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Positively Positive Podcast - Herpes & Sexual Health

Positively Positive Podcast - Herpes & Sexual Health

By Positively Positive Podcast
Let's talk about sexual health, baby! Season 1: All things HSV (herpes) related: answers, insight, tools & real af stories from someone who's been there! Season 2: Candid conversations on STIs, chronic conditions and sex & body stuff we could all know more about! πŸ–€ πŸ’• πŸ’•
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2.7 Masturbation May with Clit Talk
WE ARE ON A MISSION. A MASTURBATION MAY MISSION. Join the 3 hosts of Clit Talk and I as we dive into our own experiences, my opinionated obsession with semantics surrounding female orgasms, and did you know there are 5 different types of clit?! Katie, Lindsey and Sugar share their very contrasting upbringings and how that affected their practices/views on sexuality, how embracing and taking control of their own pleasure has changed their lives, how they did it, and what we’re all doing to empower YOU to do the same. Let’s talk about masturbation, baby! πŸŽ‰πŸ’•
May 1, 2021
2.6 Diabetes Damsel: Type 1 Taylor
Taylor is really, really good at stabbing. Also at staying alive. No, she’s not a murderer on the run – she just has Type 1 Diabetes! Her graceful guidance as I learn all about insulin, glucose, pumps and jabs was much appreciated because there is SO MUCH ignorance surrounding this auto-immune disease. She didn’t eat too many donuts, yes she can still eat donuts, and no, donuts were never the problem! We chat management, misconceptions, American healthcare, dating with diabetes, and I ask really invasive questions! (Surprise, it’s another guest with herpes!) Let’s talk about Type 1 Diabetes, baby! ⭐ Find Taylor: @Two_Chronic_To_Care
April 13, 2021
2.5 UTIs, Yeast Infections & You
The ultimate big sis chat so many of us never had, but definitely needed. Tricia and I are talking UTIs, yeast infections, tips for chub rub, those infamous low rise Britney jeans and all things vaginal health - including my first pap story (SO FUN! Not.) and what you should NEVER EVER do with wasabi! We cover what UTIs and yeast infections actually are and the causes, symptoms and treatments, so grab your notepad for our tried & true tips for a happy, healthy vulva! We might get burned at the stake for the end of this episode, but witches probably wouldn't even give us that honor. Either way, there's blood on the windowsill and only YOU get to decide what matters. Buckle up and let's talk about probiotics, antibiotics and sex magic, baby! ⭐ Find Tricia on IG @Safe.Slut
April 6, 2021
2.4 Chlamydia with Courtney
Mr. Courtney Brame of the Something Positive for Positive People charity and podcast takes a hosting break to join me for a discussion about his own experiences, ethical non monogamy, Lil Wayne, boundaries, how to get Top 5 group chat status (listen up, fellas!) and the most popular reportable STI in North America - let's talk about chlamydia, baby! ⭐ Find Courtney on IG @HOnMyChest
March 22, 2021
2.3 Vexatious Vaginismus
What is vaginismus & why does it happen? One of my best friends shares her journey from shame to healing, how she approaches the topic with romantic partners, & we discuss the reality of putting yourself out there online. You probably won't be visiting Wendy's or Burger King after this, so grab a glass of wine - doctor's orders! (Seriously, a doctor recommended alcohol for this. Actual insanity.) Let's talk about vaginismus, baby. **Trigger warning: slut shaming**
March 15, 2021
2.2 Stripping, Sex Work & STIs
Chloe gives me an insider's look at the oldest profession in the world as we chat stripping, camming, sex work and STIs! As the host of Stripper Stories Podcast, Chloe brings relaxed, unfiltered UK opinions and genuine, funny advice for creators and consumers alike. Let's talk about the sex industry, baby! ⭐ Find Chloe on IG @StripperStoriesPodcast
March 8, 2021
2.1 Dental Dams w/The Dental Dame
What are dental dams, how EXACTLY do we use them, where do we even find them?! Every single do and don't and pro tip your heart desires is spelled out in this magical episode along with personal experiences from myself and the Dental Dame herself: Holistic Sexuality Educator, RN and STIgma Slayer Rae Kennedy! We talk collaborative, communicative, goofy fun sex and I share what it takes to get into my Exes Hall of Fame, muahahaha! Let's talk about dental dams, baby! ⭐ Find Rae on IG @Positive_Results_Us
March 1, 2021
17. Telling My Family I Have Herpes: My Story
What happens when you tell conservative religious family members that you have an STI? For some reason I have those answers. Jump on board as I lost any last fracks to give and let my family in on my sex life for reasons unbeknownst to man & God. I ended up questioning whether or not disclosure is really necessary before intimacy and debating the statistics of how many people are dumbasses or not. Let's talk about herpes, baby!
