aka Real T@lk 56:24-1:07:48 Dear Brothers + Former F!ckboys 1:07:49-1:11:34 Self Love 1:11:35-1:21:59 Food For the Soul 1:22:00-1:27:43 Therapy 1:27:44-1:29:30 Fake Black Seeds 1:29:31-1:33:33 Crack is Wack Part 3 - The SPIRIT 1:33:34-1:37:40 Richard Pryor, Redd Foxx, Yo Mama 1:37:41-1:39:32 Independence Day 1:39:33-1:44:44 Reform Alliance // Prison Reform 1:44:45-1:48:56 FUBU To purchase Brandon Alexander Williams’ The BLK Love Mixtape To FOLLOW: To be added to our email 📧 distro:
February 21, 2019
Poppin Off Pink Live Show!
The Non-Episode - watch us on YouTube
January 28, 2019
Episode 8 - Crazy is Cancelled
Episode 8 - Crazy is Cancelled: Chi Chi and Kimber react to the Surviving R. Kelly documentary, interview special guest JonnyGo Figure, Jordan Peele’s Us Movie, Mental Health misconceptions & more!! 0:00-4:44 Intro & Holidays Recap 4:45-15:40 Hip Hop Detox 15:41-18:40 Male Sexual Abuse Survivors 18:41-29:56 Real Engagements of Love & Hip Hop 28:57-37:15 Introducing JonnyGo Figure 37:16-48:00 #SurvivingRKelly 48:01-53:14 Wow...that’s Crazy 53:15-1:08:45 ‘Us’ Movie 1:08:46-1:25:25 Surviving P.O.P. 1:25:26-1:26:35 Lyrical Flow 1:26:36-1:28:33 Outro + Live 1/23 Show!!! Come see us live on 1/23 in Brooklyn  
January 18, 2019
Episode 7 - The #ColdestWinterEver
The P.O.P. Crew reminisces about hip-hop’s female game changers, Kim Porter’s legacy, sisterhood amongst Black women and more. Thanks for your support & see you in 2019!! Patreon + Recap of Episode 6 0:00-1:54 R.I.P. to Kim Porter 1:55-8:46 Sister Souljah 8:47-16:47 The Legend of SuperHead 16:48-25:39 Top 5, Chitlins in Chicago & Vegan Thanksgiving 25:40-37:41 Who Should Play Us 37:42-40:27 The Cardi B Effect 40:28-47:40 The Shether Effect 47:41-57:42 Kimber’s up & coming pick #LadyLeshurr 57:43-1:03:17 Is “sisterhood” a thing? 1:03:18-1:16:28 Chi Chi’s Lyrical Flow: MONSTER + Outro 1:16:29-1:25:20 To FOLLOW: To be added to our email 📧 distro:
December 01, 2018
Episode 6 - #LaidEdges & the Power of #Influencers
Episode 6 - #LaidEdges & the Power of #Influencers - Chi Chi, Kimber + Junie.Marz discuss Instagram Influencers, Rihanna turning down the Super Bowl, Wu Tang's Make up Collaboration, Big Sean giving back at Cass Tech & more!! 0:00-10:37 Intro, Recap + Updates 10:38-21:43 Instagram Influencers 21:44-29:00 #Rihanna / Super Bowl 29:01-34:34 Petty Beef (Cardi + Nicki 🙄 Again) 34:35-43:32 #BigSean 43:33-51:15 Enter the #WuTangXMilkMakeup💄 51:16-1:09:44 Black Hypocrisy w/ Spice + Treasure 1:09:45-1:15:12 Chi Chi’s up & coming pick: Kierra Luv @rxcan 1:15:13-1:16:37 Congrats to Missy Elliott 1:16:38-1:27:33 Personal Hypocrisy: When have you been the bad girl in someone’s story? 1:27:34-1:30:50 Girl Game Night 🎮 👾 1:30:51-1:34:25 Junie’s lyrical flow + Outro ************************************* To FOLLOW: To be added to our email 📧 distro:
November 16, 2018
Episode 5 - Cuffing Season
