Teresa, a sweet ass baby, changing the beauty norms in the "H"

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By The Grand Kanyen
Welcome to POS GODS, where we're positive a'f.
Shitting ourselves is a conflicting moment for our personal and public identity.
October 8, 2019
Sharlene asks, "How bad do you want it?"
Oh man... Oh Woman!!! Women, we are out here making waves, especially my girl, Sharlene!!!!!  Sharlene, is a special individual. Not only in the way she lives her life, but in the way she thinks and treats humanity. This girl is really  trying to make the world a better place by creating a legacy that will carry on long after she is 6 feet in the dirt. Through her work with a self-made organization WIA at UofH, but through her tenacity and grit and love for hitting rock bottom in order to grow. No matter how bad her ROI may be. In this episode we dive deep into what creates a strong since of confidence and how to project empathy while also staying true to yourself. The key to that? We believe it to be a since of selfishness in order to be selfless. While this maybe seen as contradictory to popular belief, I promise, it is not. Sure, you may disagree, but please take a listen to get a broader understanding. Not only of healthy and POSITIVE selfishness but also of why we must focus on ourselves in order to eventually serve others and our community.  "Good things come to those who do what they want..."  oh yes Sharlene... P.s i love Sharlene's name because its the name of everyone's favorite tailor park stripper... but the one who reads, and loves animals.
September 23, 2019
Teresa, a sweet ass baby, changing the beauty norms in the "H"
There seems to be a theme with my first appearing guests. Fitness bitches... gotta love them; since they make interesting instagram posts. But this bitch, Teresa is slightly different from the rest of them. Not only being a beauty specialist for over a decade and a business owner, shes extremely passionate about the well-being of others. Inspiring and treating every single person (deserving or not). Moral of this positive story: shes a positive optimistic kind badass.  She gives us the inside scoops on major career changes, kindness, Asian family dynamics, society's beauty standards, and judgement.  Where you can find her: Instagram: @teresathuy Blog: www.teresathuy.com/ You can also find me: Instagram: @thegrandkanyen Twitter: @thegrandkanyenn If you have any questions DM me!  Thank you for your happy ass time Have a positive ass day y'all.  POS GODS loves you as well. #forthepeople
February 9, 2019
Bad Boy Matt Bailey... and My Dad
In this episode we , as we always do, about positivity. Not just your regular smegular positivity, but practice positivity. In our relationships, careers, fears in taking THAT ONE RISK, our parent dynamics, but also how these things can be negative.  With these negative things that can effect us we also talk business about how to improve these situations.  Matt Bailey (the guest) is a trainer based out of Houston, Tx. Who loves peoples and is down to train ANYBODY who wants to get it.  You can find him: Instagram: @mattbaileytraining Website: mattbaileytraining.com Medium: https://medium.com/@MJPBailey My Dad!! Paul Barrera who is the best dad ever!! and also a very tough MMA/Yoga/Movement specialist/trainer. Who just dropped a book on amazon!! You can find him: instagram: saki_chop his book: https://www.amazon.com/Salus-Revealed-Project-Book-ebook/dp/B07L9Q5QZK Thank you for your time! Forever grateful!!  Stay positive, bitches. I got mad love for y'all. Stay nice and positive!
February 7, 2019
Be Practical, Bitch.
In this episode we take a look at some majorly positive people. Sophie J. Butler, Jocko Willink, and BOSS BABES Instagram accounts.  These people are so badass in the way they operate and inspire others to be themselves while maintaining discipline... UGH what bad mutha fuckas... What these people have most in common is that they all practice "practical positivity." Something that I believe to be lost in the shitty propaganda that surrounds the term "positivity/optimism." Nonetheless, we dive balls deep into this perspective on positivity, and how to just think about practicing it. Just please do it. At least try it for 1 lousy ass day. You can think the world/me are full of shit... After you try it.    With all this being said, thank you. Thank you for stumbling across this podcast, for taking the time (even if you listen for 1 min and think its shit, that's okay... I'll be back) to listen to this episode.  Stay bad and positive you beautiful Gods. You can find the mentioned people here  Sophie J. Butler insta: @sophjbutler Jocko Willink insta: @jockowillink BOSS BABES Insta: @bossbabes BOSS BABES websites: https://bossbabe.com/  With kisses on your mouth, Troy (a.ka @thegrandkanyen) P.S Shout out to Luna! For being the first person, who wasn't one of my friends, to favorite my podcast. xoxo
January 30, 2019
Intro Into Positivity
Welcome to POS GODS. This podcast will, hopefully, allow other people to get the inside scoop on how to become more positive, or implement positivity/optimism into your everyday life. I plan on only giving y'all REAL content from the jump. The good, not so good, and bad. WE will giving praise and thanks to those around us in all communities, having guests share their experience with positivity (in rough and good times), the differences between genuine and 'fake' positivity, "How To's," and my (Troy Kanyen a.k.a. @thegrandkanyen) personal anecdotes as well . We are unique and dope. We are all gods.  Stay positive, get this bread, and have a great fucking day.
January 26, 2019
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