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By Amanda Victoria Eppolito
Nashville artist, AVE, talks weekly about the rollercoaster life of a popstar-wannabe. The singer-dancer-songwriter will discuss all that it takes to be an independent artist and document her personal music journey in real time. Season 1 will be live from January 1st-May 1st consisting of 30 minute episodes on topics like branding, publicity, creative process, gigging, entertainment law and more.
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Combatting the "Starving Artist" Narrative
hi guys!!!! thanks for listening!! If you wanna chat more about this or have any questions, DM me on IG @_avemusic XOXO, AVE
October 18, 2021
Dating Within the Music Industry?!
someone had to say it.... lol. Hey y'all, in this episode I spillll the tea about dating within the industry. I'm mostly referring to the Nashville scene given how small the town is and everything... so keep that in mind. As always, my DMs on IG are open so follow me there and on Tiktok @_avemusic. Thanks for listening!!! XOXO, AVE
October 12, 2021
Burnout Signs/Prevention/Recovery
helloooo friends let's figure out how to better manage our time and energy bc we are all super good at working way too hard :) Let's chat about it on IG - feel free to DM me any time! @_avemusic XOXO, AVE
October 4, 2021
Healthy Habits and Routines for Creatives
friends! this is one of my favorite episodes I've ever created. This year has been a really big year of personal growth for me that involved becoming super self-aware, learning how to combat my faults, and working towards a healthier, more efficient lifestyle. Hope you enjoy hearing my little tips and tricks that I've learned along the way and PLZ DM me on IG with things that work for you :) XOXO, AVE
September 27, 2021
Creative Process Tips I've Picked up Along the Way
hiiii friends! Today we chat about my personal creative process evolution and the tips/tricks I've learned over the years that have really helped me grow as an artist. DM me on IG with the things that have helped you in your process :) Thank you for listening ILY. XOXO, AVE
September 20, 2021
Mourning the Loss of my Instagram Account
dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to chat about how my Instagram got hacked and deleted... I talk about how it happened, what I did to try to recover my account, some preventative measures you can take to protect your accounts and what I learned from all of this! thanks for attending the funeral :/ Is there anything you can do, you ask? FOLLOW MY NEW IG ACCOUNT and my Tiktok!! XOXO, AVE
September 13, 2021
Busy as f*** but Happy as f***
friends!! it feels so great to be back. In this episode, I catch you guys up on my life and share what I learned this summer. We talk about a manifestation success story of mine, a few takeaways from my (life-changing) summer internship and time management. Follow me on IG and Tiktok @_avemusic and feel free to DM me with questions, comments or to get (virtual or real) coffee! I want to meet you! Thanks for listening to SZN 2!! XOXO, AVE
September 1, 2021
Should you CROWDFUND your next album?
took an entire course on crowdfunding creative projects and thought I'd share what I learned! DM me on IG (@_avemusic) with any questions or comments. HUGE thank you to Britney Ditocco for editing this episode for me! Brit is an incredible artist who's got awesome music you should stream AND Tiktoks lending fabulous music advice :) Check her out here. Kickstarter XOXO, AVE
April 26, 2021
Business Management as an Independent Artist
hi all!! As an independent artist, you have to function as many different "departments" simultaneously. One being business management or finances. In this episode I discuss what I've learned so far about keeping track of my royalties, revenue streams, and sponsorships. also, a huge thank you to Britney Ditocco for editing this episode. Please go check out her music - she is an incredibly talented human with a great heart. I'm lucky to know her.  A few tools I recommend: Bandzoogle Canva Digital Dream Achieve Planner Songspace Song & System by Harvey Rachlin and as always, if you have any questions or topic requests, please DM me on IG @_avemusic. XOXO, AVE
April 12, 2021
Reminders Creatives Need Every Day
thanks for listening y'all!!!! XOXO, AVE
April 6, 2021
If you're an independent artist, you need a TEAM.
period!!! dm me with any questions @ave.music_ on IG.  XOXO, AVE
March 30, 2021
Should you get into a band?
lol the answer is no. no seriously, the tea has been SPILLED. goodnight.
March 22, 2021
Two Things Highly Creative People Practice
Thanks for listening today y'all! I love reading to you about creative psychology. As I typed that sentence I recognized how nerdy that was.  Blinkist Audible Take Yoga with me! Wired to Create book XOXO, AVE
March 9, 2021
Why do Creatives have SUCH Messy Minds?