Episode 5 - “Cuffing Season” Chi Chi, Junie.Marz & Kimber break it down!! The influence + power of music on our love lives, our relationships, our thought patterns #womentalkhiphop Intro + Recap 0:00-3:04 How has music influenced your romantic expression/relationships 3:05-15:43 Quavo - #HunchoDreams. Is it simply a response to #BarbieDreams or something more? 15:44-23:56 Couples in the public eye including #TheCarters + #WillAndJada? Which couples do we look up to? 23:57-36:09 Badass women: #PamGrier the original Foxy Brown 36:10-45:03 #BETCypher - Women Embracing Women is POWERFUL 45:04-54:10 Geto Boys - #MindPlayingTricksOnMe [Just in Time for Halloween 🎃] 54:11-1:03:15 Arranged marriages + Divorces - who do we wanna see collaborate or dropped from their label? 1:03:16- 1:10:25 Junie’s P.O.P. pick of the week #Leikeli47 1:10:26-1:22:15 Kimber’s lyrical flow Uncle Sam Goddamn by #BrotherAli 1:22:16-1:28:00 Outro: Focus on OWNERSHIP of #HipHop 1:28:01-1:36:22
October 26, 2018
Episode 4 - Black on Both Sides
Chi Chi, Junie.Marz + Kimber Discuss the Gatekeepers of Hip-Hop Culture, Black Women's Healthcare, The Lady of Rage, Up & Coming Rapper BBYMUTHA, Charlemagne tha God + Kanye on Mental Health & more! Show Notes: 0:00-1:30 Intro + Recap 1:30-5:44 New Hair Flow 5:45-6:19 Chi’s Got The Juice 6:20-9:54 Lady of Rage 9:55-16:54 Major Malpractice 16:55-24:14 Laquan McDonald 24:15-29:57 World Mental Health 29:58-38:00 We Got The Juice 38:01-54:00 Motown Maxine + Hip Hop Mentors 54:01-1:11:09 Who’s Curating Hip-Hop 1:11:10-1:17:34 #BBYMUTHA 1:17:35-1:25:51 Lyrical Flow + Outro
October 12, 2018
Episode 3 - Bustin It Wide Open
Episode 3 - “Bustin It Wide Open” Chi Chi, Junie & Kimber analyze women’s images in hip hop, Kanye aka YANDHI, Natural Hair & more... Show Notes 0:00-3:32 Welcome & Recap 3:33-6:15 Definition of P.O.P. 6:16-14:45 Miseducation of Lauryn Hill 14:46-26:10 Images of Women In Hip Hop 26:11-34:12 Nappily Ever After? 34:05-43:04 Taraji P Henson//Black Mental Health 43:05-44:51 Female Wu Tang Clan 44:52-55:00 Chicago Artist NoName (Gypsy) 55:01-58:47 Rap Is Personal 58:48-1:06:44 Kanye vs. Everybody 1:06:45-1:12:36 What We Need From YANDHI 1:12:37-1:17:10 Getting Lyrical (Chi Chi) 1:17:11-1:25:18 UNPLUG from Social 1:25:19-1:32:39 Everything Else + Shoutouts
September 28, 2018
Episode 2 - Friends, Fans & Ghost Followers
Friends, Fans & Ghost Followers Episode 2 - Friends, Fans & Ghost Followers. The P.O.P. crew gives unique perspectives on Cardi vs Nicki, Aretha Franklin, Violence in our culture, Having a seat at the table, Defining your true friends, and How to heal Show Notes 0:00 - 2:09 Intro & Recap: Setting the Bar 2:10-7:35 The Queen: Aretha Franklin 7:36-19:50 The Scene: Nicki vs Cardi @ Fashion Week 19:51-23:56 The Phuckery: Ebro, Charlemagne, Lil Kim & Foxy Brown 23:57-30:54 The Weapons of Choice 30:55-35:44 Eric Benet vs Hip Hop 35:45-37:38 Why We Fight 37:39-38:46 9/11 Tribute: Let’s Roll 38:47-41:28 Having a Seat at the Table 41:29-50:47 Friends, Fans & Ghost Followers 50:48-52:13 Eminem vs MGK 52:14-1:01:57 How We Heal
September 17, 2018
Episode 1: The Intro Episode
On this first episode of Poppin Off Pink, we are making history as an all women's hip hop podcast! Co-hosts Chi Chi, Junie.Marz and Kimber discuss everything from Roxanne Shante to Drake to Lil Kim, Foxy Brown, Charlemagne and S-E-X! This is an episode you won't want to miss! Follow us:
August 04, 2018