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Conversating w/ Pops'nAde

Conversating w/ Pops'nAde

By Peter & Adenike Harris
Meet Pops'nAde, Peter and Adenike Harris, adult daughter and her cantankerous father, working together to provide practical and loving lessons drawn from years of courageous dialogue that helped them heal after a painful family disclosure.

IG: popsnade
FB: Peter and Adenike Harris
Youtube: PopsnAde

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S02 Ep: 12 Resiliency w/ Guest Nkem Ndefo
Pops'nAde discuss 'alchemical resilience' with special guest Nkem Ndefo.  Nkem Ndefo is the founder of Lumos Transforms and creator of The Resilience Toolkit. She is a skilled practitioner, dynamic speaker, and valued strategist. She is known for her unique ability to connect with people of all types by holding powerful healing spaces, weaving complex concepts into accessible narratives, and creating synergistic and collaborative learning communities that nourish people’s innate capacity for healing, wellness, and connection.
July 12, 2021
S02 Ep: 11 Apart But Together
Will geographical distance 'separate' Pops'nAde?
July 5, 2021
S02 Ep: 10 Reclaiming Voice & Speaking Tenderness w/guest Dr. Thomas A. Gordon
Pops'nAde welcome Psychologist and Griot Dr. Thomas A. Gordon for a robust celebration conversation about using our voices to create tenderness in our lives.
June 28, 2021
S02 Ep: 9 Pain
Pops'nAde acknowledge the pain in our lives with a soulful conversational meditation.  
June 21, 2021
S02 Ep: 8 Let's Groove and 'Bop' w/Guest Amin Joseph
Pops'nAde 'Bop' on fatherhood, imagination, and the arts with guest Amin Joseph.  Amin Joseph is an American actor known for his work in the hour-long drama executive produced by late director John Singleton, SNOWFALL. Amin has been featured in many major films including THE EXPENDABLES and HOMEFRONT, both Lionsgate action hits written by Sylvester Stallone; G.I. JOE: RETALIATION with Bruce Willis and Dwayne Johnson; the film festival darling DOPE, which premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in competition and went on to screen at the Cannes Film Festival and the Deauville American Film Festival; BAYWATCH with Dwayne Johnson, THE GAMBLER with Mark Wahlberg; and Frank Darabont’s horror film, and THE MIST, based on the story by Stephen King, among many others. Amin is a graduate of Howard University and a protégé of the World Famous Apollo Theater in his hometown Harlem, NYC, where he interned during his youth. He resides in Los Angeles with his wife and child. IG: Twitter:
June 14, 2021
S02 Ep: 7 Rituals & Ceremonies
Pops'nAde ask: What are your rituals/ceremonies for wellness/wholeness? 
June 7, 2021
S02 Ep: 6 Non-Abusive Loved Ones
Pops'nAde define a 'Non-Abusive Loved One' and discuss how we can identify, select, cultivate, and become one.
May 31, 2021
S02 Ep: 5 Are you living your life in the spirit of 'LoveWITHAccountability?'
Pops'nAde bow down to an amazing project and turn of phrase: LoveWITHAccountability as they conversate with founder Aishah Shahidah Simmons. Our guest Aishah Shahidah Simmons is an award-winning Black feminist lesbian cultural worker, who, for over 25-years, has examined the intersections of race, gender, sexuality, and sexual violence. Her creative work, published writings, international lectures, and independent scholarship are informed by her lived experiences as a child sexual abuse survivor, adult rape survivor, and Buddhist practitioner committed to healing, accountability and compassionate justice.  The #LoveWITHAccountability® Project emerged from Aishah’s personal incest healing work. Demanding a conversation with her divorced parents about their lack of response to her being sexually abused as a child, Aishah signed "Love WITH Accountability" in virtually every communiqué to them. In doing so, Aishah emphasized that her deep love for her parents could not shield their lack of accountability for the sexual violence she endured as child.
May 24, 2021
S02 Ep: 4 SeeYou247
Pops'nAde witness Black men and boys 'emanating a sense of joy.'
May 17, 2021
S02 Ep: 3 Courages?
Pops'nAde identify the many COURAGES we must cultivate as we grow, expand, and evolve throughout our lives.
May 10, 2021
S02 Ep: 2 Loving Lessons L(e)arned
Pops'nAde remind themselves that wisdom grows when Loving Lessons are both L(e)arned at the same time!   
May 3, 2021
S02 Ep: 1 What does it mean to VICTORIZE?
On Pops' birthday, in the first of 12 'celebration conversations,' Pops'nAde reveal their joy at creating new words that describe a life-affirming commitment to WHOLE LIVING.    
April 26, 2021
Ep: 10 Restorative Notions
Pops'nAde celebrate healing from our thoughts to actions for 'Whole Living.'
April 4, 2020
Ep: 9 The Black Man of Happiness
Pops'nAde define a Concept... Project ... and Life Quest. 
March 28, 2020
Ep: 8 There's Levels to this Healing Thing
Pops'nAde face their 'Life Shocks' and examine the levels to family healing.
March 21, 2020
Ep: 7 Ride and Live
Pops'nAde step beyond the TEDx Pasadena stage to prioritize creation of a life worth living.
March 14, 2020
Ep: 6 Put Some Water on It
Pops'nAde encourage us to 'flow' through our challenges and nourish our strengths.
March 7, 2020
Ep: 5 Love is Our Nationality
Pops'nAde discuss Peter's poetry and the essential role he feels creativity plays as a tool for positive change. 
February 29, 2020
Ep: 4 Styles of Collaboration
Task lists, strategic play, and deadlines: Pops'nAde learn to blend their personal styles into an effective style of collaboration.
February 22, 2020
Ep: 3 Dancing w/ Difficulty
Pops'nAde ask: What does it mean to "Dance with Difficulty?"  
February 15, 2020
Ep:2 Communication, Currency, Collaboration
COMMUNICATION is the CURRENCY of COLLABORATION!  Pops'nAde on how to ethically discern the differences between setting healthy boundaries while maintaining candor without taboos.  
February 8, 2020
Ep: 1 This Is Conversating w/Pops'nAde!
Bantering joyfully, Pops'nAde talk honestly about family changes, California living, white bread hamburgers, and how they actually enjoy hanging out together.   
January 25, 2020