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Positively Negative

Positively Negative

By @philcampbell & @dayleeo
extracting the negative and replacing with a fix of positivity. adapting to change and remixing digital tools and batting those life curve balls into better life decisions with a side order of blockchain crypto coliving on the steem blockchain → tweet @ → and → discord → → donations welcomed
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[may] What up People, Back Back! :)
ZQTqClsAFd6yHb482g2f hey, we kinda took a bit of a dip there, time out, mental reboot,  end of a year long project and perspective and back to reality again  with another podcast. we went all over the map about mental energy, why  we do it, do we need to be managed and i think dayle talked about  tectonic plates a little bit too.
May 13, 2019
Positively Negative - 4th April - Imposters, Labels and Grit.
how we managed to even get this podcast out tonight after the day  we both had is pretty amazing to me, but we got it done, wake up  tomorrow and crush the productsense about all the steemhunt IEO updates  and new bonus system, bear with us with this episode we turned and  flipped frustration around today -- plus we have bread to roll out! :)  #grassroots life! :)
April 04, 2019
28th -- Positively Negative -- The Temporal Ethics Committee
just shooting the shiz this morning trying to catchup with our podcast cycle, very difficult when it's warm and lovely and all you wanna do is drink corona and hang out in a swing in the sun, ya know? but we made it and we hit temporal ethics, we made it up. we like it. 'people are people so why should it be, you and i should get on so awfully' -- depeche mode ;)
March 28, 2019
Postively Negative -- Random Compliance Discussion and Researchers thwarting body hacks!
went all over the place this week, i think it's because we are  both busy in different ways this week, we are a bit behind (sorry about  that) just a random episode, thank you to the seven people globally that  listen to our rants and raves. .. also, we discuss this. . it kinda  get's heated..
March 22, 2019
Postively Negative, 13th March -- it's Hella Windy!
super random, mid day stream, props to @dayleeo for keeping us on track with these. We're trying to make that InstantPot life happen.. maybe even for St.Patricks Day! We've reduced theme prices by more than half, and announced the next theme we've been working on. Engrave blogs for steemians - when they launch their theme marketplace we'll create matching blog themes for your carrd sites STARTUP CEMETERY thinking about time delegation theme building new skills learning 'where you frequent' community building instead of forcing it
March 13, 2019
Positively Negative, 6th March, Kingdom for a Breads!
Skills? new bread process for paratha World News? South Korea has 4.8 gig internetz Lessons/ Things you learned about yourself? relationship between intuition and nature vs nurture judgements Things you're in the process of improving or tightening the bolts on? asset management, digital tools course, portfolio presentation, new site for, new design and new templates coming soon!
March 06, 2019
Positively Negative -- What To Do When You're Waiting on the Universe?
we have a website now! -- -- both of our casts are there! today we wanted to get an early start on this one because we  missed out doing it yesterday, it's a rainy kinda day today as well so  although we start with rain it does get quieter as we move through the  cast -- as usual, end of february and things are starting to pick back  up, but dayle had a great topic for us to talk around today. It's the end of February and client budgets are taking about as long  to thaw as the winter ground. What do you do in the mean time? In  between the pockets, powerups and upgrade portals the Universe puts in  your path. "Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe."
February 28, 2019
Positively Negative, 21st Feb - Where the week go?!
how's it going? enjoying your week. We've been head down, tinkering and playing with creative projects this week, compiling OBS sources from scratch and compiling ideas for landing pages for our projects. All good thou, feb is nearly at the end and i love going into March, are you ready for a new Month or What?!
February 21, 2019
hectic week but a heck of a lot pushed,,, and!
we had a heck of a hectic week, pushed a MVP product, updated and used our templates on for our tshirts store and for our podcasts -- we did not get to product sense yet but we will get this done before the end of the week! :) we got so much pushed! :)
February 15, 2019
Positively Negative for the 7th of Feb -- Crushing Projects and Stacking Flour, Chick Peas and Rice!
it's been another packed week of project work but we are breaking  the back of it now, lots of things done, half way with the templates and  ready to push that micro  #steem  business up, look at setting up for our decentralized online  business and just a generally upbeat and focused time -- i like it when  things are like this.
