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Podcast of the Universe

Podcast of the Universe

By Steven Hayes
A podcast about everything. It's always weird and always information you didn't ask for. Email: if you ever want to recommend a topic please reach out! instagram&twitter @thisispotu
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POTU E21: Number Stations
Are secret spy messages floating all around us? The answer is yes! Find out more in this episode #numberstations #numberstation #shortwave #shortwaveradio #hamradio #ham #spy #secretsquirrelstuff #spystations #secret #secrets
May 2, 2020
POTU Minisode #4 Burger Chef
Here is an 18-minute #podcast to get you through a day of #socialdistancing and #handwashing due to #therona We go back to an #unsolved #mystery in 1978 where 4 employees were murdered at a burger joint called #burgerchef that was ultimately absorbed by #hardees. I'm just adding #hashtags in the description instead of at the end. The description is finished so here are some more #funmeal #carolbaskinkilledherhusband #saloo #buenas #flameboiled #mcdonaldsrippedoffburgerchef #shithead  
March 31, 2020
POTU E20: Our Hollow Earth
We are back to ask is our earth hollow? I mean it isn't but we talk about it for 40 minutes. We get a Tulpa update and I'll tell you at the end of the episode what shape the earth really is.   #hollowearth #conspiracy #podcast 
March 10, 2020
POTU E19: Let's Make a Tulpa?
Today without the help of my producer @hatstheproducer I manage to put out a show on Tulpas, at least what some people refer to as Tulpas. Have we discovered a unified theory for all things unexplained? Probably not.  Do we have an idea to boost tourism in Saint John? Maybe with your help. Strap in I guess?   #ufo #ufos #flyingsaucer #alien #aliens #podcast #kangaroo #kangaroos #tulpa #tulpas #mib #meninblack #carljung #cryptid #cyptids #slenderman #ghost #ghosts #haunting #hauntings #fakeghost 
February 1, 2020
POTU E18: Do They Know It's Christmas?
Here is our Christmas episode and the last one of 2019. Surprisingly it's filled with murder and people not filled with Christmas cheer. Hope you all have a wonderful and safe holiday season and we'll be back in 2020 . Check us out on Instagram @thisispotu #christmasspecial #christmas #bathsalts #ifsomeonedressesupassantarun #deckthehallswithboasofholly
December 13, 2019
POTU E17: Second Annual Halloween Special - UNSOLVED
We are finally back from hiatus and we have a treat for you. For this Halloween special we cover an unsolved murder, 2 dudes that died on a hill under strange circumstances, a nameless jazz-loving axeman, and a recent case of a yet to be identified "watcher". So make sure your doors are locked, dip into the Halloween candy you have set aside for trick-or-treaters, and relax to terrifying unsolved stories.  #halloween #unsolved #axeman #thewatcher #mystery #podcast #unsolvedmysteries
October 15, 2019
POTU E16: High Strangeness
We primarily cover alien abductions today and of course @hatstheproducer infuriates me. This will be the last show until the twins arrive so I guess this is a hiatus of sorts. Thanks to all our listeners new and old. I’d look extra crazy doing this if it weren’t for you all.  #highstrangeness #ufo #ufos #abduction #alienabduction #alien #aliens #podcast #alienabductioninsurance #fuckcrinklefries #AleisterCrowley #stopabductions #annyeong #nihao #hiatus 
July 20, 2019
POTU E15: Bananas
Are bananas going extinct? Do you like ol timey banana songs? Why don't artificial bananas taste like real bananas? Can you cure bloody hemorrhoids with bananas? What is Hats doing on Instagram and should we care? Find out the answers to these questions and more on the latest episode. Find Steve on Instagram & twitter @thisispotu and Hats on instagram @hatstheproducer. Email the show at
June 20, 2019
POTU E14: Terry Thompson
This episode we meet Terry Thompson. A man who hoarded exotic animals and whose actions gripped global headlines in 2011.  As always I invite you to find me on Instagram/Twitter @thisispotu or email the show corrections, feedback, or recommendations 
May 2, 2019
POTU E13: Better Than the Beatles
This episode we will learn about the  genius outsider band or possibly the best-worst band.......The Shaggs. Zappa proclaimed they were better than the Beatles and audiences threw trash at them. We even hear two songs from them for you to decide which side you land on. As always I invite you to find me on Instagram/Twitter @thisispotu or email the show corrections, feedback, or recommendations
April 16, 2019
POTU Minisode #3 Untitled
I thought I would try out putting an untitled show up with no description as a gimmick as I am a sucker for gimmicks and maybe you are too. Find me on instagram/twitter @thisispotu
March 27, 2019
POTU E12: Steven Seagal
Here is an episode about Steven Seagal.  Not the coolest dude Find the show on Instagram/Twitter @thisispotu email the show at
March 21, 2019
POTU E11: Hobos
Grab your bindles and meet me near the train yard as we hop a train to meet the iconic and misunderstood hobo. This episode is short as I decided to leave the grim parts out. As mentioned in the show checkout Brave Dave's Big Fat Freight Hop here If you missed my appearance on The Pagan Place podcast you can find it here If you did hear it keep listening to his other episodes.  If you have any corrections or hobo stories to add please email me at or find me on instagram/twitter @thisispotu #hobo #hobos
March 11, 2019
POTU E10: Cult Sounds Part 2
  Find the show on twitter/instagram @thisispotu This episode is part two of two where I will be playing audio recordings of cults and fringe groups. Some of these tracks are worse than others so you may want to the FF button nearby. We will cleanse our palates with a Hobo episode our next time out.   
