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The Potchki Audio Chronicles

The Potchki Audio Chronicles

By Lester Potchki
After 20 years Lester Potchki (Pot-ch-kee) an over arrogant yet mediocre gumshoe is back in an all-new set of comedic crime stories. The world of Potchki is a vibrant, if at times surreal journey into the underworld's most unique set of characters and crimes.
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The Potchki Chronicles Movie (2001) - (Part 2 of 2)
The "stunning" conclusion to our 2001 film 
May 19, 2022
The Potchki Chronicles Movie (2001) - (Part 1 of 2)
Welcome to a special presentation of our original film from 2001 . We decided to give the audience a special treat and let everyone hear how the world started.  Please enjoy some early 2000s nonsense! The second half of the film will be released next week ( 5/19/22)
May 12, 2022
Our Heroes Return for more and more …
Potchki and Nebbish return from Hel...sinki Finland as International heroes to the dismay of Flaczki's elaborate if not convoluted plan to get rid of them overseas. But upon their return, the team receives a surprise they never could’ve imagined… And the P.C.D.A. will never be the same and neither will the Potchkisberg’s secretarial pool.  
April 14, 2022
Season 2 Teaser
Potchki and Nebbish return from Finland with a whole set of problems... Season two Of the Potchki Audio Chronicles releasing Soon (2022)
March 01, 2022
Where are you Potchki and Nebbish? A True Crime Podcast Season 1 Finale Special
Potchki and Nebbish have gone missing and the venerable true crime Podcaster Adam Faraday of "Faradays Histories and Mysteries" is on the case. He will try to find out why these two gutsy gumshoes vanished. Adam gets up close and personal with many of Potchki's friends and foes along with a few unsatisfied customers who each spin their tale about this crime-fighting duo's disappearance. What do you think happened?
April 22, 2021
The Evil Case of Death by Mystery
In Case #10 - Potchki is left to his own devices... Literally. Nebbish is injured and now Potchki must solve their newest case with the help of a few new partner candidates.  Who will get the job? And hear how they get the job done.  This is a case for the Motivators! *And if you have a keen ear you may hear a special guest voice. 
April 01, 2021
2020 Halloween - Zombified Special
This was recorded live along with the sound effects for a special "special" presentation. Love,  Chinese food,  and a party = Zombies. What does this have to do with this show?  All of it. We find the Potchki Detective Agency getting ready for the office Halloween party where every character shows up for the festivities. Even Harvey.
November 10, 2020
The Case of the Lady who baked
It’s Sensei San’s 80th birthday. Please come and celebrate if you may... We hope you stay with us by the bay...Its Sensei’s day of play... Hooray! ... Bathing suits optional.
June 16, 2020
Cafe de Merde De Singe
Case 8 - A friend can be any stranger you walk by or bump into when you get your morning cup of coffee. You can just smile and say hi or lend a helping hand. Maybe you start a conversation with this other person and find you have similar interests or jobs. Did you just find your other best friend? All the while buying the best cup of coffee in the tri-state area, at a significantly lesser price, in pesos. So grab a cup of coffee or tea go sit down put your feet up pet your cat and enjoy this week's case. This week's episode is called Cafe de Merde de Singe.
May 13, 2020
The Mattress Mafia Strikes Again
Case 7 is our biggest sleepwalking adventure ever and it doesn’t disappoint or maybe it does. Potchki doesn’t sleep with the fishes but he does get caught up in trying to save a woman from being "put to sleep" by the secretive mattress mafia. What secrets do the mattresses hold? And who is keeping the biggest secret of all? Tune in and find out.
April 21, 2020
To Fast To Furry
Case #6 - Gimme an M, gimme an A, Gimme an S, Gimme an C, Gimme an O, Gimme a T what's that spell? MASCOT. People love mascots for all occasions and some people really love mascots way more than most. As our heroes are summoned into this strange case of a  missing Mascot, they find out way more about mascots then anyone needed to know. Also, Potchki gets to eat soup and lets not forget the nail biter of an ending.
April 03, 2020
A Brief History of Flaczki
Case #5 finds our hero’s getting their offices fully operational for their long fight ahead. With Sam, the new IT/gadget person now in the mix at Potchki Chronicles Detective agency. its only natural for Potchki to hire a new secretary too, the first one since Shannon double-crossed them back in 2000. As for Flaczki, we learn more about how his mischievous ways came to be and how his past growing up with Potchki, affects his present-day villany and certainly their future of evil doing.  Not all childhood friends last a lifetime or even a lunchtime. Mashy mash?
March 05, 2020
Breakfast is the most important meal of the day
Case #4 - Evil, never sleeps… In fact, it eats a healthy breakfast and plots the demise of its nemesis before noon. Flaczki and company have put their dastardly plans into action. The scheming never stops for them. Sean, Flaczki's right and left-hand man has a few bones to pick but he has to find the right time to pick them.   Meanwhile, Potchki and Nebbish are busy getting the office updated to 2020 standards while clearing out a few cold cases in the process. Nebbish also hires a new employee to help on the tech side and Potchki still has a few secrets up his pant leg.
February 06, 2020
The Case of the Bingo Balls
Case #3 - After years away, Potchki has finally reopened the Potchki Chronicles Detective Agency from its long hiatus. Nebbish, Potchki’s longtime friend and assistant make his triumphant return to the world of crime-stopping and friendship. Things pick up exactly where they left off 19 years ago. Their first case back together will send them bouncing down the rabbit hole like a bingo ball.
January 09, 2020
Twas two nights before Christmas - Christmas Poem ONLY
In the land of Potchkisberg their Christmas poem goes a little different then what you'd expect. This is the story of Santa's lesser known relative and all his glory. Listen to the extended version and not just the poem. (Note: This is an at least a PG-PG13 version - basically Adult humor) Poem Only -  Extended version is available as well
December 23, 2019
Twas two nights before Christmas - The Extended Christmas Special
In the land of Potchkisberg their Christmas poem goes a little different then what you'd, might expect. Listen to the extended version and not just the poem. (Note: This is an at least a PG-PG13 version - basically Adult humor) Extended Version - Poem Only version available as well
December 23, 2019
The Case of the missing turkey leg...
Special Holiday Episode:  The Case of the missing turkey leg... Thanksgiving is the time of year to think and appreciate family. Have you ever wondered about Lester's past and his family? Nope neither have we. In this Thanksgiving special case, we learn a little bit about his past and even more about his family history and where they came from.
November 26, 2019
Nebbish on the move?
Case #2 picks up with Lester's most trusted assistant I.M. Nebbish having left his old friend for much greener pastures when they were forced to close the Potchki Chronicles Detective Agency all those years ago but not all is what it seems... What would you do if you had a nice cushy job, fantastic money, and assistant to one of the most powerful CEO's? Would you quit? Written and Directed by Robert A. Palmer and Eric N. Horowitz Editor: Michael A. Weiss Additional Editing: Robert A. Palmer Sound Designer and Sound Mixer: Tom Stamatio Music: Kevin Macleod (
October 29, 2019
Lester's on the case - Podcast Pilot
Case #1 reintroduces us to the world's worst detective, Lester Potchki.  19 years after his biggest case, Lester finds himself on the outs with his department store manager. The Big Buys Big Box store doesn't always appreciate Lester's techniques and things finally come to a head when Lester tries to sniff out a criminal in his store. Will Lester live to fight crime another day or is it time he moves on? The future is in his hands, literally. Written and Directed by Robert A. Palmer and Eric N Horowitz Editor: Michael A. Weiss Sound Designer and Sound Mixer: Tom Stamatio Music: Kevin Macleod (
October 29, 2019