Today's episode is literally STORYTIME with AVE. No, it's not some Tana Mongeau crazy story. It's literally me reading some parts of my favorite book to you to explain the psychology of the creative mind! The science of creativity is so fascinating to me and I hope it is to you as well.  Purchase Wired to Create here Thanks for listening today guys!! Sincerely, AVE
March 2, 2021
How to Be Your Own Publicist
friends!! what a fun episode where we discuss what it takes to be your own publicist as an independent artist.  -create and maintain a list of PR contacts -create an EPK -create a biography -get a copywriter or copywrite yourself -create a track-by-track for your latest project -create press releases on yourself and your latest project RESOURCES: Skillshare LinkedIn Canva Blue business card Odesli  DM me on IG for examples of my spreadsheets and contacts XOXO, AVE
February 22, 2021
Co-Writing Etiquette
Sometimes I find myself questioning how effective co-writing is and whether or not I should be putting time into it... So in this episode we are discussing my co-writing experiences, different co-writing environments based on location, how to find more co-writers, and virtual sessions.  Download the app We Should Write Sometime  Check out Songspace to keep your catalogue organized  DM me on IG to co-write or get matched with other writers XOXO, AVE
February 15, 2021
Prepping for a Release (Single, EP, Album)
hey y'all! Here's everything you need to do for your upcoming release (single, EP, album...etc). In this episode I talk about my marketing strategies (pre-release and post-release) as well as a release checklist you should be going through! SAMPLE RELEASE CHECKLIST Connect with me! Thanks for listening y'all! Share with a friend or DM on IG @ave.music_ to let me know you're listening. XOXO, AVE
February 8, 2021
Branding: How to Build, Maintain and Re-brand
You may have to listen to this episode on 2x because my brain was noooottt working as fast as normal!!! Haha here are a few things I mentioned throughout this episode on branding as an independent artist: -get to know your sound musically, yourself as an artist and yourself in general -use these tools to build and maintain your brand: Canva, Skillshare, dm me on IG for referrals to graphic designers, Bandzoogle -then decide which strategy is best when re-branding  p.s. a few other things I mentioned throughout the episode: Hormonology app for women, My favorite Mint Tea Thanks for listening!! XOXO, AVE IG: @ave.music_
February 1, 2021
Social Media Management for Independent Artists
hey y'all! in this episode, I discuss tips, tricks, do's and don'ts of social media management for DIY artists. Social media is crucial for music marketing nowadays so it's important that we all learn how to maximize each platform's potential for our benefit.  -watch The Social Dilemma  -create a website with Bandzoogle -post cohesive content across all platforms at once with Buffer  -invest in a digital business card  -or design & print business cards Thanks for listening today y'all!! I talked extrrraaa fast so props to you. XOXO, AVE
January 25, 2021
literally stop. it's annoying. and unsustainable.  Watch Adam Ivy on Youtube and use to market effectively and authentically.  DM me on IG with any questions: @ave.music_ XOXO, AVE
January 18, 2021
How to Create, Market and Sell Merch without spending a DIME
y'all - gone are the days where us independent artists invest time and money into merch that never sells... I HAVE SOLUTIONS, tips and tricks for you.  Spreadshirt Canva DM me on IG for graphic designers Visit AVE Apparel to see how I did it XOXO, AVE
January 11, 2021
Networking tips, tricks and silent social cues
today we are discussing some rules of thumb when networking in the music industry, a few "unsaid" things you should know, and lessons learned the hard way by AVE.  pro tip: start a spreadsheet with each person you connect with, your relation to them/how you met and what they do.  with any questions or requests for my spreadsheet example - DM me on IG @ave.music_ Connect with me! Thanks for listening! XOXO, AVE
January 4, 2021
HOW I MADE AN ALBUM from my bedroom during a global pandemic independently
hi friends here are the resources I mentioned throughout this episode: take YOGA with me Home Studio Gear Too Lost Distribution Quadio Distribution for College kids DM me with any questions LOVE Y'ALL, AVE
December 22, 2020
SIDE HUSTLES for Creatives, Artists, Musicians...etc
Hi friends :)  The key is to pick ONE from the list I discussed in the episode and give it all of your "side energy". I just thought of one more: sponsorships. DM me on IG if you want an episode on how to get/maintain/execute sponsorships for artists.  DM me on IG for an example of a side hustle spreadsheet Red bubble Fine Tuned Songs Fiverr Skillshare
December 22, 2020
Gigging 101: How to be your own Booking Agent
in this episode, I teach y'all how I began booking my own gigs at the age of 14. If you or someone you know is wondering how to get started, give this a listen or share it! DM me on IG @ave.music_ with any questions!! Connect with me! Thanks for listening! XOXO, AVE
November 28, 2020
Gigging 101: Equipment on a Small Budget
hey y'all! this episode gives our beginner giggers a guide to purchasing live sound equipment on a tight budget. Please pass it on to someone who's thinking about gigging solo and may need some help prepping. Gig Guide Connect with me! Thanks for listening!! XOXO, AVE
November 28, 2020
Gigging 101: Creating an Authentic & Effective Set List
On this episode, we are discussing the keys to creating a set list when gigging solo.  Resources for you: Episode Notes Set List Spreadsheet Example Connect with me! Thanks for listening! XOXO, AVE
November 28, 2020