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Pot Smoking Moms

Pot Smoking Moms

By Pot Smoking Moms
Your Mom smokes pot and has a podcast. We are 2 south Florida Moms that spark up a jay and have lots to say. Join us as we end the Stigma on Cannabis and Chat with; Medical Experts, Industry Insiders, and Moms who have plenty of stories to tell. New Episode Every Wednesday.
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Hey! We want to be on the big stage at Cannafeast in Port Charlotte Nov 19 and need your help! Please do us a solid (or several solids *wink wink) by voting for us here  We will forever be grateful! -Love Sunny Dee
September 26, 2022
#100 Our Big 100th Episode!
Our season finale and 100th show...well ok its our 99th episode because of a miscount but 99 is very close to 100 so lets celebrate it anyway!! The Moms open the show discussing a few school 1st's and some stoner travel hurdles. We have a new Mailbag segment where a Father writes to us for some help, then we discuss a couple of current headlines; in California the governor signs a bill treating weed the same as alcohol in welfare cases, in San Fran psychedelic's get decriminalized, the UK is blocking Bermuda to legalize it, and the department of defense shoots a fake press conference to highlight its NO CBD policy. We play back a Conan podcast where his current assistant talks about smoking weed with his old assistant, and Sunny Dee shares her theory as to why Conan doesn't get high. In Miami we discuss pressuring DeSantis to get rid of the newest dosage limits. Celebrate our season finale with us!
September 14, 2022
#99 No Money In Weed with Serena from Ganja Clinic
In this weeks episode we discuss incorporating our podcast ,and having issues getting a bank account because of our name. Then we discover why Cannabis companies are not raking in as much dough as you think they are. In Orlando we talk about Jungle Boys and the grand opening this past weekend. For the interview portion of our show we chat with the lovely Serena from The Ganja Clinic here in Florida, and she discusses how you can get your medical card and guides us through that process. Thank you so much for listening! Please support our sponsors and our podcast by visiting
September 07, 2022
#98 Weed History with David Bienenstock
Welcome back! Jay indulges with some Cookie Dough Ice Cream this week which causes us to have some "technical difficulties" as J laughs uncontrollably for a good chunk of the show. For News Nugs- We read the results of a recent study where medical students give their honest views surrounding medical Cannabis, and it is no wonder we have one foot still living in the Ice Age. In Florida; the state health department released a new 70 day allowance for all other routes of administration, and we dissect what this means for all of us. Our charismatic Governor Satan thinks dispensaries should start paying more to do business here in Florida, and we discuss why they already pay too much. Our interview will surely Impress you as David Bienenstocks knowledge of weed is of the highest caliber. He has written for High Times, Vice, Leafly, GQ to name a few and his book How To Smoke Pot Properly is the perfect stoner companion. We are both huge fans of his podcast Great Moments in Weed History and we know you will be too after hearing this interview! Thank you to our patrons and sponsors Cheeba Hut and Fluent
August 31, 2022
#97 Self Certified with Brooke Westlake from Womens Expo
In the midst of "Back to School" this week we discuss drop off tears, making friends, and getting used to the new school schedules. Weed trucks in New York are getting busted for operating illegally as licensing has not yet become available, while a crack cocaine farmers market operated under the radar for 2 years! In D.C you no longer need a doctor to certify your need for Cannabis, after a new law in effect which allows one to "self-certify". Sign Us Up! Locally we discuss a new initiative led by Cannamoms own Moriah Barnhart, aimed at home grow, that would run parallel to last weeks news of Trulieve's 5 million dollar backed Smart and Safe Florida. Our interview is with the charming Brooke Westlake who is the founder and owner of the Women in Cannabis Expo. She tells us how she started the expo and what one would expect from attending. Thank you so much from your contributions!! We hope you enjoy the show!
August 24, 2022
#96 Cannabis Festing with Brian Buono from Potluck Productions
Todays episode starts with a new, updated, and sponsored smoke sesh! Sunny Dee discusses being nervous about her kid starting Kindergarten and shedding some tears in the front office after almost missing an appointment. Jay tells us about her kid going through the dreaded Jr. existential crises we all fear- "death talk".  Our news nugs sheds a spotlight on Colorado's cannabis boom and now 1st ever industry decline.  Then locally we discuss a new initiative aimed at getting recreational on our ballot for 2024; fueled by the money from big time industry player Trulieve. Spoiler Alert- home grow is not included WHOMP WHOMPPP! For the interview portion of the show we talk to the local event organizer that got us our first festival gig: Brian Buono of Potluck Productions. He tells us how he started, what it takes to bring people together, and the honest and relatable way he has NOT directly talked to his kids about Cannabis.  He is so much fun to talk to, we laughed a lot and hope you do too!  Enroll for Fluent's Rewards through this link:   Shop your local Cheeba Hut here: News Nugs: I Love You Miami: 
August 17, 2022
#95 Getting Lawyered with Michael Minardi
This week Dee shares her back to school worries as her young children are having night time setbacks. In the news Griner is sentenced to 9 years, while another former basketball player gets caught transporting 6.2 oz of weed through a Texas airport. Las Vegas prepares for consumption lounges and we explore how they plan on operating them.  Locally we talk about Berner and his Cookies brand moving into the Florida market, and we clear up some confusion about the medical requirements to obtain a FL medical card, spoiler alert Obesity and Cannabis use disorder is NOT there.  We also interview Michael Minardi a Florida attorney that is running for House and he gives us the lowdown on workplace protections, why 2.5 ounces is the monthly limit, the plain view law, and whether having the medical card puts you at risk of losing any government benefits. Please sub, rate AND review :)
August 10, 2022
#94 Weed Abroad with Jeffrey Demond
Back this week and we discuss not only the unfolding of the situation with Britney Griner, but also another American stuck in Russia over a little weed in his luggage. We talk about how we should also apply the desire to release these  prisoners abroad right here within the US.  Locally we discuss plans to move the homeless into Virginia Key which was historically a black beach, and we talk about the pedo pendejo Matt Gaetz who is currently getting his ass handed back to him by the women he insulted.  Our interview is with the inspiring Jeffrey DeMond of the Grateful Veteran who has turned his life around from Opioid addiction  thanks to Cannabis. Weed changed his life so much he is helping others do the same through his advocacy. Visit
August 03, 2022
#93 Weed on TV with High Society Mama
In this episode J reads a very sad letter from Griner, as a group of bi-partisan Senators are acting on a resolution. We then discuss the possibility of Weed commercials, as a bill in the house has passed; allowing for Cannabis companies to advertise on TV and Radio. Senate Dems will be introducing their Cannabis bill this coming week. Locally, some eligible families will be getting back to school $checks thanks to a program called "Hope Florida- A Pathway to Prosperity". Our interview this week is with the lovely Bianca Snyder, aka High Society Mama from Society’s Plant, and she tells us all about her decision to grow and sell artisanal hemp in Michigan, what her cannabis habits are these days, and how she talks to her young son about this marvelous plant. We hope you enjoy the show!