February 07, 2019
end of january and mostly positive outcomes
all is pretty good, the hatches are bolted down and we are in  the process of stock piling flour, chickpeas and rice for the rest of  the year, we've been going back to basics and building things out like  the ultra lean twin creative team we are. lots of positives this month,  not too many negatives, just keep on stepping through, lots of flat  bread making from scratch and oh, yeah. .. this. . (behold at the wonder of how stunning this youtube show is)
January 30, 2019
yes i know we are nearly at the end of january, give us a break! :)
it's been really strange when i checked the stats, you seem to be watching our back catalog of audio which is weird but still very cool, we've just been really busy building some infrastructure out and putting together courses at the start of the year -- we just switched from the online zencastr tool using audio hijack and for some reason we had a bunch of issues with the output, props to @dayleeo for sorting it out thou! :)
January 23, 2019
postively unpacking the negative of 2018
not even sure how we managed to get this in today, clients are  already back on the radar and want things -- the christmas parties are  done and dusted however and we are back at the digital helm, in a few  weeks these will be even easier to get done, looking forward to that!  have a great happy new year going into 2019!
December 27, 2018
positive messages over a month that can be negative for some
every week seems to come with my things to grab our attention, it's been all change over on the social platform we use (steem) in recent weeks but the community has been really stepping up to the plate. we are slowly gearing up to recording both episodes today and recording twice a week, we don't have the days just yet but it's coming, we are working on it and thanks for the all the listens you guys have been doing! means a lot!
December 19, 2018
positivity in what has felt a negative month in the past
december is marching right on in, i'll be glad once the month is out of the way and we are in that new fresh energy feeling of the new year, reboot, restart, reshape, refocus on what's important to the world around us, being ready and active and ready to go, not standing still, keeping it moving! -- we ended up talkin about EV's, local transportation and i think we had a bit of a chat about the sands of time in there as well! :)
December 12, 2018
putting out your intention to the universe
sorry for what might have come across as radio silence but we just got offered some CPM promotional stuff via anchor and flipboard and two other sponsors for our other podcast so that pushed us to record new intros and outros that sound better and balanced and do the scripts they wanted from us so expect some little ad things in the middle of the podcast when you play it back through the anchor app or when you go to anywhere you get your podcast from -- did you know that anchor now covers like 40% of all the new podcasts served world wide, that's crazy! well done anchor!
December 05, 2018
dayle defragging her approach to paperwork
hey guys, sorry we slipped on our schedule, but work and life just get in the way some times, what with VISA applications, paperwork and just general life admin (dayle has a dry eye and i've got a weird hand nerve situation going on) you just have to take time out -- don't we got talking about our relationship with 'paperwork' and just had a chat around it!
November 14, 2018
the ticking time clock of the universe
me and dayle were all over the map (universe) today, you know how these go with us too -- we are extremely thankful for the fact that the world has glass fibre that runs along the bottom of the oceans floor that can connect us in real time without any lag or latency with lovely sound HD sound, incredible when you think about it! :)
October 31, 2018
for the love of legacy
back once again in the land of dayle and phil talking about what makes us deep dive things and the usual things that have been triggering a couple that are currently three thousand miles apart from each other -- so come and drop in for an hour and have us on in the background, we would love to hear back from you! :)
October 24, 2018
retreating from centralization to realisation
we had a bit of a late start with this and i kinda forgot what a microphone was but we got there in the end, just a weekly catchup from three thousand miles apart as we step through the day to day catchup between the highlights and the positives of the week and the negative downsides that crop up occasionally, edging forward a little more, each day.
October 17, 2018
slight interruption to the schedule there.
dayle and phil back again, sorry about that little interruption to the schedule we just got more client work and was stuck in that work life, creative life weirdness where your trying to spin the plates and ultimately you have to drop one because your schedules don't sync -- i mean we are three thousand miles apart so give us a break! :)
October 10, 2018
chains, ledgers and votes, OH MANA!
back once again with another episode, a little later this week of positively negative with dayle and phil (@dayleeo and @teamhumble) from their blogging home on the steem blockchain. yes, it's a place, slightly magically where this week we've had dapps leave for testnet chains and when all our mana was drained from our very souls.. .