January 24, 2021
16. Sexuality After Herpes
Lubrication! Education! Masturbation! Come, ha, with me on a journey to sexual liberation after a herpes diagnosis! Complete with musical interludes, hot pink vibrators, updates on the men from previous episodes, and how I went from numb and dissociated to an informed, sex positive, WAP having, non stigma holding, HSV+ renegade. PLUS! Something I've never, ever told you before...Muahaha! Let's talk about herpes, baby!
August 31, 2020
15. Telling My Friends I Have Herpes: My Story
Welcome to my disclosure world tour! In this personal episode, I talkΒ about what happened when I told my friends about my herpes status &Β why I was so scared to tell one friend in particular. The cupcake metaphor returns, gardens are planted, and scones f*cking suck. Let's talk about herpes, baby!
August 25, 2020
14. Herpes Support Groups: Pros & Cons
I share the pros and cons of online HSV support groups, my experiences in them, and I spill a magical secret. Let's talk about herpes, baby! πŸ€«πŸ§™πŸ»β€β™€οΈ
July 30, 2020
13. Herpes Stigma
What is stigma? Where exactly did the herpes stigma come from, how did it get so blown up, and why does it persist? A deep dive into these answers, how & why it's going away and why ultimately, you decide how big of a deal it is or not. Let's talk about herpes, baby! πŸ“£ πŸ“š
July 30, 2020
12. Herpes Misconceptions
A review of the most common 13 misconceptions about herpes and the actual truth behind them. This is a great episode for potential romantic partners, friends and family. Let's talk about herpes, baby! πŸ“£πŸ“š
July 30, 2020
11. Mindset - STIs
Explore the positive and negative mindsets we have regarding herpes and life in general, positive test results or not. This episode is for everyone, and I'm dropping some harsh tough love. Let's talk about herpes, baby. πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™€οΈ πŸ–€
July 30, 2020
10. Herpes Disclosure Tips & Tricks
How to tell people you have herpes in 5 steps: Preparation, Timing, Phrasing, Results and Aftercare/Moving On! Plus ghosting, suing, and what I realized dating gym rats. I'm so excited for this one. Let's talk about herpes, baby! πŸ‘» πŸ€
July 30, 2020
9. Telling my Hookup I Have Herpes: My Story
How I told the guy I was sleeping with that I contracted herpes...from someone else. It was awesome. And then it wasn't. And then it was. (Not a "how to disclose" episode. That's #10.) This is my story, and it's a gong show, so to hell with it, let's talk about herpes, baby. πŸ’₯*Explicit content*πŸ’₯**TRIGGER WARNING: CONSENT**πŸ’₯
July 30, 2020
8. Telling the Person Who Gave Me Herpes: My Story
I share my experience of telling the person I contracted herpes from that they gave me an STI. I share my preparation, my nerves and how it went down! So just like I did with them, let's talk about herpes, baby! πŸ“£
July 30, 2020
7. Managing Herpes Outbreaks: Tips & Tricks + My Story
Tips & tricks for managing herpes outbreaks including immediate care, prodrome, triggers and what to do/what to use during an outbreak. This ep goes hand in hand with ep 6! Let's talk about herpes, baby! πŸ“£ πŸ“š ❀
July 30, 2020
6. Herpes Medication, Vitamins & Relief
An informative, easy to understand crash course covering the 3 herpes meds, popular supplements/vitamins as well as topicals for treating HSV. What they all are, how they work and what they're good for. No fake cures from any WhatsApp doctors, don't worry. Let's talk about herpes, baby! πŸ“£πŸ’Š
July 30, 2020
5. Herpes Testing
We cover 3 common tests for herpes, how, when and where to get tested, and the medical community's unfortunate approach to handling herpes. May this episode lead us all into sexy times with my favorite form of foreplay, so let's talk about herpes, baby! πŸ“š 😍
January 19, 2020
4. Dealing with Herpes Diagnosis
This episode covers the mental and emotional aspects of a herpes diagnosis & 5 tools from the Phoenix herself (it's me!) on how to deal with HSV diagnosis in a positive way. Let's talk about herpes, baby. πŸ’ž
January 19, 2020
3. Herpes Diagnosis: My Story
I go through the circumstances that led me to contracting herpes & the process of getting a medical diagnosis. Also I talk about tiny elf ninjas and why you are a yummy cupcake. Let's talk about herpes, baby. πŸ₯‹πŸ§
January 19, 2020
2. Herpes Transmission & Prevention
This episode covers the 2 things herpes needs to spread, the 2 times it can happen and the 3 things we can do to prevent it. Plus a fun fact about cows. Let's talk about herpes, baby. πŸ„
January 19, 2020
1. What is HSV: Herpes Simplex Virus?!
Herpes 101! Learn what herpes actually is, how it works, & the stats on how common it is. Cold sores, oral herpes, genital herpes, do you have herpes?! The whole 9 yards! Let's talk about herpes, baby. πŸ‘©β€πŸ« πŸ“’
January 19, 2020