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By Rachel Tagaisla
Postcard-pretty stories and musings from an island girl in the Philippines traveling around the world.
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What is Day Gaming?
There's this new dating or flirting technique called day gaming, and my friend is an expert at it Know more about it in this episode. Show Notes on the blog at
May 28, 2020
This Pandemic has Unleashed my Inner Grouch
I could not stand quarantine overachievers. I couldn't stand people who are being productive during this time: doing daily pushups, enrolling online classes, doing meditation or taking up calligraphy. Blog at | Support this podcast
May 14, 2020
Writing about the Mundane (and Coronavirus)
These days, we've been living life like an Edward Hopper painting: self-isolating, but oddly comforting, and introspective. Blog at | Support this podcast
May 14, 2020
12 'Only in the Philippines' Moments
From pointing with our lips to giving candy for change, Here are some endearing, shocking and 12 'Only in the Philippines moments! Blog at | Support this podcast
May 14, 2020
Amusing English Expressions Filipinos say
Filipinos certainly have our unique set of English expressions, words and idioms only unique to the Philippines! Get to know some words we say and what they really mean. Blog at | Support this podcast
May 09, 2020
Filipino's Obsession for Bathing
FIlipinos are known to be sticklers for good personal hygiene. Filipinos have tons of soap, shampoo and bathing products and our commercials prove that. This article talks about Filipino's Obsession for bathing and the history behind it. Blog at | Support this podcast
May 09, 2020
Filipino Language Lessons in Groceries and Dinner Tables
The best way to learn a foreign language or a nation's culture? Groceries and dinner tables! Food is an important aspect in people, and you will get to know a culture deeply through their food. Blog at | Support this podcast
May 06, 2020
The Multilingual Filipino
All Filipinos speak several languages and dialects--a world many of us have been used to. What language do you speak in? What language do you speak with? Blog at | Support this podcast
May 06, 2020
The Filipino Identity
Are Filipinos Asians, Hispanic or Pacific Islander? Let's explore the melting pot of east and west cultures and figure out the Filipino identity together. Blog at | Support this podcast
May 06, 2020
What it Means to be Filipino
It's interesting that you get to know more of your unique Filipino culture and heritage when one is uprooted from the homeland Philippines and experienced living elsewhere overseas. Support this podcast 
May 06, 2020