July 27, 2022
#92 Finding Success with Melissa and Jesse
This week a tale old as time; Biden says he is working on a bill to get Cannabis inmates out of jail while Griner continues to sit in a Russian one. Police out in Davie Florida come up on some fresh crops before Sunny Dee can get her hands on it, and we talk about Black Farmers in Florida and why they still can't get their License SPOILER ALERT its racism. Our interview is with a very talented couple that have a podcast about finding success in non conventional ways. We chat with the Reimagine Success podcast team of Jesse and Melissa. @melissaleellen, @musicjesseb, @reimaginesuccesspod Links to Stories: Brittney Griner’s Lawyers Tell Russian Court She Has Doctor’s Recommendation for Medical Cannabis - Biden Says He’s ‘Working On’ Bill To Release Cannabis Inmates - Police find whole lot of pot in field in Davie - Why Can't Black Farmers Get Medical Marijuana Licenses In Florida? Exorbitant Fees And Residual Racism, Many Say -
July 20, 2022
#91 Weed Hair Salon w/ Jessica Horton
We rolled up a new season and we start it off by discussing what we have been up to on the off season. We talk about a few TV faves like Stranger Things (no spoilers) and we discuss a new show in rotation The Boys.  The Britney Griner Russia saga continues, with Biden responding.  A new dispensary location opens on a Canadian college campus. We discuss some concerns with tele-practice here in Florida. Our interview is with an inspirational hair stylist and Mom who used Cannabis to help get off prescription pills and is now helping others feel beautiful with plant medicine. Hope you enjoy! Please rate, review and DM us for stickers! New Nugs Stories: Brittney Griner Pleads Guilty to Pot Charges in Russia - Canadian College Campus Is First to Get Weed Dispensary - Fee sharing, telehealth raise questions about Florida’s medical marijuana industry - I Love You MIAMI Story: Fee sharing, telehealth raise questions about Florida’s medical marijuana industry - Jessica Horton - Hair 4 You Cuttz 4 Him. Fb : Hair4you Insta : hair_4_you88 TT: the_cannahairstylist2.0
July 13, 2022
#90 Cannabis Crops w/ The Green NP
We are ending our season just in time for the roaring 20's apocalypse.  We follow up on the Britney Griner Russian jail saga, how Cannabis has become a top 5 crop, a school initiative to educate kids on Hemp and we sit and chat with Marena De Jesus aka The Green Np and she discuses different extract types, how they are processed, plant genetics and strains. Hope you enjoy!
May 11, 2022
#89 May A 4th Be With You! w/ Yanni
Happy Nerd Holiday! We have one of our favorite patrons in the house with us on the show today! We discuss some more about the Depp trial, and J's pool may be almost completed just in time for Pot Mom Summer. In weed news California approves a bill for Cannabis farmers markets (ain't that the dream!),  Georgia is getting a crack at including a whole question about just potentially having marijuana on the ballot. Then Disney in the news again as DeSantis creates a whole Brexit situation with the Mouse. Have Fun!
May 04, 2022
#88 Guns, Weed, & Wedding Cake w/ Jennifer Boyce from Cannawise
Hey Hey Hey! The Moms are back this week and open up discussing the Johnny Depp and Amber Heard trial and nostalgically recount their fave Depp movies. Floridas agriculture commissioner Nikki Fried is suing Biden over MMJ users being discriminated against when purchasing guns. Then we discuss a bride that had the food laced with marijuana and served to her guests without their consent. For our interview  we speak with the knowledgeable Jennifer Boyce from Cannawise MD in Massachusetts and she educates us on how to get your card, and discusses her personal journey with PCOS and Cannabis.
April 27, 2022
#87 420 Bongs and Moms
Celebrate 420 like only parents and stoners can: with our podcast!  D runs into the rolling limit issue in FL where they take the 2.5 oz limit and divide it into 4 weeks.  We discuss healing through nature and make that an excuse to plan future field trips to botanical gardens. We fantasize about going to a music festival since Capt J has serious FOMO after watching Coachella highlights. In news stories we talk NJ cops smoking weed, and for Florida news Curaleaf employees try stealing bud by shoving lbs into their pants. We also interview the lovely parenting team and Glass store owners Renae and Matt from Glasswarehouse and they give us the scoop on percolation in bongs and how that helps cool your clouds. Join us tonight 8pm Est on the Hi Curious Ap for a 420 Livestream! See details on our IG!
April 20, 2022
#86 Necessary Loopholes with Peezy
We are back with news on the marijuana gifting loopholes that are at risk of being closed in D.C as well as Connecticut. Sunny D's kid gets hurt and she gets nervous about having paramedics smell weed in the house.  We also hang out with Peezy and have lots of fun talking to him about being a Dad, a podcast host, and the evolution of his creativity.
April 13, 2022
#85 Hanging at the Hemp Mansion
We are back this week and start our conversation with the slap and shitty male behavior in the late 90's. The House approves the MORE Act once again leaving it all up to the Senate ; so we discuss a few IG comments and what it would mean if it were to eventually pass.  Team Biden tells us what they think of Weed. Disney will continue to say gay, and we discuss how powerful the mouse really is.  Our interview is with Flavio and the 1st of it's kind Hemp Farm stay; Hemp Mansion. Enjoy!
April 06, 2022
#84 Celebrating 420 Every Day w/ The Centre SPB
This show we follow up with the woman's B-ball player who is currently in a Russian prison for traveling with a vape pen. The MORE act is back in the house, and Florida is finally doing something right by requiring high school students to take a financial literacy test in order to graduate. Sunny D finally watches Turning Red with the kids and J tells us about Colorado. We also have fun with Michael Moses and Cari Florez as they tell us about all the fun stuff they have happening at The Centre SPB and also what we can expect at the 420 Festival 4/30 in Horan Park!
March 30, 2022
#83 Creating with Cannabis w/ Rebecca Marrero
In this episode Sunny D follows up with her debate on 'Turning Red' since Capt' J had a chance to watch. In the news thieves dress up as cops and steal from various dispensaries, and a sex sting reveals a few Disney employees were involved.  For our interview we speak to a Cannabis artist, Mom and advocate; Rebecca Marrero who is also founder of Tribehouse Creations. Enjoy the show!