September 27, 2018
our worst jobs in life and what we learned.
it's been a bit of a crazy day here, midweek, we had to get this recorded to keep on track with our schedule for this week -- this day has been a bit of a car crash in some ways, so man threads I feel like a cpu running at 90% encoding a video! in this podcast me and @dayleeo got into our old jobs, what we did, what frustrated us and what we learned from them never to be repeated again! :)
September 20, 2018
getting the balance right, right?
it's been a crazy last few weeks, lots of things going on around here recently, lots of changes, updates, energy shifting between creative work, infrastructure building and brand new client relationships. it's been a difficult week to balance but here we are! :)
September 12, 2018
who mods the mods, the ai marches on.
Dayle picked an awesome topic this week and in usual fashion we went off about it for nearly an hour, take it as you will, it's been a hectic time over the last week, but while we are 3000 miles apart that's just the way it is -- but change is coming! :)
September 05, 2018
potential futures of jobs, tasks and digital tokens!
talking about the 'potential' futures of work and jobs, tasks and tokens... investments in digital communities and beyond. i know we will circle back around to this topic many times over.
August 29, 2018
feeling that podcast activation life
TOPIC: Podcasts We Listen To & Why Why do you think Podcasts took so long? // What do you look for in a podcast? // what are the benefits of just having a voice to listen to while solo- digital working? // difference between creating and consuming // any favorite podcasts to shout out? -- so yeah, we kinda went deep on all things aural today.
August 23, 2018
zigging while everyone zags
we actually did a lot of stuff behind the scenes this week, we hooked up some new intros and outros, set up a new podcast for our blockchain modding duties we do every day on the website, we discuss hiring a remote worker, side projects, quick piece about screenflow 8 and slides4 launching and we even setup a discord channel you can come and tell us that you listen and follow us! -- don't forget to support the show with the lovely new financial feature, we just want to see it show us 99 cents in our wallet, love ya! :)
August 15, 2018
always be iterating forward
we both actually had a lot of other things to talk about today but sustainability and heatwaves and storytelling and a whole sh*t ton of other stuff got in their as well about behaviour, consumption and opportunity -- welcome to word bingo!
August 09, 2018
Long Distance Timezones
dayle decided on the topic of timezones today and we ended up talking for an hour about some of our experiences in each others countries while we were there, it's funny how memories are activated when you start talking about time -- while i'm often very grounded and dayle is sky and space we somehow manage to meet in the clouds (digitally of course!)
August 03, 2018
Food Starting Up Transitions
in today's nearly hour-long episode we talk about dayle's food transition since she's been back home and some of the food startups she's been using to get hold of supplies and to carve out more time now she's had her blood work done.
July 31, 2018
The Return Three Months Later
3000 + miles away from each other, connected via VOIP we managed to make this work, i think this is gonna work out fine, hat tip to 'Couples Therapy' for helping with momentum motivation. ... it certainly does not feel like 90 days apart! :)
July 27, 2018
EP8 -- 15.4.18 -- Quiet Voices in the Hotel
it's been six months since @dayleeo was here in the uk. we decided to get one last podcast (this side of the pond) together before she headed out, she's arrived now safe and sound. it was good to get this done, even thou we were sad.
April 16, 2018
05.04.2k18 // Positively Negative EP7 (not 8! lol)
This was recorded in bed using the laptop, we will be taking the laptop and audio podcasting setup with us to @steemcampuk in the hope of having a few chats with steemians at the event or when we are discussing or round tabling of ideas (that’s the hope anyway)
April 06, 2018
Positively Negative #EP6 - Monday is Calling.