February 24, 2019
POTU E09: Cult Sounds Part 1
Find the show on twitter/instagram @thisispotu This episode is part one of two where I will be playing audio recordings of cults and fringe groups. Some of these tracks are worse than others so you may want to the FF button nearby. 
January 28, 2019
POTU E08 New Brunswick Unsolved Mysteries
This is my tribute to one of my favorite childhood shows and it's host Robert Stack. These are stories from my province of New Brunswick loosely told in the Unsolved Mysteries format. One of these segments was provided by friend of the show Kalen Capson. I encourage you to check out his show The Pagan Place Podcast where he interviews local musicians and characters. Find him @thepaganplace on twitter/instagram/facebok and on or where ever you get your podcasts. I look forward to growing the show in the new year and hope you all are here to listen to the ride. Be curious 
January 5, 2019
POTU Minisode #2 The Phantom of Heilbronn
Find the show on Twitter & Instagram @thisispotu Please share and enjoy!
December 4, 2018
POTU E07: "Just bring me a woman and a gas pedal"
Find the show on Twitter and Instagram @thisispotu Hope you all enjoy and share the show. If you ever have a topic suggestion shoot me a message, dm or email at
November 30, 2018
POTU Minisode #1 North Sentinel Island
Welcome to the first minisode! Find the show on Twitter and Instagram @thisispotu
November 24, 2018
POTU E06: The Flatwoods Monster?
Unlike author Paul Sagan I won't trick you. This episode isn't exactly about the Flatwoods Monster but more about a book called Alien Flatwoods Monster. I hope you enjoy this show more than I enjoyed this book. Find the show on Twitter and Instagram @thisispotu Please share and feel free to contact the show with ideas for upcoming episodes. Also if you would like anything plugged feel free to send the info my way.
November 22, 2018
POTU E05 Cannibalism!
Hungry for another episode? Well, we heard your growling stomachs and prepared a buffet for you. Subscribe to the podcast, rate it, tell your friends, tell your neighbor, don't tell my mother, find the show on twitter @thisispotu , and last but not least be the change you want to see in the world.
November 9, 2018
POTU E04 First Annual Halloween Special: Murder Extravaganza
On today's show, it is murder, murder, murder, murder, murder, unfortunate accidents, and the original Monster Mash. Happy Halloween! Please share and subscribe. Twitter: @thisispotu
October 28, 2018
POTU E3 The Devil went down to Hollywood
Find the show on twitter @thisispotu and the Satanic Cult Awareness document from the Justice Dept can be found here Today we find out Hollywood isn't trying to earn money?
October 15, 2018
POTU E02: Terrible Lizards or Terrible Lies?
Find the podcast @thisispotu
October 5, 2018
POTU E01: Food of the Gods II
Find the show on twitter @thisispotu I will also be starting a YouTube channel and uploading there as well. Stay tuned for the next show where I cover dinosaur conspiracies.
September 25, 2018
Podcast of the Universe Primer
Welcome to Podcast of the Universe. This is my 2nd podcast (first is POTU for MOTU). My goal is to put out shows bi-weekly on random topics that are either entertaining or interesting that you may not already be aware of. My DMs are open for topic suggestions @thisispotu
September 13, 2018