March 23, 2022
#82 Medicating and Meditating with Cannablissjo
Welcome back! This week we discuss NY and how they are giving the first dispensary licenses to those with previous Pot convictions. American athlete; Brittney Griner is arrested in Russia over a vape cartridge, and Disney stops donations over new Florida 'Don't say gay" bill . Sunny D discusses new Pixar movie Turning Red and how she doesn't think it's for the littles, she also talks about her older judgey Mom finally eating a gummy. J takes a weekend Disney shroom adventure and we discuss a few exciting upcoming events! Our guest this week is Mother and Cannabis Consultant Cannablissjo. She tells us about how she started advocating for patients, what its like being Afro-Latina in the Cannabis space, and how practicing meditation can lead to mindful Cannabis use
March 16, 2022
#81 We Got The Green
We are back starting off the new season recounting our Pot Smoking Moms Disney vacation, and we play catch up. Sunny Dee talks about seeing Ilana Glazer do a stand up set and, she also tells us about working a live Latin music awards show. Captain J is so happy virtual learning is over and is excited about her birthday trip to Colorado. We discuss how unfair the treatment was towards Sha’carri Richardson when a Russian skater was allowed to compete after testing positive for a banned substance. Locally; Medmen exits Florida market and sells assets for over 83 million. A Florida doctor gets his licensed ban, after failing to asses patients. Get to know our guest Emma Collard @dill3mma: a local cannabis creator and educator. We discuss how she got into the industry and she shares her experiences with psychedelics. Fun episode ,hope you enjoy!
March 09, 2022
#80 Last Headlines of 2021
Ringing in the new year we discuss how we faired over the Holidays, and we run through the latest headlines in marijuana legalization all around the world. Locally we discuss a deadly fake alternative to weed called "spice" and how it has severely injured several ,even killing a few.  CHECK IT OUT!
December 29, 2021
#79 Becoming Cannabis w/ Terri and Ramon Grimsley of TK Sweets
We are re-capping the year in Cannabis with a Congressional Memo trying to tout legalization as a possibility for 2022 (which J argued how she suggested it was 2 years, but you all know it was Sunny D) We then get into the Metaverse and how there is already a CBD store taking virtual orders from the VR and delivering it to your door, which seems very similar to just placing an online order. Then the most Florida ass Dukes of hazard shit ever; a story involving  2 alligators flying out of an SUV which was crashed by 2 teens.  Our interview is with 2 of the kindest people you'll meet in the local Cannabis community, our biggest supporters : Terri and Ramon Grimsley of TK Sweets. They share with us how they started growing, baking, how they met and how they eventually started vending at local festivals. Terri tells us how Cannabis saved her and how she used this to empower her to help others starting with her own family then extending to friends and eventually the whole community. They share how they constantly research strains and eventually found a suitable treatment for their children with ADHD and Autism.  Such an inspiration! Enjoy!
December 22, 2021
#78 Holiday Hangover
In this episode we discuss how we are exhausted from X-mas even though it hasn't happened yet. Malta is set to become the first country in Europe to legalize weed, St. Louis is decriminalizing, and we answer "Does the ash color of your Cannabis really matter?" The local news includes the OMMU rescinding last weeks changes in the amounts of flower you can purchase throughout the month. Turns out we weren't the only ones who didn't get it @cannabichem, @miyabephd Doctors Miyabe Shields and Riley Dee are back and they tell us how much fun they had at MJ Biz con, what its like working together, social media, and all about their new podcast  Smoke N' Science
December 15, 2021
#77 Building Up Community Confidence
We are back with more cannabis legislation news. The GOP and AOC are taking matters into their own hands by introducing a new bill that would incentivize states and local governments to expunge past Cannabis offenses.  The Moms also discuss a new study on Cannabis being a performance enhancing drug, Florida news includes the new cap on monthly limits that we just don't understand.  Our special guest is Brittany Parker with A Green Legacy and she shares with us how she went from teaching to Cannabis. We also discuss with her; social equity, empowering communities, and building confidence. Stay tuned!!
December 08, 2021
#76 From Underdog to Topdog w/ Steph Frohock
This week we talk about a study done in Australia where dogs are getting high from eating human poop laced with THC. (DAFUK?)  We discuss a new Delta 8 bill that is shoving a couple other measures in there, and one lawmaker is proposing we just make ALL the drugs legal. Steph Frohock from the Flowery joins us and talks about the family owned and operated dispensary, and what sets them apart from corporate cannabis.  If you are local and have not gotten a chance to try them... PLEASE DO! delivery is free and you get 20% off your first order. We also got a sweet discount code that is for a (non-stackable) 20% off  use PSM20 at checkout
December 01, 2021
#75 When Your Spouse Hates Weed
Welcome back to the smokiest podcast you subscribe to!  In this episode we discuss Biden pardoning turkeys instead of non-violent cannabis convictions, Germany legalizing the green,  and your Miami news is full of flocking birds as we discuss how the Flamingo may soon become Floridas state bird.  For our interview our close bud Lauren shares with us how her Ex-Husbands negative views on Cannabis led her to uncover just how toxic her relationship had become.   Stay high my friends!
November 24, 2021
#74 How "Free" Are We Really Talking?
In this weeks episode we discuss a few recent topics including Britney being free and Travis Scott's Astrotrash festival that was terribly mishandled. We also get into the topic of why Cannabis companies can oppose homegrow efforts. We discuss Regulate Florida again, with a different perspective on why limiting the people to a certain number of plants can continue to imprison citizens and offer an alternative. Jodi from Florida Cannabis Action network explains how stipulations on the amount of plants one could have is only based on another's perceived fear, and Carolyn from Floridians For Freedom tells us how she got into activism as a result of a loved one running into legal trouble. Such an enlightening conversation you should not miss!!
November 17, 2021
#73 Clouds and Sunshine w/ Chris Sunshine
Welcome back! This week we discuss a new Republican legalization bill introduced as an alternative to the Democrat led bills that already exist. For local news (and visitors ;) we talk about a new senate bill to allow out of state medical card owners to purchase here in Florida, and a huge psychedelics conference hosted at the performing arts center. We have a chat with President/Founder of Sunshine Cannabis, and board member for Regulate Florida; Chris Sunshine. He describes his first encounter with Cannabis, what led him to the business, and even a few tips on how to care for the plant. Enjoy!
