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By Wayne A Young
Port Of Harlem Talk Radio reflects Port of Harlem magazine, a general interest magazine that presents a global Black perspective. Sign-up for Port Of Harlem magazine:

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July 8, 2021 - Rawn James, Jr - US Legal Author

Port Of Harlem Talk Radio

June 29, 2022
June 29, 2022
June 21, 2022 - Lorato Trok, Multilingual Editor at Puku Children's Literature Foundation of South Africa
Lorato Trok is an early literacy consultant and expert in developing reading for pleasure books for young children, especially in African languages. She has 20 years' experience in publishing, writing, translation, editing and story development in children's literature. She also penned The Incredible Quest to Preserve a Dying South African Language for Port Of Harlem magazine and featured in Lorato Trok and The Politics and Economics of Language. Trok’s Against The Odds: The Story of Rosina Sedibane Modiba is available in the US and other countries and now in the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals Africa Book Club. 2022 Episode 28
June 21, 2022
June 02, 2022 - Roberta Nina Sebode Brown Cooper author of AFRICAN FOOD IS…A Culinary Journey
Liberian-American Roberta Nina Sebode Brown Cooper has traveled the world as an international flight attendant and discovered African cuisine. Her quest and determination to introduce and educate her world on African cooking led her to write AFRICAN FOOD IS…A Culinary Journey. She also serves as the President of the Marylanders for Progress (Liberia), Inc. She appears at a book signing at Zawadi’s in DC on Saturday June 4, 1p-3p.
June 02, 2022
April 28, 2022 - Eric Ruffin, director of Mosaic Theater's Marys Seacole
Eric Ruffin director of Mosaic Theater's Marys Seacole Playing a Mosaic Theater Wed, May 4 – Sun, May 29 Mary Seacole was a Jamaican born nurse who historically rivals Florence Nightingale during the Crimean War (1853 to 1856). “The actual story is about motherhood …,” says Ruffin, “who will take care White women and their families … at the expense of their own families.”
April 29, 2022
April 14, 2022 - Chester Higgins, author and photographer of Sacred Nile
(special two, 30-minute segments) If you are like me, you have seen his images in the New York Times and Essence magazine to The Walters Art Gallery in Baltimore and the American Embassy Gallery in Nairobi, but never heard his voice. Well, that my change for many of us as we talk about his 8th book, Sacred Nile, which he completed after nearly five decades of traveling to the Nile Valley: Egypt, Sudan, and Ethiopia. 2022 Episode 25
April 15, 2022
February 10, 2022 - Rufus S. Berry II, Liberia’s Bicentennial and Moving Back Home to Corruption
Rufus S. Berry II is a Liberian activist and former President of the Liberian Association of Northern California (LANC). He is now living in Liberia and is the managing partner and CEO of Berry and Gaye Financial Consulting. We will talk about the country’s bicentennial, his return to Liberia, immigration issues, and corruption.
February 11, 2022
February 03, 2022 - Dr. Lopez Mathews, Jr, Storage Devices: Stone to The Cloud
Dr. Lopez Mathews, Jr, Digital Production Librarian at Howard University Libraries /Moorland Spingarn Research Center, and I talk about the rapid changes in storage devices from stone, paper, punch cards, floppy drive, CD-ROM, CD-RW, ZIP, and cloud and how those rapid changes affects saving every day and archival documents.
February 04, 2022
December 23, 2021 - Ida Jones and Baba-C - Keepers of the Culture
Ida Jones provides an update about her National Votes for Women's Trail Markers project and Baba-C on his Storytelling Festival in Morocco project..
December 24, 2021
December 09, 2021 - CR Gibbs - History of Political Dog Whistles
Historian CR Gibbs shares the history of racial dog whistles in America. Background Article: Youngkin, Virginia, and the New Dog Whistles: Three Reports  Birth of a Nation, states’ rights, busing, welfare, disannexation, Willie Horton, defund the police, and Let's Go Brandon are all dog whistles used to signal Whites, some Blacks, and some others, that they should fear the children of the formerly enslaved Africans.