Sometimes you just have to go head down and get stuff done, we both had a solid day, I think @dayleeo managed to shoehorn a bunch more stuff in than I did but overall I productive day, the right momentum at least, something that can be hard to find on a monday — felt that sunday build up helped. Another just chat and get used to the audio equipment kinda podcast, I’ve been dabbling with OBS and recorded a ten solid live streamer tips today for @dlive and that’s uploaded, props to the guys over there for voting for stuff up — if you want to check it out. Also messed around with new intro graphics to start live streams which I want to improve with some hardcore python scripts at some point but I’m not sure if the Mac version supports them yet. We went all over the MAP again today in this podcast! :) Let us know if you are out there and listening! :)
March 26, 2018
Positively Negative #EP5 // Thursday Circles
trying to keep up the momentum of the recording daily situation. we recorded for up to forty-five minutes today and just shot the sh_t. had a bit of a fail on the soundboard recording and it was actually low so we need to work out why the system sound was quiet and not captured but we will have that working for next time. @dayleeo had a super focused day and i was a little bit cloudy but still got some stuff done in the end, time to focus up and get through another month, another ten day and boom we are in april, these months are flying by, think i need to take more time out and do some exercise instead of suffering from exhaustion or something! :) we hope you will come and check us out on steem! :) - find us at
March 22, 2018
Positively Negative #EP3/4 // we skipped a day (but we good)
it would have been episode five but yesterday I was just so vacant that I could not my brain in gear in work let alone talk for a while on a podcast so left it until today, it’s pretty hard to record a podcast, audio, rants everyday anyway until @dayleeo heads back we are gonna try. The notion is that if we do it everyday I’m guessing is that we are accountable for it and that it becomes a routine (you know like 30 day challenges) to aim at maintaining it, after all we got the hardware now it seems stupid not to use it. forgot to mention that we tried playing it back in pocket casts and it works fantastically well, sounds great too, if you can think of anything to improve it let us know, I realise we need like an intro sting and such like but we are working on things bit by bit — I’ve already made graphics (bottom of the post) for where you can find us and subscribe if you so wish — hope you do!
March 21, 2018
Positively Negative EP3 // Monday Maze Life
once again, corralled into the mix, dayle got us all locked down to a time and right now she's making fire behind me in the kitchen with some popping herbs in tonights india curry and it's gonna be fire (can't wait) we are going to attempt to at least do these daily until @dayleeo has to head back to her homelands -- we kinda need to do it, we have a lot to get out between now and then as we go through the mysteries of the visa system and just generally communicating from different sides of the globe that we call planet earth. today we just go all over the shop, i can't even tell you where we start and where we end -- we went in, beers on a monday (on a school night as we used to say) shooting the shiz about everything. if you listen to the end i thank you for your time and determination, wherever you are in the world. thank you. we hope you tune in tomorrow. are you out there? -
March 19, 2018
Positively Negative EP2 // Sundaze Focus Up!
really did not want to record an episode today, i was feeling quite apathetic which brought up an interesting conversation and probable self-reflection about effort, focus and pride, eventually -- the biggest take away however was how upbeat i felt during the audio - aiming for daily!
March 18, 2018
Restarting the Positively Negative Ship (new mics!)
we just upgraded all the things, our first new podcast together using a great audio interface and some broadcast XLR mics, it's super nice -- we posted this to our main decentralized account ( on -- pumped to see it going out on multiple locations as well, i hope you will subscribe, looking to do these at very least once a week!
March 15, 2018
What worked and what didn’t ;)
so just wanted to push a little podcast with this to show how easy it is to record a clip, change the graphic and let deal with encoding the video in the cloud.
November 10, 2017
both of our steemit birthdays!
It\u2019s been one year since we were both on the steemit platform. It seems to feel so much more after coming back from steemfest 2 \u2014 even thou we are both minnows i really feel this is a community I can bond with!
November 09, 2017
Day 2 / lunchtime breakout
Wandering around the site here on day two for steemfest 2 \u2014 feeling more on point today.
November 03, 2017
Heading on the Bus to Day 1
Travelled in on the bus this morning to the venue, Centro cultural de Belem
November 02, 2017
Day 1 - The Morning So Far
I\u2019m still in that audience engagement mindset right now, whenever I\u2019m at a venue i just always consider the remote audience. I can be present and remote. Just a skill i have! :)
November 01, 2017
@ hotel before SteemFest²
Crashed @ Hotel before SteemFest\262
October 30, 2017
setting up all the socials
not sure how each of these episodes are going to work but for now I\u2019ll push whatever I record in twenty four hours before they vanish from anchor \u2014 this new podcasting feature is legit!
October 24, 2017
life in transition // 22.10.17
initial setup testing for on the go anchor!
October 22, 2017