November 10, 2021
#72 The Great Cone Shortage w/ 2 Baked Girls
Hey we are back this week with our favorite Baked Girls; Cupcake and RaeRae from the 2 Baked Girls potcast. We talk to them  about how they met, why they started the potcast, micro-dosing mushrooms, weed (of course), having an arch nemesis, and more. We also discuss a new study showing that teen cannabis use has dropped,  a cone shortage for pre-rolls being imminent because that process has yet to be automated, and a local parent is dismissed from her volunteer work when she is exposed for having an Only Fans.
November 03, 2021
#71 Elementary Edibles w/ Mom That Janes
We are back with a season filled with interviews, Moms, and weed.   For this first episode back we discuss 2 news stories involving edibles: 1. where a teacher includes weed gummies in her prize box for elementary students and the 2nd where a babysitter splits a weed cookie with the Mom and ends up stabbing her 5 times. We also discuss real estate value in legal territory and DISNEY!! Sunny D talks about a recent family vacation in Disney and Florida news includes a couple she saw wearing what some say are raunchy shirts that should be banned in the Mouses house.  Our interview with @MomThatJanes is enlightening. She shares with us what led her to the plant,  after believing  the stigma for so many years.
October 27, 2021
#70 Weed Around The U.S.
This episode is the FUN FINALE everyone has been waiting for.....ok maybe not everyone but definitely you.  We talk about upcoming ballot initiatives around the U.S for weed and shroom legalization as well as measures already in effect. We tell a tragic local tale of a pregnant women who was forced to deliver her own baby in a prison cell and we discuss 1.3 million in cocaine washing up on the shores of the Florida Keys. Our interview is with the exuberant Jenny Joslin who is the co-creator of High Herstory; a fun series about female historical figures narrated by stoney ladies.  This episode is definitely one to listen to play on repeat till we are back in October! Don't Miss it!
August 18, 2021
#69 Weed & Make-Up
High all you beautiful Pot Smokers! This episode starts off with Sunny D drinking her THC and acting like the 500 mg on the label is a typo. We discuss the possibility of there being dead bodies in J's backyard that could be discovered while digging for a pool. We offer some streaming suggestions for movies we recently watched before getting into medical marijuana access for Veterans,  state legalization updates, and an update on the toxic Piney Point here in FLorida. The delightful @ms_krystale joins us this week to discuss make-up, Motherhood, and the weed friendly ap Hi-Curious. Lets Blaze Together!
August 11, 2021
#68 Stoner Mom Olympics
In this Episode we talk about Simone Biles and how she can do whatever the fuck she wants which leads into discussion about the Olympics from 2 very un qualified individuals. We talk about Canada and how the re-opening of the border prompts them into reminding us how it is illegal to transport Cannabis regardless of which state its coming to and going from. Georgia is making small tiny moves for its rare medical cannabis program that nobody knows about. We talk about the Cannabis Clubs in Spain and how they are in jeopardy of being shut down and in local news Flo Rida gets the keys to the City here in Miami. Come take a puff with us!
August 04, 2021
#67 Scientists Love Weed Too!
Super fun episode where we start the show discussing renting Movie theaters for stoner Mom parties and Jay getting her own pool so we could stop shooting content at her Dads.  We discuss Cannabis legalization starting to take on Europe and what developments they have there with adult use. Then we talk about Megan Rapinoe galavanting around the Olympics touting her CBD brand while Sha'Carri stays home for using the same plant. For local news we talk about a new A&E show that cleans up some of the grossest things you'll ever see. Our interview this week is long and rich with nutrients for your weed loving soul.  We talk to our favorite TikTok weed scientists Riley Dee and  Miyabe Shields. We talk about so many interesting things including how they met, how many people can't feel edibles, dissertations, the difference between concentrates and flower, federal legalization, TikTok and so much more! if you are going to miss an episode don't let it be this one!
July 28, 2021
#66 Weed and Reality TV w/ Stacy
We open the show with our recap on Dabday, and all the hi-jinx ensued and spend quite some time discussing Britney Spears and how she definitely has her Instagram account back based on her last juicy posts. We talk about the details of the new legislation being presented for Cannabis legalization by  Chuckie and his crony's . The Cuban crises continues and we discuss some of that whole situation on I Love You Miami. Our special guest Stacy talks to us about podcasting, pot motherhood, and reality TV. Fun show we hope you enjoy!
July 21, 2021
#65 Lines and Boundaries w/ Joey Funk
We are back and recording our guest in person again! Our longtime friend and designer of the PSM logo Joey Funk joins us in studio for the entire episode. We start off with a personal discussion about Hispanic families and the toxicity of broken boundaries. We discuss fat shaming, English shaming and weed shaming. News nugs focuses on the current Sha'carri Richardson olympic disqualification and we discuss a new local smoke lounge. Joey talks to us about his artistic endeavors, gives us a fun activity to do with the kids, and we also discuss our logo and the kinds of feedback he has received (spoiler alert its chock full of stigma).
July 14, 2021
#64 Neighborhood Friends w/ Angie The Green Baker
For this episode we have our local Canna-baker and hugger extraordinaire Angie aka The Green Baker join us. We start the conversation following up with the Free Britney saga updates. We then discuss the Apple store allowing marijuana businesses in its ap store while Google stays stuck in the Ice age. A bill is approved that would allow state led research on Cannabis and its effects on impaired driving, which leads us to Captain J's hilarious theory on how speed limits are determined. For ILU Miami we discuss the tale of one of the survivors of that terrible condo collapse in Surfside. Then we talk with Angie on how the baking business is going, along with reminiscing about the last 2 years and future goals! Come take your break with us!
July 07, 2021
#63 Infinite Content w/ The Mommy Jane
In this rollercoaster of an episode we start by discussing Rhode Island's slow moving legalization, the Sativa -vs- Indica debate, and for I love you Miami we talk about the tragic building collapse in Surfside and Trick Daddy's restaurant getting trashed by the Beyhive.   We also chat with the Mommy Jane about starting your own Cannabis brand, her new guide on how to become a social media influencer in the Cannabis industry, and mental health. We also get into navigating being a public persona in this day and age, and discuss weight loss and a few strains that might help you get less munchies. Join us for some heavy conversations and few laughs! 