December 10, 2021
November 18, 2021 - Reginald L. Douglas - Mosaic Theatre
Mosaic Theater's New Artistic Director Reginald L. Douglas. Fall has been a good season for Reginald Douglas.  As he is directing White Noise, now in rehearsal, at Studio Theater in Northwest, Washington, DC, across town in Northeast, Washington, Mosaic Theater named him Artistic Director.  So often when we read or talk about theater, we talk about what is most visible, the actors. With Douglass, we talked about his past and current theater jobs to get a better understanding of the many efforts that go into making what we see on stage and what is to come at Mosaic Theater. Port Of Harlem Talk Radio
November 18, 2021
October 28, 2021 - Chris Jenkins and Ken Gwira - Book Writer/Artist Entrepreneurs
Chris Jenkins (POH Subscriber C. Christopher Jenkins' New Children Books) shares how he fulfilled another item on his bucket list, publisher two children’s book and preparing for the audio version.  Ken Gwira Artist Commissions Creation of Shoes share how he made his dream a reality, having his artwork on his own shoe brand. Port Of Harlem Talk Radio
October 29, 2021
September 30, 2021 - Sharon Farmer - Historic White House Photographer
Sharon Farmer, first African-American woman to be hired as a White House photographer and the first African American and first female to be Director of the White House Photography office, provides tips and techniques that will help you improve your cell phone photography. Our talk is an offspring of a workshop, Click – Top Photographers Offered Cell Phone Photography Tips, she did with George Tolbert at the Alexandria Black History Museums. The event was co-sponsored by The Exposure Group African American Photographers Association, Inc., which she is a proud member, the Alexandria Black History Museum, and Port Of Harlem magazine. Port Of Harlem Talk Radio
October 01, 2021
September 16, 2021 - Dr. Ogechi E Anyanwu - Nigerian Resistance
Dr. Ogechi Anyanwu is professor of history and director of African and African American studies at Eastern Kentucky University in Richmond, Kentucky. He just released “The Making of Mbano: British Colonialism, Resistance, and Diplomatic Engagements in Southeastern Nigeria, 1906–1960.” Mbano is a community located in the South-Eastern state of Imo State, Nigeria. The community spans two local government areas with about 400,000 people or the population size of Oklahoma City. In his book, Anyanwu repudiates the misrepresentation of the continent by providing authentic, ironclad proof that Africans—in this case, the Igbos of Mbano in Southeastern Nigeria—were resilient and unyielding to colonial mandates. Port Of Harlem Talk Radio
September 17, 2021
September 2, 2021 - CR Gibbs - Underground Railroad in the MidWest
POH Talk Radio Thu, Sep 2, 8p CR Gibbs The Underground Railroad in the Midwest. When some think of the Underground Railroad, many think of conductor Harriet Tubman and the eastern seaboard routes she followed. However, the Underground Railroad had players and routes in what is now the Midwest, including Illinois and Indiana. CR Gibbs will discuss the Midwestern system complimenting the “Road to Freedom: The Underground Railroad in the DMV” lecture that he often gives in Metro DC. Port Of Harlem Talk Radio
September 03, 2021
August 19, 2021 - Gershom Williams, Sr - Haitian Joseph Anténor Firmin
Circa 1850, an international school of racial typology favoring the superiority of Caucasian’s over all people of color had begun to develop and publicly express itself. This international school propagated the pseudo-science of biological and intellectual inferiority of African descended people has been referred to as “scientific racism.” In 1850, Haitian Joseph Anténor Firmin challenged and meticulously dismantled the dangerous pillars of the race myth and race propaganda. Gershom Williams, Sr explains this environment, the players, and Firmin's response. Gershom Williams, Sr is a retired Adjunct Professor of African-American History and African-American Studies at Mesa Community College, Mesa, Arizona. Routledge Press released his essay "Anténor Firmin, Pan-Africanism, and the Struggle for Race Vindication" Port Of Harlem Talk Radio
August 20, 2021
August 5, 2021 - Mammy's Revenge?: with Morgan State University Archivist Dr. Ida Jones
Our talk today, Mammy’s Revenge, is partially based in film historian and author Donald Boogle's book “Toms, Coons, Mulattoes, Mammies, and Bucks: An Interpretive History of Blacks in American Films,” which he released in 1973. In the book, Bogle describes a mammy figure as "representative of the all-Black woman, over-weight, middle-aged, and so dark, so thoroughly black, that it is preposterous even to suggest that she be a sex object. Instead, she was desexed." Almost 50 years later, we see women who could fit this description to some degree not only gain power, but use it, including: Also, job applicants with ethnic minority sounding names are less likely to be called for an interview was a hot topic six years ago, but now we see women with such names in power and using it, including: Port Of Harlem Talk Radio
