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Positive Academy

Positive Academy

By Huzaifa Surti
This station is about implementing Positivity in Life for different areas such as Health,Finance,Career,Relationship, Happiness, Abundance, Prosperity, Self Help, Personal Development, Inspiration, Motivation, Dream, Goals, Success, Power, Meditation, Gratitude, Legacy, Believe, Universe, Lawofattraction, Journaling, Skills, Knowledge, Lifelonglearning, Confidence, Time, Reading, Speaking, Writing, People, MoneyIdeas, Interviews, SelfTalk, Bestversionofyourself, Serveothers, ActofKindness, Dontgiveup, Positivity, powerofpositivity,
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How we can channel our energy
How we can channel our energy
November 10, 2021
22 Ideas for Better Sleep
22 Ideas for Better Sleep
August 14, 2021
Facts about Vitamin D
Vitamin D deficiency VitaminD facts
August 14, 2021
5 morning habits that will make tomorrow best ever
5 morning habits that will make tomorrow best ever
July 14, 2021
8 Seeds You Must Eat
Chia seeds 8 seeds you must eat
May 9, 2021
What's happening
Why I didn't uploaded any episode what I was doing what's happening with me
April 18, 2021
What are the benefits of oiling your belly button
March 24, 2021
Not all the Days are Same
We have ups and downs in our life
March 8, 2021
Share Your Message
Share your thoughts
February 15, 2021
Power of Numbers and Future Plan
Power of Numbers Numerology
February 1, 2021
Listen this if you are feeling Depressed | Positive Academy
Listen to this if you are feeling Depressed | Positive Academy watch this when you 're anxious  videos to watch when anxious  kerwin youtube  what to watch when anxious  videos on stress and anxiety  symptoms of stress videos  best movies to watch when anxious  what to watch when anxious  living with anxiety - youtube  things to watch to calm you down  movies to watch when stressed  shows to watch when stressed  what to watch when you're sad  do you ever feel really depressed
January 25, 2021
10 things that happen to your body if you walk everyday | Positive Academy
10 things that happen to your body if you walk everyday | Positive Academy why walking must be necessary in your life benefits of walking everyday
January 7, 2021
Things I wish I knew when I was 20
Things I wish I knew when I was 20
January 5, 2021
How to Manage your Money
Money management How to manage money
December 16, 2020
Power of Affirmations
How affirmations are helpful positive affirmations
November 30, 2020
Habits that will Transform your Life
4 Habits that will Transform your life T I M E
November 16, 2020
Life Purpose Motivation
Life Purpose Motivation What is your Life Purpose How to discover your life purpose find out more...
October 14, 2020
Benefits of Applying Coconut oil to your soul feet
Benefits of APPLYING coconut oil
October 13, 2020
Let's get connected send us feedback anything you wish to say
September 10, 2020
Life is a Choice. Everything is a Choice
Choose wisely Live well
August 28, 2020
Podcast Statistics Revealed
Thank you all people for supporting my Podcast supporting my work it means a lot to me when I see my performance the people were listing was connected to me it means a lot to me and it keeps me self motivated, make more of such content stay connected Peace
August 17, 2020
Create Something Everyday
We are all CO creator of life so create something amazing already be a creator discover your skills Evans abilities and work on yourself everyday to create something amazing
August 17, 2020
Daily Motivation
Daily Motivation
July 29, 2020
How to find purpose in your Life
How to find purpose in your Life Questions to ask yourself 1. Who am I?  2. What am I doing in my Life  3. For whom i am doing what i am doing  4. what benefit will others get from what i am doing  5. what is the outcome of my work
June 30, 2020
What is Spirituality
What is spirituality
June 1, 2020
432 hz 1 Hour Meditation
432 hz 1 Hour Meditation 432 hz music, sleep infinite waters 432 hz music, sleep download  deep sleep frequency 528 hz  music for deep sleep healing power  432 hz healing  hz deep sleep music  deep sleep, insomnia  healing sleep music  meditation music  healing music  528 hz music  frequency meditation  meditation frequency list  432 hz healing  432 hz music  positive energy healing music
May 6, 2020
The Secret to a Long and Happy Life
The Secret to a Long and Happy Life I talk about the Japanese Secret of living a long and happy life. the book Ikigai
May 6, 2020
Do it Now
Start now Do it now power of now. Power lies in the present moment. Make it happen
January 22, 2020
50 PROSPERITY Affirmations
PROSPERITY Affirmations Money Affirmations Wealth Affirmations
January 22, 2020
Positive Affirmations for Chakra Healing
Positive Affirmations for Chakra Healing
December 29, 2019
How to stop absorbing other people energy
How to stop absorbing toxic energy. How to let go of other people expectations.
December 19, 2019
A New Paradigm
Are you ready to change yourself if yes then checkout this episode
November 2, 2019
How to Heal Yourself...
How to Heal Yourself. you can self heal yourself. checkout this episode where i share how one can heal themselves.
October 23, 2019
How to raise your frequency
How to raise your vibration
October 21, 2019
The wonders of whole foods
we are what we eat, so choosing correct food plays very important role is ones life. here i share the importance of plant based foods.