June 30, 2021
#62 Cannabis Queen w/ Dr. Dina
The interview in this episode has to be one of the COOLEST we have done so far. Dr. Dina has led the most epic life and shares with us glimpses: from her first time trying Cannabis with Snoop Dogg, to Hollywood mimicking her story as the series Weeds. Dina tells us how she helped her friend who was struggling with Cancer, her decision to open up one of the first dispensaries, and all the adventures that it led to. One of the most recent being working as a consultant on one of our favorite Netflix shows Disjointed. We open the episode with the usual and then get into Connecticuts recent legalization, then we discuss trouble in our own backyard with the Florida Supreme court ruling against 3 cannabis reform initiatives. One of the DOPEST episodes you have to check out!
June 23, 2021
#61 Ready To Roll!
These Pot Smoking Moms are vaccinated and ready to hit the streets! In this episode Sunny D talks about her disappointing haircut, a big opportunity with Jim Henson, and her cabin fever. J tells us about future travel plans, and school being out for the summer. We both offer a few entertainment recommendations, we recap 420fest, and talk about possibly having our own event.  This episode is also loaded with your favorite segments. We discuss Amazons new weed initiative, the NFL and Marijuana research, and for "I Love u Miami" we discuss how the Supreme court is continuing to keep vertical integration alive in the state of Floriduh.
June 16, 2021
#60 Special 420 Edish w/ Becky @HighMaintenanceFemale
You love her, hell you suggested her: Becky or @HighMaintenanceFemale is on our show, talking about her first time smoking, her openness with her family, and why she created a weed brand for women. We also discuss more states jumping on the weed train, Uber for weed, and we talk about the neighbors of the Curaleaf grow facility in Homestead who are not happy about the smell and noise this cannabis company is making. You can't miss this one!
April 20, 2021
#59 Cannabis and Crafting w/ AmyMothercraft
We had some great conversations with Amy about first weed experiences, how it helps her and how she got into combining Cannabis with her crafting. We also discuss Virginias recent legalization, THC Breathalyzers and rich white guys using Snoop Dog as clout to invest in marijuana. Locally a bill is introduced to help expunge records of past weed convictions but with too many caveats in Florida fashion. We hope you enjoy!
April 14, 2021
#58 Legal Weed And A Toxic Catastrophe.
In this episode we reminisce about camp out festivals while discussing the upcoming Bonnaroo line up. New Mexico is on its way to becoming the 17th state to fully legalize Cannabis, Chuck Schumer is writing checks we all hope he can cash real soon, and a Detroit restaurant tells patrons they cant smell like weed while dining there. For local treasures we: lament a toxic reservoir in Manatee county thats about to blow and discuss Matt Gaetz a local politician who paid to get blown. 
April 07, 2021
#57 Mary Jane and the Medicine Train w/ Mallory Callahan
Fun show where we spend lots of time talking about educating our children as a measure to destroy the stigma with our special guest 1st time author Mallory Callahan. We also discuss Ellen DeGeneres and her coming out of the Cannabis closet. New York finally getting on the road to legalization. We then chat about Wayne Coyne of the Flaming Lips who started his own Cannabis brand, because of course he would. And finally for our local news segment, another teacher gets fired for medical marijuana after getting drug tested for workers comp. We hope you enjoy the show!
March 31, 2021
#56 Past Cannabis, Present Touble
This episode we start by chatting about a company that refused a printing job of ours because our logo glorifies illicit drug use. Right when you think the stigma has been deconstructed these clowns remind us it has not. Same thing goes for the Biden administration who we had discussed on a prior episode. Bidens team had previously said that past marijuana use was going to be overlooked only to find out this week that some people have been fired over it. We also discus the potential for CBD to help with Covid, and we talk about rachet ass Miami and how its become a total shit show for Spring Break.
March 24, 2021
#55 Weed Mom with Danielle Simone Brand
This episode is pretty loaded! We start off by chatting about Wanda Vision, that Meghan & Harry Oprah Interview, and lurking outside of a CVS for the vaccine. We then get into your fave segment News Nugs, where Nebraska's Governor continues to fuel the negative stigma on Cannabis by telling people that legalizing marijuana would kill their kids. For  "I love You Miami", we discuss the 10% THC cap moving to the next step, a new bill that would protect medical patients in the workplace, and finally Spring Breakers in Miami are twerking on cop cars despite Covid still very much being a thing. We got soundclips! In our Interview with Danielle she goes over why she wrote a book for Moms who are interested in smoking weed , how she educated her children, and a few of her own recommendations including THC lube (which we did not know was a thing and are very intrigued by it;)  Hope you enjoy the show!
March 17, 2021
#54 High, Welcome To The Neighborhood
In this episode Sunny D introduces herself to her new neighbor as a "Pot Smoking Mom", Virginia signs recreational marijuana into bill, we discuss how Cannabis won't disqualify you for a federal job but might as well with the ridiculous exceptions they are keeping, and in Florida these fuckers can't stop trying to cap THC at 10%. Come smoke with us!
March 10, 2021
#53 Catching Up with Bradley King
This is episode is so much fun! We get to catch up with our favorite Cannabis Coach: Bradley King. He recently moved from a recreationally legal California to a very conservative and Illegal Georgia. We talk family, delta-8, and future goals. The moms also chat about husbands stealing their weed tools, J's TikTok comment catching heat, New Jersey legalization rules, and Floridas job growth in Cannabis. Pack your bowls and grab your lighters, this is a long episode! Join our Patreon for longer episodes! PotSmokingMoms.Com
March 03, 2021
#52 Growing Pains
This weeks episode may resonate more with parents of small children, as Sunny Dee talks about the struggle of getting  free time to work on projects, and tells a hilarious toddler poop story. Gotta love poop. Lots of big legalization news all across the US and a very Florida story about 2 ladies trying to pass for grannies to get that sweet sweet vaccine sauce.
February 24, 2021
#51 Live At Dads
We catch up with all kinds of stuff, including what we have been up to on the break. We have some stuff to say about the Brittney documentary, we update you on upcoming events, and talk about Cannabis news nationally and locally. Enjoy!
February 17, 2021
#50 Edibles, Events, TV, and Terps w/ Liv Vasquez
Our season finale is finally here and it does not disappoint.  We start off by following up on a bill that allows for research to include cannabis from local dispensary's. We discuss whether or not it was controversial for one Democratic house member to wear a marijuana design on his mask, and on  'I love you Miami" we bring up a bill being introduced to decriminalize prior marijuana offenses.  Our interview is so interesting and full of amazing information too! Liv Vasquez is not only the winner of the Netflix show "Cooked w/ Cannabis",  but she creates beautiful pop-up culinary cannabis events and has risked her life to be able to teach others on the wonders of this plant. She gives us the inside scoop on filming 'Cooked with Cannabis",  making infused oils,  how she puts on cannabis themed events, and how to order at a dispensary using your nose and terps. Hope you enjoy!