August 06, 2021
Jul 22, 2021 - Kevin McGruder - Philip Payton: Father of Black Harlem
Kevin McGruder, author of "From Philip Payton: The Father of Black Harlem," (Columbia University Press, 2021) talks about Payton and his impact on Harlem and the world, and Harlem today. McGruder is also Vice President of Academic Affairs and Associate Professor of History at Antioch College. Background Information: In the spring of 1904, the Hudson Realty Company, a firm led by White investors that had recently purchased occupied walkup apartment buildings in the Harlem Black enclave at 135th Street and Lenox Avenue, served the occupants with eviction notices. Philip A. Payton, Jr. and other Black investors quickly joined forces to purchase and lease other properties from White owner/allies in the area to block the effort to displace African Americans from the area. Port Of Harlem Talk Radio
July 23, 2021
July 8, 2021 - Rawn James, Jr - US Legal Author
What the Ketanji Brown Jackson and Candace Jackson-Akiwumi appointments could represent for the future of the Supreme Court? (Actual recording is 30 minutes, not 1:11:54.) A graduate of Yale University and Duke University School of Law, Former DC assistant attorney general Rawn James, Jr. has practiced law for two decades in Washington, D.C., where he lives with his wife and their two sons. He is the author of Root and Branch: Charles Hamilton Houston, Thurgood Marshall and the Struggle to End Segregation and The Double V: How Wars, Protest and Harry Truman Desegregated America's Military.
July 09, 2021
May 27, 2021 - Sara Stender Delaney - Rwandan Tea Importer
Sara Stender Delaney, Sarilla Sparkling Tea founder and owner Sara Stender Delaney talks to us about trading fairly with Rwandan tea growers and the impact her products’ consumers are having in Rwanda. Her company reflects her passion, skills, and determination to create quality products for the beverage industry in an equitable fashion.
June 22, 2021
May 13, 2021 - Marvin Sin and Dr. Ida Jones - Leather crafts in Ghana / Early Christians and Native Americans
Marvin Sin, artist and leather craftsmen, who sell his bags and other accessories at private shows and cultural festivals with his wife Akosua Bandele, is now collaborating with a Bahamian on a project in Ghana.  The panAfrican project marries African American design talent with Ghanaian production capacity. Thu, May 13, 8:30p Archivist and historian Dr. Ida Jones, who also identifies as a Holiness Pentecostal, shares stories of early encounters between White Christians and Native Americans in New England. We hold this discussion in light of The Little Lights Urban ministry sponsored series of courses titled Racial Literacy 101. Port Of Harlem Talk Radio
May 15, 2021
April 29, 2021 Tony Browder and Nathan Richardson - Restoration Project in Egypt / New restrictive voting laws in US
Through the ASA Restoration Project that he started in 2008 to honor the legacy of the late Dr. Asa Hilliard, Tony Browder has raised funds for the excavation and restoration of two 25th dynasty tombs that Dr. Elena Pischikova discovered in Luxor, Egypt in 2006. (Hilliard was a professor of educational psychology who focused on indigenous ancient Egyptian history.) Both Pischikova and Browder disagree with traditional Egyptologists that claim that the 25th dynasty was the "only" time that Black kings ruled Egypt. Nevertheless, Browder adds, “Our mission is to eventually excavate all three tombs, catalogue our findings, and clean, conserve and restore the tombs to their original condition.” The work is hard he explained in 2011, "we work in 100 to120 degree temperatures and in pits 20 feet below the surface."  On the next Port Of Harlem Talk Radio, he talks more about the Project and it’s success. Browder is working on a new book that will explore the architecture and exhibits within the NMAAHC, “An African Ark: The Architectonics of the National Museum of African American History and Culture.” It is due in July 2017. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Poet, author, and Frederick Douglass historian Nathan Richardson spends a great deal of time researching the life and times for Douglass (1818-1895). As a Douglass historian, we talk with Richardson about his thoughts on the recently passed Georgia and Kentucky voting laws and their place in history. We also contrast those laws with proposed laws in The Gambia, and back in The States, we look at Marjorie Green-Taylor’s America First Caucus from a historical lens, too.