August 14, 2019
How to Deal with Difficult People
Art of dealing with people plays very important role in this episode you will learn how to deal with difficult people
August 8, 2019
How to Overcome Fear Part 2
How to Overcome Any fear part 2 here I talk about in-depth reasons for fear and how one can overcome the same
July 15, 2019
How to Overcome any Fear
Fear is the greatest energy vampire in this episode we talk about how can you overcome any fear from your life.
July 7, 2019
5 ways to Build A Better Relationship
5 ways to build a better relationships 1. Communication 2. Appreciation 3. Passion 4. Trust 5. Have Fun
July 5, 2019
How to Overcome Depression and Anxiety
Simple tips to overcome depression and anxiety
July 4, 2019
How to become a Rockstar.
in this episode I interview the creator of YouTube channel THE SCHOOL OF ROCKSTARS
May 26, 2019
How to Manage your Energy
How to Manage your Energy. everything in this universe is energy. think in terms of energy and not time.
April 23, 2019
Lifelong learning is the key to success. Be a lifelong learner
lifelong learning is the key to success. always choose education over entertainment.
April 19, 2019
Listener Support now added to our podcast channel. Your support is appreciated
we have added listener support. you can support this podcast in your own way many thanks.
April 19, 2019
Black Hole Image Released
Black Hole Image was released and it was amazing thing happened on 10th April. But can Mankind beat Nature find out in this episode
April 13, 2019
My 10 Favourite Life Mantras
We all have mantras for live which we live by. here I share my 10 Favourite mantras for life. 1.     ♦ This too shall pass  2.  ♦ Everything is not about you  3.   ♦ This is done. Now, what next?  4.  ♦ This is the time; this, the moment!  5.  ♦ Stay honest, no matter what!  6.   ♦ Choose friends who make you happy, not stress you  7.  ♦ Kindness never went unnoticed or unpaid  8.   ♦ Trust your instinct  9.  ♦ Fulfill your potential  10.  ♦ Stay balanced through highs and lows 
April 4, 2019
Stress Free Living - How to live life
How to get rid of stress? Is being stressful necessary when you don't have 80% control of your life.
March 23, 2019
Top 10 Autobiography you must read
Top 10 Autobiography books one must read in a life time. Steve Jobs Benjamin Franklin Adolf Hitler Walter isaacson top 10 Autobiography you must read
March 23, 2019
Benefits of Drinking water first thing in morning
This podcast tells benefit of Drinking water first thing in morning on an empty stomach
March 8, 2019
10 Traits to Reach Self Actualization
1. Faith 2. Love 3. Confidence 4. Patience 5. Consistency 6. Perseverance 7. Competitiveness 8. Appreciation 9. Consciousness 10. Courage. These are 10 Traits to Reach self actuaization.
February 18, 2019
10 more Books for Becoming Greatest Version
1. The Power of habit 2. Zero to One 3. The 4 hour work week 4. The 7 habits of highly effective people 5. Thinking Fast and Slow 6. The 10X rule 7. The Monk who sold his Ferrari 8. The richest man in Babylon 9. The science of getting rich 10. The Secret
February 8, 2019
10 Books Recommendations for 2019
This episode tells us the books to read to become your Greatest Version. 1. Think and Grow Rich 2. The Power of Your Subconscious Mind 3. The Power of Now 4. Your One word 5. You Can Heal Your Life 6. How to win friends and influence people 7. Rich Dad Poor Dad 8. Emotional Intelligence 9. Start with Why 10. Feel Alive
January 25, 2019
What is Reiki
Reiki is Universal Life Force Energy
December 29, 2018
What are you Grateful for
Express Gratitude
December 3, 2018
Prosperity Affirmations
20 Prosperity affirmations to listen for 21 days while you sleep
November 22, 2018
What it takes to be successful
Success motivation
November 15, 2018
Are You Working Towards Your Goal
Daily Inspiration and Motivation to work towards the goal
November 7, 2018
Have legs like that of Horse
Are you healthy enough?
November 4, 2018
Spend Time Wisely
Tools for success
October 29, 2018
Monday Motivation
Get back to work with this dose of motivation
October 29, 2018
Let go all that no longer serves you
Let go of all things which no longer serves you
October 26, 2018
Positive Affirmations for Self
Self care is first step towards success.
October 21, 2018
7 Spiritual Laws of Money
1. Universe will give you as much money as you can handle 2. money is an Exchange of Energy 3. Money Attracts Money 4. Money demands Respect 5. Put your own needs first 6. You set the speed of money flow 7. Abundance Mindset
October 21, 2018
Are You Eating Food to Live or Die
Why Eating right food is important for mind body and soul.
October 19, 2018
Powerful Success Habit
October 12, 2018
How to stop procrastinating
Simple tips
October 2, 2018
What are you giving
This show tells what are you giving out to the world to make an impact
September 20, 2018
How to gain Self Confidence
In this podcast i am sharing you the simplest way to gain self confidence
September 10, 2018
First Reading START WITH WHY
I recommend here 5 books which i have gone through and are the best for your self development. Start with Why Think and Grow Rich The Power of Now How to Win Friends and Influence People The Alchemist
August 24, 2018
My Dark Side
In this Podcast i share my dark side and how i have overcome, if you are new to this podcast please consider subscribing to receive daily dose of positivity in your life such as Health, Wealth, Career, Relationship, Happiness, Abundance, Prosperity
August 20, 2018