Positively Negative

Positively Negative

Phil Campbell
we try and extract the negative and replace with a fix of positivity. change, adoption, adapting and remixing digital tools and life curve balls into better life decisions with a side order of crypto living and blockchain powered outcomes.


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EP8 -- 15.4.18 -- Quiet Voices in the Hotel

EP8 -- 15.4.18 -- Quiet Voices in the Hotel
it's been six months since @dayleeo was here in the uk. we decided to get one last podcast (this side of the pond) together before she headed out, she's arrived now safe and sound. it was good to get this done, even thou we were sad.
April 16, 2018
05.04.2k18 // Positively Negative EP7 (not 8! lol)
This was recorded in bed using the laptop, we will be taking the laptop and audio podcasting setup with us to @steemcampuk in the hope of having a few chats with steemians at the event or when we are discussing or round tabling of ideas (that’s the hope anyway)
April 6, 2018
Positively Negative #EP6 - Monday is Calling.
Sometimes you just have to go head down and get stuff done, we both had a solid day, I think @dayleeo managed to shoehorn a bunch more stuff in than I did but overall I productive day, the right momentum at least, something that can be hard to find on a monday — felt that sunday build up helped. Another just chat and get used to the audio equipment kinda podcast, I’ve been dabbling with OBS and recorded a ten solid live streamer tips today for @dlive and that’s uploaded, props to the guys over there for voting for stuff up — https://dlive.io/video/teamhumble/ba921780-3119-11e8-8c78-95b7c3b77998 if you want to check it out. Also messed around with new intro graphics to start live streams which I want to improve with some hardcore python scripts at some point but I’m not sure if the Mac version supports them yet. We went all over the MAP again today in this podcast! :) Let us know if you are out there and listening! :)
March 26, 2018
Positively Negative #EP5 // Thursday Circles
trying to keep up the momentum of the recording daily situation. we recorded for up to forty-five minutes today and just shot the sh_t. had a bit of a fail on the soundboard recording and it was actually low so we need to work out why the system sound was quiet and not captured but we will have that working for next time. @dayleeo had a super focused day and i was a little bit cloudy but still got some stuff done in the end, time to focus up and get through another month, another ten day and boom we are in april, these months are flying by, think i need to take more time out and do some exercise instead of suffering from exhaustion or something! :) we hope you will come and check us out on steem! :) - find us at http://steemit.com/@teamaudio
March 22, 2018
Positively Negative #EP3/4 // we skipped a day (but we good)
it would have been episode five but yesterday I was just so vacant that I could not my brain in gear in work let alone talk for a while on a podcast so left it until today, it’s pretty hard to record a podcast, audio, rants everyday anyway until @dayleeo heads back we are gonna try. The notion is that if we do it everyday I’m guessing is that we are accountable for it and that it becomes a routine (you know like 30 day challenges) to aim at maintaining it, after all we got the hardware now it seems stupid not to use it. forgot to mention that we tried playing it back in pocket casts and it works fantastically well, sounds great too, if you can think of anything to improve it let us know, I realise we need like an intro sting and such like but we are working on things bit by bit — I’ve already made graphics (bottom of the post) for where you can find us and subscribe if you so wish — hope you do!
March 21, 2018
Positively Negative EP3 // Monday Maze Life
once again, corralled into the mix, dayle got us all locked down to a time and right now she's making fire behind me in the kitchen with some popping herbs in tonights india curry and it's gonna be fire (can't wait) we are going to attempt to at least do these daily until @dayleeo has to head back to her homelands -- we kinda need to do it, we have a lot to get out between now and then as we go through the mysteries of the visa system and just generally communicating from different sides of the globe that we call planet earth. today we just go all over the shop, i can't even tell you where we start and where we end -- we went in, beers on a monday (on a school night as we used to say) shooting the shiz about everything. if you listen to the end i thank you for your time and determination, wherever you are in the world. thank you. we hope you tune in tomorrow. are you out there? - http://steemit.com/@teamaudio
March 19, 2018
Positively Negative EP2 // Sundaze Focus Up!
really did not want to record an episode today, i was feeling quite apathetic which brought up an interesting conversation and probable self-reflection about effort, focus and pride, eventually -- the biggest take away however was how upbeat i felt during the audio - aiming for daily!
March 18, 2018
Restarting the Positively Negative Ship (new mics!)
we just upgraded all the things, our first new podcast together using a great audio interface and some broadcast XLR mics, it's super nice -- we posted this to our main decentralized account (http://steemit.com/@teamaudio) on steemit.com -- pumped to see it going out on multiple locations as well, i hope you will subscribe, looking to do these at very least once a week!
March 15, 2018
What worked and what didn’t ;)
so just wanted to push a little podcast with this to show how easy it is to record a clip, change the graphic and let repurpose.io deal with encoding the video in the cloud.
November 10, 2017
both of our steemit birthdays!
It’s been one year since we were both on the steemit platform. It seems to feel so much more after coming back from steemfest 2 — even thou we are both minnows i really feel this is a community I can bond with!
November 9, 2017
Day 2 / lunchtime breakout
Wandering around the site here on day two for steemfest 2 — feeling more on point today.
November 3, 2017
Heading on the Bus to Day 1
Travelled in on the bus this morning to the venue, Centro cultural de Belem
November 2, 2017
Day 1 - The Morning So Far
I’m still in that audience engagement mindset right now, whenever I’m at a venue i just always consider the remote audience. I can be present and remote. Just a skill i have! :)
November 1, 2017
@ hotel before SteemFest²
Crashed @ Hotel before SteemFest²
October 30, 2017
setting up all the socials
not sure how each of these episodes are going to work but for now I’ll push whatever I record in twenty four hours before they vanish from anchor — this new podcasting feature is legit!
October 24, 2017
life in transition // 22.10.17
initial setup testing for on the go anchor!
October 22, 2017

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