April 30, 2021
April 15, 2021 Peter Bailey, David “Oggi” Ogburn, and Dr. Janet Sims-Wood - People they knew: Malcolm X, Chancellor James Williams, and Dovey Johnson Roundtree, respectively.
Port Of Harlem Talk Radio interviews three people, writer Peter Bailey, photographer David “Oggi” Ogburn, and oral historian Dr. Janet Sims-Wood, each whom have impacted Port Of Harlem magazine. We talk about three people they had gotten to know and how those three people impacted them, Malcolm X, Chancellor James Williams, and Dovey Johnson Roundtree, respectively. Also, read the related story, “Each One, Taught One: Life’s Impactors.”  Port Of Harlem Talk Radio
April 16, 2021
April 1, 2021 Dr. Ida Jones and Friends of Historic Mount Nebo Preservation Corporation Glenda West, Jan Hagey, and Michael Gaddy
Listen and join in a conversation about historic Mount Nebo African Methodist Episcopal (AME) Church's efforts to preserve the historic cemetery, restore the historic church, and offer educational programming. See Black Lives Matter in Death, Too – Mt Nebo AME Preserves Historic Cemetery. Port Of Harlem Talk Radio
April 02, 2021
Mar 18, 2021 Bernadette Champion and Franklyn Malone
Travel Specialist Bernadette Champion of Champion Services Travel. Leisure travel is expected to return first, with consumers optimistic about the distribution of vaccines and with that an ability to travel. "People are Anxious to Travel," says Champion. She will join publisher Wayne Young in an informative talk. Franklyn Malone, Founder & CEO of 100 Fathers talks about the group's Reactionary Masculinity Syndrome workshop. The workshop is based upon the five Black on Black Crime reversal steps outlined in Dr. Amos Wilson’s “Black-On-Black Violence: The Psychodynamics of Black Self-Annihilation in Service of White Domination.” PORT OF HARLEM TALK RADI0
March 26, 2021
Mar 04, 2021 CR Gibbs and Lindsey Johnson
Thu, Mar 04, 8:00p Historian CR Gibbs talks about the adventures of Abubakari II and Mansa Musa plus share how he conducted his research, the sources, and the history of those sources. Thu, Mar 04 , 8:45p Lindsay Johnson of the National Black Memorabilia, Fine Art, and Craft Show talks about rescheduling the event to October 16 and 17, 2021 after a forced cancellation of the 2020 show due to the pandemic. 2021 Episode 5
March 06, 2021
Feb 18, 2021 Guests George Tolbert on Photography and Dr. Ida Jones on the Black Family
Thu, Feb 18, 8:00p (available Friday, Feb 19) George Tolbert, former United States Senate photographer. Tolbert is also Vice-President of the Exposure Group  African American Photographers Association. Online now is an exhibit of photographs from his group and the FotoCraft Camara Club. The exhibit is called “Washington DC: City of Interest, City of Change” on the DC Public Library website. Thu, Feb 04, 8:30p (available now) University Archivist at Morgan State University Dr. Ida Jones and author of “Baltimore Civil Rights Leader Victorine Q. Adams.” Jones is also a life  member of the Association for the Study of African American Life and History (ASALH) and a member of the Bethel Dukes Branch of ASLAH. We center our talk on the 2021 Black History Theme: The Black Family: Representation, Identity, And Diversity. 2021 Episode 4 Port Of Harlem Talk Radio
February 19, 2021
Feb 4, 2021 Juanita "BZB" Britton and Rep. Dr. Oye Owolewa
Juanita "BZB" Britton shares the behind the scene business calculations that led to the closing of her airport stores due to the pandemic and the business tasks of re-opening of the Anacostia Art Boutique in Washington, DC. (great show for current and prospective business owners) Thu, Feb 04, 8:45p DC Shadow Representative to the US Congress Dr. Oye Owolewa talks about the struggle for DC Statehood, his "shadow" position, and being the first Nigerian-American elected to this position in US history. PORT OF HARLEM TALK RADIO
February 05, 2021
Jan 21, 2021 Nathan Richardson and Dr. Theo Hodge, Jr.