December 16, 2020
#49 Just Listen Already
Sunny D is in her feelings because she spilled her weed in the cannamom pouch, and TikTok is out to cancel stoners. We follow up with how the Puff and Paint went & preparations for the gameshow. We also discuss the More Act and its changes. Local efforts also start back up to continue petitions for recreational to be included in the 2022 election here in Florida. We hope you enjoy the show!
December 09, 2020
#48 Nopesgiving
We chat about how we completely avoided Thanksgiving. Discuss our appearance on the WTF Steve game show and how we have plans on starting Pot Smoking Moms the game show with you as the contestants. We follow up on the MORE act, tell the story of how Cops in South Dakota want to kill the recent legalization of Cannabis, and congratulate the Marlins new GM,
December 02, 2020
#47 Turkey Day Shorty
This is a short one, we talk about holiday plans amidst the Rona resurgence. Some announcements and upcoming events. News Nugs includes another non-violent offender locked up for Marijuana that may get out early. Atlantic City seeking monopoly on recreational marijuana. Liberty Health settling lawsuit. Mother of the year makes  her toddler vape her THC pen. We love you and hope you listen to our podcast.
November 25, 2020
#46 Delta-8 THC w/ 3rd Day Collective and PotheadMom
Welcome back! This episode we discuss TT losing their minds over our Cannafest video and the lack of mask wearing, reminding us that no matter what we post people will always have shit to say.  This edition of  News Nugs we talk about some of the states decriminalizing hallucinogenics including Oregon, NJ and CA. Richard Delisi will be getting out of prison after being the longest serving prisoner for a marijuana charge.  Our conversation with Ralph continues and this time he drops some knowledge on; Delta-8 and how its extracted, the Hemp boom and how it affected farmers, leftover stigmas, government patents on THC and CBD, and more. PotheadMom also drops knowledge on her regimen and what she uses CBG, CBD, and CBN for. Such a great and educational episode you wont want to sleep on. 
November 18, 2020
#45 CBD Man! w/ Third Day Collective and PotheadMom
This episode was recorded at Cannafest SRQ with our friends Rafael Alvarez/Third Day Collective and Diane/Pothead_mom. We open the show with an Update on the Moore Act (Marijuana Opportunity Reinvestment and Expungement Act of 2019) and also a story about a local Dean who was fired for using mmj when he got hurt stopping a student fight. Listen then to our fun interview where we discuss how Ralph got into CBD, how he cultivated hemp and how seeds are genetically modified even with strains. We discuss growing veggies, David Nardy, Jim Carey, poisonous potatoes, and Cap'n J shares a fun mushroom story. You gotta check it out!
November 11, 2020
#44 Not Everyone Will Like You
High! In this show we get a little personal; J tells us about her socially distanced Disney adventure, Sunny D feels guilty about going to a Trunk or Treat event, and we both talk about the tense political climate bringing some of the best and worst out of people. We read some hate mail.  News Nug stories include: an abandoned pub in Wales doubling up as a grow house, Gwyneth Paltrow getting her goopy hands on Cannabis infused beverages, and in local news; we discuss the longest serving marijuana convict Richard DeLisi. Hope you enjoy!
November 04, 2020
#43 Let's Start A Podcast! W/ Pot Moms Podcast
On this episode of "Pot Smoking Moms" we follow up on the story of a Veteran with a medical marijuana card getting arrested in an illegal state for possession, we go through a list of states that have marijuana on the ballot  and what is being voted on, and we discuss how one measure on the local Florida ballot can prohibit MJ from being recreationally legalized.  Our special interview is with the 'Pot Moms Podcast.' We chat with the hosts Kate and Eunice about starting our podcasts, the 1st time smoking weed, consuming cannabis while pregnant, music, movies, and a very fun Halloween edition of 'This or That.' Full Interview available for patrons.
October 28, 2020
#42 Errands -Vs- Selfcare w/Lauren Sotelo
In this episode we talk about an article focusing on the higher rate of incarcerations for marijuana offenses rather than violent crimes. Local news includes 30 lbs of marijuana washing ashore in the Florida Keys, which apparently Capn'J would turn in and NOT smoke. Our special guest Lauren Sotelo discuses suffering through PPA & PPD then finally getting help. We also talk about the struggle of getting quality time away from home and recognizing the responsibilities that Dads should take.
October 21, 2020
#41 We Got A Show To Do!
We are back and in HIGHER definition. In this episode; a pizza place gets busted for selling edibles as a side hustle, new research indicates compound in cannabis prevents colon cancer in mice, Florida marijuana continues legal battle, and a new way to be terrified of the corona virus in schools. We also include the usual fuckery and a few special announcements. We hope you will join us for the laughs!
October 14, 2020
#40 Blunt Blowin Mama
In this season finale we discuss the start of virtual school, Sunny D's anti-pot friend asking for mmj info, the historical house vote coming up in September, and edibles finally coming to Dispensary's all across South Florida. We got to chat with Shonitria aka Blunt Blowin Mama and she opens up about her conservative upbringing, working up the courage to tell her Mom about her Podcast, and laying the foundation for representation of black women in the Cannabis industry.
September 02, 2020
#39 Narco Island
Are you stoned or did I totally butcher that sentence? Probably all 3. This episode is short which is great cause my lips kept fighting with one another. We discuss yet another news article about cannabis and pregnancy from High Times. Seth Rogen promotes staying home and smoking weed through Covid. Why we will NEVER vacation at Marco Island. We end our podcast with a wonderful community story about neighbors helping one another , hope you schmoke your break with us.
August 26, 2020
#38 Dreaming About Disney With Natalie
Super fun show with our TikTok friend and Canadian counterpart Natalie Jarrett! We share our love for Cannabis, Seth Rogen, and Disney. She also chats about parental concern for schools reopening and much more! Our Usual segments also include; Montana going recreational, and we follow up on the local story about the Teacher that got fired for suffering a workers comp injury, and having an MMJ card.   We also open up our DM's from listeners who need the help from our PSM community, and announce a giveaway with our friends over at  
August 19, 2020
#37 Ganja Granny and the Merciless Mouse (MrsBoysnBud Part Deux)
Is cannabis linked to heart attacks? Did Grandma get Mickey Mouse housed only to get handcuffed and humiliated in front of her family while on vacation? Does CBD tear family vacations apart? Do doctors care about your Cannabis use? Does growing weed give you helpful talking points when educating your kids? Will the description to this episode stop asking so many questions? FIND OUT ON THIS EPISODE OF POT SMOKING MOMSSSS
August 12, 2020
#36 Mr & Mrs Boysnbud Part 1
In this Episode we spend time with Laura from Cannamom Gang and her husband Dr. Boysnbud. We talk about her vision behind CMG, and the Doc shares what he's learned from the Covid crisis. We also share a crazy local news story that involves a Lobster Tail thief, a trigger happy security guard, and a mother that would endanger her children all for some tasty shellfish.