Nathan Richardson and Dr. Theo Hodge, Jr. Thu, Jan 21, 8:00p Spoken word artist and Frederick Douglass reenactor Nathan Richardson talks about how the current USA crisis compares to those during Reconstruction I. See his article "January 20, 2021 Should Not Be 1863 All Over Again," in the current issue of Port Of Harlem. Thu, Jan 21, 8:30p Port Of Harlem contributor Dr. Theo Hodge, Jr. talks about the similarities of dealing with HIV and COVID-19 education and pandemics in one lifetime. He is actively involved in multiple speaker bureaus dedicated to educating healthcare providers in the management of the HIV infected. PORT OF HARLEM TALK RADIO
January 22, 2021
Jan 07, 2021 Dr. Sekou Franklin and Mike Ghouse
Dr. Sekou Franklin, Associate Professor of Political Science at Middle Tennessee State University – Nashville, talks with us about the outcomes of the Georgia senate races and the upcoming November 2022 senate races. See US Senate Elections 2022. He is also co-author of Losing Power: African Americans and Racial Polarization in Tennessee Politics. Mike Ghouse is the author of the American Muslim Agenda. He is also a public speaker, interfaith wedding officiant, and the executive director of the Center for Pluralism in Washington, DC. We will talk about his article Kamala-Ji Harris, an Indian-American Perspective. PORT OF HARLEM TALK RADIO
January 08, 2021
Dec 24, 2020 Dwayne Dyce and Franklyn Malone, and Lou Fields
Dr. Dwayne Dyce, chair of the Jamaica Diaspora Education Taskforce, appears on Port Of Harlem Talk Radio, Thursday, December 24, 8p-8:45p.  He illuminates his experiences growing up without a father, his search for his father, and its unexpected outcome. Dyce will also share how his childhood experiences affect his parenting his daughter. Read his article “Growing up Fatherless, Yet Becoming an Empowered Parent,” in the current issue of Port Of Harlem. Franklyn Malone, Founder & CEO of 100 Fathers, says, “Fatherhood cannot be caught, it cannot bought, it has to be taught” will join the discussion about 20 minutes into the show. His organization leads fathers toward greater involvement with their children and families.  Malone also hosts the internet radio show Fatherhood Next Level Empowerment Hour. During the last 15 minutes, Lou Fields, President of the African American Tourism Council of Maryland and author of “Freedom Seeker,” talks about the state of tourism in Baltimore and his new book which focuses on Baltimore abolitionists. PORT OF HARLEM TALK RADIO
December 28, 2020
Dec 10, 2020 CR Gibbs and Lydia Curtis
Historian CR Gibbs returns to Port Of Harlem Talk Radio after being guest on our most popular podcast episode to date. We will focus this talk on the hidden Black history on the birth and life of the Electoral College. We hope to broaden the discussion to include related voting and power issues such as DC and other territories statehood proposals and run-off elections. During the final 15 minutes, Lydia Curtis, founder of Sadiki Educational Safaris, talks about the group's 5 to 6-month Ethiopian culture immersion program for Metro DC Youth aged 13 to 20. PORT OF HARLEM TALK RADIO
December 11, 2020
Nov 26, 2020 Bayer Mack and Tyrone Haymore
"No-Lye: An American Beauty Story" director Bayer Mack is best known as the publisher of the late-1990s, early-2000s urban website HOT and is a member of the Association for the Study of African American Life and History (ASALH). The Middle Tennessee State University journalism major currently lives in Louisville. "No Lye: An American Beauty Story," chronicles the rise and decline of the Black–owned ethnic beauty industry in America. Tyrone Haymore, historian/curator of the Robbins History Museum will join in during the last 15 minutes of the conversation PORT OF HARLEM TALK RADIO
November 27, 2020
Nov 12, 2020 Byron Lewis and Rev. Dena Holland-Neal, and Jacqueline Elena Featherston.
Byron Lewis made his mark in advertising with UniWorld Group, Inc., the agency he created in 1969. In 1972, organizers charged Lewis with supervising advertising and media strategies for the 1972 National Black Political Convention in Gary, IN. Rev. Dena Holland-Neal of Peace United Church of Christ in Merrillville, IN. will join Lewis as she recalls being a teenager at the convention with her father, who was an assistant to Gary Mayor Hatcher.  See Also:  Documentary on 1972 National Black Political Convention Shows That Blacks, Too, Have Become More Inclusive. In the second half of the episode, we talk with Jacqueline Elena Featherston. She is an educator, writer, and visionary who challenges social and political inequity on multiple fronts. She is the founder of Featherston & Associates, a collaborative group of anti-racist and cross-cultural consultants. She has contributed several articles to Port Of Harlem including “Are You a Secondary Guardian to White Skin Privilege?” Port Of Harlem Talk Radio
November 13, 2020
Oct 29, 2020 Guests: CR Gibbs and Mercer Redcross
Historian CR Gibbs talks with POH Talk Radio about the history of voter suppression. Read his article "Black Voter Suppression, Then and Now." During the final 15 minutes, Mercer Redcross, owner of October Gallery, talks about the Virtual 35th Annual Philadelphia International Art Expo and the State of African-American Art Meeting. PORT OF HARLEM TALK RADIO
October 30, 2020
Oct 15, 2020 Guests: Dr. Ida Jones and Tyrone Haymore
We will broadcast our fifth episode Thursday, October 15 and feature Dr. Ida E. Jones, who just penned “Mary McLeod Bethune, True Democracy, and the Fight for Universal Suffrage” for The Women's Suffrage Centennial Commission. The Archivist at Morgan State University talks with POH Talk Radio about the history of the women’s right to vote and Vice President nominee Kamala Harris. Jones is also author of “Mary McLeod Bethune in Washington, D.C.: Activism and Education in Logan Circle.” During the second half-hour, Tyrone Haymore, historian/curator of the Robbins History Museum, talks about the Calumet Region’s Black heritage including its impact on aviation in the United States and Ethiopia. Robbins, Illinois was home of the nation’s first Black airport and is of one of the nation’s first Black towns. The Calumet Region straddles the Illinois and Indiana line and covers South Side Chicago, South Suburban Chicago, and portions of Northwest Indiana, including Gary. PORT OF HARLEM TALK RADIO
October 18, 2020
Oct 01, 2020 Guests: Nija Okoro and Maria Manuela Goyanes
Nija Okoro plays Florence, Charles Gilpin’s wife, in the just released “The Black Emperor of Broadway.” The film is about Gilpin who in 1920 became the first Black to play the lead in a Broadway show and in a time when Whites would often play Blacks in “blackface.” Many may know the South Bronx native from The Deuce (2017), Animal Kingdom (2016), and Insecure (2016). She also played Rena, Youngblood's girlfriend and the mother of his young son, Jesse, in the US national tour of Jitney including at Washington’s Arena Stage. Maria Manuela Goyanes, Artistic Director of Woolly Mammoth Theater Company in Washington, DC, talks about their new productions in the virtual age. Woolly Mammoth is currently offering "Human Resources," a unique theatrical telephone experience. PORT OF HARLEM TALK RADIO
October 02, 2020
Sep 17, 2020 Guests: Ric Murphy and Arlo Washington