August 05, 2020
#35 Together We Grow
This episode we have a chat with our friends; Julio and Jenny from TWG Farms in Michigan. We discuss her Crohn's leading them to Cannabis and how they became farmers. We also share some hopefully good news on the MORE Act and all the kooky hijinks you are all used to by now. We hope you take your Mom break with us!
July 29, 2020
#34 Maybe Leave Your Husband
This week we discuss TV reality shows, our website woes, a story about a disabled veteran that was sentenced to 5 years in prison for marijuana, NJ getting cannabis delivery, cute outdoor restaurants we wouldn't go to anyway, Sunny Dee bitches about rachet dining options in Hialeah (if you have to eat in a parking lot go home). We also read a listeners DM about wanting to smoke even though her husband disapproves. Check it out!
July 22, 2020
#33 Peak Levels of Conspiracy
Wow, busy week in the world of conspiracy theories from saving Brittney, to saving Yaritza the overpriced storage cabinet sold at Wayfair. We discuss school openings in the age of Corona, getting to watch basketball played inside a "bubble", bleach disguised as a miracle cure, and CBD being a legitimate treatment for Covid. Hope you take your break with us!
July 15, 2020
Potcast #32 BE HOME YOU
This Episode is short and sweet! Sunny Dee's kid is starting to pick up Mommy and Daddy's bad habits 🤫 Jay is decluttering and we talk about how you should probably do the same. New legislation allowing cannabis research to test strains sold locally. Miami disappoints and forces us into guilt tripping locals into staying the F home! We also drop some THC knowledge. Come take a break with us!
July 08, 2020
Potcast #31 The Science of Cannabis
In this Episode we feature Alexandra Chisholm a Ph.d Candidate in Experimental Psychology, she researches the neural mechanisms responsible for relapse to addictive drugs and answers some questions we frequently get asked. We cover topics like how does THC get you high and what is CBD really capable of, plus plenty more. We also discuss Miami strip clubs open through Corona virus and other cannabis news.
July 01, 2020
Potcast #30 Old Hippy Stash Afterglow
We welcome you back with with bongs wide open! We spark up some good shit and talk about marijuana reform, programs for minorities in the canbabis sector, Al Harrington and Method Man, and supporting each other in the Cannabis platform. We chat local news as Corona cases skyrocket and Florida out Floridas itself as always. We also got a fun little segment on Cannabinoids. Hope you check it out!
June 24, 2020
Potcast #29 Motherhood and the Pursuit of Happiness
Sunflowerzee is an amazing mother who loves nature, and has used Yoga and Cannabis to heal and help others. We have a personal conversation with her about using cannabis during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Healing from losing a child, and using these experiences to help others in their vulnerable moments.
May 13, 2020
Potcast #28 Back in the Saddle Again
A suggestion made by one of our listeners led us to be inspired by Joe Rogan to get together and record an episode with our headphones and mics. Join us as we talk about emotional break downs, trying to feel normal, Disney World, and lower homicide rates because of Corona. Please Subscribe, Share, Rate, Review!!
May 06, 2020
Potcast#27 Cannabis Coaching and Parenting.
The Pot Smoking moms  have a chat with Cannabis Coach Bradley King, about mental health advocacy and breaking the stigma. He discusses being open with his 10 year old son and tells us about incorporating Cannabis into his life coaching. He opens up to us about mental health and how Cannabis helped him. Great discussion you wont want to miss.
April 29, 2020
Potcast #25 HIALEAH! (HIGH-uh-LEE-uh)
The city we grew up in has high in it's name! Hialeah - Agua, Fango y Factoria Join us as we chat with the mastermind behind @305cafecito @leahartsdistrict @jlpr @305day An old school mate and sparkling personality @jennyleeisme We have so much fun talking about: how opening up her Cannabis use has positively changed her life, we discuss quarantine positivity, virtual event planning, docs, books, and Motherhood. 💥💥💥💥💥420 Virtual Sesh Coming 💥💥💥💥
April 15, 2020
Potcast #24 Highsolation
Another week of Corona quarantine and it's effects with Cap'n J and Sunny D. Join us as we talk about our mental health, and what we have found that works for us. We chat about our upcoming virtual 420 sesh and story time on our live 4/10 930p . We also share some feel good stories and talk about big businesses that are stepping up during this crises. We hope you tune in!
April 08, 2020
Potcast #23 Let's Get Medical!
We get legit and invite the amazing Dr Michael McKenzie to help us navigate the world of our Endocannabinoid System. He also drops some truth tea about how politics play a role in legalization, the FDA process that hinders the sectors growth, and the results he has seen in his patients lives. So informative and eye opening, we hope you will join us!
April 01, 2020
Potcast #22 Social Dankstancing
We jump into the future and do a virtual podcast with our favorite baker! Angie Willoughby The Green Baker. We talk about combining her passion for cooking, cannabis, and parenting. We chat about edibles, using cannabis for her son's condition, and her journey from chef to green chef. We are also on YouTube now!
March 25, 2020
Potcast #21 Muh Muh Muh My Corona
We start off slow here because we were just trying to process the Corona News and having our 3rd mom and host MJ going on a hiatus (she is taking time for her family and we love and miss her). We were pretty unprepared and disoriented BUT we talk about Corona, TikTok, a hater, Corey Feldman, and Amanda Bynes. It was a weird show ya'll we hope you enjoy! Oh, yeah please rate, review, subscribe, share and do backflips to our podcast😜 We ❤️You!
March 18, 2020
Potcast #20 Mega Stuffed
Hey y'all we are back with another episode and we chat about trending videos on social, our kids watching us, a cop that gives weed a bad name, Sunny D being a stay at home comedian, Edibles in Florida, THC cap, Corna virus cancelling events we hated anyways and much much more.... I can't believe you are still reading this go listen.
March 11, 2020
Potcast #19 We Got Friends In HIGH places.
Yay! We come back from our tolerance break with a very special guest. Jennifer "Suguarmamma" Perdomo is an educator for a medical cannabis dispensary. She gets personal with her cannabis use and talks to us about surviving cervical cancer and how Cannabis played a part in the healing. Jenn also talks about how to get a medical card in Florida and the dispensary's commitment to customer satisfaction.