A Boston native, Ric Murphy is a genealogical researcher, educator, historian, and author of several books and historical publications including “Arrival of the First Africans in Virginia.” His family lineage dates to the earliest colonial periods of Plymouth, Massachusetts, and Jamestown, Virginia. His is also Vice President of History with the African American Historical and Genealogical Society. We will explore the upcoming The Afro-American Historical and Genealogical Society conference that will be virtual this year. Arlo Washington, had been a barber for about 10 years when he founded a financial literacy non-profit in 2008. Today the non-profit, PEOPLE Trust, is the only Black-controlled financial institution based in Arkansas. Washington will reveal how the community development financial institution laws allowed him to create PEOPLE Trust that serves the needs of people that traditional banks shun, but who need capital without getting into debt traps. PORT OF HARLEM TALK RADIO
September 28, 2020
Sep 03, 2020 Guests: Dr. Ida Jones and Sandra Schulberg, and Melvin Foote
On Thursday, September 3 at 8pm EST, We Talk Productions presents Port Of Harlem Talk Radio. Host Wayne A. Young talks with Dr. Ida Jones, University Archivist at Morgan State University, and Sandra Schulberg, president and executive director of IndieCollect, which saves American independent films. With you, they will discuss the finding and restoration of NationTime-Gary, a film on the 1972 National Black Political Convention, that debuts in virtual cinemas through Kino Marquee October 23.  In the second half hour, Young will talk with Melvin Foote, president of the Constituency for Africa, about the current U.S. President’s Africa agenda, or lack thereof. Foote will also share what advocates for Africa should be demanding from candidates regarding policies toward the homeland. Jones, one of the next show's first guests, is also the author of four biographies including "Baltimore Civil Rights Leader, Victorine Quille Adams and the Power of the Ballot.” She took preserving Adam’s legacy a step further and did what was necessary to have Adams inducted into the Maryland Women’s Hall of Fame. In 2018, she conducted the How to Preserve Your Legacy program for Port Of Harlem and the Alexandria Black History Museum. Schulberg is also a longtime advocate of "Off-Hollywood" filmmakers. She currently serves on the advisory committee of the Women's Film Preservation Fund (created by Women in Film & Television) and is a member of the Association of Moving Image Archivists. As a producer, she has many films to her credit. Foote is president of one of the surviving Africa advocacy groups in America. The Rockville, Illinois native has more than 35 years of experience and has worked in over 30 African countries. CFA has established a network of organizations, groups, and individuals committed to the progress and empowerment of Africa and African people worldwide. The Washington, DC based organization continues to build public and private support for Africa, and help shape a progressive U.S. policy towards Africa. PORT OF HARLEM TALK RADIO
September 28, 2020
Aug 26, 2020 Guests: Milagros Philips and Samba Baldeh - Race Literacy/Gambian-American elected official
Milagros Philips and Samba Baldeh appear on the  inaugural POH Talk Radio show, Thursday, August 20, 8p eastern standard time. To call in, dial or click "Current Show" to hear or to write a comment. It all starts Thursday, August 20, 2020. At the start of the program, we talk with Milagros Phillips. She is a speaker, author, and coach, who has spent the past 20 years facilitating race literacy programs.  We will talk about “Experiencing Racism in Two Languages with Jim Crow and Colonization” based on her Port and Harlem article and her unique experience being a bi-lingual Dominican-American. At 8:30p, we talk with Samba Baldeh, who has run for office twice and won both races.  Last Tuesday, he won nearly 50 percent of the vote in a four-person race and is on his way to become the first Muslim in the Wisconsin state assembly and probably the first Gambian-American in any state legislature. We featured Baldeh in “Samba Baldeh Seeks to Become Wisconsin’s First Gambian-American State Legislature.” PORT OF HARLEM TALK RADIO
September 28, 2020