March 04, 2020
PSM Potcast #18 To Tolerance Break Or Not That is The Question
In this episode we talk about taking a tolerance break, TikTok, 420 dispensary robbery, drug tests for NFL, patient protections in the workplace, and we just get goofy. Hope you enjoy!
February 26, 2020
PSM Potcast #17 Winner Winner Chicken Dinner
Episode in which chicken meals are bought for the entire audience Oprah Style.
February 19, 2020
PSM Potcast #16 Can You Feel My Love Buds
For V-day we treat ourselves to a Gorilla Grapes Jay with a little Girl Scout Cookies Distillate and get launched into outer space. We talk about The Ricky Williams event, meeting celebrities, our current giveaway, script lengths on medical cards, doctors that are pro marijuana, the rejected Super Bowl ad, halftime show, laughably bad movies, Miami news, and a sexy astrological homage to our hubbos. Enjoy!
February 12, 2020
PSM Potcast #15 This Is Therapeutic
In this episode we discuss being open about cannabis use with our families and how just being honest changes conversations with them. We chat about how it's okay for everyone to have their own personal level of "openness" with Cannabis. We talk Cannabis News across the country and locally.  ALSOOOOOO we share some of your stories and messages. PLEASE PLEASE Pretty Please with some kief sprinkled on top... RATE, REVIEW, SUBSCRIBE!!  That way more people become dependent on listening to the smooth sounds of Hialeah. 
February 05, 2020
PSM Potcast #14 We like you too!
We start off Season 2 covering a few cannabis events we attended and some future events we will be at. We also talk a little sports and the need for Cannabis to replace drugs for injuries. Our special guest @Pothead_Mom talks to us about PTSD and how Cannabis and Trauma Therapy help her.
January 29, 2020
PSM Potcast #13 This is 2020
We end the year with a finale of Poppin bottles and leaving the BS behind. We talk new year partying, traditions, goals, joints, and joint goals! We will be back at the end of January with new guests, games, giveaways, lives, puppets, hacks, macaroni, strains, and all the fun and witty banter you love.
January 01, 2020
PSM Potcast #12 Merry Christmas to all and to all a good high.
Our Super Very Merry Christmas Episode! In this fun filled pot smoking episode we chat about meeting Santa Claus, Christmas traditions, Noche Buena, Lechon, Churros, more football stuffs, and all of your Parent Confessions.
December 25, 2019
PSM Potcast#11 Football Is Forever
In this Episode we talk about Michigan's astronomical cannabis sales in the first week, MLB not testing for Marijuana, football never dying, and ugly gift wrapping being the real MVP. We also chat about MJ's Disney cruise experience, Cap'n J's Dad probably knowing she smokes, and Sunny D can't get the Blues Clues theme song out of her head.
December 18, 2019
PSM Potcast #10 In The Thick of the Holidays
In this episode we talk about Michigan going recreational, we name our small bong, we talk about our kids, we chat about shopping for the holidays, gift ideas and Christmas traditions.  Hope you spark one up with us!
December 11, 2019
PSM Potcast #9 We Man-go there.
We get goofy on Paradise Waits and Mangos. In this episode we cover, Thanksgiving, The Owl, T.I and his misogyny, Porn, and we sing...alot.
December 04, 2019
On our special Thanksgiving bonus episode we wanted to give a special THANK YOU to all our listeners, friends, family and the cannabis community! Thanks for listening to us each week and your continued support. Our previous guest Christina returns to further discuss CBD. We talk about dispensary discounts and services, flower shortages, IG censoring Story Clouds, and a crazy FL story about a dog driving a car in circles! We introduce the Pot Moms Confessions segment. A call to listeners to share their parent confessions and hacks. MJ confesses to using the Santa Call app to manipulate her son to behave and how she used it on J's son.
November 28, 2019
PSM Potcast #7 Cannabis Saves!
This episode we talk about the excitement of waiting for your recommendation to get approved, our special guests tells us how Cannabis saved her, and
November 27, 2019
PSM Potcast #6 Dabbing Disaster
Oye, Pot Smoking Mami's! We are ALL 💯% them bitches. We are the ones that change the diapers, feed the fam, and we help everyone live the best they can! Join us at midnight when we unleash another podcast of Millennial Latina Mom's fumando -y- chismeando (smoking and gossiping). We try dabbing.......and fail miserably, we talk about Cannabis legislation, feeling old, vaping deaths, dashing through the snow, and some Spanish and shit. Hope you can tune in!! 
November 20, 2019
PSM Potcast #5 - We get reaaalll Hy man.
This time we chat about T.I the rapper turned clown and how he likes controlling his daughters body. We will also smoke a strain called "green crack", share messages from some of you fellow PSM's, and talk about a very necessary Spanish method of discipline we call "la chancleta"
November 13, 2019
PSM Potcast #4 - Halloween Finale and Bong Rips!
The mom's decide to be cool in this episode and take bong rips that nearly annihilate us. We recap the epic Halloween party and talk about party guests that already arrive drunk.  We also get emotional and talk about active shooter drills in school, then end with a chat about a book we are currently enjoying. Hope we can join you on your smoke break. 
November 06, 2019
PSM Potcast #3 Halloween part 2
Join the Pot Smoking Moms for another smoke sesh. We discuss more Halloween, a GMA segment "Weed Moms are the New Wine Moms", and tried some CBD Cafecito! Cafecito Con Calma. Podcast links: GMA segment "Weed Moms are the New Wine Moms" Cafecito Con Calma - Coldfire Roasters:
October 30, 2019
PSM Potcast #2 Halloween Part I
The pot smoking Mamis are back and discussing Halloween, doing Mom type shit (bargain hunting), getting recreational on the ballot, always Disney, and always-always-always sparking up. Come, Join Us!
October 23, 2019
Pot Smoking Moms Potcast#1
Welcome to our Mommy smoke sesh numero Uno. In this potcast we introduce ourselves and welcome you to our world of smoking and moming. We hope to connect with other smoking parents who share the same coping methods as we do.  In our first episode we discuss a news segment where a man complains about his pot smoking neighbors, our favorite methods of smoking, the vape epidemic and some of our favorite tunes.  Episode Links below: Help me Howard-  Smoke Buddy: Vaping News:  Music Suggestions: Billie Eilish - Dirty Heads - SG Lewis - Malokera -  Skrillex & Troyboi, feat. Ludmilla & Ty Dolla $ign -
October 16, 2019